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Rob Hestar(★♋) @Hestar69 Made In Dade(Jupiter,FL)

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@jaypx85 its telling u to dl the last of us and play it :P@jaypx85 yeah it sucks that shits not dling,should talk to sony about it cause the games awesome and u shouldnt hate it like destiny lolMake it a #RokuHoliday. Enter for a chance to win prizes from @RokuPlayer, @Netflix, @Amazon & more! http://t.co/hStkDC2uuC
@jaypx85 yup....and ur ps4 is tellin u to play the last of us ;)@jaypx85 yeah theres really nothing to do in the game...pretty sad cep tplay MP really now that were 31@jaypx85 LMAOOO..I feel ur pain@jaypx85 I take it IB is going bad@Pushaman55 @jaypx85 lol u gotta love it!..I just got 41 kills in bf4 and we lost@BrianIMdiesel https://t.co/OetcHsgKGA@mirpkered @NintendoAmerica that and release more nes games,snes games to the VC..also add n64,and GC games aswell!@mirpkered better time would be when zelda,starfox and Xeno come out :P..but yeah,nintendo killed it this yearFollow @AutoGuide & RT for a chance to #WIN a pair of Oakley sunglasses. #Winner is selected Tomorrow @ 5PM EST. http://t.co/yAgALsyNZ1
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@terryterrones woot woot ty for the chance Santa!!!! I've been semi good all year :)#giveaway time! Have an Xbox One copy of #FarCry4 that I will personally mail to one lucky person. Follow and RT to win. Winner at 8pm PST.
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@jaypx85 crucible join the chat party too if u wantFollow & RT to enter to win #NHL15 for #PS4! @EASPORTSNHL https://t.co/gmSyuf0iUq
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@jaypx85 u wanna play a few games of destiny?@jaypx85 lol yup#Contest: Follow @AutoGuide & RT for a chance to WIN a pair of Oakley sunglasses. #Winner selected Tomorrow 5PM EST. http://t.co/xSFr2A6Wjy
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@jaypx85 sweet looks like the TB cable works and I can use the headset on my ps4@CherryRasulka @BrianIMdiesel @rogXue @Pushaman55 @dyeknom @MrNerveDamage @eugaet win razor PC and other stuff http://t.co/0fM2QsOsrX#HolidayGiveaway #1 @elgatogaming HD60 game capture, RT & follow @ImagineCustoms, @elgatogaming to enter #ICFamily http://t.co/PhxnZ3qVbM
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)HEAT Nation, RT this to vote for @chrisbosh #NBABallot #TBT http://t.co/vq7v1bmq4y
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@ImagineCustoms ohh bOy! #ICFamilyHere’s the full listing of what we’re giving away over the next few days #ICFamily http://t.co/QX1ZTBEQAR
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Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@jaypx85 got my turtle beach ps4 adpater in today aww yeah!Giving away Astro a50s rt and follow to enter pick a winner and ship in an hour http://t.co/FXom00lEKN
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋).@ParamountPics, can I still watch your 10 yr old movies in my home, or did North Korea tell you not to allow that either? #TeamAmerica
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@NintendoAmerica #NintendoMinute GOTY Bayonetta 2 over Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U over Shovel Knight.@BrianIMdiesel https://t.co/OTuumxajjx@NintendoAmerica #NintendoMinute Bayonetta 2! 2 amazing games,in one package.Can't beat that!12 Days of Christmas Prize Pack Giveaway from @theNerdFu @3DLightFX & @fundotcom_ http://t.co/CX4ERH99bt Enter: http://t.co/BkwV9CGSrbVOTE LENOVO! Help Yoga win @GadgetLast. RT this & follow the link to vote: http://t.co/spCsBDx6FS #Thanks http://t.co/LgwXnwJxKi
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Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@Official_AIAS Ya I thought with it getting dropped by THQ,delay after delay it would be meh.So glad it came out great as I love SP :)@Official_AIAS South park finally coming out and being a really great/funny game! #CelebrateGames2014 http://t.co/evsHxAH1JKI entered! Enter @Staples #LessStress Sweepstakes powered by @IntelUSA to win. #Bonus No pur nec 13+ Ends 12/30 http://t.co/kKIKPJahcjRT and Follow me for your chance to win Battlefield 4 for the Xbox One. Winner chosen 12/19. -US only-
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)I entered to win a custom built Battlepack PC from @OriginInsider. http://t.co/Ktu9N67LbU@dyeknom @Mysticfail @jaypx85 u 2 scared2smashSo the new Telltale game is minecraft? Bleh...I was really hoping it was bioshock or the last of us as some ppl were saying.MC? wth???@dyeknom @jaypx85 @Mysticfail lolWhooo lots of contests round this time of year!Want a chance to win some @SOLREPUBLIC speakers featured in our Rise Early Morning video? Watch now and RT to win!! https://t.co/gP8A5HJ6Q0
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Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)Last chance to win a #dashcam! Enter today with a follow and an RT! #ThinkwareChristmas http://t.co/voWSsPLAJi http://t.co/hev5qh9fXk
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@rogXue @BrianIMdiesel someone needs to take their president out Forreal..when team America came out his father didn't do this shit@BHGLiveBetter @Walmart fingers crossed! #WalmartWednesday #giveawayCustom baskets are a fun and personal gift! What would you give in yours? RT to #win #WalmartWednesday http://t.co/Ygh0TvgSDa
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@CherryRasulka LOL.A cat that u can record stuff on#HEATgame: @DwyaneWade exits the game to a standing ovation with a season-high 42 points. #NBABallot
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)
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