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@Mark_Searby 4@DapperDan Aronofsky directing as we watch the planet revert to earlier stages. It's like backwards-Noah.@DapperDan Simian Flu gives the Earth Benjamin Button disease?I hope the last modern Apes movie is titled "Prequel To The Planet Of The Apes"@Zack_Parks You mean... like a curb stomp?@Zack_Parks You know Walt Disney bad-mouthed a fair amount of minorities, right?@Zack_Parks I legitimately thought Into The Woods as soon as I saw this shot, shame Meryl's not there screeching out.Time to throw on a wonderfully easy and fun cosume for @beckyonfilm's big birthday blow-out bash.@blinkbox Go deep into obscure painters pre-Renaissance (Good luck drawing them)@Zack_Parks I'm a big ol' fan of Ethan Hunt.@blinkbox When I saw a hint of the pic I thought you'd went deep in π but then realised no decimals.@blinkbox Primer?@Zack_Parks I know which film I'm most excited for.I'm not down with the new #StarWars trailer, but I love this shot. http://t.co/KBG8oVc87F@JFGinDigital3D @ChrisHewitt You probably got the job in the long-con of stalking Chris.@EDouglasWW @mikeryan It holds the quicktime plug-in for Apple Trailers.@EDouglasWW @mikeryan It's a really worn out USB stick.@TomLinay If HB stays in town long enough, it'll have the length and a later-run boost by possible word of mouth.@SquidyUK YOu say that, but the trailer for Die Hard 5 told me enough to avoid.@TomLinay If D&DTo remains a 15, I'd throw down Horrible Bosses for king.@HeyUGuys Did his clothes get colour-changed in the way over?@adamrubins I had a reaction watching that trailer. Not a hateful thought, I just saw issues that pulled me out entirely.@SamFaulkner87 Eh, I care not, rather look at exciting films. Paddington!@brendonconnelly The flying ship shots looked too "what we can show off with computers now" that people have abused since, what, Firefly?@brendonconnelly Overdone grading on shots, the dark blue forest looked strange.@SamFaulkner87 I had issue with the water planet in Ep 2 for being so overly graded.@SamFaulkner87 It looked wrong. Fine for any film except one in an established brand with concrete aesthetics.The music at the end has had so much sub artificially added so it doesn’t sound limp by comparison that the bass is out of tune.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@Screenjabber Why? Internet speculation is all we've had for years, I've not had any part except for those two tweets, based on evidence.@emmdib @The_Shiznit Nothing was like that forrest thing, or the colours in the X-wing shot. Looked strange.@FilmDivider We'll know for sure when he says exactly these words in Hobb3t.@Oog It's something to cut fingers off by accident. Have the sith discovered Jesus in the long, long time ago's future?Visually I fear we might be in for a far too modern piece. Overdone colours, hyper-stylised shots.Well it looks like a JJ Abrams film. Lots of shaking/zooming cgi ship flying already.@SamFaulkner87 This is the sequel to when James Spader went through a weird portal, right?Ahh man, iTunes ran out of Buzz Lightyears so quickly.@robbiereviews I'm sad you didn't link to Strange Magic's trailer instead.It's impressive how iTunes trailers webpage won't play video on an iPhone.LAST CHANCE to #win this six-pack of scary movies (winner will be announced TODAY) Details: http://t.co/bo183jafpn http://t.co/18xNnhXn0S
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@Big_Pants @DavidBedwell @DevlinSimone @Hannah_Panther So all the other weeks are just rehearsals?@MarieMJS Lord Portley-Riiiiiiiind!Animators & animation fans, there is a free screening of Boxtrolls on Dec 10 in Central London, with Directors Q&A http://t.co/kHsg4hPLG5
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@PatrickJGamble Turns out Adnon was Sarah Koenig the entire time. Crazy, never heard that coming.@sicrook @JoeCunningham14 "Kil them! Kill them all!" drink-alongs on that are dangerous.@Screenjabber Shit. It's too warly for me.@AntBit Get Away From Her You Clever Girl!@SamFaulkner87 Did they finally adapt Dead Rising for TV?@LondonFilmFan 150 seconds of scratching? Does he have a rash?The title design says "Shawn The Sheep Movie" but the trailer vo and end card say "Shawn The Sheep The Movie". Controversy!@Parec116 Streak.@bloodonthedice @Guitargalchina In about 6 and a bit hours, I read. Unsure how definite that source was though.@Screenjabber And I'll step on your head as you rush to buy it.@RobGirvan @adamhopelies @billreviews I think we're all hoping both he and Belushi pop up in part 2.Smokin' Aces but as a Guest/Levy mockumentary.
@FilmFan1971 @Mark_Searby Sky Atlantic.@Cinemartyn It's neither a comedy nor a western. It just exists, somehow.People actually think Benedict Cumberbatch is going to get an Oscar nom for Imitation Game, eh? http://t.co/scVTgbcQ14
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@JoeCunningham14 Ooh, tempting, wanna get my uv code and lovely artwork.@timecake Arrsh?@mocfilms Oppa Yoda Style@TheFilthyTab so you're saying the Seinfeld marathon WASN'T The Contest on a loop for 5 hours?@Screenjabber Don't call it that. (Booyah, Arrested Development Quote-bomb!)@NJ_Film I hope the chicken is at least semi-funky.@Zack_Parks Well, a pizza during a long work night is hardly a feast. But thanks.@Zack_Parks Have a nice feast sir.Nights like these make for good viewing sessions. Did Empire then this week's Rebels, now The Muppet Movie blu ray. May sing along.@davidehrlich Sweet jesus, Sophie Marceau got above the title poster placement? What a world.@Beggar_So They're conflicted, on one hand they love money, on the other hand they hate anything not white.@timecake It doesn't change. Unless you strike it lucky with a job.@timecake Sleep schedules are for people who have things to do. Cool folk get to mix naps with late nights.@NicholasATorres I feel social.@NicholasATorres Bae@bill_sich Shameless Whiplash grab?@NicholasATorres Yo brah, y u no neck lyk yo pops dere?Thanks to Ridley Scott, Egyptian actor Mohammed Soanso now can't find any damn work in this town.
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@skymovies Wozniak casting got weird when Universal got involved.@filmthug that one's about former child slaughterers facing off against each-other, less morally reprehensible.The High Court has banned 53 more websites in the UK, 32 by request of the Motion Picture Association. http://t.co/poLn5Z7R17
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@maverick99sback Great! Wish my Arrested Development blu ray was as quick...@TheGMcConnachie @FilmFan1971 And remains so.@FilmFan1971 HTTM2! Mall Blart a close second.It's nice to see that Mystery Science Theater 3000 lives on, as the Turkey Day livestream plays out, geo-locked... Fuck us, right?Ladies and Gents, Murdered By My Boyfriend, nominated for best single drama @BroadcastAwards Well done peeps. #murderedbymyboyfriend
Retweeted by Andrew JonesShameless repost of my interview with @rhysiedarby for What We Do In The Shadows: http://t.co/Qj2QmbhCdv #werewolvesnotswearwolves
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@FilmFan1971 A great read, really enjoyed that one.@LukeWhiston I could never follow the story arcs on Cosinefeld@rosstmiller Which would score lower, Reloaded or Revolutions?I'm assuming a lot of Archer S6 is going to be about the Burt Reynolds auction. High school trophy bidding ep wins an emmy.My father watches The Unit a lot, and compared to Sabotage that show looks cinematic. This got a cinema release? Looking like this?@DeusExCinema @RobGirvan I'd never intend to, Ayer movies always feel like tedious wannabe schlock. Too talky, not fun.Recommendation of the week (3): I Am Ali, My review for @VODzillaMag: http://t.co/CE0NOH9Uif #IAmAli #floatlikeabutterfly #stinglikeabee
Retweeted by Andrew Jones@RobGirvan It's not a ten million dollar!@jonlyus In my day we used to project fake penises in cinemas. How times have changed. I am Tyler Durden.Bad idea throwing on Sabotage as work background noise. Keep doing Arnie yells, he seems so out of place.@danowen79 Not incredibly different. The Soup is a stripped down, broader-clip-using show.@danowen79 Except Talk Soup, The Soup's original programming, was how Greg Kinnear started out, so it's an older work.@ReelTalker It wasn't, but it will be one day.@ReelTalker Not as good as Bee Movie On Ice.I'm getting unskippable 2+ minute Dragon Age ads on youtube now. Fuck you forever, game.@jonlyus So, things going well then?
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