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PeteWadeinIndy @PeteWadeinIndy Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Tea Party member recovering from @GOP. My opinions are, at times, unintentionally offensive. PROUDLY A TARGET OF IRS FOR BEING A TEA PARTY MEMBER!

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Really? Really? Do I really find myself agreeing with Linsey Graham? Amazing.If ISIS is JV, Obama must be PeeWee....
Do you know who are awesome? My 7 new followers in the last day! Growing with http://t.co/GWpMt0vvvn
@Jelani64 @lady10314 @sarahkendzior For first 3 yrs they were married, Jennetta, my DIL, admitted to being afraid of me; Because I am white.@Jelani64 @lady10314 @sarahkendzior But you never think of whites as 'good'. You just assume they are evil; out to get you. Dont you?@Jelani64 @lady10314 @sarahkendzior Do you listen to yourself? WHITE people are guilty. White People hate. White people.. what else?@Jelani64 @lady10314 @sarahkendzior My daughter in law is AA and 3 of my grandchildren are half AA. Again, there's your racism showing.@ChuckyBrown52 @lady10314 @Jelani64 @sarahkendzior You are one disgusting racist. I've no time for your trash.I have to admit, I'm wrong. I figured a 4 pm verdict at Ferguson. Maybe they are waiting for the 6 oclock news?@Jelani64 @lady10314 @sarahkendzior Do you think most blacks are arrested for no reason? Do you feel you're 'better' than a white man?@Jelani64 @lady10314 @sarahkendzior Do you ever say how wonderful, fair and loving your race is and how dishonest and racists whites are?@Jelani64 @lady10314 @sarahkendzior Do you ever think good things about a white man?@Jelani64 @lady10314 @sarahkendzior Sorry...had to run out. Clariy your racism? Tell me about 100 blacks killing 3 whites at a Kroger in TN@Fahey9Fahey I expect one to three, unfortunately.@Jelani64 @lady10314 @sarahkendzior The 'eye witness" was partner in the robbery.Gotta run.Pray for Gods blessing in Ferguson 2nite.Amen?@lady10314 @Jelani64 @sarahkendzior Sorry. Gotta run out for a bit. Join me in praying God watches over Ferguson tonight. Amen?@lady10314 @Jelani64 @sarahkendzior Sorry Charlene :) even I can't interpret that last comment.@Fahey9Fahey Pray not. I hope the city sleeps peacefully. Outside forces will not allow that, unfortunately.@Jelani64 @lady10314 @sarahkendzior Sorry, I lost track of your tweets in the flurry. Yes I do. Do you understand it is the most likely?@lady10314 Thanks for the debate. It was lively and enjoyable. Wishing you all the best this Thanksgiving and God's blessing at Christmas.@lady10314 @Jelani64 @sarahkendzior FACT: Brown was an adult in the eyes of the US Govt. 2.) FACT he robbed a merchant 3.) He attacked a cop@lady10314 @Jelani64 @sarahkendzior Neither. I'm in Indiana. Is the Mississippi more of your racist profiling?@lady10314 @Jelani64 @sarahkendzior Dont get frustrated Charlene. I know you're emotional now. But try to see beyond your racism.@lady10314 @Jelani64 @sarahkendzior If you think the New Black Panther Party is gone, you must be living in a vacuum.@lady10314 @Jelani64 @sarahkendzior Of course he was 'acquitted from day one'. He isn't guilty of anything. Brown was.@Jelani64 @sarahkendzior No, you're talking about Brown. You are trying to make excuse for your racism.@lady10314 @Jelani64 @sarahkendzior And becze the KKK supports wilson, Brown should be excused and the Black Panthers are not a lynch mob?@lady10314 @Jelani64 @sarahkendzior The action he took was appropriate force. Listen to the facts when the jury aquits him. End racism here@lady10314 @Jelani64 @sarahkendzior Replace them with who? Do you think any cop, in any city, would not have shot Brown when attacked?@lady10314 @Jelani64 @sarahkendzior I cant say if they are or are not racists and neither can you. Neither of us know them or their heart.@Jelani64 @sarahkendzior We are talking about Brown. Stay on topic.@lady10314 @Jelani64 @sarahkendzior I lost a child. I understand their grief. But that loss does not make Wilson guilty of anything.@Jelani64 @lady10314 @sarahkendzior He wasnt charged because he was killed before the arrest..... and you have no idea what Wilson knew.@lady10314 @sarahkendzior Most of us, including you, know that if you attack a police officer you may die in the encounter.@Jelani64 @lady10314 @sarahkendzior In the eyes of the law,he is an adult. Don't make nonsene arguments. He can even serve in the military.@Jelani64 @lady10314 @sarahkendzior You blind your eyes to facts because you are a racist. You'd think nothing of it if the man was white@Jelani64 @sarahkendzior So, Jelan, you think its ok to rob merchants and attack cops? Could YOU get away with that?@lady10314 @sarahkendzior Yes. 1.) At 18, he's an adult. 2.) He is on film robbing a merchant. 3.) Forensics prove he attacked Wilson.@PeteWadeinIndy If I were the next president I would want all new sheets and towels.
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyPresidential Timber! A black female who had abortion after being raped by a white soldier while serving in an unjust war started by Bush.@divadoll123 Maybe..are you a black female who had an abortion after being raped by a white soldier while you were serving in an unjust war?As you see the riots begin in Sharpton's 25 cities, remember he called Tea Party members, 'terrorists' as did the Souther Poverty Law CenterI still say it will be about 4 oclock when decision is announced in Ferguson.Peace keepers in Ferguson, I wish you a safe evening and a steady aim. I recommend lethal force. Without it, innocents will likely die.Stupidity is amazing. People get mad, then burn businesses down. Then, complain about bad neighborhood conditions and no job opportunities.Ferguson / St. Louis residents (especially merchants and white folk), you should have provisions and be well armed tonight.My guess, Ferguson verdict to come at 4 pm. That will get kiddies home safe and the rioting should be in full swing for news time at 6.Ferguson grand jury needs to hurry it along. King Obama planned his announcement assuming there would be a distracting verdict by now.@DLoesch were any of the arrested actually kept in jail, or were they just staged 'news' arrests?Expect Ferguson Grnd Jury news within the hour. That will enable news to do stories for 6 pm. King Obama planned it that way for distraction@PeteWadeinIndy @sarahkendzior Pete,you couldn't have said it better.
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@sarahkendzior You might tell them the 'kid' was a legal adult and a thug who attacked a police officer, after robbing a local merchant.The Obama administration is so dirty, the entire White House will have to be steam cleaned when they leave!@DLoesch No doubt Al Sharpton will be flying in soon. I hear he's got $4.5 million to travel with... or was that what his tax debt is?@DLoesch To verify he qualifies for amnesty, an INS agent asksJuan if Gonzolez has been here 5 years. Now you fill in joke's the punch lineHow's the fed going to verify an illegal has been here five years? Will they ask Juan if Gonzolez has been here that long?Nope, you don't need to learn the language, just the location of the border.'Cause you're ugly RT @WashTimes #Pelosi slams media for sexism: 'I was never on the cover of Time' http://t.co/uhXa8z5ajW #DemocratsTy Herndon (whoever he is...) admits to being a country music singing queer. I still don't know who he is...@GarrisonRadio It is the duty of the Congress to impeach Obama. Re-election is irrelevant. Win, or lose, we all must do our sworn duty.The hour is approaching for Ferguson jury announcement. It will be done to keep immigration off the evening news and off the Sunday shows.It is the duty of the Congress to impeach Obama. It has nothing to do with the next election. Win, or lose, we all must do our sworn duty.Let me be clear .... They all took a """" OATH of OFFICE """" President @SpeakerBoehner @McConnellPress #OHsen http://t.co/QUIsyw64sm
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyI didn't wear the uniform, nor suffer the wounds of its enemies, to see this nation trashed by the bastard son of an African philanderer.You don't have to answer. A response is not needed. It's just to make you ask yourself the question; are we on the brink of civil war?@GarrisonRadio Impeachment will not work because Harry Reid would not allow it in the Senate@PeteWadeinIndy @barackobama I dont retweet this lightly but I believe it speaks the truth of why Obama acts in the way he does w/ mendacity
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyIf you illegal boarder crossers & squatters feel you're being treated badly, take your asses back where you came from! I owe you NOTHING!Anger does not express my feelings. I'm leaning more toward rancor and rage as better definitions!#Democrats elected a liar, a muslim racist who would make himself king. This bastard child of an African philanderer is a pox on America.Krauthammer: "I've Waited Long Enough" Is Something A Banana Republic Leader Would Say http://t.co/mkhxQCnqjg #immigrationaction
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@BarackObama is a liar, a muslim racist who would make himself king. This bastard child of an African philanderer is a pox on America.Foolish #Democrats say illegals enhance our culture. If they were so good at that, why are the countries they come from such a damned mess?Oh great...MSM begins a stream of sob stories about poor, mistreated illegals. I don't care how they are treated. They dont belong here!Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid and leaders of #Democrats are socialist traitors and are not worth of being named Americans. They are trash.If you want to see what hatred of America really looks like, listen to Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Jackson-Lee, Biden and Obama this morning.A muslim president, who hates white Americans, pollutes the halls of the White House and calls voters 'fools' to their face."The president has become everything he ran against." The truth is, Obama has finally revealed everything he tried to disguise. #tcot
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyWhat next? This. Ferguson GJury will render a verdict around 3 pm, in time to take Obama off the evening news & Sunday shows. Believe it.#Democrats should go wallow with pigs this morning, knowing they elected the trash that currently pollutes the halls of the WH and Congress.#Democrats and illegal aliens are not worthy of breathing my air.To all puppet MSM outlets! Hear ye, Hear ye! King Obama has issued his royal proclaimation. Let the propaganda go forthe in all haste!MSM didn't carry King Obama's speech but I'm sure they have all their WH written talking points (propaganda) this readied this morning.
@ericbolling I've been saying the same thing all day. No one believes me... but I'm betting you're right. http://t.co/Qw0IzM2KofFrom now on, November 20th will be known as Tyrant Day. How will you celebrate? #TyrantDay.As for me,the @GOP should not just 'shut down' the govt but also walk out in unison & not return till King Obama recends his "Proclaimation"Arrest @ALSHARPTON_REV for tax evasion! He's got money to go to Ferguson to lead riots! If the IRS doesn't do it, Congress should!@alpha_Lady_pi No, because they are not filing for 'unemployment', just like those who gave up looking for work due to the lack of jobs.@geosplace I'm with you. If I want to hear bull shit, I'll go to a pasture. At least the company will be better!"Obama’s hubris has forced a constitutional crisis. Republicans need to start saying that — and acting like it." http://t.co/KSJNw40MyN
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyBelieve The GOAL of NBC/CBS/ABC's Blackout is to Keep Folks in The Dark on Obama's #Amnesty Speech, at Obama's Request #tcot @LeslieMarshall
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndy@woot6 @iSheeple1 I think so. McConnel is pissed. The "turtle" is dangerous when he gets this way. Just ask his opponents.#Immigration address 8PM on @FoxBusiness. RETWEET if you think @BarackObama doesn't have the authority to act alone. http://t.co/vD993O6I70
Retweeted by PeteWadeinIndyJust wait and see.... "Muslims Gone Wild" , I'll bet http://t.co/ef0w2oCG56Ferguson Grnd Jury decision w/be released by tomorrow afternoon and will be the topic on Sunday news shows, diverting attention from ObamaI expect Ferguson grand jury decision announcement as early as this evening. It will be timed to divert media attention away from Obama.Nancy Pelosi. America's poster child for what kind of fools are parasitic in the democrat party.You cannot illegally trespass across any boarder of any country in the world! Why in the name of HELL do we allow it here?Christ said it; Lincoln repeated it. "A house divided against itself cannot stand." This nation, tonight, stands in peril.
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