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Mom, Grandmom, Canadian, Entrepreneur, Honourary Captain Royal Canadian Navy, Dragon. Living my life like its the only one I have.

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Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment. Will RogersWatching the @NHLJets warm up for tonight's game. Andrew Ladd 😎 http://t.co/by0xxJF9NV@pamelaroz today for meetings and tonight for the game! Go Jets Go!!Got lost in the Graham Walkway this am heading to MTS Center. Huge thanks to the kind woman from Manitoba Health who helped us. #sonice
The strength of humanity comes from caring for human fragility.When we read bullying remarks in social media be unafraid to support the victim + report the abuser. #beasupportivebystander #StopBullyingIf ever a topic should trend on Twitter it's this. #antibullyingday. Stop bullying. Please RTAnti-bullying day. You can do this, Twitter. http://t.co/Cems2Zl56H
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson7 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Memory http://t.co/fKapff4OVN via @YouIncOnly in cycling could a sexual assault inspire a race’s advertising strategy http://t.co/0JIES0QGGE http://t.co/RMtfjPSOsI
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Follow the yellow brick road. http://t.co/AUVIyghLye“@YouInc: 6 ways to make your social media content more shareable http://t.co/dCjNgN9VPMSending a little bit of sunshine your way. Hello South Beach. (So glad I brought my winter coat). #doh #hotnotcold http://t.co/tFttbtlTA3@decibelBeatzzzz welcome to submit your biz to us thru http://t.co/EvmtAFuGND. Look for section titled investments at bottom of site. Thx@jineanepayne find a way to true funding sustainability not to fundraising annually. New biz models are tied to charities. Marry one.@Graderal okay will take a look. Good luck with your biz!@Graderal will do my best. What am I looking for?@etopia1 that the medium is the judge and jury? :)The court of social media justice is now in session. All tweet.Join my social site http://t.co/2K942oCnib today for free. Lots of great biz tips and expert advice for your small business.Get Your Rank Up: The Essential Guide to SEO http://t.co/WLkOfYfJM8 via @YouInc.@Zendaya slams #FashionPolice hosts "ignorant slurs" about her #Oscars2015 hairstyle http://t.co/SA4nrc16oz http://t.co/frCnQ6o6u1
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Why,when ppl try to do good, & mean well, do ppl insist on finding the bad? There's tons of truly bad stuff out there to focus on and fix.You know what I love most about @PattyArquette? That people knew she would stand up for something that matters before she even did.Hoping some managers actually went in to work today and gave women a raise to equality. #equalpay #equalworkDid everyone else wake up this morning, singing 🎶the hills are alive🎶? #lovejulie #twirling
@BillBriouxTV what a great hour of tv it would be if it was only just an hour of great tv.Women. And Lego. That's who tonights real winners are. #Oscars2015 #moms #daughters #sisters #children #builders imagination #equalityWhat time does the show end tomorrow? #Oscars2015Prediction box might just win for best overall performance tonight. #Oscars2015Got to tweet abt balls. Then abt equality for women. Now if there was just equality 4all we'd have a show well worth watching. #Oscars2015Bet she won't be showing off that Oscar in any "mani-cam". #Oscars2015 #equalityHahahaha!!! Now that took balls! #Oscars2015And the best line of the night goes to ad lib. #Oscars2015 #takesalotofballsBring back the gal who won best costume designer. She was über cool. And her forehead moved. #Oscars2015I'm most upset. I reconnected my cable JUST for this. #Oscars2015Tweets are officially more interesting than the show. #Oscars2015Muslim not Terrorist. http://t.co/PDVL7eYA4S (Thx Jann for share)Spring??? Is that you??!! #almostcried #Winter2015 http://t.co/thwQPXOMkH"Wherever there is a human being there is a chance for kindness." - Seneca (via @Forbes)
“@_youhadonejob: Pregnancy Q&A. http://t.co/BpUyYZBnTk“@OfficialJLD: Please read & share this important op-ed by my friend, Laurie Becklund RIP http://t.co/reCgMswS08” Such a powerful story. RT🎶Memories. Light the corners of my mind.🎶 #oscarweekend http://t.co/kEuiDzcaRTIt's so cold out my wrinkles just cracked.Here's our Top 10 Weekend Reading list. The best articles for #entrepreneurs from around the web this week. http://t.co/qF8U0c06J4@LisaTant ❤️ Audrey
How come FB says if I haven't gone to college they won't put that on my public profile but if I have they will. Gosh. Should I be ashamed?!“We'll weather the weather, Whatever the whether, Whether we like it or not” http://t.co/SFSDs7nM6C"There is a thin line that separates laughter and pain, comedy and tragedy, humor and hurt." Erma Bombeck“@YouInc: [#WATCH]: Our #video with Yona Shtern, CEO of @BeyondtheRack http://t.co/u5b5226yal” Canadian entrepreneur success storyHonoured to be with @CNOGreenert in #halifax for presentation @USNavy Commendation to @HMCS_NCSM_TOR #readyayeready http://t.co/VcXdSXe3c9
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonNow is the age of the introvert entrepreneur @garyvee http://t.co/Q0FhXQr7P7
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson“@VentureComms: "The Best Practices for Selling Via Social Media" http://t.co/Bibgz0ccq2 via @EntrepreneurPast sad. 2 children paid ultimate price w/their innocent lives for a towns debt. $ b4 saving lives? Unconscionable http://t.co/mDxpqzPLQb6 #tips for #entrepreneurs on how to handle change http://t.co/9udBVfnpMN (Via my site @YouInc)
#RIPElijah: Canadians Share Outpouring Of Grief After Death Of Toddler http://t.co/X7ZNcsX3d1 http://t.co/7KtmRu2SrS
Retweeted by Arlene DickinsonThat sound you just heard is all Calgarians doing a mic drop. http://t.co/uHxB4WRtgj.@ArleneDickinson’s Winter End A-List: the must-haves to get you through the final winter weeks http://t.co/3qeQqv3NnL #brr
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson#repost @sangita_patel 🎶all the pretty ladies..🎶 ---- Waay back #tbt - Class of 2011 #HeartTruthhttp://t.co/97ztenLc9m@LisaTant democracy at work. It's a good thing Lisa!Get through the last days of winter w/ @Balzacs, @Dyson, @RebelsRefinery & more from Arlene’s A-List http://t.co/xJOiJfZghy
Brown, orange, red, white, black, blue, cream, black. Colours of ............ ? #cbcdragonsden #popquizThe next new episode is March 4th, see you all then! #cbcdragonsdenThis is really interesting. Would you have breakfast delivered? @BreakfstCourier #cbcdragonsdenThe @BreakfstCourier? I’m in already. A croissant and a mimosa please. #cbcdragonsden49% of the gross sure does sweeten the pot, but I have the same reservations @wealthy_barber has. #cbcdragonsdenHappy to boast that I’ve met an oyster whisperer. Now I have truly seen everything. #cbcdragonsdenNever underestimate the value of good packaging. @TuttiGourmet #cbcdragonsdenAdorable. @TuttiGourmet @ArleneDickinson #cbcdragonsden http://t.co/jd9iTUL2pO
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson“@JTreliving: I like this game. Hey @ArleneDickinson, guess my age! @TuttiGourmet #cbcdragonsden” You my friend are ageless and timeless xSuch cute kids! Have to admit it does help soften us up a little before a pitch. @TuttiGourmet #cbcdragonsdenCan you believe that? From 40 apples a day to 40,000. #cbcdragonsden“@Bellomortgage: @ArleneDickinson I think there's an app for that now.” No doubt“@BuyCndianFirst: Please! "@TracyVirtually: @ArleneDickinson Just don't leave social media too, okay? :)" I will be socially responsible!It’s a question of advertising and sales volume. But it takes a lot of cash to get the whole thing rolling properly. @G0Gear #cbcdragonsden“@JTreliving: Thinking we should start a segment next season - how to value your company. Maybe?? #cbcdragonsden” Oh sure. Now u do that!!$1M in revenue in 12 months. Well that piqued my interest. but how is it different from anyone else that does this? @G0Gear #cbcdragonsden“@farmerjleach: @ArleneDickinson So at what price would you feel the need?” Free? :)@TracyVirtually @cbcdragon thanks Tracy. It's always fun to do. I hope to keep my wit :)@uTour thanks 😊To be fair, maybe there is a market for a ‘Searching for Sasquatch’ show, but at $100K I don’t feel the need to find out. #cbcdragonsden“@uTour: And time for #cbcdragonsden. Be a little odd knowing this is the last season for @ArleneDickinson. :(” For me too!So Sasquatches do yoga while eating blueberries? Learn something new every day. #cbcdragonsdenThe hunt for bigfoot is on tonight on #cbcdragonsden. Now there’s a guy who could use some marketing help.The hunt for Bigfoot is on. Help us track him down tonight at 8 on #cbcdragonsden! http://t.co/RRzx9nRGHC
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson@le_rifkinator yes for sure.“@Jacquie_H_M: @Cuddles_4Cancer @cbcdragon @ArleneDickinson it's a shame she is too sick for audition day” Ok! @skptracr can you help?@AnnTran_ Ann I would like to travel with you for a year. Such an adventurous life you lead! (Will carry suitcases and iPhones :))"You can’t wait for somebody else to make the first move”. Great biz advice from Yona Shtern, CEO, @BeyondtheRack http://t.co/ajIxVxqHI4
Here's the top 10 things that the top people do every am before they read the 5 top reasons not to make top 10 lists before they go to bed.3 years ago today - that time we had dinner with @ArleneDickinson @janovascotia @texttensjl http://t.co/pgHTf8innV http://t.co/w7nvOenFlY
Retweeted by Arlene Dickinson@magicandrew @kirstinestewart @marksluckie lucky you to be in a pic with Kirstine. She's simply the best@LewisMenelaws take the first step towards realizing it@ChrisLeDrew yep. Point is give everything your all. Don't just dream life away.Dear kids, Dreaming big will turn into ur worst nightmare later in life if you don't do everything u can now to make ur dreams a reality.You don't need to have a brand new idea to be successful; but you do need to execute the idea in a brand new manner.This is what great photos are. #instawhat The Stories Behind 21 World-Famous Photos, By The People Who Took Them http://t.co/T1rVJpiSHH@matbeeDOTcom wow. Hope everyone is ok.Safe to bet that nobody in PEI is singing Frozen right now. #LetItGo #somewhereelse #seriouslyelsaCats. They know they need you but they will never admit it. #oddlyhuman
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