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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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@dracomjb Watching hockey in person is always exciting. I still can't say the same for watching it on tv. :-)
@Jasonfinn @LAKings @wilw Aww...Hot damn, that was a great game.WOOOOO!!!!! @LAKings WIN!!!!EXCITED FACE IS EXCITED WOOOOO!!! https://t.co/Y9veDPIlf0@inyriforge HA!!@inyriforge As in, the nylon covered pickled people in jars from the early 80s? HA!Disappoint face is disappoint. https://t.co/UpGVKUqRVn@lartist Maybe it's the anti-disguise disguise.And the perfume. Lordy, the perfume.Unsure if I should let the woman next to me know, but we're indoors @ night in a sports arena, so she can take off her sunglasses & fur coat@roach @HansenMegan @tam_am_ee @darth DAT FACEE-books are warmer than hard copies, but less squishy. #WorldBookDay http://t.co/W1p4FKpCky
Retweeted by Anne WheatonCats. Books. Couches. Life is good. #WorldBookDay http://t.co/X7uYCp8Gek
Retweeted by Anne WheatonYES. http://t.co/RQZu6DgCg5@draxanna HAHAHA!NO. http://t.co/ieQlLzT04T*Footloose song starts on radio, immediately break into movie final dance scene across my living room* #LETSDAAAANCE@joshuamneff Sometimes I forget when I talk to someone all the time that I'm not actually following them. :-)This is your quarterly reminder that I am not the keeper of @wilw's Twitter. If you're blocked or have questions, ask him via his blog email@cavaticat My eyes were greener when I was younger. My first drivers license even had them listed as green! They got bluer with age. :-)@emergentgeek Nordstrom. :-)@RocketJaz Woops. ;-)Second grade me would like to remind you that no 7 year old should be alone with scissors right before picture day. http://t.co/P5nsjzM5FY@TheJadeSparrow They're so cute!For the record, those jammies are not the ones I ran outside in earlier when no one could see me. I saved my owl jammies for that incident.Confession: I have a slight addiction to adorably comfy jammies. Like this purchase from yesterday. http://t.co/BwkQ6aowIaPlanes are skidding off the runway at La Guardia? I really hope they just cancel all the flights to the east to keep people safe. So scary.Happy birthday,@YuriLowenthal!!Less than 30 minutes left on our charity auction! It's up to $400! Holy cats!! http://t.co/QehfOrLAZ8@Rileah There's a fine line between being seen and can't be unseen. That's not a risk I'm willing to take. ;-)@paulandstorm Little known fact: pajamas are actually called "suburban invisibility cloaks" when worn outdoors before 8am or after 8pm.@cavaticat I did imagine them in tiny knitted sweaters and pants. I'm really glad we cleared this up.That trash truck driver, the gardener working in the front yard across the street, and the neighbor walking a dog couldn't see me at all. 👍I have confirmed that if you look down, no one can see you at 7:30am when you're running out in pajamas & socks to put trash cans at curb.
@sabra14 We had a great time!HAHA!! “@Thrushiebaby: One of the BEST #vandaleyes I have ever seen! @AnneWheaton http://t.co/pHpv7bBGMgHappy hour, indeed! Gin, fresh lime, mint, cucumber, and simple syrup. YUM. http://t.co/7SOkMdxnyG@JosephScrimshaw WEAR IT WITH PRIDE, JOSEPH.@TheCrowMother @wilw We haven't been since that one time!@JosephScrimshaw I found your new favorite shirt. http://t.co/Vfg8qaNsrYThere is a one car accident in this parking structure. The woman crashed into a pole while making a turn. That sure is...special.@cavaticat That's always odd to me.Hey, good lookin'! http://t.co/zAinl0wdMu
@bonniegrrl The snooze face is strong in this one. ;-)@The1Katniss Me too. :-)@bookoisseur I can't even with this dog.@bonniegrrl Everyone has their own stresses in life. The important thing is to get through them knowing you have friends who love you. :-)@ROBHDSE @wilw Oh god. HA!@AmyO122 I feel like that every time I see her. I can't believe anyone would dump such a tiny thing, but she's clearly doing very well. :-)If you don't know Lucy, she was 5 lb, 6wk old pup we fostered for 4 days. Now 4 months, 30 lbs, adopted by my friend! http://t.co/c2f83MxegF@geekfitgirl Who knows. All I know is she's growing so fast that I need to get up there and see her this month before she's full grown!@SeeCat42 @bonniegrrl HA!PUPDATE: Since Lucy went for a checkup today, I can add her stats to her pic. She's 4 months old now & THIRTY POUNDS. http://t.co/86J0v74CPG@kevingchristy *stares into dark empty room, flipping switch on, then off, then on again* #SatanOne more day left on this if you want to get in on it! http://t.co/QehfOrLAZ8@cm1165 Hmm... ;-)I'm grateful that I'm rarely the target of online bullying but I've seen a LOT of it toward others recently. Jesus, people. Don't be a dick.We get it, online bullies. You're unhappy, probably lonely, and really need a hug. Go get that hug, some therapy, and stay off the internet.@GeekNation @wilw Thank you for having us! It was a lot of fun and hopefully not too gross! :-)Thank you for sending your questions for me and itswilwheaton to Geek Nation TweetOut! Episode will… https://t.co/eGrNXckTM4@hijinksensue Ooh, good idea.Jerks.Honestly, why do companies even offer the option of NOT getting emails from them when they just send them anyway?"Click here if you would like email promotions!" *verifies box is NOT checked, looks at email next day* "Take a look at today's promotions!"@MNInsomniac I hear ya. It's nuts!@thisalisa They aren't little forever. Focus on making good memories together and them finally going off to college. You can do it!@lilchanti @wilw That is the best. :-)@cavaticat Ooh, nice. :-)So excited to have @wilw & @AnneWheaton on our 100th episode of #tweetout! Tweet your questions.. while you still have time! Tag #tweetout!
Retweeted by Anne Wheaton@SonicJen And it's totally worth it. :-)@LauraKeeney *cheers* 🍻@jodeum My rent was $725 and I barely made $1,000 a month. How I even kept utilities on, gas in my car, or paid for daycare is beyond me.Found my tax return from when I was a single mom (25 years old) and thought "How the hell did I raise 2 kids on this?" I am one tough girl.@BadAstronomer @scalzi Lulz@70sologist That's the one! :-)I love that Wil's shirt says "Bill" on it in that picture. Only 19 years later, he did an online Newcastle commercial as both names. HA!@scalzi HA!Found an old pic w/our friend, Stephanie, who introduced us to each other at her New Year's party in 1995. So little! http://t.co/ZG7k19AmV4@2p2TrollCat HA! Because it's better than saying it shrivels when it get hot? I don't know. Now this is just awkward. Carry on.@2p2TrollCat Not because it's greasy and peppered. That would be weird.Sshhh... http://t.co/iwqIbRtUJlIf you don't like that article, Huffington post wrote a similar one, or just look at nutrition facts from McD's, @martialtraveler.
@MichaelMaloneNZ HA!Wow. Disgusting. http://t.co/qzytwC1R6m@sketchingvenus EEEEE!!!@Capt_Bojangles STOP IT.@MetLaugh She's not our dog. She has a family who loves her and she's very happy there. :-)@jsqrd01 HA!!DAT PUPPEHPUPDATE: Lucy is huge and SO DAMN CUTE. EEEEEE!!! http://t.co/pycyoWGskFLucy.You guys. YOU GUYS.Tomorrow @wilw and I are doing the 100th episode of #TweetOut at @GeekNation! Send them questions for us and we'll answer as many as we can!@hannahmoemoe @wilw @davestopera ;-)Yeouchers.About to begin intensive physical therapy on an old shoulder injury. I am regretting not throwing shots of whiskey in my chai drink earlier.Hot chai in the city, purple flowers lookin' pretty. https://t.co/3xKqt5CGDU@JamesGunn @Guardians When I heard the music, I knew you must be close to my age, so I looked it up. Exactly 362 days younger than me!@KaylaCagan Not me! I prefer the traditional application of sticking eyes on things. The animated ones look weird to me.
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