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Amy Kremer @AmyKremer Atlanta or Airplane

SouthernBelle luvs politics, cooking, gardening & traveling. Former #Delta Flight Attendant. Auburn! Opinions my own #LNYHBT #TGDN

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So saddened by this horrific murder of #DarrenGoforth. It feels as though we are surrounded by evil more and more each day.Thoughts & prayers go out to #DarrenGoforth's family & the Houston Law enforcement community. God bless his soul & may he rest in peace.
Beautiful day in the north Georgia mtns. Perfect afternoon to spend at @CraneCreekWine!
If uve nvr tried cotton candy grapes from @graperygrapes, u don't know what u r missing. They r even better frozen! lit up the "AU" on the back of college football's largest video board Thursday night...
Retweeted by Amy KremerCBP To Launch Biometric Info Collection Program on non US citizens entering and exiting the country Population Hits Record 42.1 Million in Second Quarter of 2015 | Center for Immigration Studies Shining a light on waste, fraud, and abuse Cruz and Donald Trump go to Washington releases trailer for round 2 of #GOP debates takes Washington @jslconsulting 4 shoutout! Have a gr8 weekend. @RBJazzy @stevenfoley @Gabby_Hoffman @RealKiraDavis @ladyamy91 @GOPCoachJ @KeithMessina@AmyKremer 307 - Peggy Hubbard Rips #blacklivesmatter Hypocrites - American Thinker
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@NoParty2016 Yes, it was an amazing picture. Have been in flight when lightening struck the aircraft. A little scary, but aircraft was fine.Fed appeals court overturns lower courts ruling against #NSA collection methods! Love this...not your typical political headline --> Donald Trump: Macho Man of 2016
@NoParty2016 That was really amazing. Glad everyone was ok.@AmyKremer >>Lightning strikes Delta plane at Atlanta airport. No one hurt, thankfully. WATCH:
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New apps focused on getting millennials engaged and voting truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off. #truth
Retweeted by Amy KremerI hope they find the people that did robbed and carjacked the #Tuskegee airman and lock them away for good. Trump now in play for general election Poll: Donald Trump now competitive in general election Georgia government domains found in the Ashley Madison data dump
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Governor @JohnKasich supports #TPP trade deal.
AMERICA WINS! Federal judge STRIKES DOWN Obama rule giving wind energy companies a 30-year pass to kill bald eagles!
Retweeted by Amy KremerWhen another nation refuses 2 accept illegal immigrants the US tries 2 deport back, they have a right 2 stay n US. Report Examines New U.S. In-Country Refugee Processing Program for Central American Minors #amnesty #immigrationCensus: Record 42.1 million immigrants in U.S., Mexicans drive latest surge 13% of US populationFDA not a fan of @KimKardashian's Instagram post and sent a letter indicating as much #KimKardashianThis is your Colorado river. This is your Colorado river on #EPA. any questions?
Retweeted by Amy KremerCorrect link --> Dozens of Fraud Investigations Target US Immigration Program for Rich Foreigners using unemployed to build anti-immigration fence. 500 ppl told 2 report 4 duty or dole $ stopped Agree, but it is nice to see someone attempt to run interference on behalf of American workers for once.Federal Court Strikes Down DHS Rule Permitting Foreign Labor to Compete With American Workers
World on fire - the Obama national security legacy
Is @SenTedCruz in the Ben Carson time out box? #GOPDebate
Retweeted by Amy KremerNvr expected Christie & Rand 2 go aftr each other. Tht got real personal real quick. Both r looking 2 get noticed n huge field. #GOPDebateHave the moderators of #GOPDebate forgotten Ben Carson is on the stage too?Trump wins - no time for political correctness and says our politicians are stupid. That about covers it... #GOPDebate
good on them
Retweeted by Amy KremerEven tho House has said they won't take up Senate highway bill & #ExIm, don't get ur hopes up cuz nxt step is 4 a deal btween 2 chambers.House GOP to Senate: We’re not taking up your highway bill or the #ExIm | TheHill #WashingtonCartelHigh costs plague some state-run health insurance markets #obamacare #acaIf u thought Senators Lee & Cruz wld back down, no way! -> How Conservatives Plan 2 Challenge GOP Establishment
Why is no 1 n DC press investigating 2 c if McConnell did lie 2 Cruz? All they do is attack Cruz. #WashingtonCartel@obamanonsense you can never win when fighting your own party.UPDATED with family background ... Bobbi Kristina Brown dies at 22
Retweeted by Amy KremerBobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, dead at 22
Retweeted by Amy KremerBetter than it being run in the ground by Republicans! Bobbi Kristina has passed away. May she RIP.'s not going to take that long! rules of @GOPSenMajority contributed to $18 TRILLION of debt. It is time 4 the rules 2 be broken & try something new. #WashingtonCartelPerhaps change your party affiliation to Democrat. Maybe tht will make you feel better. you don't like his emails, hit unsubscribe. It's real easy. doesn't need your $$$ cuz the Chamber of Commerce & K Street lobbyist fill his campaign coffers. @GOPSenMajority has 2 choose btween campaign $ frm Chamber or stopping funding of #PlannedParenthood & infanticide, campaign $ wins.Classy! & from someone tht is supposedly a Republican. know. Love @SenMikeLee & he is strong where he is. We need him there 2 hold down the fort. Get off my TL w/ ur nonsense.! It is all abt the money & bcuz they r mad so they have a point 2 prove to Cruz. They r stronger in DC thn anywhere else is my point. They believe their own hype.@AmyKremer @SenMikeLee True! Lee is great! I was referring to our Texas Senators..
Retweeted by Amy KremerFact, w/o @SarahPalinUSA , @SenJohnMcCain would NEVER had gotten Conservatives to vote #Hannity @seanhannity @marklevinshow @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Amy KremerHey @GOPSenMajority #Israel says thx 4 giving #IranDeal a green light bcuz your panties r in a wad over someone being called a name. #growupNo, we have @SenMikeLee too! Don't forget him. Mitch McConnell lied. He is saving the Export-Import Bank. Stop betraying the American people! #EndExIm
Retweeted by Amy KremerSen. Johnny Isakson pays tribute to slain Cobb County Marine
Retweeted by Amy KremerDC is like 10% Republican.
Retweeted by Amy KremerLiterally while US #Marine is being laid 2 rest @GOPSenMajority sacrifices ntl security w/no rview #IranDeal cuz McConnell was called a liarHow much more r Republicans going 2 take b4 revolting? If this is how @GOPSenMajority leads, I don't want them. #WashingtonCartelThe #GOP ldrshp dilutes the party platform & that is why the @GOP is crumbling across the Heartland. The only place they r strong is n DC.I'm abt ready to have a card burning bonfire and I will be burning my Republican Party card. I'm tired of the lying and corruption.The #WashingtonCartel wonders y @realDonaldTrump is leading the polls. Its cuz @GOPSenMajority lies 2 American ppl & doesnt do wht promised.It's like we are back in high school & senior @GOPSenMajority is a gang of bully's that are mad they got called out 4 lying by a freshman..@cruzananddiet so GOP ldrshp cares more abt wht Senators r saying abt McConnell thn ntl security & funding infanticide w/ taxpayer $?!Unfortunately the way the Senate currently operates, there is one party: The Washington party. #WashingtonCartel
Retweeted by Amy KremerThe American people elected a Republican majority believing it would somehow be different from a Democratic majority.
Retweeted by Amy KremerWow! Did McConnell, Cornyn, Thune, Barasso & Blunt agree 2 fund #ExIm but stopped #KatesLaw #iranreview & defunding of #PlannedParenthood?
.@CaitlynJenner Surprises at Culture Club Concert, Receives Standing Ovation breakup is so sad. Hope they both find happiness. --> @BlakeShelton Tweets at Ex-Wife @MirandaLambert rule would ease path back to US for some illegal immigrants | TheHill #illegalimmigration #immigrationFederal Judge orders release of immigrant children detained by U.S. #immigration #illegalimmigrationIllegal migration clearly linked with terror threat: Hungary PM | Reuters House Notebook: Obama faces 'family politics' in Kenya announcing campaign June 16th @realdonaldtrump's name appears n headlines of major newspapers avg 22x per day fight over #Uber exposes deep divides in the Democratic party - Business Insider! Porn Stars Endorse Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Marco Rubio for President in 2016 - Forbes Sanders' Appeal Has Doubled Among Americans Since March #2016Poll: Donald Trump leads in commanding fashion - Business Insider, Kenyatta clash on gay rights in Kenya - Edward-Isaac Dovere - POLITICO Amy Schumer joke Hillary Clinton 'really liked' - Business Insider Sucks! Republican criticism of debate process starts to heat up & rules questioned #2016John McCain to campaign in New Hampshire with Lindsey Graham - The Washington Post in 2008, #Hillary builds formidable team in #Iowa #2016Hillary Clinton agrees to appear before #Benghazi panel - Gabriel Debenedetti - POLITICO #hrcNew York Times alters Clinton email story #hrc #clintonemail #hillaryKim Kardashian Just Changed Twitter in a Big Way #kuwtk20 startups out to create a new world order on Wall Street
.@danholler Sorry @brithume, but the reality outside the beltway is very different from what the DC elite & media think.
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