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Rick DeVos @RickDeVos Grand Rapids, Michigan

CEO of @StartGarden, Founder of @ArtPrize, Proud Michigander-anian, Investor, Reader, Helicopter Pilot, Traveler, Photographer, Curious Individual.

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All kinds of awesome here RT @oldpicsarchive: New York, 1957 http://t.co/CZyX2chxdJThe OXX COFFEEBOXX is now fully funded. Order one as a last minute Christmas gift today! https://t.co/JeymPiKDIY…while the true economist pursues a great good to come, - at the risk of a small present evil." http://t.co/1LpFLFgmyR"Hence it follows that the bad economist pursues a small present good, which will be followed by a great evil to come…More regs —> higher prices, more hassle —> childrearing less affordable, more hassle —> fewer children, slow decline http://t.co/x3IA7KTYLgVenture capital in Cleveland (!) in the late 1800s and early 1900s: http://t.co/0b4mkJy1ub
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How many satellites orbiting earth? This many http://t.co/8BGHHJUYTC
Retweeted by Rick DeVosWeirdest/most disturbing movie to see as a kid MT @OnePerfectShot: Released 35 years ago today: THE BLACK HOLE (1979) http://t.co/PDOyP1XOxyA new SNL ad parody that's actually funny https://t.co/UL9hHXgHpm The joy of political correctness is how it smothers all differentiation.New Wolfgang Puck restaurant coming to the Amway Grand Plaza: http://t.co/A5pnJI4hLiGOOD NEWS GUYS: WE'VE REACHED THE ABSOLUTE LOW POINT! IT ONLY GETS BETTER FROM HERE!* *Claims strictly limited to # of daylight minutes/dayThat uncomfortable feeling as you walk in a parking lot and a car idles quietly behind, stalking you to the space you will soon vacate.and they'll be able to throw them over their shoulders like continental soldiers. These are thoughts that come to me when I see ear gauges.For many of this younger generation their ears will hang low, they will wobble to and fro, they'll be able to tie them in both knot and bowThe "Individuals Playing With Or Reviewing Toys While Providing Poor Quality Character Voice-Overs" YouTube genre is disturbingly large.To the OutrageMobile™!Inventor Hugo Gernsback is Demonstrating His Television Goggles in 1963 http://t.co/DZ2IfSkT8d
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Ugly ugly ugly http://t.co/v0yW2XLiuKThings getting uglier in NYC http://t.co/lajHziBXXU@RickDeVos http://t.co/Sg8Fv33pDO
Retweeted by Rick DeVosI wouldn't mind living in Busytown and having an opportunity to drive an Alligator or Toothpaste Tube Car.Castro's Hipster Apologists Want To Keep Cuba 'Authentically' Poor http://t.co/Lf7B5ny6ck
@andykellr endless alphabet, endless reader
"'…For which other underrepresented groups do you think that's true?' An uncomfortable silence follows" http://t.co/z044lRY9t3@pdavidy8 This isn't really happening…I just wish it would.Urban tuk-tuk legalization in the US + Ridesharing Services = Awesomeness (http://t.co/0ZPAmvDeLa if you don't know what tuk-tuks are)Everything people were outraged about in 2014 http://t.co/uqAEkFj0ph Looking forward to this trend accelerating via neural implants, etc.White Christmas becoming more likely for Michigan http://t.co/KabRdhO36A Yessssss. Then I'm cool being done with the snow.The IRS is stomping its foot, threatening to shut itself down http://t.co/eIcrnfbT0bAn incredibly generous gift from the Weisers to @umich http://t.co/qtv7qp8EaT Bravo!Parody is dead, part 259 http://t.co/msrC7TqniD@KevinNR Exciting developments in Lubbock http://t.co/xemS4zbMNZHere’s the Secret to Communicating With Irrational, Angry or Crazy People http://t.co/Yix7cFmCkT"Ham Hock" is a funny term.It is an error to operate with the assumption that people who lived in the past were, by definition, backwards and stupid."Blunderbuss & Breeches" Provisions for the Hipster Open-Carry Enthusiast http://t.co/pvQWLdeTER
@briankellyphoto I need to post more.@briankellyphoto Thank you sir! That means a lot coming from you!@alexthegoodman Goodnight@alexthegoodman Where does the venture capital come from? And is that somehow a problem?@alexthegoodman Where do they hoard it? Could you define "too much?"@alexthegoodman And doesn't he crowdfund from former employees and the public by selling stock in his companies in the market?@alexthegoodman Do wealthy people just stick money in bank accounts or under mattresses ("hoard"), or do they put it to use by investing it?@alexthegoodman So isn't the idea of "shoddy product due to profit max." actually remarkably subjective, based on personal goals & prefs?@alexthegoodman Likewise, isn't it useful to be able to have a choice between a perceived higher quality Chipotle and lower quality BK?@alexthegoodman and a higher cost product (Founders)?@alexthegoodman Let's say I don't have a particular taste for beer. Isn't it good that I can make a choice between a low cost product (Bud)@alexthegoodman Is everyone's definition of the quality of product the same?@alexthegoodman So let's say that the profits from PayPal's sale were capped. Does Elon Musk invest in Tesla? In SpaceX?@alexthegoodman OK, so why won't other companies pay more if the work needs to be done and the employee is a great fit?@alexthegoodman So we should vote (directly or via a representative political class) what that reward should be?@alexthegoodman So there is a conspiracy amongst companies to not pay people for work that the companies want done?@alexthegoodman What choice in particular? There's McDonalds, Subway, Chipotle, a whole universe of choices, no?@alexthegoodman Haven't the workers made a decision to work with a company for a price that was mutually agreeable?@alexthegoodman I'm curious—what is the last product you purchased (having no other choices) that was shoddy due to profit maximization?@alexthegoodman So if it is corrupted how is it better than individuals making their own business and economic decisions and tradeoffs?@alexthegoodman And how would this regime be inoculated against regulatory capture? http://t.co/zrGlkPZgas@alexthegoodman Who determines the caps and/or sharing parameters?@alexthegoodman So profit should be eliminated? Or redistributed by philosopher kings?@alexthegoodman Cool, tell me about http://t.co/5y3bK1WLOJ vs http://t.co/XtCXxKkjtb@alexthegoodman Enlighten meDespite all of this, the Cuban people are incredibly kind, warm, and hospitable. Truly lovely. It is a beautiful, romantic place.The fascinating question/problem for Cuba is that for many decades nearly everyone with gumption and initiative has probably left for Miami.This was a Water Heater of Death that I was able to experience on my trip there http://t.co/40rBQN0zuy@cwoodruff "Why Havana Had to Die" http://t.co/IERds6IfLo "The splendor of Havana…extends for miles."@cwoodruff "In 1958, Cuba had a higher per-capita income than much of Europe." http://t.co/8qMUZdHKogIt sounds and runs like absolute crap, but still looks amazing. You're still a human and not an interchangeable cog in the State Machine.So when the engine dies you drop a Soviet-era tractor engine in it (this happens all the time)Of course you would keep it. Because it's beautiful and expressive and sexy and human and not designed by The People's Design Department.But if you had one wouldn't you try to keep it going? Would you want a Lada instead? http://t.co/v2e1l3f1am That's basically your choice.Americans loves to condescend about 50's era Detroit cars lovingly maintained. How charming & photogenic they are! Such thrift!Everything built since is obviously shoddy. Horrible concrete buildings. Soviet buses, cars—glorified tractors and lawnmowers, all of them.Today they still wring every last bit of value out of cars, trains, buildings, and any physical assets built and left behind pre-revolution.The thing that strikes you when traveling around Cuba is how undeniably and broadly wealthy the country was 50+ years ago.@mjhovinga Yes, exactly. Makes so much sense with home theaters these days.I really want a color commentary-free audio channel. Boston announcers now openly cheering for Celtics - "GO GET EM' RONDO!" Obnoxious.The "Ray Liotta enters bar, stares down bartender, bartender pours shot of 1800, Liotta laughs" commercial is the stuff of nightmares.Say what you will about Puritans…at least they weren't constantly yammering about how they were THE MOST independent, unprejudiced thinkers.What a lovely person. http://t.co/jcLr67wGKA My favorite aspect of some on the Left is their constant posturing as tolerant and broad-mindedSpending 56 minutes behind the controls of a plane at 30,000 feet is the equivalent of 20 minutes on a sunbed http://t.co/2fdJqPdKQgWith crashing oil prices Venezuela, and therefore Cuba, is in trouble http://t.co/daRPcmz6zaCoconut Rice = The BestMerica. http://t.co/qqTt1BM5NX
Retweeted by Rick DeVosBig news for Founders http://t.co/5n2JAUXdecCute moose visiting a house in the Michigan UP http://t.co/9IHMFDMGng The Michigan Moose Lift http://t.co/ZcxRIBuPc5 #MichiganMooseOverload40 years of BMW design in one 10 second morphing GIF https://t.co/b0maSPJfxVThis Cuba news is interesting. Visited a few years ago and enjoyed the place and people very much.Edison Electric plant [Detroit Edison Company], Detroit, Michigan, between 1900 and 1910 http://t.co/4swaoH3ka8
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Upset by the idea of a surveillance state w/ cameras everywhere? How is deploying hundreds of mobile cameras helpful? http://t.co/gLuZ8jZ6qrNot necessarily opposed to body cameras, but there are a number of questions to sort out yet http://t.co/gLuZ8jZ6qr@sbv7 5% cats, 10% YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENED NEXT! Clickbait, IMHOComet cliffs... http://t.co/6087kzL6o1 http://t.co/2qKbEX7ZQO
Retweeted by Rick DeVosLOOK! LOOK AT THE HORRIBLE PERSON WHO YOU WOULD OTHERWISE BE COMPLETELY UNAWARE OF! LISTEN TO THEIR HORRIBLE WORDS! #85PercentOfSocialMediain France, when you greet a friend, how many times do you kiss? http://t.co/aDaJsi2sOQ ht @MaxCRoser http://t.co/VTqnLtoi5W
Retweeted by Rick DeVosYessssss RT @oldpicsarchive: Delivering a dinosaur to the Museum of Science (1984) http://t.co/5QUTroKb5S
The Calm Before the Storm: Why Volatility Signals Stability, and Vice Versa http://t.co/pcIP3hdaFV Read this.How the Death of Mid-Budget Cinema Left a Generation of Iconic Filmmakers MIA http://t.co/MMSzX7pXHR DVD ⬇️, TV/Streaming ⬆️ cc @xtnI'm old enough to remember HS kids limiting themselves to creating fictitious model girlfriends who lived in Canada http://t.co/DqU5qGIPJP@brentshirey No sorry necessary@brentshirey I'M HUMBLED BY HIS HUMBLE NATURE
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