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Technology writer for @Forbes. Geordie without Geordie accent. Aspiring entrepreneur, aspired smartarse. http://t.co/t4fghvVg8R

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Smart #thermostats reviewed: Which can save you the most? http://t.co/aah9sps6Bs by @GordonKelly v.@guardian #review
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@techcoolness @Forbes yep and restrict damaging handset maker skins which hamper updates. Be changing your avatar soon? ;)@techcoolness @Forbes I think small developer iOS apps are better in general, but no difference in ones from big companies.Thx! RT @EchoProducts 5 big changes coming to iOS8 5 big changes for apple in 2015. Great article by @gordonkelly http://t.co/JwzLWnRfdC@Banzhu_uk @adamvaughan_uk pleasure!@techcoolness @Forbes yep, stock Android, some more premium build materials and a 5-inch screen and I think sales would explode.iPhone 6 Vs LG G3 Review: Apple Meets Its Match @Forbes http://t.co/JDrY74YIRp
Me comparing smart thermostats for @guardian http://t.co/iHqQ519WxX http://t.co/BrSkviSBND@BennettDan @CatDow @adamvaughan_uk certainly doable. Nest the easiest setup, but for potential pitfalls I think £50 installation worth it@CatDow @adamvaughan_uk and currently smart metres only work with their particular energy supplier so if you move you have to change. Crazy@CatDow @adamvaughan_uk yes, apparently that's the requirement for a free fitting though you can still pay to have it installed.What 'smart thermostat' should you buy? .@GordonKelly puts Nest, Hive et al to the test http://t.co/OoF1pmch42 #energysaving
Retweeted by Gordon KellyThe Nexus 6 was originally meant to have a fingerprint sensor until Apple stepped in: http://t.co/YNiY1Amy18
Retweeted by Gordon KellyWhat chip is going to form the heart of Samsung's Galaxy S6? http://t.co/1u7LRKLj1Y
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
On your marks... get set... GO! http://t.co/7U50adFmF9 Race To Save Heart Of The Samsung Galaxy S6Microsoft attacks Microsoft: Why Windows 10 gets it right http://t.co/QNxnZUcAo5 @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon KellyWindows 10 changes everything - me for @Forbes http://t.co/6ep2BvHKfN http://t.co/HcTqUTy2OKApple vs Android war escalates with crippled Nexus 6 accusation http://t.co/HDCHTcJIMW @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon KellyApple Vs Android War Escalates With Crippled Nexus 6 Accusation @Forbes http://t.co/vZUlnqroBEApple's iOS 8 crisis continues with controversial new bug http://t.co/8LCz9o4a9L @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
@rabbitowl interesting, though could still technically be argued to be a breech of standard T&Cs. I'll also chase up with Apple PR tomorrow@rabbitowl thanks John. I'll investigate. Are URLs or petitions allowed in general on ASComms?@alexeheath got it. Well I'm glad to know that you were able to act shortly after I published. Coincidences can be a funny thing.@alexeheath with the same quotes from the same person who contacted me directly, only for you to publish hours after me? Hmmmn.Nasty one, this --> "@ForbesTech: Apple is hit by another big bug within iOS 8. http://t.co/lCsUfO62JG"@alexeheath Hi Alex, I'd appreciate a source credit: http://t.co/5OUHnEofC5 Thanks!
@Nishrock21 no, but should be very soon@IanMorris78 @NateLanxon @rich_trenholm in fairness I'll not move from the sofa until it is time to go to the cinema later :)@IanMorris78 @NateLanxon @rich_trenholm the silence from both is deafening... ;)@davidchow @TakenMovies you just paid for a third Taken movie. You deserve everything you get... which includes Taken 4.
@_JayMcgregor @Ewan @PaulTassi @erikkain @killyourfm *quietly walks away whistling*@_JayMcgregor @Ewan @PaulTassi @erikkain @killyourfm there's no way to answer that without sounding like a dick! :)@amitchowdhry @Ewan @erikkain @_JayMcgregor @PaulTassi @killyourfm @RMac18 @iblametom *High Five* Amit!@PaulTassi @Ewan @erikkain @_JayMcgregor @killyourfm @RMac18 @amitchowdhry @iblametom CES + post CES v tough in general I believe.@Ewan @erikkain @_JayMcgregor @PaulTassi @killyourfm @RMac18 @amitchowdhry @iblametom changes. But whoever I criticise, it's the other one:)Gordon goes top even in a weak week, any more ideas? #FF Most read in @ForbesTech: @GordonKelly @Ewan @erikkain @_JayMcgregor @PaulTassi
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@erikkain @Ewan @_JayMcgregor @PaulTassi @killyourfm @RMac18 @amitchowdhry @iblametom luck, devil worship, more luck... more devil worship.@erikkain @ForbesTech @Ewan @_JayMcgregor @PaulTassi @killyourfm @RMac18 @amitchowdhry @iblametom Kain* oops@erikkain @ForbesTech @Ewan @_JayMcgregor @PaulTassi @killyourfm @RMac18 @amitchowdhry @iblametom clearly only crappy by Kane standards :)#FF Most read in Tech this week: @GordonKelly @Ewan @erikkain @_JayMcgregor @PaulTassi @killyourfm @RMac18 @amitchowdhry @iblametom
Retweeted by Gordon KellyForget labels "@MetroUK: Green Party would win election if we voted on policy not personality http://t.co/ZknQSReMEN http://t.co/0g6acaWRUf"Same bug for me “@GordonKelly: Ouch, this is a bad one: http://t.co/G9m742WZ6m Apple's iOS 8 Crisis Continues With Controversial New Bug”
Retweeted by Gordon KellyOuch, this is a bad one: http://t.co/CIyfIxeRvW Apple's iOS 8 Crisis Continues With Controversial New Bug
@Juliethejarhead haha. Email, social media, GPS and photography aside ;)@wsnaak @NUFC_Stats @sportingintel way down19th! One for @NUFC_Stats "@sportingintel: OFFICIALLY the richest clubs in the world by income http://t.co/xQTG43kjKR http://t.co/1Y7lQfAgdE@wearehunted come back!
New HTC One M9 photos and detailed specifications leak http://t.co/Z0EArullVs @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@01798303 fair point, though has certainly cut back in recent times. I've edited to "rarely". Thanks!@tomkelk @Forbes yep, I'm intrigued by app compatibility as well. That hit Nvidia hard.Shock #GalaxyS6 Leak Reveals Controversial #Samsung U-Turn - me for @Forbes http://t.co/pyYkGXgtO4 http://t.co/RMsCDUro5vSamsung Makes Massive Galaxy S6 U-Turn @Forbes http://t.co/UFuBRN9Jct@mrmickeylowe @dangrabham different needs, different solutions. Property size the big factor in 2 main options: presence detection or zonal@dangrabham @mrmickeylowe no worries. Not really doing work for anyone but Forbes atm, but I'll look out for it.@mrmickeylowe @dangrabham Hive, Nest, Tado (2013 and 2014 versions) and Honeywell Evohome all been in my flat. Heat Genius next up.@thervalien Agreed. I actually ranted about this here: http://t.co/brNySbpzZ3
@davebrannan pretty bad. Perhaps when i3 and i5 arrive it'll be better. Want an XPS 15 in 13in chassis!@davebrannan as expected, ouch! No i3/i5 options?!New HTC One M9 Photos And Detailed Specifications Leak - me for @Forbes: http://t.co/uQMgY2jxwwRT @ForbesTech There may be some radical changes coming for iOS 9: http://t.co/3CzeCvPIBO
@Juliethejarhead @ForbesEurope @samsung @tim_cook Ouch. Touché!New iPhone 6S details hint at radical iOS 9 changes http://t.co/CF8rtWZcAJ @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon KellyNew iPhone 6S Details Hint At Radical iOS 9 Changes - me for @Forbes http://t.co/g1Sc9ALfJo http://t.co/Pe0Yyiw5rx@PDTechHD good post. My one big tip: much shorter sentences. Some, including first sentence, as 4-6 lines long. Less commas, more full stops
@collagen34 pleasure@collagen34 @Forbes depend if you want a phone or a phablet, but easily Note 4 for me.
@FPLHelp @FPLWalt @fplhints *sigh*@BioWords @Forbes there are rivals 2 years on selling similar hardware, but whether software can match up is another matter.@FPLHelp @FPLWalt @fplhints like saying syphilis is better than herpes. Geordie hatred isn't about the manager, it's about the man.@FPLWalt @fplhints @FPLHelp always starts well then collapses.@ChronicleNUFC excellent. Are we on the managerial shortlist?@contactmarkhill @Forbes thanks very much. Did the same for the iPhone 6 earlier in the week: http://t.co/uOH9ZtX5Eh100% agree with this. If @SamsungMobile makes the S6 bigger than the S5, I won't buy it. #gear2owner http://t.co/K3vfPQJzgb @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@techcoolness checked out Google Play Services? It gives itself be permissions automatically as it wants them.@jrosterhout the upside: you taught me 3 new words!New Samsung #GalaxyS6 Details Will Anger Apple | @GordonKelly @Forbes http://t.co/te3B7PyAuy
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
2nd in @ForbesTech thisweek! Nothing stops @GordonKelly (then @Ewan @paultassi @erikkain @RJSzczerba @antonyleather @DaveThier @_JayMcgregor
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly#FF Most read in tech this week: @GordonKelly @Ewan @paultassi @erikkain @RJSzczerba @antonyleather @DaveThier @_JayMcgregor @bupbin
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly@FitbitUK not again...! http://t.co/4IdIUZr1yNGalaxy S6 Will Copy iPhone's Most Important Feature @Forbes http://t.co/0S6I7bbsYi@NUFC @SouthamptonFC Nobby ran that game. One of the most complete wing performances I've ever seen.@StefanieSedlak haha thanks! Suspect I might be a little too outspoken for that job though ;)@jrosterhout because it was my phone of 2014?!
Best And Worst Things About The #Apple #iPhone 6 Plus http://t.co/fBZwTT40Zg by @GordonKelly via @forbes #Tech
Retweeted by Gordon KellyMy @Forbes guide to: 'Best And Worst Things About iPhone 6 Plus' http://t.co/Zxs2vMYP4n http://t.co/oo0DA30sJriPhone 6S leak reveals radical new camera http://t.co/b7JwQwXy7v @GordonKelly
Retweeted by Gordon Kelly
Narration of "Best And Worst Things About The IPhone 6" by @gordonkelly https://t.co/kiqnbBLHE1 @umanoapp
Retweeted by Gordon KellyMy thoughts... "@ForbesTech: The iPhone 6s may get the most radical camera update in iPhone history http://t.co/QIjm5N7CuC"I ask... "@ForbesTech: Why is Samsung squaring up against the iPhone 6 Plus instead of the iPhone 6? http://t.co/6xvSUPORUW"@palmettoowlz @ForbesTech Android user actually. Nexus 5 is my daily driver.I break it down: "@ForbesTech: The best and worst things about the iPhone 6: http://t.co/5hze6tb63l"@Cloin UK English?iPhone 6S Report Promises New Dual-Lens Camera With Optical Zoom - me for @Forbes http://t.co/F6YLFxBVRr@MYOFFICES @Forbes then that's a pro, not a con as you listed it ;)@superkai64 @Forbes you really didn't read it first, or you enjoy repeating the points I make at me? :)@superkai64 @Forbes of course!Don't panic! "@ForbesEurope: Microsoft scraps Windows 7 mainstream support. Windows 10 under pressure http://t.co/irEKJMvIRt @GordonKelly"
@Macca_Chief @ForbesTech yes, but sadly millions do. Including major institutions like banks!@m_bartholomew @ForbesTech @dsilverman the @ helped :) Thanks again!Here comes iOS 9... "@ForbesTech: Google Analytics is noting an uptick in the use of iOS 9... http://t.co/PkJRNeQLnw"
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