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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack in front of a flaming bbq,

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett Panelist on R4 The Kitchen Cabinet 95% chance of sarcasm, 100% chance of bleak contempt. E17 Resident

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โ€œ@KennyFarq: @PeatWorrier I'm never happy.I'm a miserable Dundonian.โ€ He could have left out the miserable as a tautology.@KennyFarq @PeatWorrier Val McDairmid said her wife thought she was morose and bad tempered until she realised she was just Scottish. . .@TheAzzo @CampbellX the style of it at Westminster certainly is.@CampbellX I am having "issues" with who to vote for down here@CampbellX yup.@CampbellX I am not watching it anymore. It's as relevant as Westminster.@emmamaryjohnson am increasingly realising that Westminster is finished and so is the programme.@emmamaryjohnson I am never watching it again, @suzanne_moore used to make me watch #bbcqt to try and teach me about Westminster politicsI am not watching #bbcqtEton buy up the country's power structures. But at least they're throwing help to the token poor. G'awd bless you, G'uvnor! #bbcqt
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@NeilMackay @ScotNational hurray!!Your support at this difficult time, your sarky band of bastards, is much appreciated.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackGood to know our constitutional reform is going smoothly. http://t.co/KvJQWePXQXPeter Barham is now telling me how to make explosives #bbctkc@IrvineWelsh good #JakeysRUs@Thanecooks @TrishDeseine indeed@TrishDeseine @Thanecooks nothing like a man with a new book telling us we're all wrong and that he's here to save us. #elsighRecipe for Spag Bol: "1st, make sure the toddler is in his cot, you've cleared the dishwasher & fed the dog so he doesn't annoy you." #prep
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@WullieTalksPish ha ha ha! NearlyAnne Bulford writes:more Licence Fee goes on what audiences love - we're doing more for less http://t.co/gcdNnrKmSD http://t.co/CRhG4hlRqK
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackI think he wins@jessbrammar ffs can they not put on a pantomime?The Patriarch is having dinner @racine_kitchen tonight while I am having @darbydorras' M&S dolmadesI am on a train in Woking. Turns out it's a real place@jessbrammar WHAT???Well, #thingsthatarenotmosques has made me laugh.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@joshspero do they get to keep the oil money too?@IrvineWelsh this is what happens when you neo-liberalise the post war settlementAre we unfairly biased towards helping those on our doorsteps, rather than those far away? Singer says yes http://t.co/MKzSLRM6yu #R4Ideas
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackMe to the Patriarch,"x is a really nice guy even though he's a Tory" "Rachel I go golfing with fascists"@walthamstowfood @UncalmItalian if I am around then I will come@frances__ryan just wait for Scotland to start land reform. The Torygraph, DM and Times will go into MELTDOWN@MsMarmitelover happy publication day!!@IrvineWelsh so what are you going to do with your new found power Mr Welsh?Any ideas what Scotland should do with its 100% devolved sign-making powers?
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackโ€œ@PhilipJEMiller: That @IrvineWelsh is the 39th most powerful person in Scotland. http://t.co/hsR3kUbcscโ€ Ha! Not even 39th in this street.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack5 million people each one wanting a different thing from the Smith Commission.You still have to book entrance to temporary exhibitions if you are a member of the National Gallery??Please please please let me let met me, get what I want this time (which is home rule within a loosely federated Union.) #smithscommission
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@sundaegirl indeed@frances__ryan which in the end is all they need to be.@frances__ryan well the establishment might be mono colour, misogynist and inept, but they are good at holding onto power.@frances__ryan I have had actual friends on here fall out with me when I go on about it.Right, who's up for @themarcothon this year. Run 3 miles or for 25 minutes every day in December? It's more fun than actual Christmas.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackWell the Smith Comission is making EVERYONE happy today.@lucyinglis probably nothing as the left based London media wouldn't be interested.@lucyinglis no idea. Although I am sure that's how the right wing will spin it.@lucyinglis I never said it was. I just said it seems to very high on the agenda and the call for it is from rural people themselves.@lucyinglis didn't seem to be the case in Scotland or Estonia. Hence the rural Parliament set up.@lucyinglis true but the demands seem to be coming from the people themselves, not city people with country fantasies.@lucyinglis to give rural people a stronger voice collectively.@lucyinglis land reform was just one thing they were talking about at this Parliament. Apparently the first one was set up in Estonia@lucyinglis yes but it seems that rural people are the ones demanding reform. They were on South Uist when I was there.@lucyinglis they had their first rural Parliament in Oban a few weeks ago I heard on the radio. Interesting stuff.@lucyinglis well there are an extremely small number of people who own all the land. Most of them absentee.@lucyinglis rural affairs isn't my area of expertise though.@lucyinglis some of the places do but the landlord wouldn't allow development. It's apparently pretty common.@lucyinglis no. But it does allow for better development. New fancy things like a petrol station and a shop.@lucyinglis it will be a mess at first, but they'll sort it out. Still be better than absentee landlords up there three weeks a year@lucyinglis I know but these places have been practically empty since the Clearances. WW1 finished them off.@lucyinglis I think people underestimate how much hard work the change is and how hard such rural places are to develop.@lucyinglis can't be much worse than it is now tbf. Even Tatler went on about how it was backward and in the 18th century.@lucyinglis the Duke of Westminster's in law said it was happening before #indyref but it wasn't mentioned anywhere in any whitepaper.@lucyinglis in Scotland. It's being proposed. Apparently Scottish rural affairs are being dragged into the early 20th century.I, wonder how long it will take the Daily Mail to go feral on land reform? And Tatler.Paul Dacre - editor of Daily Mail is now in the line of fire of Scottish land reform. Here's his estate. http://t.co/bnzwjAm6mZ
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@frances__ryan am so glad that you wrote this. It's a ridiculous situation that rots our society.
@matt_inwood exactlySo @chefcalum & co laid on such a good lunch I could murder someone tomorrow and the Patriarch would forgive meGuess where I am? #Bahhumbug http://t.co/fOg4KTMvBwWOW. We've hit the target in 2 WEEKS. Thank you thank you thank you #HCD14 http://t.co/aItPBBtuKc @lemnsissay @crowdfunderuk @R_McCormack
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@chefcalum the Patriarch has just died of happiness.I hope The Pram Hater isn't also The Stop Hater.I hope @cornishgrill has got me a coffeeThis bus driver should be in a 60s kid's film as The Pram Hater@JonCG @Peculiar so we are soon to become as dull as Paris then? And as artistically influential? Great, ๐Ÿ˜•I'm going to @MooCantina for a food & wine tasting and backing #HCD14 at the same time :)) http://t.co/aItPBBtuKc @lemnsissay @crowdfunderuk
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackSo @SmokingGoatSoho's quite good, isn't it?Final plug for my @bellacaledonia piece on #LandReform after the Referendum. http://t.co/Obb9LLzEZC
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackJust heard Russell Brand referred to as Fey Guevara. :-)
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackParents. Ruining your childhood myths with their truth and their clear memories. PAH!To bed. To ponder what life is worth if the son of a gangster was really the son of a penniless communist.@NeilMackay looks great!@churlishmeg @maryhalton @DanRebellato @jasonjcrouch @hannahnicklin @anne_schreibt LOOK IT UP@zoesqwilliams I think school and respecting authority is to blame for a lot of things. Havnae a clue about the solution though.@maryhalton @DanRebellato @churlishmeg @jasonjcrouch @hannahnicklin @anne_schreibt QUIP@zoesqwilliams it will get worse.@zoesqwilliams in Scotland and she's worried things are bad enough in the NHS and for the poor. People are scared that if they question@zoesqwilliams my Father's wife was saying tonight she was finding it quite scary how all the old certainties are tumbling@zoesqwilliams I think it's to do with school and respecting authority.@DanRebellato the he keeps trying to change the Vatican but they're not having it.Not sure I'll suit the beard.In other news it seems my cousin has married her Father. I am just becoming mine.@stridingedge and boooooo. I wanted to get you drunk and hear you sing Border songs.@stridingedge probably@SouthLondonGirl he's Big Ronnie. No.@SouthLondonGirl he might be single. But no.
@SouthLondonGirl no Alanna.No one after meeting Big Ronnie asks why he's Big Ronnie. He's Big Ronnie, because he's Big Ronnie.Big Ronnie is 6"8 makes Robbie Coltrane looked like Victoria Beckham and drives a black BMW convertible blaring out the Doors in the rain
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