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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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@veryornery Ha! That's awesome!@paul_gilmore I'm not selling VandalEyes but I will be at the @EspionageMakeup booth today so I'm happy to take a picture there!Good morning, Calgary!@KatherineIsOdd I have no idea. I don't know what that is supposed to be either!The second search is for the South Jersey Wheelman Cycling Club. HA! The angry kids today sure know how to come up with silly clubs for me.When someone says you're in a club and you have no idea what they're talking about so you google it and it comes up San Jose Water Dept. HA!
@sw_dad Look at that face. Of COURSE you're keeping them.@sw_dad Good thing you have practice at this. :-)@frosty75 YES.@cbaenziger @wilw What a sweet face!HOCCCCCKKKKKEEEYYYY!!!Other than that, Calgary is awesome!Your personal outrage over a thing is not necessarily how everyone feels. Demanding interaction isn't going to happen from me, so let it go.I love that @Calgaryexpo has these signs everywhere. And that one unfortunate booth was immediately removed today. http://t.co/ICP0hhTIhq@MarnieStrome @Calgaryexpo I'll be at the @EspionageMakeup cosmetics tomorrow!@krisstraub Let me get in that.So, like, "on on" or like, "next to on" or...I don't know. This is awkward. http://t.co/Ot41982v4GSHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIT. https://t.co/uYaeYOY88RGoing to go to the top of that mushroom in the sky. EEP! #Calgary https://t.co/myUjKpVlor@frosty75 YAY!!@Peeardee Errr...hmm.My first #VandalEyes of @Calgaryexpo is my FAVORITE. http://t.co/GnKFrmtdv2@wilw Woops.@wilw ....something about being assimilated...@ArlingtonGrrl Mm...muffin paper...@MsMoxieFox @CHARCUT Now that's not a bad idea. :-)I love the cyborg/cylon correcting that's happening right now. WHO CARES LOOK AT MY FREAKY EYEBALLS.@Jwarchol HAHAHAHAHA!Guess I could have dried my hair before taking that. It would have still been there when I was done. HAHAHA! I AM CYBORG.The light around the bathroom mirror in my hotel makes my eyeballs look like a Cyborg. LOOK AT IT. I AM A CYBORG. http://t.co/0Y7D6Q8oZv@fratnal94 @wilw Aww....@capn_madd_katt I feel the same way. Yay for liking a thing that has new things about it! But it's just not for me. :-)@Blondoid JULY.@stevedoog HA!@SeattleLuna I went on the ride ONCE and got so motion sick, I can't do it again. BOOOOO.Hey, look! Everyone stuck around! I knew my tweety buddies were good people. Enjoy your Star Wars. I'm off to be a tourist in Calgary!@Velda2014 HA! The Matrix for me. *snooze city*That's where the Star Wars love ended for me, in my childhood. But that's ok for me just as much as its ok that you love it!For the record, I watched the Star Wars movies that came out when I was a kid, even stood in line for hours two weekends in a row to get in.@frandobagel Well, that too!@Jer_LRR *implodes*@Velda2014 Hi Velda!! *waves*@muskrat_john HA!@corrick Sharknado 3! HAHAHA!@jonahray It's pretty great, Jonah. You should try it sometime. 🎈@DAWeber71 I'm not that either!Guys, I have a confession. Don't hate me but...I have zero interest in Star Wars THERE I SAID WHEW WE'RE ALL STILL FRIENDS RIGHT...GUYS?!...Holy crap, Canada is playing Canada in hockey playoffs tonight and I'm IN CANADA. Shit just got real, yo.@wilw @PatrickRothfuss Lordy.@shanenickerson That was the first tweet I ever favorited. STILL my favorite.@PatrickRothfuss It freaks me out knowing you and @wilw have the same underwear. And also that you're both without pants.@beadcow Now that sounds like a good day!@MsMoxieFox Are you taking names as well or just booping? ;-)@tak9ca Later today, hells yes!!@kerrykushner I am scheduled to be in the @EspionageMakeup booth tomorrow!@Patkins79 Sure is pretty outside!@DawnisYounique Sweet! Thanks!Goooood mooorrrrrnning, Caaaallllgaarrryyyy!!!!! Whatcha doin' today?!Humane Society Charity auction w/@wilw's marked up #bigbangtheory script https://t.co/uKicGG1Piw http://t.co/kt1OtKqswn @AnneWheaton
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@Pixelfish I love that my phone autocorrected my typo of missing the a in anything to just saying "nothing." I can't see nothing? Yee haw!@Pixelfish Gah! I'm in my hotel room and can't see nothing from here. Darn!@SilentFusion Thanks!!@SilentFusion Ooh! What time is the game?@AnneWheaton @EspionageMakeup (^~~^~~~) (~^~~^~) (~~~^^) (^~^~) (~^~) (~~) (~) I made a SHARKNADO! #lovetheNado
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@midnight The World According To Blart #AddBlartImproveAMovie@bonniegrrl @EspionageMakeup Woohoo!@midnight Blarton Fink #AddBlartImproveAMovie@Kitanin HAHAHA!@BackpackingDad @Calgaryexpo RIGHT?!@tara Doh.My love for all things SHARKNADO will live on, just no panel. Now it's ALL @EspionageMakeup fun & hanging out w/ friends this weekend! Woo!You know what's nuts? Part of my visit to @Calgaryexpo was to moderate the SHARKNADO panel and they canceled it because Tara Reid canceled.Also, look at your snow covered majestic mountain view from an airplane, Calgary. WHAT A DUMP. http://t.co/JUKXjjRwljOh, hey! CALGARY I AM IN YOU!@elizabethwetzel @wilw @LukePerryNews @IanZiering That part has been remedied. ;-)@elizabethwetzel @wilw @LukePerryNews @IanZiering Sad?! Sideshow Luke Perry is a Simpsons reference to an episode he was in. :-)JEEZ, @wilw. THANKS FOR MAKING IT AWKWARD. https://t.co/p9BW90XxYeNice to know I'm doing this "meeting people" thing right! 👍I guess farting by Nathan Fillion, giving thumbs up to Henry Winkler & having cookie crumb crotch next to Carl Weathers is for "the elite."Huh? http://t.co/Y8ydh88sFDTrying to sit in my chair all casual and looked down to see my crotch is COVERED in cookie crumbs and now I'm laughing out loud OHGOD STAHP.@wilw Quiet, you.Maybe I shouldn't sit here sipping coffee to avoid looking nervous because now the coffee is making me feel nervous and OH GOD ANXIETY BALL.Is there an illness when your brain suddenly realizes the names of the actors around you & you feel so anxious you just want to fall asleep?Sitting in an airport lounge by myself surrounded by actors whose faces I know, but names I don't. No pics, only secret squeeeees.My pre-flight snack plate turned into a bit of pre-flight entertainment. https://t.co/svC9UYaz2cEveryone is ok, but those cars & trash truck are across most of the lanes on I-5 south near Los Feliz, so avoid that area if you're near it.When you go a different route to the airport to avoid traffic, only to get behind a 4 car and trash truck accident in front of you.@Scarlettjen @bonniegrrl Got it. 👍If you love The Big Bang Theory and really cool art, this is only happening for one day, so you're probably going… http://t.co/acv7UiiHOd@exit266 That's weird. My phone app says it'll be 50s during the day and 30s at night. WTH.@TheDragernox All the time. :-)@whorrak If she did then she would ask him herself.Just found a picture of my favorite online family conversation, ever. Happy #ThrowbackThursday! HA!! http://t.co/xOxGxPtVAz@muskrat_john oh god. HAHAHA!I don't know why the sudden flood of people wanting me to ask my husband to take a pic w/a bunny but it's not going to happen. Please stop.Trading sleeveless tops and sandals for a winter coat and boots is weird. Yay, Calgary in Spring!!EEEEEEE!!!! https://t.co/KRUQpNkxux@heidamazeballs @Calgaryexpo I am not. I didn't even know a parade was happening. How exciting!@wolftrek7 Pretty!
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