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Hanna Ines Flint @HannaInes London via Doncaster

UK Online Showbiz Reporter at @DailyMailCeleb. LOVES a scotch egg.

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Peter Panto at The Tabernacle was amazing! Those little kids were the sweetest! @ The Tabernacle… http://t.co/sYtLwRC2TdThat was some good seafood ramen! #yum #ukai @ Ukai http://t.co/SX8E7PfXwADidn't you guys write a post saying she looked weird? "Britney Spears Looks Incredible On Her “Women’s Health” Cover" http://t.co/RTQhnSLk9kWe read One Direction's 2015 annual and discovered a band in breakdown: http://t.co/gKdqS8Oseh http://t.co/WOiBnlgfHY
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintHe makes a good point. http://t.co/uZOMH9YuQUAlexa Chung says free champagne is the WORST thing about working in fashion http://t.co/mAv7Q2rEXD via @Femail #prayforalexaNever met him, but clearly @shayneTward knows me well. #partyhard 😂🎉🍸 #calendar #2015 http://t.co/J3eB5A6IY5@CarolineFlintMP @leicesterliz @EmmaReynoldsMP @GloriaDePiero @janeGRAZIA love the top! xNew girl band? No. Band of Sisters backing equal pay w/ @leicesterliz @EmmaReynoldsMP @GloriaDePiero + @janeGRAZIA http://t.co/If7rYUBDYQ
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintBlonde Justin Bieber looks like SNL's Kate McKinnon doing an impression of Ellen Degeneres. http://t.co/nIOCxqVk1E@EOnlineUK This is great.
Guardians of Peace are now threatening to attack theaters showing The Interview. Maybe they should hack into a dictionary. #unpeacefulSo looking forward to the Portabello Panto tomorrow night with @MinnaAttala! Haven't been to a panto since my school trips to Watermans!This is just devastating > 84 children shot dead as Taliban gunmen storm Pakistan school http://t.co/cOG6w7W6GR via @MailOnlineSpurned wife leaves cheating husband and twin naked in busy car park http://t.co/EDfgsY5RpJ
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintI just love his work. @orousteing lovemagazine #balmain #christmas #party #latergram #aboutlastnight @… http://t.co/2u5rGB1P68@evanrachelwood @SarahKSilverman opressed
Me and my boy @moloroidsolomon at the lovemagazine party #xmasparty #balmain http://t.co/3UBjED2BaB@Sathnam the only time I get post is when I've ordered something. The tip is the delivery fee.Just ordered an electric blanket. #rockandroll #toocooltobecoldLoving @Harry_Styles's new look. Straight from the cover of a cheesy romance novel. #niceshirt #onedirection http://t.co/oFLXKIye3S@FilmFan1971 Oh cool! The film any good?@FilmFan1971 About testament of youth?Any restaurants wanna cater the BGOD Xmas dinner? I've got fuck all money so have no intentions of paying but I promise to bring good vibes.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintIf Marvel do take over Spider-Man then I think they're totally right to ditch his past movie baggage. Worked out well for The Hulk.Just been sent a load of Purdey's Rejuvenate drink. Pre-emptive pick me up for nights out… http://t.co/Y8urxhxxLJThe most beautiful @Burberry ad EVER @NaomiCampbell @missjourdandunn http://t.co/v8nj0Ch0U3 via @DailyMailCelebOh and Mack gets the top job to make the owner look less like a misogynist? Way to break that glass ceiling Sorkin. #TheNewsroomWatched the finale of The Newsroom before work. Felt more like the end of a romantic comedy than a semi-serious news drama. Disappointed.
@oliviamunn wish there was a button that says "I like the show, but hate that it's ending'That's the best outcome ever for Fleur East. #XFactorFinalNot one of those judges said she sang that song well. #justsaying #XFactorFinalI think we should probably vote for Ben. I do not want to look at Fleur’s discography in five years and see that horseshit at the top.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintFleur's crying because she hates this song. #XFactorFinal"Hey, I've got a good idea for the winner's single. Let's take all the things people like about Fleur and do the exact fucking opposite."
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@gregjames Downtown Gunk.@samwolfson I thought it was electric?@lobyouknowme knock off babes.@Seamus__D so disappointing! And this key doesn't suit her.@Seamus__D I hope so. There was nothing Fleur about that song.Hold on, where in this song is a Fleur East dance solo gonna fit in? #XFactorFinal #OneRepublicWell it wasn't made for him was it. Or One Republic wouldn't have brought it out. #XFactorFinalThe great thing about covering OneRepublic songs is you don't need to worry about stamping your own personality on them. #xfactor
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintSnorefest. #XFactorFinal@luciecave he looks like he could give me a good deal on some fake rolexes.I suppose I'm impressed that One Direction got the third choice Rolling Stone. XFactorFinalIf we stick Harry next to Ronnie, everyone will think he's Mick.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintWow Ronnie Wood. What were you thinking? #XFactorFinalWhat's with Harry and Zayn looking like extras from Miami Vice? #XFactorFinalOH MY GOD STARS IN YOURS EYES - CANT DEAL MIND BLOWN 🎉👏😍That was the best performance Simon Cowell has ever seen since the last time he said something was the best performance he had ever seen.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint
Really making the most out of the block button today."Mel B is in hospital and we're hoping she returns tomorrow" - X Factor judge's manager confirms to @MailOnline http://t.co/LIaNrpLDuhHi @Uber can I have a refund as your driver was clearly taking the Mickey last night #UberShame http://t.co/SUjP9viMeOGood effort Ariana Grande on Santa Tell Me... but there hasn't been a decent Christmas song written since 1994.
It's Joey. #friends #xmasparty #mailonline #howyoudoing @ Loft Studios http://t.co/zRNuqTlBhRParty girls and we know it. #mailonline #xmasparty @ Loft Studios http://t.co/HzIekpGj6DLet's do this. #xmasparty #mailonline #teamshowbiz #leopard #crushedvelvet #christmas http://t.co/1oRcdK4qu9Chatted to Carrie Underwood last week and she told me she'd do a country duet with One Direction! http://t.co/OpdQQ8GKYw via @DailyMailCelebCalling Sony comments"racially insensitive remarks" instead of "racist"? U can put a cherry on a pile of sh*t but it don't make it a sundae.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintAll reindeers accounted for #xmasjumperday #Christmasjumper #emmacook @ Associated Newspapers http://t.co/qc3YxJJJaQIt's our office Christmas party tonight and apparently there's a special DJ. Sadly been informed it's not DJ Derek.If TWO looks could kill! Check out the stinkeye on that woman looking at Angelina and Amy Pascal's awkward encounter http://t.co/7Do2AiWXqh@angelascanlon ping should never be used without pong.Another network needs to pick up the Orange Wednesday's mantle... or we'll end up with more cinemas shutting down!@rustyrockets I fully agree with your fight man but for fuck sake get behind a party or stand yourself, unless you do it’s all a waste
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintJudd Apatow compares Sony hack to Jennifer Lawrence nude leak http://t.co/bLiRXwG6Cl via @DailyMailCeleb
@tomdisco 😏.@CamCavendish was the best thing about #bbcqt tonight by a country mile
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintI'm all for Grammer Schools. We'd study psychology, broadcasting and eat tossed salads and scrambled eggs. #bbcqt #kelsey #fraiserDo people realise it has become politically impossible for MPs to be granted a pay rise ever again. Ever. Till the end of time.
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintOk #bbcqt drinking game: down a shot every time someone says "can you let me finish?"IM THE FIRE STARTER #bbcqt http://t.co/HUG2YBR49E
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@steveleng I'm out *in the voice of Duncan Bannantyne*Seriously though... Is this The Jeremy Kyle Show? #bbcqtLEAVE IT MATE, HE'S NOT WORTH IT. #bbcqt
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintOnce Russell Brand takes the jokiness out of his statements and adds sincerity he really makes a good point. #bbcqtPenny really reminds me of Lynn Benfield from Alan Partridge. She couldn't present... a cat! #bbcqtLove a good shout out! #bbcqtVoting turnout is high in Australia Nigel Farage. It's compulsory for crying out loud #bbcqt
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintGo on then Nige bugger off to Oz! #bbcqt #FarageOoh cheeky Mary Creagh... But seriously what is the code word Penny? #bbcqtHe annoys me but I hope this doesn't end up being #bbcqt vs Russell Brand!Give Us Something to vote for... Is that the most cliched statement in politics ever? #bbcqtFirst Thursday night in on forever. Best watch this shambles of a #bbcqt@Seamus__D Today I was waving at you in the lift, you ignored me. So I go up to you and realise... It's not you. #coolstorybro #smhHappy Fricking Christmas #tbt #cuckoo #coolkids #saturdaynight @ The Cuckoo Club http://t.co/SD6tBKqs9vLet's not pretend that the whole of Spitalfields/Dalston hasn't been gentrified already... This Cereal Bar hardly led the invasion!If Channel 4 wanna question that Cereal bar about high prices on/near Brick Lane then they should visit All Saints and Urban Outfitters.I feel like #PeterPanLive was the US getting their own back on all the Brits taking 'their' roles. You still lost America. #badaccents
Honestly, getting a flu jab has done nothing to stop me getting the flu. #feelingsorryformyself
Lols on the red carpet #mbifa @ 1 Old Billingsgate Walk London EC3R 6DX http://t.co/TCCUUcDfMTAt the #MBIFA and Simon Bird nailed his opening monologue!
Can they make a rule on X Factor that they stop doing the same bloody songs. Hasn't Leonard Cohen's legacy been raped enough by this show?Cracking dress tonight @ClaudiaWinkle #scd #StrictlyComeDancingBit disjointed between moves Frankie. #scd@benakt @Twiggy_Garcia is the whole crew going?@Mullane45 well you just earned your place on the naughty list.@James_Warren Very weird! Cool see you then! xIn 1983 George Lucas asked Mark Hamill to be an Obe Wan-like Luke Skywalker in a 2011 sequel. AMAZING https://t.co/oVqdsBzVvZ #StarWars
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