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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

And I feel quite foolish sometimes when I pray, but my thoughts are all I got so I try to make 'em brave. And I know...I know...it's gonna be a good day. #Hello

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@cm_stover !!!!!!ABC's ambitious #AmericanCrime has no easy answers, and that's part of the appeal. Review: http://t.co/dKTgrOdM89 http://t.co/Zdrid8S4Bh
Retweeted by Jennifer™#America #PrioritiesAndAllGOP leaders to skip Selma event: http://t.co/LzHSgVuUrL | AP Photo http://t.co/SyOb01vKrP
Retweeted by Jennifer™“This is a great day for sledding and democracy." http://t.co/s9z2tZS70p http://t.co/yZbJqme4lI
Retweeted by Jennifer™Snow is still falling. Sure is pretty.I felt it. :-) https://t.co/821p5A7xdL#TBT Remember that time it was so hot and we went to the pool to cool off with icy adult beverages… https://t.co/t9BGafswce@dustbury So, http://t.co/mW4PR1RE1Z then? #Kidding@dustbury Is the domain http://t.co/LiocsHjDbh? 'Cause I know a lady...A live look at Magic Island via @mattsnyderWCHS #EyewitnessWV http://t.co/4NEa9kdxWi
Retweeted by Jennifer™@dustbury No good reason I can think of.There is a very good chance I may not leave this bed all day. Seriously.
It's pretty nasty out there, folks. It's the winter trifecta: high water, ice, snow. Be careful and stay safe!SNOW! Flakes as big as sanddollars!Little Coal River Rd, Cliffside area of Alum Creek is now impassable.
Retweeted by Jennifer™"Oil is not supposed to burst into flame and explode, creating 10 and 20 story fireballs." @WSJ's @russellgold on the WV derailment @npratc
Retweeted by Jennifer™Just in from @WVDOT: 10 pages of road/bridge closures statewide as of 4pm. #wvwx http://t.co/Nl8iLt7c79
Retweeted by Jennifer™Word For Word Theater brings Alice Munro’s stories to life on stage— http://t.co/paWxzFWkM9 http://t.co/SgyyZ8Fcd0
Retweeted by Jennifer™Birthday special delivery for an unsuspecting friend. #Shhhhh https://t.co/XRYx3ZV4CJ2 SB rings. 5x All-Pro. 8 Pro Bowls. And not in Steelers' 2015 plans (via @RapSheet): http://t.co/9ApC9cGxSt http://t.co/cUT6IY21iQ
Retweeted by Jennifer™😭400 yards from my destination and stymied by school buses lined up for early release. Bethel's ice cream is melting!If there were ever a day "Lord willin' and the creek don't rise" was fitting, it's today.@MtnLaurel Ha! :)@MtnLaurel Thanks, love!!@MtnLaurel :( I do not want to get stuck there.Driving to Elkview this morning. Anybody out there who can tell me if I'll make it without encountering flooded roads?@dorharbin Wacky Weather Wednesday!@randomjeweler I'll be fine. It's just a wacky weather day! (Thank you!)Rain and massive flooding this morning. Sleet this afternoon. And a possible 6 inches or snow of snow tonight. #WinterInWVBoard member Andy Richardson -@ANR57 - gets strong endorsement from @charleywest for Charleston City Council. http://t.co/EB4X5Z2TRsGrateful & honored to be endorsed for re-election to @charlestoncity by @charleywest http://t.co/eW9rTlnrgg
Retweeted by Jennifer™
I am humbled on a daily basis by the good in this world, whether it comes to me unbidden or I seek it out. It's there. And it's amazing.Ever have times in your life when you pinch yourself at regular intervals because you can't believe you're actually living your dreams?No denying. #Truth #GetSome https://t.co/KachM543noThese 911 operators are logging calls while they log miles on the treadmill http://t.co/StVsIkJFts http://t.co/RIdnbx0EMt
Retweeted by Jennifer™@MtnLaurel You're welcome! :-)And on that note...Red Hot Chili Peppers http://t.co/kyH6eGW6rG
Retweeted by Jennifer™Do you suppose that our very hard fought freedoms are precisely what makes us so incorrigible and asinine at times like these? I think so.No deal has been made. But please, let's discuss what a disaster it is for 40 days/40 nights whilst lemmings march, 2 x 2. #DayOfMetaphors5 reasons to never eat lunch at your desk again: http://t.co/kHr0dYxeu8
Retweeted by Jennifer™@xeromachine Right? LOL @KattyKayBBC.@KattyKayBBC They do. https://t.co/Nqwb1LCoe1@JoEllenZacks Perfect.Is it possible to both love and have serious concern about #Bibi address to Congress? Yes. http://t.co/vQkSPIOLVW
Retweeted by Jennifer™Jury seated in Boston Marathon Bombing trial http://t.co/quNxljQCKS
Retweeted by Jennifer™Of course US supports Israel. If you honestly believe that's what "partisan divide" in re: this speech was abt, you are an idiot. Full stop.@wburdette_DM It's a goldmine, I tell ya. https://t.co/vBcfEqskeP@wburdette_DM Vermont has moose. We have elk. Vermont capitalizes like crazy on their crazy moose. We should monetize the elk. T-shirts, etc@jezziebeth It could come in handy someday if you are ever a Jeopardy contestant.@jezziebeth Is that good?It's 6 p.m. in Israel, and there's an election in two weeks, but this is not political.
Retweeted by Jennifer™I love clean bills. They should all be so. No bullshit. No pork. Just dealing with the issue at hand. Yes. No. Next.I wish them all the luck in the world. xoGreat article on the new bipartisan group, @RunforAmerica led by my friend @davidburstein, trying to fix our politics http://t.co/npx1bNABA5
Retweeted by Jennifer™I just can't stomach the hypocrisy that is inherent in devoting your life to being a partisan hack. There are no principles at play there.Bibi & Boehner show getting so much love & support from folks who would literally implode if it were Bibi & Pelosi show w/sitting GOP Pres.@pnuts_mama You and me both.I love Kirsten Gillibrand for POTUS. she's a younger, cleaner, bullshit-free Hilary.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Here's your weather forecast from the #NewVikingsStadium- it's snowing... http://t.co/lln6Xzl0mC
Retweeted by Jennifer™All the "but Collin Powell did it!"-ing in the world doesn't make it right. It just doesn't. He and other Bushies were wrong. So is Hillary.This is why I don't think Hillary will ever be Prez. The teflon Bill wants to pass on to her has chipped too much. Stuff sticks nowadays.
Mary Oliver on a life well lived and how to be fully alive – simply magnificent http://t.co/pFcDKpJ5Yh http://t.co/dMe3Kg7wq0
Retweeted by Jennifer™These remarkable #WomenInBiz have done a fine job of answering questions from members of the #WVU community tonight. http://t.co/3jHnyMneMJ
Retweeted by Jennifer™"We look @ social media to see what we can find out about a candidate. All of your decisions have consequences." @vmarsh127 #WomenInBiz #WVU
Retweeted by Jennifer™.@wvucobe I adore this panel! Kathleen is an amazing human being, and Diane is such a personal inspiration. Wish I were there! #BEproud #WVU"If I do not receive a follow-up letter, that resume never moves off the corner of my desk." Strong-Treister #WomenInBiz #WVU #BEproud
Retweeted by Jennifer™Says my friend and Board member. :-) RT @wvucobe "Technology is so powerful in the way you can market yourself today." - Kathleen Walker"We get to start the day with the mindset that we are here to do good things for people." - Kathleen Walker #BEproud #SpeakerSeries
Retweeted by Jennifer™@dogberryjr No. :(It's me again. Week 7? https://t.co/TSdY3QnrPCLOLOLOLOLOLOL RT @frankthorpNBC McConnell: "I encourage my Democratic friends to drop all the negativity, and drop all the gridlock..."cc: @Neilochka Are you presenting here? ;-) MT @stevesimon NYC Street Photo Workshop May & June- http://t.co/J6WzFlZORHYou're confirmed by the US Senate, but @thehill calls you an "aide." And then their trolly commenters start in... https://t.co/wEXBJ28EDQ
Retweeted by Jennifer™Can someone with real knowledge of this bill + its provenance tell me why WV is working to deregulate social workers? I don't understand.@DJCharlieBlac Yes! Me, too. He's really good.Clean/Dirty. Risk/Responsibility. Innovation/Imitation. Not opposites. Two sides/same coin. I have another: Dowd/Rubin. #ThanksMikeRoweIn honor of Dr. Seuss' bday, here's an anti-malaria pamphlet he made while serving in the Army http://t.co/K4G9VpMVlI http://t.co/Pvf22llvNq
Retweeted by Jennifer™Boehner giving Bibi Churchill bust b/c they're only 2 foreign leaders to speak to Congress 3x. Bet it's the one Obama threw away. #YesWeCanSo excited about the many milestones we've achieved in our first ten months. It's time to grow our sustainability and capacity. Here we go!It's officially official. Making a huge leap of faith and transitioning to @FIAofGKV on full-time basis on 5/1/15, our 1 yr anniversary.Hello, Monday, my old nemesis. Let's do this, shall we?
Two hour nap on a rainy Sunday afternoon, followed by steaks on the grill and the last two chapters of my book. #RestorativeRough week. Then today I find out my beloved pastor us leaving and a long sick former co-worker died. I need my bacon.Hey @TudorsBiscuits, according to my receipt I paid for my food 16 minutes ago. What is UP?@dutchdogdad @TudorsBiscuits Nope. Low carbing.@dutchdogdad @TudorsBiscuits Nope. I don't eat bread. Just eggs and bacon. Every car is getting parked.Crazy that @TudorsBiscuits is parking EVERYONE at the "drive thru." It's a good thing bacon makes everything better.
Course one. Wine wins. https://t.co/ZLxGgg7zuJ@SusanMileyWV Yes!!@SusanMileyWV I am prepping my Sunday school lesson while I wait. :-)Sitting in the car wash line on this beautiful sunshine day. There are worse ways to chill.There are days I hold it all together just long enough to walk through my front door and lose it altogether. Today. For example.Know what's hard? Admitting you can't help everybody. And then telling the ones you can't that you have to fail them, like everyone does.Heading out to explore parts of Putnam County. @FIAofGKV is showing me parts of my own little world I've never seen before!Why We Love Sports Today: WVU signs 5-year-old Nicholas Wince who is battling a heart condition. (via @WVUhoops) http://t.co/IrcsLsQtMA
Retweeted by Jennifer™Twitter hopes to become friendlier: http://t.co/CmLqF9mzZE
Retweeted by Jennifer™
I love this so hard. :-) || 15 Things All Badass, Fearless Alpha-Women Do... http://t.co/cHUot9kiGI via @thoughtcatalog
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