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#Blocked by many on the left, and some on the right, too. Retweet does not = like. “ResistTyranny” on Vine. *Tweets may not meet government regulations.

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#AskPOTUS: Why aren't the failures of #socialism being taught in our schools? http://t.co/IaPnAkErzp @WilkowMajority http://t.co/erbCjNGNaE
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#McDonalds🍔🍟 workers won't have2 worry about #MinimumWage much longer➥ introducing auto kiosks http://t.co/fPwgrdpuFw http://t.co/Etks673cL5
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWe GET it. From #Obama on down, @TheDemocrats HATE @FoxNews. #UniteBlue #p2 #BaltimoreRiots http://t.co/lQ9vTH8B32"I Believe The Best Social Program Is A Job!" ~ Ronald Reagan #MakeDCListen #RedNationRising http://t.co/gtt60E7tNV
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyDemocratic Rep. #Gabbard 👉 Obama's Wrong, #ISIS Has Gained Momentum #WakeUpAmerica http://t.co/oKRyMPYOpj http://t.co/oZl7F5hhXk
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyBREAKING: Obama’s Top Admiral Forced Bergdahl’s Squadmates to Sign Non-Disclosure Statements https://t.co/9JluWAN34U http://t.co/X7JwU9N1V8
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#Patriots #PJNET Want to see the Top Tweets of #Patriots Daily?http://t.co/76PnQ8h6oR Where The Voice Of The Patriot Is Heard
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyNixon had 18 minute gap. Obama's rogue IRS has 1,051,897 minute gap. How many minutes in a "smidgeon?" #PJNET #SisterPatriots #TCOT
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyIt pays to be friends with @DrewRyun + @Madison_Project. #ConservativeFirepower indeed. Thanks guys! Great shirt! http://t.co/PslkLdISUX
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyOBAMA has never failed to SINK DOWN to meet or GO BELOW our very LOWEST EXPECTATIONS! #PJNET #TCOT #CCOT http://t.co/YSMtKINh9C
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyUS-Trained Foreign Special Forces Commander Defects To ISIS http://t.co/VYpGrZByLz http://t.co/qjw8e9tV01
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyRon Fournier: Hillary ‘Should Be Sweating,’ ‘The American Public Doesn’t Trust Her’ http://t.co/uBgwD7JXMY http://t.co/4Sxfu7sEIW
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@InfamousG You tell me. Which sounds more plausible: Our Solar System & earth controls climate or cows farting? Turn on ur brain. #Science
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThink Our Money Is Worth Crap Now⁉️💰Here's What It Will Be Worth If Hillary Gets In ⭕️ http://t.co/2LwgVMvdAh
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyISIS Is Torturing, Enslaving, And Murdering Women At A “Staggering” Rate, U.N. Official Says http://t.co/W4cioYKiBB http://t.co/YZRqcBeECR
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWH exploiting #Baltimore chaos to push gun-control agenda. Problem: MD has strict gun laws. #KellyFile #NRA #2A http://t.co/AczFXN2Kt7
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#WakeUpAmerica #UniteBlue #TCOT 😳 Hypocrisy at it's finest ! The Ironic Tie Between Elizabeth Warren's Hypocrit... http://t.co/BRWD1y9v34
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyIt's called 9/11. Ever heard of it? https://t.co/2onfvK7px4So many innocent lives lost. 😱🙏👣👼 Abortion is not women's health. #ProLife #PraytoEndAbortion http://t.co/O5MQVTKRgX http://t.co/6oJWwKPFbl
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#WakeUpAmerica Who Is O Fooling? Oh Yeah - 47% Low Info Voters http://t.co/KiHTidzxOd #AMERICA #Veterans #tcot #pjnet http://t.co/nfdpzKmI73
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#WakeUpAmerica Jihad Is Here! http://t.co/0HwZo74Nld #AMERICA #COSProject #Veterans #tcot #pjnet http://t.co/yOxjXFDctm
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny"Obama's support among military is 14%. Our servicemen, black & white alike, know what a fraud He Is" @DineshDSouza http://t.co/87OdYtEKaB
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyHa! Just what we need!! #BlockTheKardashians https://t.co/Gu5qSLNsg0Because it's good for the economy... "We have a broke bankrupt, welfare state and we're importing the worlds poor people" -M. Levin
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyEvery parent can teach their children what happened to the Greatest Nation on Earth by reading them, "If you give a mouse a cookie." 🐭🍪🇺🇸
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyIt's one of the BEST books you can read to your children. “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” should be in your library! https://t.co/cfLgQ9kKw0THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT: NOT affordable. DOESN'T care. All just an ACT. #WakeUpAmerica http://t.co/vtPf9mlmTN http://t.co/17T9wwDL8h
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny.@RichardOBryan @ElianaBenador @ebenjones @Stonewall_77 @Fitzzer777 Warning to GOP Candidates... http://t.co/XW6Lbvd2tG
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyWaPo: #America is being driven apart b/c the evil @GOP won't cave. Garbage. http://t.co/L3wROOK0Sk #tcot #PJNET http://t.co/DlFLek2CA0
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyAbortion ban based on heartbeat rejected by appeals court http://t.co/BIfNj5xdG1
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#WakeUpAmerica 93 MILLION AMERICANS Are NOT in the Work Force! RT @RealJamesWoods #NoAmnesty #COSProject #TCOT http://t.co/RE2mQ4OJ6o
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyU can't fix stupid Unions Now Want An Exemption From The #minimumwage Hike They Pushed ☑️ http://t.co/T8WvY6gc62 http://t.co/ALSRYpFWRq
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#Baltimore Residents Fearful Amid Rash Of Homicides ☑️ http://t.co/uprmntxeg1 http://t.co/WrnTgfqd7T
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#WakeUpAmerica 🇺🇸 25% of Mexico is here! #NoAmnesty #TCOT RT @AnnCoulter @LindaSuhler @jstines3 @TrucksHorsesDog http://t.co/fwkJCZsKuG
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyObama admin asserts dominion over creeks, streams, wetlands, ditches — even big puddles ☑️ http://t.co/8BFGXNXpyV http://t.co/0JIjsx0FsZ
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny☝☝☝Here's some absolutely SHOCKING #facts on US immigration & how the left is using it to destroy the country!☝☝☝
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyCOULTER: Ramos Can Stay, But Matt Lauer Has to Go http://t.co/1GDx3bzSSq
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyNo Pell Grant Money For Prisoners! @houseGOP @GOPWhip @GOPLeader @SpeakerBoehner #KillTheBill #RedNationRising https://t.co/nNmNBamAAl
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#WakeUpAmerica SHAMEFUL! COWARDLY MSM! http://t.co/vBTDq4KHA3 #AMERICA #COSProject #Veterans #tcot #pjnet #ccot http://t.co/wxw5sJsQZL
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyEPA Comprehensive Water Regulations; 371 pages to define the term WATER. @Ash_Bell__ @Braveheart_USA @PoliticalShort @RedStateJake
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyAn Amazing Prophecy... http://t.co/fUsf8OWLpn
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyPaula Jones: Don't let danger to women Bill Clinton in the White House http://t.co/QeeYDq1pLj @steph93065 http://t.co/8k5g6zcUam
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyLiberal Union Behind #IRS Targeting http://t.co/ph1bMz2w6b #GOP MUST #SubpoenaColleenKelley~> #IMPEACH ~>#OiP #tcot http://t.co/jJi3X7KO6h
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThe New Counter-Culture: TRIFECTA: JEB BUSH NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME http://t.co/p3jiRYFyYo via @Moira1987 @TheNewCC http://t.co/dT5rPZuK2b
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny.@ResistTyranny 😂😂😂 http://t.co/Nlc5wErine
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny @steph93065 They don't want to learn....they are an intellectual leper colony!
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThere was a time when...the DOJ was on the SAME SIDE AS OUR POLICE OFFICERS. Under O and his AGs, that time is over https://t.co/ciDjo0TkPQ
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyExxon CEO: Let's wait for science to improve before solving problem of climate change http://t.co/nSL25QSOrC
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny"Unsolicited," my foot. Well, not my foot, but I try to keep things polite here. Sid's advice was solicited & pd. https://t.co/9DEeliA31W
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyHillary said Sid Blumenthal was an "old friend" giving unsolicited advice Revealed: Clinton Fdn. paid him $10k/mo Another Clintonian lie
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#Rubio warns #Christianity faces ➖"real and present danger"➖ of becoming #HateSpeech http://t.co/Q0kYiivUIj #1A #ccot http://t.co/BQtgkVx11d
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThx, @gobudley! Wouldn't miss these tweets for the world! @AmyMek @THETXEMBASSY @_CFJ_ @Cap_Institute @RedNationRising @LindaSuhlerYou're on http://t.co/2sPtZJCulE @AmyMek @THETXEMBASSY @_CFJ_ @Cap_Institute @ResistTyranny @RedNationRising @LindaSuhler @PJStrikeForce
Retweeted by Resist TyrannySo anti-cop neighborhoods get their wish of less cops and what happens? A record amount of murders. http://t.co/cWCLMXLied
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyI LIKE HER. SHE FIGHTS. Fiorina v. Clinton in South Carolina: Fiorina Launches #AskHillary…. http://t.co/qovxcq5fxZ
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyAT THE REQUEST of @DrZuhdiJasser> Rand Reveals His True Colors and Destroys Himself http://t.co/MVkwArQN1R @rogerlsimon #diaryofamadvoter
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny"Inspiring film documenting overcoming yrs of over regulation..." https://t.co/IZ0J1Br2Qp #TurnVARed #WakeUpAmerica http://t.co/c3CcZsOWXu
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThis Text Message Will CRASH #iPhones & IOS Devices ➡️ How To Fix It #TCOT🇺🇸 ☑️ https://t.co/P7we8mq6x4 http://t.co/srtGu3NmnA
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyHas she learned nothing? More importantly, have the democrat voters learned nothing?? #FakeSouthernAccent https://t.co/aXN5qXCNqzDemocrats Have Made A Deal With The Devil To Destroy Christianity! #WarOnChristianity #InGodWeTrust #RedNationRising http://t.co/Z4K5SMDUWR
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyBlessed to celebrate another birthday today! #DeneenBorelliBday http://t.co/TBaoNzRYOM
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#highereducation today: Higher than what? This is absolutely typical of campus mind control. #tcot #WakeUpAmerica https://t.co/fghnJh4D51
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@MediaJuggernaut @ResistTyranny the commercial that will destroy Hillary in Florida and the rest of the country. https://t.co/JdvV0ED0wF
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyAt the pace of our POTUS-led national suicide, I'm maybe less worried about Iran having nukes than Barry having them http://t.co/7fUSrlMVQE
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#WakeUpAmerica 🇺🇸 TPP Is A Job-Killing Agreement TPP-- A Backroom Deal For The 1% #TPP #COSProject #TCOT #PJNET http://t.co/3BJsQCGpzb
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyHarf highlight reel: State Dept. spokeswoman leaving post. http://t.co/LRPO0aVj53 http://t.co/3V8BLtkWqZ
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#BlackLivesMatter http://t.co/t8YrtSRYzs
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyNew York school tries dumbest thing EVER to combat racism http://t.co/Y234YNIk66 @marklevinshow @c5hardtop1999 @seanhannity @ritzy_jewels
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#Police #WeThePeople StandUp For You! WeSalute, WeHonor & RespectYou! WeThankYou! #BlueLivesMatter #PoliceLivesMatter http://t.co/P1UgFo9Rt3
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyObama trying to place the federal government in charge of streams and puddles: http://t.co/6Rc6idsgxs #tcot http://t.co/oWI1DWSi0g
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyA $15 minimum wage is so awesome that labor unions now want to be exempt from it. http://t.co/raoDAn0qTT
Retweeted by Resist Tyrannyhttp://t.co/APlrsfW3cH #banburqashttps://t.co/blYLS4GjFk ⬅🚨 @ResistTyranny @hannahkauthor @Sp9825Micah @DebsSay http://t.co/g3iQd1y72u
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny'Now they've ruined ice cream'? Ben & Jerry's launches new flavor for 'climate action' http://t.co/vBDzAlenEg
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyObama's Legacy Slowly Crumbling Before the Courts #obama ~ http://t.co/0Q7kJ2lnOG
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThis actually happened: Pentagon says ‘live anthrax’ inadvertently shipped across US http://t.co/nwUDznLEte via the @FoxNews Android app
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyI wonder how many of you really understand what is going on.. Obama replacing CHRISTIANITY with a 7TH CENTURY NUT http://t.co/vo5WVdqJe5
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyIF we don't change Obama's socialist Gov. We the People will have no idea what's coming to our door step. 2016 the most important vote ever!
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyVERY FITTING: Corrupt #FIFA Donated Thousands To Corrupt #Hillary's "Charitable" Foundation http://t.co/lzW1NiBe4t http://t.co/p0D3a3IrPL
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyTax Evasion Influence Peddling Arms Dealing Shell Companies Evidence Destruction #Hillary #Traitor #OhHillNo http://t.co/iA4LorXCTD
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyToday is a big day 4 my family in our mission 2 find my Beloved Missing Cousin, Jennifer. Please 🙏 For Us! #tcot http://t.co/vSt793aDRH
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@Lrihendry @ResistTyranny #StopTPP Corporations shell out $1.2mn in Senate contributions to fast-track TPP http://t.co/OMvdWqQAOe
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#WakeUpAmerica 🇺🇸 MEET GENERAL WELFARE #WelfareReform #tcot http://t.co/1Wm5UB8ilK
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny@ResistTyranny @Stonewall_77 Prog-movement is made possible by generations of bad behavior being tolerated & accepted by the mainstream
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyTPP when NAFTA, CAFTA, KORUS, the WTO—isn't enough to enrich a few while destroying the Middle Class. #COSProject #TPPFastTrack #PJNET
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyYour "Religion Of Peace" Has Some Explaining To Do Mr President~ That 'Tiny Minority' #ISISIsIslam #RedNationRising http://t.co/DgvRTQaKJ6
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyATTN #UniteBlue - Do u REALLY want this lech in @WhiteHouse? #WakeUpAmerica @HillaryClinton http://t.co/gUaqa3NrVP http://t.co/H7hx8O9yHh
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyPart of what bothers us: Her husband. Via @WomenExplode: http://t.co/Dl3BstO2K1 #UniteBlue #p2 #Hillary2016 http://t.co/VaMFsWcSBJ#WakeUpAmerica #MyJihad #islam http://t.co/w8gqIEWV2C
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#AskHillary Where is American Tax Payers 6 Billion Dollars Missing From SOS Office? #WakeUpAmerica #tcot http://t.co/bVUqQG6Xtj
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThe middle class has been decimated by government policies. Now TPP will put the nail in the Middle Class coffin! #COSProject #TPPFastTrack
Retweeted by Resist Tyranny#WakeUpAmerica🙏 Obama asserts dominion over creeks, streams, wetlands, ditches, & puddles🚨 http://t.co/GmGGlB94UQ💥 http://t.co/GLlPrnCTeg
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyRACISM? SERIOUSLY? @Montel_Williams: another example of #WarOnChristianity. #WakeUpAmerica http://t.co/1chOpjxQUA http://t.co/szrY9cOVdg
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyClimatologist #Sharpton Asks #TexasFlood ➡️ #ClimateChange OR ➡️ GOD'S Punishment ☑️ http://t.co/3lA45j7RaO http://t.co/k0Y8mwsHKs
Retweeted by Resist TyrannySOWELL KNOWS HILLARY. "The welfare state...is about the egos of the elites." #WakeUpAmerica #Hillary2016 #UniteBlue http://t.co/Uqfx07llDl
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyOne of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. - Plato ~ #WakeUpAmerica
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyIt is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it Aristotle ~ #WakeUpAmerica
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThe hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality. Dante~ #WakeUpAmerica
Retweeted by Resist TyrannyThe only thing more disgusting than #Islamic #terrorism⁉️ ➖ACTUAL➖#racists➖ # "WhitePowerWednesday"➤ EVIL God made everyone, dumbasses‼️
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