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Jennifer™ @OpenBookJen Charleston, WV

And I feel quite foolish sometimes when I pray, but my thoughts are all I got so I try to make 'em brave. And I know...I know...it's gonna be a good day. #Hello

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If you are not watching hockey tonight, you're doing it wrong.Has been a glorious day, and it's only going to get better. The babies are coming! The babies are coming! :-)France is making it illegal for supermarkets to throw away edible food http://t.co/d78au50Nic
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Can you spot the pretty flower? @ East End Historic District https://t.co/CPXsDFK2dAHe has been watching me all afternoon. @ Taylor Books https://t.co/U6h5vZVfycLooking for someplace new to try this weekend? Bricks and Barrels is now open to the public. http://t.co/pUswJAoQZ6 http://t.co/JtslbBu5w1
Retweeted by Jennifer™Restoration of state veterans memorial in Charleston nears completion http://t.co/kEkkFB68Q8 via @samueljspeciale http://t.co/MmumM1r2t1
Retweeted by Jennifer™!!! https://t.co/DrxjJXHcoU
Ugh. :-( Was such a great theory! It had me thinking for days. https://t.co/KF5YvWMG8QThe #BatkidBegins trailer is out. (pic source Warner Bros.) See it here: http://t.co/McLIirSREb http://t.co/jSzcLsxQgl
Retweeted by Jennifer™I kind of want to be @annasale when I grow up. Or if. Whichever ;-) https://t.co/n6agXi95VMRun for the Wall rumbles into Hurricane http://t.co/ir19W7TGlh http://t.co/0s9S1mB28I
Retweeted by Jennifer™@MeaganShelton Ha!! Will be there 3-6 on Friday!@MeaganShelton *waves hello* :-)OMG. It's clearly wrong, how much I covet one of these. https://t.co/OIGFXa1DYz
Why reading fiction makes you a better person http://t.co/FdwyD4nDXt http://t.co/PVJXUrFwNo
Retweeted by Jennifer™Alan Watts on the subtle but crucial difference between belief and faith http://t.co/BsodyWds6m http://t.co/nRU4p6nfhL
Retweeted by Jennifer™GO. Smile at someone! Make eye contact! HAVE A GOOD ONE!Why are you staring into your phone and tweeting?! IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY OUT THERE!
Everyone was great this season, seriously. Sawyer just had that extra "IT" thing that nobody can define/teach/beg/borrow. #TheVoiceFinaleSAWYER!#%%#!@#!#$ $:-( :-( :-( I can't look. https://t.co/RALzGy5SmYThis teenager just won $75,000 for a system that prevents you from catching germs on planes: http://t.co/FgLRMVHhXH http://t.co/ERljpmxn4o
Retweeted by Jennifer™There has been an embarrassment of riches talent-wise on this run of #TheVoice - so many great voices!@Ali_Davis My deepest sympathies. :-(SAWYER, Y'ALL. MAKE IT HAPPEN. #TheVoiceFinaleIt's true. #EvenInPolitics https://t.co/3McEa9Afi9Enter to win books from your three favorite story writers in our #ShortStoryMonth program! http://t.co/Q6T37tQJnK http://t.co/82kfvhAHuT
Retweeted by Jennifer™:-( <3 All the feels. https://t.co/i69BevSMD3People will exceed your expectations if you let them.Lunch menu in the @FIAofGKV cafeteria today (aka my kitchen) = homemade curried chicken salad on pumpernickel. Because I say so. :-)
cc: @takeme2keywest https://t.co/dlUFxNGwocMr. Brutto has gone worldwide! :-D https://t.co/EAoSaKIAqCNo Bullshit: Marc Maron Interviews Terry Gross http://t.co/7vwAikkG9z
Retweeted by Jennifer™Sorry. Not gonna do it. Ugh. :-x@takeme2keywest Boston is my second favorite city in America. GREAT place to go and visit - often! :-)@insanityreport @shortstack81 It's cultural populism. You opt in, you gotta know the price to be paid, right?@insanityreport @shortstack81 Yeah, but, Twitter, though. I mean, that's it's whole reason for being. To suck the fun out of EVERYTHING.@takeme2keywest Congrats to all of you!Future of publishing https://t.co/K6Bxo9ammZ
Retweeted by Jennifer™After 42 years, Juilliard String Quartet cellist to step down @theJSQ http://t.co/hcC3qqmQ4p http://t.co/w328QGoQIW
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Wikipedia's entry for that Coke commercial has been updated awfully quickly. #MadMenFinale http://t.co/AZZekboX0B
Retweeted by Jennifer™And the award for Biggest Party Pooper goes to... LOL https://t.co/1jFs8xveLZI'm glad he didn't jump. #MadMenFinaleSo good. Good-bye, Don. <3@ZackHarold Don became enlightened, flew home, got his job back, wrote Coke, shot it in CA with the hippies as actors. It's the real thing.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Wait. Professional dunker? That's a thing? https://t.co/Q0wZ5bRzuV@cgoodwoman Thank you. xoxo And yes, I did! :-)Here we go..... zou bisou bisou, everybody
Retweeted by Jennifer™Urgent Reminder to critics and analysts as the tension mounts: Don Draper is a fictional character; nothing you see is really happening.
Retweeted by Jennifer™Doc's message to the Clippers after the game. http://t.co/9ZcFoVd1VX
Retweeted by Jennifer™@cgoodwoman But know what? I came back. And I'm STILL working my ass off because I believe I can make a difference that matters. Go figure.@cgoodwoman Used to think it was fear of not being able to leave again. Looking back, I think it was sadness at knowing my limitations here.@cgoodwoman True story. When we moved away, coming home for visits gave me chest pains. Couldn't breathe again until we crossed state line.This is everyone's face at the moment of perfect snugliness w/your favorite blanket after a big day. #AmericanPharoah http://t.co/9111UoKj0k
Retweeted by Jennifer™@dogberryjr I've drifted toward bourbon in my old age. Beer has its place, but...bourbon.@ASourAppleTree :-)@toddgunter I'm freezing some strawberries to use as ice in that lemonade. It's gonnabegood. :-)@toddgunter I think you might be right. Although the pitcher of lemonade in my fridge might go well, too.Pulled pork bbq sandwiches, fresh corn on the cob, and homemade onion rings for dinner. Beer, bourbon, or pinot grigio?Clippers blew it, man. I feel their pain. But Dwight Howard makes me smile. :-) Good on you, #RocketsLOL https://t.co/lK0LJwab8CWhat a difference a generation makes... https://t.co/MYUT9IbmuaWe could call it Partisans Anonymous.There should be a 12-step program for people who are steeped so deeply in the manure of politics that they can't smell their own BS anymore.There is something quite pitiful about people who still mock "Bush derangement" while fermenting their own "Obama Derangement" for 8+ years.Like ya do.When I got to store, it was a beautiful day. When I left, it was a monsoon. So I hung out & ate a drumstick while waiting for it to clear.@dustbury Ugh! LOLOkay. Off to the grocery store. Because ugh. :-)<3 https://t.co/hndROwmVe0@schmutzie Self-performativity, though.See what our graduates are saying right now: http://t.co/HUrPIG5X2A #WVUgrad
Retweeted by Jennifer™I cannot get motivated to leave this chair this afternoon. Meanwhile, there are a thousand and one things to be done.
NOW we're talkin'. #MyFavoriteBourbon https://t.co/Dn26LSaBGE@iboudreau There are more candidates? Wait. Don't answer that.I'm so tired of Bushes and Clintons. So tired.Today in 1990 : Jim Henson died at 53, famous for creating The Muppets. ( Jim creating his first Kermit, 1950s) http://t.co/cUaw4YilsP
Retweeted by Jennifer™WHEW. We have a contendah! #TripleCrownMeJust finish safe...It's raining, it's pouring...Woodford. #Preakness http://t.co/2aw3T6dIcz
Retweeted by Jennifer™Makes me so nervous.Hear Benedict Cumberbatch Read Kafka’s The Metamorphosis (Free For a Limited Time Only) http://t.co/scQzRuw9Fd http://t.co/TrT42sAbjL
Retweeted by Jennifer™This. A million times. This. http://t.co/b4TULUzApd
It's Jake's world. We're just happy to be living in it. <3 @ Waggmore Manor https://t.co/SO1VC6cpbeSo sad. https://t.co/eZeRRaLrq1Tomorrow morning! We'll have you out of there and on the way to the rest of your day by 11:30! Join us! http://t.co/1PiAmNdiwM
Retweeted by Jennifer™@eJoelWatts Same.Fr last year, but defiant and resilient #BostonMarathon survivors are worth remembering now http://t.co/pGUstCjeTi http://t.co/oT7Vd4N1CA
Retweeted by Jennifer™Ahead of the decision in the penalty phase for Tsarnaev, we remember the victims. http://t.co/2Naf2gWzvT http://t.co/JFroaObJ6a
Retweeted by Jennifer™Marc Harshman, poet laureate of West Virginia, delivering the keynote speech at #WVYoungWritersDay http://t.co/V1RLflHJUU
Retweeted by Jennifer™If your life's work is built on tearing people down, you're kinda doin' it wrong. Try again. It's never too late to get it right.“I wanted to connect my guitar to human emotions,” B.B. King said in his autobiography http://t.co/UUAuhjzNRi http://t.co/BJTZik06Xc
Retweeted by Jennifer™I always thought it was "Far From the Maddening Crowd." Oops.
My #OnBeing conversation with @kristatippett was one of the most wonderful and stimulating experiences of my life http://t.co/AtkUA04ip9
Retweeted by Jennifer™One of the under appreciated benefits of my "new" job and all the travel time it entails: time for lots and lots and lots of NPR goodness.Such an informative and fascinating show, exposing long time truths hidden in plain sight. https://t.co/05R9i6LZjvThe path to changing minds involves broadening one's own first. Great lessons taught here: https://t.co/JR1nsQaEyhOr, alternatively, how views get hardened? (Hint: keep telling someone they're wrong - even w/facts - and the tendency is to dig in deeper.)Wonder if Twitter people would feel so obliged to add to echo chambers they create for themselves if they understood how minds get changed?
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