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RC deWinter @RCdeWinter The Sacred Isle of Avalon

Renaissance woman: artist, writer, musician, pagan, witch, warrior for justice roaming the cosmos; jongleur who tries to do it all & sometimes comes close.

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IT HAPPENED ON FACEBOOK: AN INTERNET LOVE STORY “Ṝ☻ṀᶏṊḈḕ ᵹ ḸᶖḂểṝaḸ ₽oḸi₸i₡s” http://t.co/PXZGwR5T0R @RCdeWinter http://t.co/6nZhfyqPEx
Retweeted by RC deWinterLMFAO! #smartass https://t.co/0gzRJFMlif
@TheRReport Bright blessings, lovely lady.#STARZ @TheRReport @porsche4848 @dougiepen @CyberKat @Anitaabish73 @capecodgurl @RBReich @Phillygirl1441 @Klayoven @doctor_decade@renerabril just read a godawful would-be romantic poem by a lousy writer. She wrote "deep within my gut"-all I could think of was gas painsi would i had more to give than scribbled words possibilities and no broken promises ~ RC deWinterAnd we wonder why there's an inequality problem. http://t.co/tYjVXZHgoyI can't wait to see Ted #Cruz on the stump, I know the band is going to be playing "Send in the Clowns" http://t.co/w3DBmyJPY7There is nothing romantic about the word gut. #justsayingNo, that's obsession...take it from one who's been there. http://t.co/wtWQwO4WdsKindness begins with recognizing & acknowledging the love of life that others share. https://t.co/H3ahutZzF9
Retweeted by RC deWinter@EnigmaNetxx Merci encore, lovely lady;-) writer and singer as well, Jane, just blessed with a range of middling talent...lol https://t.co/6YlpgKAqSi@ScottieBaugh @KymCamryn @SAImillennial thank you for sharing the quotation with the painting, I appreciate it@AmericanAntiFed @CLOISH How very kind, sending the same back to you@AmericanAntiFed @CLOISH thank you for sharing the quotation with the painting, wishing you a lovely eveningWe are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. ~ Oscar Wilde Painting: "Starfield" © RC deWinter http://t.co/pMuwet3hIC@EnigmaNetxx ditto 💖@EnigmaNetxx cheers and thank you for sharing the snippet & photo xO http://t.co/S7G0Enfc2Nwhat is there to say to silence? i bite back words that curdle in my throat ~ RC deWinter http://t.co/mb95bazITT@RCdeWinter @suzettepetillo !!!!!! NO TTIP !!!!!!! DONT LET THIS TTIP DEAL SNEAK THROUGH.!! DIRTY DEALS HELD IN BACK ROOMS.!!
Retweeted by RC deWinter@sd5277_g and surely it's better than the alternativeYes, I am. How perspicacious of you to recognize it. *smile* https://t.co/hnSE9Dpj42@mssurvivorsq awwww....Adjusting mine... http://t.co/X2ar1ljLNFHard choice...really... http://t.co/UUiqEKOoEWWhenever I need a laugh, I look at this. And don't give me any shit about ageism, it's just funny. http://t.co/R0ioSwmqMO@bleedingheartmx @hogthebountyhun I think there are many who would@InnerRhythm2012 my mother is the same, and she's ignorant and narrowminded and I will not be around her and discuss politics@InnerRhythm2012 I have no history with her, I can only go from what she said. In my experience, most #sciencedeniers aren't very bright.Good man, Marcus. https://t.co/74e9QKasyIIt's a pirate's life for me! http://t.co/iBBtuBUKnR http://t.co/EZ6jmJh08zThe 2nd Amendment: There's nothing wrong with it that a change in attitude and behavior won't fix. #WearOrange http://t.co/lJRhwN9A1pAs someone told me once, logistics are a bitch. http://t.co/rzW72emM5jNew #ACLU Cellphone App Automatically Preserves Video of Police Encounters - available for #CA, #MO & #NE http://t.co/6zx3WLcu5pWhen I see hearts carved in a tree, I don't think "Sweeeet!" I wonder why so many people take knives on dates. http://t.co/AIHm0FTb5XBeen there, done that. Didn’t work then. Won’t work now. http://t.co/CtGiLewrE4@InnerRhythm2012 I don't think telling the truth is mean. But then, I'm not known for mincing words or suffering fools gladly.@tinaAnimal glad you liked the poetry, thanks for sharing itOh she's a "patriot" - so, no science! Just dumb sheep acceptance of whatever the right wing espouses. https://t.co/jQZIuuPPQqBegone, "patriot" #sciencedenier, infest my timeline no more. https://t.co/XNg0NBqyNdMarch Against #Monsanto May 23, 2015 Because we have the right to know and choose what we put into our bodies. http://t.co/rtxta7678G@kwikxand @JoeKoffee Thanks for sharing the poetry, gentlemen, have a lovely evening and don't drink too much coffeeSometimes... https://t.co/yNk20y2p1W#poetry #SupportTheArts "java woman" my words can be harsh my manner imperious i am often too dark and a tad... http://t.co/fdDmNiNU2K#poetry #SupportTheArts "java woman" my words can be harsh my manner imperious i am often too http://t.co/fdDmNiNU2K https://t.co/UdM47vfAgkI don't go that way, but you two go find somebody else and have a ball, literally https://t.co/hnkchhpAKZLie down on the couch and we'll talk about it...* getting out pen and notepad*...lol https://t.co/wFH6qGWZRxMy very first Twitter avatar all those years ago, I knew you'd want to see it. http://t.co/0PGedwFw9KWhat really happened… http://t.co/OvsSBfbNkcI have this problem... http://t.co/0pSZbxZsRCWhy thank you, I'm perfectly aware that I am very few men's cup of java... And that's perfectly fine with me as well https://t.co/BxTWFLt7UBOh interesting, one of my many noms des plumes is Venus deRhymer https://t.co/w1DtipF4r7But only if they make "The rocking world go round". You're welcome. :-) https://t.co/te3ddsZIaI
Retweeted by RC deWinterBut whoever said weird isn't fun? http://t.co/764qtfJjx6LMFAO... http://t.co/12iAPsyqBwClearly they're doing it wrong… http://t.co/2HSi9IYxy0I want one of these too http://t.co/RdsmqtRfekWe jongleurs are always glad to amuse https://t.co/HeXkigz545No, I'm painting https://t.co/QRPoFtNxZZ@LovePunaanyBad it's a metaphorThat's how I envision my ideal man… https://t.co/jeL4quu7VnThanks, glad you like it https://t.co/PGMSwO7yPLFor this relief much thanks… http://t.co/wVqFk3pv2BWhy not? It makes as much sense as anything else they're teaching today… http://t.co/oBiYxwO08BDon't say you weren't warned... http://t.co/FIVdReF3nYI want one of these... http://t.co/BN1Xl82FjzI never said I was a deep thinker... http://t.co/YHHzA3bEl3Heads up, Will Robinson! http://t.co/LxQxVklNXK@ccafaro1 you too, tweetheartEwwwwwww https://t.co/M6imoSx0jPYawwwwwn... https://t.co/AlbHn2qji3"speculation" do i wander naked exposed in your dreams? i wonder (cont) http://t.co/zLU6jahFD8 #poetry #SupportTheArtsThe unexamined life is not worth living. ~ Socrates http://t.co/Ro4lwiwW5jI am a creature of the night… https://t.co/dPTXHOelyEAh, dystopia! https://t.co/frNAv8KR0SI live it https://t.co/1MUGKBXbjk@reddroostermann @wildthing404 @MannasNathan spooky@wildthing404 @MannasNathan @RCdeWinter http://t.co/zZAqkwTnoA
Retweeted by RC deWinterYou bet http://t.co/EsAJvfFAnBIf this doesn't make you laugh there's no fucking hope for you… http://t.co/PWfXMMOl5VI do! I do! http://t.co/LNGLaiBvC8Groan... http://t.co/hfokLDKiS0Tonight, it's all going to be nonsense... http://t.co/54gSvJl1yCPlease! http://t.co/6HAPsoTqCLThat's what happens when you stay awake until four in the morning http://t.co/HcvFLu9TqjArt is not an afterthought or a luxury. Art is the creative expression of the human experience. ~ RC deWinter http://t.co/qDHVXe2GXkI will if there's somebody worth flirting with... https://t.co/bsUFJ7hpmlI had a snappy comeback, but it was too vulgar...lol https://t.co/6Bo0RpD4tLYou know perfectly well no one flirts with me, they take one peek and go running https://t.co/NiWzbz3biI@reddroostermann @MannasNathan @wildthing404 Nice one, Paul.@MannasNathan @wildthing404 @RCdeWinter Notty Whackobird #Drawing http://t.co/QGlNqDd9co
Retweeted by RC deWinterNo, I'm working on the portrait https://t.co/NiWzbz3biII feel an old weakness coming on strong…I'll catch up with you later https://t.co/8sANowEB7bMake it a big one https://t.co/fWhJjvaaETSee what happens when we stay up 'til all hours of the morning? We are uncontrollable! https://t.co/FEeVOMfHvr*waving him off with my white lace hanky* https://t.co/TVQSXc02Al🙈 https://t.co/nFB9xPufc3Only in certain places... https://t.co/RssaftI0Ow
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