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living the dream on SportsCenter at 9am.. husband, father, Temple grad, Philly diehard raised in the 700 level, bleed Tastykakes, wish they built Wawas in CT..

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@wingoz @RebeccaLobo little do you know I have 2 space heaters coming in for the ladies. Above and beyond. They will be here on Tuesday.@wingoz @RebeccaLobo just a bad dude.@LizStrand all good. Btw, Love the 941.@LizStrand didn't you just let me know? Btw, have said GonZAGa in the past, if I missed it when you watched, thanks for letting me know.@SECbooger good parenting.@DishNSwish thanks.Always great to see @KNegandhiESPN at work! Hosting #NCAAwomens halftime show on @espn w/ @karalawson20 @RebeccaLobo http://t.co/GPZg7Av0gG
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiUndefeated RT @wingoz: Fitz wins again MT @LarryFitzgerald: 19th hole at Legends in S Africa. Longest par 3 in world http://t.co/ZT4WLavq9eOpen letters have become a thing lately, this Dan Shaughnessy one to David Ortiz is worth reading. https://t.co/XTTa3EqDwG@BallDawk @UConnWBB so you deduce it's a disgrace ?@BallDawk @UConnWBB did you watch Kentucky the other night?@BallDawk @UConnWBB not picking on you. I just think it's not as simple as broad general statements like yours.@BallDawk @UConnWBB did you think when ucla men's bball won for a decade under wooden it was a disgrace? It's called a dynasty.@BallDawk @UConnWBB how many games have you watched before making this statement? Blue bloods on the men's side. Same case on women's.@darrenrovell true. I remember the feeling getting the Jr Griffey upper deck rookie.@darrenrovell that picture breaks my heart. I have so many sets from that era.@ntaust10 poked in the eye.@UConnPuneet it's amazing.The 51 point win by @UConnWBB today was the largest margin of victory in the Sweet 16 or beyond. Just not fair.@ZachLowe_NBA national title game rematch vs ND would be THE matchup to watch.Imagine Belichick reax RT @ForTheWin: Tom Brady jumped off a cliff while on vacation - http://t.co/PxkFl1x8ri http://t.co/ovuryo7THe@DougFeinberg excellent vetting out process.@DougFeinberg @UConnWBB @TexasWBB @espn you were told correctly. See you at noon.
@Boyersmanners @richarddeitsch @FlemmingDave 4 years ago when India won the Cricket World Cup and he retired as a legend. So yes.@Boyersmanners @richarddeitsch @FlemmingDave just because you don't know doesn't mean the world doesn't know/care.@richarddeitsch @FlemmingDave Sachin Tendulkar. You won't hear one negative thing about the Little Master in India. Not one.@DishNSwish thanks. I feel bad.@kaelap @Lives2Inspire yes. Sometimes we are given information and it's not accurate. I love both LaChina and Maria.@DishNSwish it was a simple mistake. Been tossing to both ladies all night.Coming up on ESPN and ESPN2, @espngolic shows off his skills as a cheerleader to settle a bet. It's not pretty.@LaurenShehadi Lauren! Hope family life is treating you well. Keep doing big things!! Proud of you.Shoutout to @jayharrisespn on the pocket square love on my suit. Gotta coordinate. https://t.co/nrR36xwKAh@ImPhillyAllDay @NaismithLives no they wouldn't have. Just stop.Please stop comparing college teams to pro teams..Please stop this madness. RT @NaismithLives: Rip Hamilton just said on SC that this year's Kentucky team would be the 8th seed in the East.@PabloTorre yes it does. Hope he gets a legit chance at the right place under the right coach.Man, 4-6 months for Kevin Durant..@richarddeitsch we all need more Pablo. Can he just find us the sushi clock?@PabloTorre completely understood Jeremy's line on not having a person that can relate to him. Really excellent work Pablo.Love this piece on Jeremy Lin by @PabloTorre.. The endless fight on breaking stereotypes in the NBA & finding a home http://t.co/ASKLmN2wfp@BobLeyESPN no one better at the one liners with a cocktail or two in him.Congrats Marshall! MT @SOCTconnecticut: Thank you for presenting awards at HoF event & support of @SpecialOlympics! http://t.co/XODL7X1G9B@C_Olivier_12 no. Point was that they get a pass from the area on how they're viewed and covered.@C_Olivier_12 sure thing. You prove my point.@C_Olivier_12 who doesn't appreciate them? Did you read my entire timeline.@C_Olivier_12 you ok w raising expectations and falling short on them. Ok.@C_Olivier_12 also played in a power big east for decades. So they can win 30-plus games, be a 1 seed and fail to make sweet 16 again...@C_Olivier_12 @SKaneCSN majprity revenue for those schools go to football. This is not a flash in the pan year w nova. It's a great program@SbaintIS @NovaHoops1 what does that have to do w Nova? If that makes you feel better, good for you. Doesn't change what happened to Nova.
@TrentCherry let them finish the season first. But they're darn good.@Lisam1702 haha! She's a good sport.@KevKerrr thanks! Thought your guys were gonna be here tonight.@KevKerrr and they decided to sacrifice minutes.I'm in full appreciation mode w Kentucky. Ridiculous amount of talent playing hard and unselfish all season.My wife is in the 97.5% w her bracket. I've heard the trash talk. She picked WVU. I'm in the 95%, I have Kentucky. I will enjoy this.I give Wisconsin a ton of credit, starting with their mental toughness to overcome the fanny pack adidas shorts.@Lizzs_Lockeroom that whisper.MARRRRCUS darling.@TonyKhan you're a good man. If he only knew.A guy just yelled at me, "People like you are ruining this country. What are you, from Saudi Arabia?" I hope that guy has an awesome weekend
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@Andy_Staples @notthefakeSVP my combo is sponge bob yogurt and Mickey's crew. Hot Dog.@heavyg_70 the energy there will be off the charts.Andreas Lubitz, copilot who apparently deliberately crashed Germanwings 9525, was 24 yrs old. "He had no reason to do it," prosecutor says.
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiStunning news. RT @AP: French prosecutor says Germanwings co-pilot appeared to want to 'destroy the plane.' http://t.co/0vWLkpmSNCBefore the Cricket World Cup, I predicted winner would come down to Australia or New Zealand w the Aussies winning it all. Sticking w it.
@Nick__Schaefer and while I agree with you. 2011 was perfect.@Nick__Schaefer it's Dhoni's time.@rockmandan800 try this http://t.co/pZTcIE0S3GTime to get my mind right for this India-Australia World Cup Cricket semifinal match. Let's go!I will always look up to Coach Chaney.. @cherrycrusade RT @dcmadness202: great cameo in the student section http://t.co/mMyFsIEaouRT if you believe! 🎶
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@MidMajorMatt will miss Cummings badly.I Believe..@corbskuce always inspiring Corbin. Thank you.@JoshElliott32 ha! yeah, is it that noticeable?At @SOCTconnecticut hall of fame event @KNegandhiESPN introduces athletes headed to @LA2015 #Specialolympics http://t.co/BYjEVqwbEO
Retweeted by Kevin NegandhiAmazing event MT @DickieV: 2015 Mercedes-Benz will be raffled at Gala in May. Buy your ticket for $100-Only 1500 sold http://t.co/ri6ableRvC@bomani_jones congrats man. Always a must listen when you pop on Dan's show. Keep doing your thing.@TJCutini ok. You got it.@siriusxm just spent 45 minutes w the worst customer serv. Manager didn't honor price, lectured me. You lost a 10-yr loyal listener for goodBelichickian. RT @LesBowen: Chip: the teams that do it the best get players that fit their system@AshokaESPN @MattBarrieESPN @WindhorstESPN @Sara_Walsh I don't know where you got that but great memory. I'm impressed how Sara's blends in.While @MattBarrieESPN and @WindhorstESPN look good with beards, nobody tops @Sara_Walsh and @KNegandhiESPN http://t.co/hv84LOCJhY
Retweeted by Kevin Negandhi@cdesai79 of course. Can't wait.Sets the tone for a good day. RT @case_of_matty: Gang Starr on my iPod on the way to work. Feel like @KNegandhiESPN !!
The Eagles' Miracle at the Meadowlands 2 coming up on NFL Network right now.@manicholasii yes. Back in 3 weeks."If you’re scared.. you don’t know yourself, yeah, you’ll get beat up." Great insight from @JimmyRollins11 on Philly http://t.co/k5OdKhZtP0Chip Kelly's new QB RT @AngelSeel: An Eaglet is here! My kids will be thrilled 😄 #HanoverEagletNews @PAGameComm http://t.co/CCv0E5aJwc@DougFeinberg appreciate that Doug. That was fun!@Cindy610 @SportsRadioWIP now that's a day!Power of social media MT @Deadspin: Crying Villanova piccolo player appears on Fallon, plays with The Roots http://t.co/ylvNNQdos0
@LeahSecondo @karalawson20 I'm good w the black@Liberty_Alum_99 @karalawson20 @RebeccaLobo thanks!@Sfwyee @karalawson20 @RebeccaLobo thank you.No contest. RT @christynemi: Who wore it better? Blonde @karalawson20 or blonde @KNegandhiESPN ?? Kara, no contest!! http://t.co/6wJkWapnssKara is a rock RT @LeahSecondo: @karalawson20 @RebeccaLobo @KNegandhiESPN that was hysterical #CurtainofDistraction http://t.co/4JQzMRvlfc@stockschatz @ESPN @NCAA both games you mentioned are the national games.@Lives2Inspire @karalawson20 @RebeccaLobo thanks LaChina! The ladies rocked it.@Go_Ohio I agreed w you. But we watched it several times. OSU inbounded the ball and then they left. I wish they reviewed it on the court.
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