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The NRCC is devoted to increasing the Republican conference in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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RT if you think we need a leader that isn't looking for the easy way out cc @HillaryClinton "No veteran who has served in the defense of our nation should ever die from bureaucratic incompetence" "We must fight for" vets after recent "very troubling" VA report [via @bangordailynews] #ME02
Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?
#VJDay70: On this day in 1945, World War II came to an end. Share to thank the #GreatestGeneration's staff knew they put national security at risk by using her personal account
Ouch: DNC chair @DWStweets publicly admits @RickNolanMN is "quite vulnerable" #MN08 #stribpol.@RyanACostello op-ed in @MercuryX: Caring for our veterans #PA06 #PApoliticsWe are grateful for the courageous men and women who serve our nation. RT to pass it on
Spread the word of @HillaryClinton's dangerous email practices with the "Hill No!" flash drive meets with #IL10 small-biz owners about how health-insurance tax is impacting them [via @IllinoisReview].@BarbaraComstock visits Israel, stresses opposition to #IranDeal: "We can work on a better deal" #VA10 via @LTMnews
.@WillHurd op-ed in @HoustonChron: Moving closer toward North American energy security #TX23More bad news for @dccc in #IL12. Via @STLtoday: "National Democrats find frustrations in making Illinois challenges"President Obama's latest executive orders force through his climate agenda. RT if you're tired of executive orders! "Dem Congressman Is Holding a Budget Workshop — Even Though He's Never Voted for One" cc @BeraForCongress
.@ElectRodney continues to stand up for veterans by shedding light on remaining backlogs and problems at VA: #IL13.@Nancypelosi chooses @carbajalsalud as her yes man in #CA24 deadlines are nearing in the Middle East. Demand Obama get his priorities straight! alert: @BeraForCongress is hosting a budget workshop but has never voted for a budget in Congress #CA07
Want your own official "Hill No!" USB drive? Click here to find out how →'s #NationalSeniorCitizensDay! Thanks to all the mentors out there and for all their contributions over the years
On this day in 1920: The #19thAmendment is ratified, giving women the right to vote jokes about Snapchat but the @NRCC was way ahead of her. From March - Chat Like A Clinton app ->
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Let us know what you think: Do you trust @HillaryClinton?
Self-proclaimed socialist @BernieSanders is drawing 1000s to his rallies! Sign now to stop him is batting .000, named one of least effective members of Congress
RT if you don't trust @HillaryClinton! Sign to demand voters get the transparency they deserve effective is @RepBera? 0%, according to InsideGov
Steve @SantarsieroPA8: The cowardly lion of #PA08 #papolitics Israel – New York’s Least Effective Congressman #NY03 #NYpolHave you seen our new "Driving to Strengthen America" video yet? Check it out! Click here: heads to Israel to strengthen relationship with ally during "a very critical time": [via @27east] #NY01
.@SteveIsraelNY gets ranked as the least effective Congressman in NYS #NY03 #nypol calls tax delinquent, dog-pampering @GilbertforMI a "top-tier" candidate #MI08 #MIpol.@tmac4congress on @NewsmaxNow: Danger and Uncertainty Surround #IranDeal #NJ03 start for @GilbertforMI Today's Detroit @FreeP: "Tax issue dogs Melissa Gilbert in new bid for Congress" #MI08
.@YoungForIowa receives "Hero of Main Street" award [via @TheHReporter] #IA03 #IAPoliticsJoin the movement to #DefundPlannedParenthood by signing your name! continues to chart own course and serve as a "big-tent, independent-minded" conservative #NY21RT if you agree! to @CresentHardy's hard work, a long-overdue VA clinic in #NV04 is back on track [via @MesquiteLocal].@RyanACostello recognized as "Hero of Main Street" for working to help #PA06 small businesses thrive : #papoliticsMorning read → @TimWalberg's @mlive op-ed: "It is time to hold Washington accountable for wasteful spending" #MI07
What do you want to hear from the candidates in tonight's #GOPDebate? Let them know your top priority by voting here: is the day! Who will win the first #GOPDebate tonight? Get your vote in now: it yesterday? Check out our new "Driving to Strengthen America" video!
The first #GOPDebate is tomorrow! What do YOU want the candidates to discuss? Make yourself heard by clicking here: releases new video “Driving to Strengthen America” @MarthaMcSally @RepJohnKatko @EliseStefanik @HurdOnTheHill
Retweeted by NRCCHave you seen our new video highlighting the GOP House majority and its work towards strengthening our nation? ➞ launching the "Drive to 245" in 2014, @NRCC launches the "Drive to Strengthen America" as they defend their majority in 2016
Retweeted by NRCC.@WillHurd's "outlook delighted his audience" at a San Antonio luncheon with local leaders [via @mySA] #TX23WATCH: @NRCC releases new video "Driving to Strengthen America" the historic Republican majority, we're making progress that reflects the values of the American people: "Local backlash" in #IL13 to Obama's new energy rules; @ElectRodney warns it hurts working families @NRCC "Driving to Strengthen America Video w/ @MiaBLove @BostForCongress @MarthaMcSally @HurdOnTheHill 2/2
Retweeted by NRCCNew @NRCC "Driving to Strenthen America" video w/ @carloslcurbelo @RepJohnKatko @EliseStefanik @BarbaraComstock 1/2
Retweeted by NRCCRepublicans are getting things done in Washington! Check out our new video "Driving to Strengthen America"
Perennial party changer @TomOHalleran sold out to the @DCCC, @NancyPelosi & their radical agenda. #azpol via @nrcc
Retweeted by NRCC.@FreeP: "Obama's Clean Power Plan could cost Michigan"; @Benishek vows to fight "new national energy taxes" #MI01Happy 225th Birthday to the U.S. Coast Guard! Thank you to all our service men and women! #SemperParatus #USCG @USCG #NJ03 town hall, @tmac4congress warns #IranDeal makes Iran a greater threat to US and ally Israel via @BurlcoTimesThe DCCC’s circular firing squad in #IL12: [via @CapitolFax]
RT and sign to demand Obama admin come forward with secret side deals included in #IranDeal! the mountains, to the prairies, To the oceans, white with foam. #GodBlessAmerica's been a busy month for @EliseStefanik, and she shows no plans of letting up [via @poststar] #NY21 #NYpol
Another public recruiting blow for @dccc! Potential candidate passes on taking on @BostForCongress in #IL12 Republicans push through bill to expedite the firing of problematic VA employees:
.@BarackObama and @HillaryClinton aren't liberal enough for @LonBJohnson. He’s with @BernieSanders: #MI01 #MIpolPut a "fork" in 'em: House Dems don't know how to communicate with voters [via @rollcall]Liberal much? @LonBJohnson campaigns with @BernieSanders in #MI01. (@HillaryClinton will be mad!) #mipol via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCCHave two minutes? Fill out our short survey to confirm where grassroots Conservatives stand on important issues
.@poststar: "@MikeDerrickNY21 would not discuss criticism of @EliseStefanik as 'anti-Pell'" #NY21's amendment "pulls back the cloak of secrecy" on federal agencies' onerous regulations: #IA03 #iapol
.@DCCC again trying to hand-pick their own candidate to advance @NancyPelosi’s extreme agenda in #PA08. #papoliticsHouse passes Rep. Katko's bipartisan bills two improve to improve airport security [via @syracusedotcom] #NY24HUD audit: "Poor financial management/internal control" at Omaha Housing Auth during @BradAshford16's time as CEO A third Dem says no in #NV03 via @NRCC
Retweeted by NRCC.@Annette_Taddeo refuses to talk "self-proclaimed middle-class lifestyle," out-of-district mansion #FL26New @tmac4congress bill requires all official military seals be made in U.S. #NJ03 #madeintheusa [via @BurlcoTimes]BREAKING: New footage finds further gruesome practices at @PPact. It's time to #DefundPP now! news for the @dccc in today's @rollcall: "Democrats' Window to Find Strong House Candidates Slowly Closing"
.@TimWalberg warns new Obama administration regulation will cost employers billions and hurt workers #MI07 #mipolitics
Stand with House Republicans to stop the #IranDeal! Sign your name to stop it: House passes bill to modernize Calif. water policies to help bring more water to local communities #CAdrought.@WillHurd op-ed in @mySA: Congress should reject #IranDeal "to prevent… empowering a known enemy" #TX23 #TXpol.@LasVegasSun: "Ross Miller’s decision to stay out of congressional race highlights dilemma for Democrats" #NV03
.@RyanACostello op-ed in @wcdailylocal: Education bill improves outdated status quo policies #papol #PA06.@MikeDerrickNY21 admits he’s clueless as to why he’s even running against @EliseStefanik. #nypol #ny21 unanimously passes @Benishek's VA health data bill [via @detroitnews] #MI01 #mipolitics#NV03 is where @DCCC dreams go to die, and 2016 will be no different Leads Charge Against Iranian Nuclear Deal [via @27east] #NY01
Flag at the Capitol is at half-staff today to honor those killed in #Chattanooga. Our prayers are w/ their loved ones from Reps. @BrucePoliquin, @ElectMikeBishop, @DavidRouzer & @CresentHardy: "Fight for those who fought for us" proposes repeal of "unnecessary and duplicative" Affordable Care Act provision [via @northcountrynow]With 34K combat vets still waiting for benefits, @coffmanforco presses VA secretary on dept's massive backlog #CO06"Rep. John Katko unveils bill to reform TSA's employee screening process at U.S. airports" [via @the_citizen] #NY24
In her first term in Congress, @EliseStefanik eyed by Republicans to be political force within the party #NY21Great profile on @WillHurd by @Newsmax_Media => "Rep. Will Hurd of Texas Brings CIA Know-How to Congress" #TX23.@collinpeterson says he could win in 2016 w/out spending a “nickel,” @NRCC accepts challenge
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