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Evelyn Hannon is the CEO of Journeywoman, largest online travel resource for women+free tip newsletter going to 70,000 women in 240 countries.

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I've shopped on all 7 continents, learned a few things and now pass these tips on to you: http://t.co/ouqjeiEafk #shopping #tipsTY Veronica:) @travelprose @wizardofwords @lisabendall @Breathedreamgo @gypsynester @MapleandSaffron @thinplaces @gwenmccauleyI've shopped on all 7 continents + here's what I've found out about the art of shopping on the road: http://t.co/IN1lCTuwul #shopping #TipsToday's #FF @WallFiction is an online art gallery selling fine art on consignment, unique finds+developing artists. Check out the fab finds!@TravelDesigned xoxoxoxoxo Get the message?Suggestions plse: Moderate restaurant on King Street near TIFF?The One Tool You Need to Never Lose Track of Your Tasks via @yummymummyclub http://t.co/Qinl3jFfDO via @sharethis
@Priyacsdg Thank you very much. Will definitely RT. What city are you in?
WIN a #ChooseBeautiful reminder for your office, your daughter's room, your pal's den or mom's kitchen: http://t.co/iS6f4FDEi2 @DoveCanadaWIN a #ChooseBeautiful reminder for your office, your daughter's room or your mom's kitchen: http://t.co/iS6f4FDEi2 @DoveCanadaHmmm... wonder what she learned from me? :) https://t.co/19jwYmGp2M
IF ONLY our eyes saw souls along with bodies how different our ideals of beauty would be http://t.co/fvSBqiOqoN #ChooseBeautiful @DoveCanadaIf only our eyes saw souls along with bodies how different our ideas of beauty would be: http://t.co/M1A6GaxsT9 #ChooseBeautiful @DoveCanada
There's more to beauty than U think. Real beauty radiates from the inside out. U gotta choose it to be it http://t.co/q95dq6nAO7 @DoveCanadaThere's more to beauty than U think. Real beauty radiates from the inside out. U gotta choose it to be it http://t.co/4IsnBy8y3a @DoveCanada@BrendaSpiering xoOnly 60% pay off #Debt regularly and 51%+ have no #EmergencyFund reveals new @CPAcanada survey http://t.co/KlT2MeOclF via @BrighterlifeCA
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon#FF on Sunday - @informedtravler. I will be doing a radio interview with him next week. If he's willing to chat w/me, he must be nice:)@informedtravler Look behind. See me waving? I'm following you on Twitter:)Strong is the newest beautiful. Healthy is too. Beautiful inside is beautiful outside. http://t.co/JUalds6p3d #ChooseBeautiful @DoveCanada
@DSMGlobaltravel Where is your photo? No photoI consider it Spam!@Journeywoman Thanks so much for following our movement! If you can please #AWEARNESS #AWARENESS http://t.co/6Vcqq6w88d
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonIf U R my EvelynHannon friend on FB, pop by. We have a gorgeous convo going on now about what makes each of us BEAUTIFUL. @DoveCanada
How to Organize Your Kids' Art Space on a Budget http://t.co/U1vUU0O8G8 via @YummyMummyClubxo!!! @charliegrosso @ibackpackcanada @andrewghayes @nerdseyeview @SEKeener @BootsnAll @WhyGoItaly @KirstenAlana @pwcarey
Oh great! Now it's thundering ...We hope that today, tomorrow and every day after, you always #ChooseBeautiful Good Night!
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonAs always, we at YMC are thrilled that you took time out of your day to join us. Thank you for such positive lovely tweets #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonCongratulations to @Burnabymom2! You won our final prize pack this evening! #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz This was by far one of my most fave Twitter chats ever! Thanks for the love & inspiration #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz @DoveCanada Thank you:)Before we announce our final winner, special thanks to @DoveCanada for asking us #ChooseBeautiful. Can we get a HUGE thank you RT?
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz @DoveCanada A3. I teach my daughter to honour the beauty inside herself, let it shine! :-) #ChooseBeautiful http://t.co/b6YuXe0cgX
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz @DoveCanada Thanks for tonight's party and making me believe I should #ChooseBeautiful and not settle for average.
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonYou are not someone's missing half. Also, use sunscreen.@YMCbuzz What advice would you give your 16 yr old self re:beauty? #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonI'm feeling very mushy inside right now and obviously, pretty damn beautiful too #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@MommyMoments @YMCbuzz You're the freaking Marilyn Monroe of YMC #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonJust a regular day at work loving on my co-workers LOL #ChooseBeautiful https://t.co/ZXpLusftAe
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonTime for our last prize to be drawn. Can you believe how fast this party went? #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonA.8 U R Beautiful. U r Beautiful Ur Beautiful U R Beautiful inside+out! -- over and over and over again. @DoveCanada https://t.co/vwnOcjABVx@dluft27 @YMCbuzz Ain't that the truth. #ChooseBeautiful@CorreyHope @MommyMoments @YMCbuzz Smart Aunt!So much truth in that #ChooseBeautiful https://t.co/Rp2Xi54Ce5
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz A8 Happiness and confidence is beautiful. Though I remember hearing that and not believing #choosebeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@MommyMoments @YMCbuzz Excellent question!@YMCbuzz A7 Be appreciative & kind. Focus on the positive in others. #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonA7 @YMCbuzz I lead by example. Check out this teeny #ChooseBeautiful video me + my grandkids made http://t.co/I4iCSeZLwz @DoveCanadaQ7 How do you inspire the beauty in others? For more resources on how to support women to #ChooseBeautiful visit http://t.co/6yGeRGyQZD
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonHow is it already time to draw for our fourth prize? #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz Dr. Seuss — 'Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.' #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz me & my grandkids whom tell me every day how beautiful I am,, sweet honest kids #ChooseBeautfiul http://t.co/IWACUlFkBJ
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon80% of women agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful but do not see their own beauty #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonAnd by the way, this is all about tooting your own horn!! #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz TOOT TOOT!!! #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonI always try to make it work & I see funny in ANYTHING. Also, not a bad rack. ;) YMCbuzz: What do you love about yourself? #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz My ability to really listen make me beautiful. I have nice toes, too:) @DoveCanada @YMCbuzzThanks to @DoveCanada for starting this important conversation for us #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz A5 I love that I can laugh at myself even at times when all I want to do is scream! #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonYou are the only you. You are remarkable, spectacular. Not average. Feel proud to #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz a5 I have learnt to love all of me. My flaws, wrinkles, scars and stretch marks are part of my story and I #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz Loving this party!!!! #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon.@YMCbuzz I gained a whole new confidence when I turned 40!! #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@highlyirritable How are we already at our fourth prize pack of the party? Time to pull our next name! Good luck! #ChooseBeautiful you do!!
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonA5 That is easy to answer, I love that I love to give, I always have and always will..#ChooseBeautiful @YMCbuzz @DoveCanada
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz @DoveCanada I also love my resourcefulness! Nothing better than getting to be the #BestMomEver :-) #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz @DoveCanada #ChooseBeautiful A5 - My Smile :)
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonI know so many beautiful people! @MapleMouseMama @BookaliciousCA @JackiePsarianos come to mind right now :) #ChooseBeautiful @DoveCanada
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonA5 I love my hands that are just like my moms and I love my inner peace and my smile. @DoveCanada@highlyirritable @MommyMoments @YMCbuzz @ShashersLife @jackstrawlane you're all such beautiful women! xo #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz Q4 So many different kinds of beautiful - beauty of spirit is most important. @Angel_of_FilmPR is beautiful. #ChooseBeautfiul
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonYay! Congrats to @ShashersLife on winning the next prize pack! We know you live it! #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonCongratulations to @bluerubytuesday who just won the second Dove prize pack #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonYAY for @leslieEhm https://t.co/Mp96vPyer4@YMCbuzz A4: I have to say @SoberJulie she inspires me!! #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz @DipDiva Because girl, you're gorgeous. #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@GDgeek @YMCbuzz @SharonDV I think so too:)Who’s ready for another winner tonight? Should we draw now or do you guys want to wait? ;) #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@busymumof42010 @YMCbuzz @bkandbeyond @amotherworld @YummyMummyClub @Clippo @tjzmommy xoxA4 Each and every body taking part in the Twitter chat is BEAUTIFUL. @DoveCanada @YMCBuzzLet's remember to change that each and every time we look in the mirror. #ChooseBeautiful @DoveCanada https://t.co/Nt6nbpoMj3Let’s give away our second prize pack of the night. $50 in Dove products and a $50 Walmart Gift Card!! #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonWe're ALL Beautiful! Bellies jiggle+butts wiggle.Thats ok. Imperfections dont make U average, they make U human @DoveCanada@FLmummy We are ALL incredible!!! @DoveCanadaYes! RT @RtdodgeGina @YMCbuzz We Need to make ourselves and our daughters feel stronger about our images#ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonCongratulations to @McIntoshJaime You won the first prize pack! #ChooseBeautiful
Retweeted by Evelyn HannonQ2 Media sets up impossible versions of Beautiful+ we feel guilty 'pretending' to be that manufactured version of 'Beautiful.' @DoveCanada@YMCbuzz A1 no brainer beautiful ! #ChooseBeautiful I love my wrinkles & Spongie Bits I've lived!!
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@YMCbuzz Q1 I #ChooseBeautiful and I'm the only one who can decide because I know me inside and out. @DoveCanadaI have daughters AND granddaughters and we all #ChooseBeautiful @DoveCanada https://t.co/mpmDzCMBxzYes! Love the topic. Ready to go #ChooseBeautiful https://t.co/JM5LdHFNBPNo crying here. Proud to #ChooseBeautiful. My mom @Journeywoman, my sister @LeslieEhm and my daughter are too. https://t.co/jR2FwcBWTt
Retweeted by Evelyn Hannon@TerryMoshenberg Done:) xo@GDgeek Did you see this video? No animals were harmed during the production. lol http://t.co/I4iCSeZLwzFor SURE:) Stay beautiful, Babe:) https://t.co/rqZwBhT4wH@GDgeek xoxoxo:) Never forget why:) Men's bellies jiggle, too and it's oft from 2 much beer. I'd say our reason is a lot better, don't you?UR Beautiful! Bellies jiggle+butts wiggle.Thats ok. Imperfections dont make U average, they make U human http://t.co/kR6JF0moxm @DoveCanadaRAIN IN #Toronto but I can't think of it as crummy weather. Instead I tell myself that Ma Nature is finally completing her Spring cleaning:)For a #ChooseBeautiful attitude get the @DoveCanada inside scoop on the true expression of beauty -> http://t.co/XhM9bTFNzcInspired by the @DoveCanada #CelebrateBeauty campaign 3 young women made this tiny video+included their Grandma (Me) http://t.co/I4iCSeZLwz
Inspired by the @DoveCanada #CelebrateBeauty campaign 3 young women made this tiny video+included their Grandma (Me) http://t.co/cPyqa0VGyD
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