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Kontact for all enquiries: info@hyperdub.net http://t.co/mWH0z7XxPQ for digital music, merchandise and vinyl .subscribe to the mailing list for news.

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. @colderstates still it's a show of mass support.@colderstates that's true and letters were effective when plastic people was threatened with closure - I wrote one myself@Hyperdub much more effective to write the licensing board. Petitions aren't taken very seriously where democratic processes already exist.
Retweeted by Hyperdub @t1_soundwarrior we don't but we have tons of other stuff on our siteSign this please https://t.co/zZ0Lwk7ftZLondon Sound Survey. http://t.co/jFjxGBFOdt #fieldrecordings cc: @subtopes
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@Basswolf 👍@horrocks_simon @FatimaAlQadiri 👍今日18:00締切り! HYPERDUB 10 ~ CLOSING EVENT ~ Tシャツ & 招待枠をプレゼント!! 詳細はこちらをチェック→ https://t.co/yafpT9tNKm http://t.co/PnNTwCabNS
Retweeted by Hyperdub Noura Mint Seymali et @FatimaAlQadiri dans la 1ere partie du Top de @lesinrocks avec @Glitterbeat_Rec et @Hyperdub : http://t.co/txES1QGKRA
Retweeted by Hyperdub Best of 2014 @FatimaAlQadiri debut album for @Hyperdub made the cut in @RollingStone end of year chart http://t.co/dX0i2uai79
Retweeted by Hyperdub Happy to have the Teklife: Nextlife comp and our 4 Hyperdub 10 comps in the Resident Advisor top 10 comps of 2014: http://t.co/Pr8c5OvCMJ
One reason why #Shibuya crossing is better than Times Square ... #hyperdub #tokyo #kode9 #coolyghttp://t.co/n6xLzDxgqs
Retweeted by Hyperdub Fhloston Paradigm last night : http://t.co/SrcxlxW3ZO @Hyperdub
Retweeted by Hyperdub Our Top Electronic Tracks of 2014: http://t.co/L79EeSkchR @FatimaAlQadiri @Hyperdub @MoodHut @Moodymann313 @BlackMahogani @blackmadonnachi
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.@kingbritt @hollyherndon nice one@Tentronic email the shop please - need more to go on than the name Matthew - thanksI've been listening to The Phoenix- Fhloston Paradigm on repeat for the last two days- so good!! @kingbritt
Retweeted by Hyperdub Our shop will be winding up for the year by Friday this week - any orders placed after then will be sent in 2015 thnx http://t.co/PQUqw2RyhG【Hyperdub10】フィラデルフィアの伝説的なハウス・プロデューサーKing Britt来日!ダブやアンビエントまでをも飲み込んだエクスペリメンタルな作品をひっさげ別名義Fhloston Paradigmとして衝撃のライブを披露! http://t.co/aBzPad7FLG
Retweeted by Hyperdub 【Hyperdub10】Juke/FootworkのパイオニアであるDJ Spinnが満を持して来日!今年のはじめDJ Rashadとともにここ日本で幕をあけたHYPERDUB10をしめくくるのにふさわしいのはこの男しかいない! http://t.co/8q6kzaGL2E
Retweeted by Hyperdub 【Hyperdub10】発売間もない新作『Wait Til' Night』も好調なCooly G!トライバルなハウスを得意とし、新作ではR&Bやシンセ・ポップ、レゲエへの傾倒もみせたUKファンキーの女帝が放つ漆黒のグルーヴを体感せよ! http://t.co/5DifJJs1yH
Retweeted by Hyperdub #AlbumsOfTheYear Pt.3 @ItsCoolyG 'Wait Til Night' great late night soulful vibes on @Hyperdub #Vinyl http://t.co/JpBtRmVvzT
Retweeted by Hyperdub Podcast for last Night's Hyperdub show with @Ikonika : http://t.co/rPJADlnmh3 @rinsefm@matthewnkr no record coming no
Few days left to buy things b4 Xmas closing http://t.co/PQUqw2RyhG including the decadubs, last one has burials 'Lambeth' on it. Mugs tooIt's @ikonika taking over our @RinseFM show in 15 mins - tune in http://t.co/2qzVJipdUbI'll be taking care of the @Hyperdub show on @RinseFM tonight from 11pm-1am gmt
Retweeted by Hyperdub 2014's 10 Essential Compilations http://t.co/MqASr7j6hm http://t.co/cmsgqOnnIU
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ALSO STREAMING ON @dontwatchthattv - http://t.co/WWA4xYiwsE
Retweeted by Hyperdub 12.13.14 tonight! Join me for a special 6hr set @Primarypresents Saturday..Fhloston Paradigm set @Hyperdub http://t.co/O38q61PfIx
Retweeted by Hyperdub PAN and @Hyperdub are the only two labels to make @residentadvisor's Top Labels list 3 years running. http://t.co/2lDAiBf0vH @bill_kouligas
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Super excited for @DJ_Spinn and @hyperdub at Dada tonight - see you there! http://t.co/lNvMyO4Xxr
Retweeted by Hyperdub The top 30 reissues of 2014 ft. @therealmrbongo @lightintheattic @numerogroup @Hyperdub @bbemusic @StrutRecords: http://t.co/xCtIQdseo2
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We have Mugs for sale now - proper Merchandise! http://t.co/PQUqw2RyhG http://t.co/sPDPJyqXUc【いよいよ来週!HYPERDUB10】Kode9、DJ Spinn、King Britt presents Fhloston Paradigm、Cooly G and lots more guests 年末最大級のパーティー開催! http://t.co/rMrkKPt1r8
Retweeted by Hyperdub @AndrewM138 we released Lambeth last week
A retrouver dans le nouveau @tsugimag : 3 pages sur @Hyperdub et la chronique de la compilation du crew @teklife57
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♥ Favorite Labels of 2014: @BootlegTapes @MelloMusicGroup @MANICURERECORDS @Hyperdub @AwfulRecords http://t.co/95cw0r9qcr
Retweeted by Hyperdub Repress of @LaurelHalo 's Quarantine - plus all the decadubs on the site - a handful of sweatshirts left too http://t.co/PQUqw2RyhG@FlexBlur next year now - we'll preorder them as soon as we get a sample@Kim_Everaert that's it for these ones.
Prepping 4 Fhloston Paradigm Chicago 13th - extended dj / remix set Philly 15th - full show Japan 19/20 - live / improv set @hyperdub
Retweeted by Hyperdub .@RoughTrade's Counter Culture 14 CD is out today, featuring @SturgillSimpson & @Andrew_Combs! http://t.co/Umo0Z1TbV4 http://t.co/Jrt8FdI5Li
Retweeted by Hyperdub @gregory_wells it's in the twitter info - or just use the site
All the decadubs, a stack of back cat, tees, slipmats, sweats and posters in our web store: http://t.co/PQUqw2RyhG@richfurness :)@richfurness bad luck then. Lambeth Is in the last of the 4 comps
@Hyperdub Decadubs 5 featuring on The Gray Area Show in Scotland, Saturday, 10pm UK http://t.co/zQQJjirhLt. Later on http://t.co/gVR6AIT2V2.
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Watch late @Hyperdub dynamo @DJRASHAD make a beat in 10 minutes - RIP: http://t.co/Je3JS8u7ee http://t.co/DO3jQSipQv
Retweeted by Hyperdub New decadubs ep with Lambeth, sweatshirts, slipmats, bags and more at our shop: http://t.co/PQUqw2RyhGWe are shocked and saddened to share the news that Nick Talbot aka Gravenhurst has passed away aged 37. http://t.co/GfEtX8yeHE
Retweeted by Hyperdub The inimitable Lara Rix-Paradinas @RixTin on why we're promoting women electronic musicians @roningirl @DLIIorg... http://t.co/816hEDBy4k
Retweeted by Hyperdub . @essentialyes here too - http://t.co/PQUqw2RyhGHere's @kodenine guest mix taken from @TheRealBenjiB show last night on @BBCR1 http://t.co/U92o6Aoek5@essentialyes decadubs 5 - LambethPiccadilly's 'Top 5 Just In' http://t.co/coJsEd8tiK @thebeatles @TheLucidDreamUK @3coloursmusic #TheoParrish @Hyperdub
Retweeted by Hyperdub ♫ No Gyal Tune - by Flowdan http://t.co/lcIfGfkY5J #bbc #1xtra #np
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Dec 15 @johnnybrendas I present Fhloston Paradigm live @piaercole @michaeltodd @AfroFuturAffair @Hyperdub #scifi http://t.co/OK8b9L8BLV
Retweeted by Hyperdub Couple of minutes until @johnkennedy_xfm does his @Hyperdub Special with @kodenine http://t.co/xtQXHTVzjyThis is actually happening now @JUSTJAMLONDON http://t.co/ZmNpqtaca5 @BarbicanCentreTonight Hyperdub Special w/ @kodenine in interview! #Xposure from 10GMT @xfm @XfmScotland @XfmManchester http://t.co/xtQXHTVzjyThe last of the decadubs series ships Monday - ie the one with Lambeth etc : http://t.co/SPO8qkODz6 http://t.co/AO2qcweamTTonight @Hyperdub Special w/ Steve Goodman @kodenine in interview! #Xposure from 10pm @xfm @XfmScotland @XfmManchester
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Great examination of footwork and the legacy of DJ Rashad vis-a-vis the @Hyperdub comp, "Next Life." By @terminalave. http://t.co/Xt4s2vu2og
Retweeted by Hyperdub Don't Watch This! Watch @dontwatchthattv with this excellent footwork documentary 'i'm tryna tell Ya: http://t.co/04k7tMx8IERecommended: Various Artists - "Next Life" [CD] out on @Hyperdub benefiting DJ Rashad's son: http://t.co/EowWDaf6nu http://t.co/o75M17eEiD
Retweeted by Hyperdub "I'M TRYNA TELL YA" - Feature Length Footwork Documentary | Don't Watch That http://t.co/QA5pDYG7FB via @dontwatchthattv @hyperdub
Retweeted by Hyperdub @HuwNesbitt tweet of 2014Third Ear Cat Sticker Pack: http://t.co/CFk2DeR4y2We're @BleepBot 's label of the year: https://t.co/LpC73UQSwf thanks !BB: http://t.co/mfCUkxVCJwla - http://t.co/5vn4ojZtPnla - http://t.co/MBIG0skJHkohh: http://t.co/wTpvTwaMolWOOFIN' 最新号☆ 今月はWOMBでレーベル来日公演あるらしいデス 2) Cooly G - Wait Til' Night - (Hyperdub 2014) http://t.co/2KdAtkdNqD
Retweeted by Hyperdub #xmaslistin3words HYPERDUB SWEATSHIRT, MEDIUM.
Retweeted by Hyperdub ASIA TOUR - HYPERDUB http://t.co/ROI1TE2t66New sweats, slipmats, bags plus tons of catalog on our site here: http://t.co/PQUqw2RyhG now taking cards and paypal, pal.
Seven of the best: @clash_music picks out this year’s top labels from @ErasedTapes to @Hyperdub http://t.co/3PG8YFmOo3
Retweeted by Hyperdub The Top Labels of 2014. Featuring @Hyperdub, @bill_kouligas, @TheTrilogyTapes, @ninjatune @ErasedTapes + @WarpRecords http://t.co/8XtqYcECm9
Retweeted by Hyperdub playing in stockholm this friday https://t.co/SwDsBrm3pZ
Retweeted by Hyperdub In my lifetime I've seen "cyber-" go from "punk" to "sex" to "Monday". I think I liked it better before.
Retweeted by Hyperdub @PeriodHomolog2 i'm fine thanksRA Tickets: 12/19 (Fri) Hyperdub 10 Closing Event at Womb http://t.co/sX1FTyBn2l UKの人気レーベルを代表し、Kode9、DJ Spinn、Cooly G、King Brittが来日。
Retweeted by Hyperdub Bassheads, this one's for you: Kode9 and DJ Spinn at Canvas this Saturday.http://t.co/09GpH2kba6 http://t.co/AXZHqNQZSV
Retweeted by Hyperdub Two New Canvas Bags, Slipmats and Sweatshirts on the site - all very limited numbers: http://t.co/PQUqw2RyhG http://t.co/F8cuYmpRVg@Hyperdub hey, I saw the Third Ear Cat video and decided I’d make you a variant of it, featuring Lil Bub. » http://t.co/dPjKqbJBNx
Retweeted by Hyperdub @craigpugnetti @kodenine Patience, we can do even better.@Maxvh sorted
@codeinedrums 👍✌️@ToneBoneKone thanks
We have new bags, slipmats and sweats plus white labels and tees n more at Spitafield - independent label marketIndependent label market today in Spitafields
We're at independent record label market tomorrow live n direct with some as yet unseen goodies - Spitafields market - come along !! 11 ish@michaelmcguk nope - Lambeth is still yet to come out on decadubs 5 though@clash_music @ErasedTapes @MuteUK @4AD_Official @WarpRecords @SubPopWorld @bigdadarecords thanks :)Our Top Record Labels of 2014! @ErasedTapes @MuteUK @Hyperdub @4AD_Official @WarpRecords @SubPopWorld @bigdadarecords http://t.co/cxPeEVAcjs
Retweeted by Hyperdub If you're a #vinyl collector and like @ninjatune @Hyperdub and @secretsundaze, you NEED to go to this tomorrow. https://t.co/6KYO5SEx0R
Retweeted by Hyperdub We're in Tokyo and Osaka at the end of December - here's DJ @DJ_Spinn on a Graphic Billboard in Tokyo http://t.co/LkDS9Sv8Gp
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