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@POTUSBO <---except for those who only have part time jobs and whose insurance was CANCELLED because of Obamacare! @TIMENO BOOTS ON THE GROUND: American troops battle ISIS http://t.co/wk0oOePs8o
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyVIDEO: THE DEATH SCENE... http://t.co/oF0BVl3x70
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyAmy Pascal meets with Al Sharpton. @TheRevAl says there was 'very pointed and blunt' exchange. http://t.co/IrAnijk9SA
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyMT @horsesandhounds: She told a different version of her Target shopping incident to Letterman, she is flat out lying.http://t.co/HDEVSme3D3
Retweeted by Susan Reaney
@JumpVote check DM :-)
It Starts With a Lone Cellist… And Grows to 120 Musicians! The U.S. Air Force Band Flash Mobs the Smithson http://t.co/b1faW73ctj via @po_st@TawniVixen1 @woodhouseb <-- I may not like your politics but your Mom is precious...you boys be NICE at Christmas and don't fight. @cspanwj"Oh God, it's Mom." Brothers get unexpected call from their mother during @cspanwj appearance. http://t.co/05gwtBpyhm http://t.co/56GIwP6DyQ
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyHey @JebBush a simple search on Twitter will support your mother's advice "we've had enough Bush's" Your Mom is a wise woman!@meetthepress for once, @JebBush needs to listen to his mother!RT @jebbush: I am excited to announce I will actively explore the possibility of running for President of the U.S.: http://t.co/ndy20VzzjQ….
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@ByronYork @JebBush <--- sorry Jeb, it's a waste of time...even the Republican's have had enough Bush's and Clinton's in the White House.Yes, Congress can stop Obama's immigration action | http://t.co/jTK2HwLkx5 http://t.co/KyEEILtOh9You've heard talk about how Congress can't really stop Obama's immigration executive action. Not true. It can. http://t.co/z0VETHVR2T
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@JumpVote check your DM
Now @margbrennan reports a power outage at the State Dept.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@SenateDems LOL yeah right, and in order to do so, you had to changed the rules to do it.Five killed in Pennsylvania shootings, suspect in standoff with SWAT — RT USA http://t.co/pzvDRZZRoC
@TheRevAl struggles to find marchers for DC protest http://t.co/Dy8JOm59yb via @nypost MAYBE HE WILL GET THE HINT? His struggle has passed!
@maddow Tom Coburn has been on the floor today for well over two hours and you cut it short to less than 140 charterers? @Montel_WilliamsYikes! Illegal immigrants to benefit from badly mismanaged federal entitlement programs. http://t.co/S4IApRx2kM
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyYa know @HARRISFAULKNER if my Daddy were alive today, he'd be the first one in line to smack Dianne Feinstein right across the mouth!@WhipHoyer I tried again...got denied again...and I'm NOT signing up for Medicaid Estate Recovery Act lays claim on Seniors 55 & over!Democrats use cromnibus to move to post-Obama era - Hot Air http://t.co/NtbdIrTl1H
Retweeted by Susan ReaneySenate committee votes to limit Obama’s authority to fight ISIS http://t.co/Ct0Rpdvvqr @csdickey #JDBnow
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyUS Marshals Service offers $10,000 reward in burning death of Mississippi teen: http://t.co/D0mF0ABjli http://t.co/OmHP7arUjH
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyMy column: "Medicaid is broken and expansion won't fix it” http://t.co/nxndnQpPRc
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@andersoncounty <-paid $700 plus $ for TWO people to stay at the Hyatt Regency in DT G'vlle? It's only 20 miles away! http://t.co/wKkn9mcoff@RepJoshuaPutnam Reminds me of the GSA official, Jeffrey Neely, sitting in a hot tub with 2 glasses of wine. This needs to be payed back.@RepJoshuaPutnam I saw that but worst of it is that some children in Anderson Co can't afford buy school lunches, yet my tax $ go for this?Receipts Show Anderson City Council Enjoys Fine Dining On Taxpay $ - http://t.co/P6TDKP27CI cc @RepJoshuaPutnam It's only 20 miles to G'vlle@MajorCBS @SenatorReid <--- Reid had 6 years to compromise with over 300 House passed bills sitting on his desk.@jamiedupree @philipaklein actually, the subpoena goes further than just asking for how much he made.@DarrellIssa LOL he should have just told you what you wanted to know...oh well, I "Stupid" had his chance.
http://t.co/BpxWkAETQTREAD: George H.W. Bush Defends #CIA http://t.co/hQwLltT5kx
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@avocats <---TROLL! 8 Followers? @SenFeinstein @CIABREAKING: Major News Comes Out of Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Investigation http://t.co/q5Q3IwpDbl #tcot #tlot
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyCIA chief defends agency's Bush-era record: CIA Director John Brennan defended his agency Thursday from accusa... http://t.co/38UfP8q5c9
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyTop Democrat Admits: Not One Member Of House Rules Committee Actually Read #Omnibus Bill Before Hearing http://t.co/TXNOHJhWFH #teaparty
Retweeted by Susan ReaneySo the question becomes, when does @SpeakerBoehner pull the plug on this failed omnibus package & go for 3-month CR?
Retweeted by Susan Reaney#CIA interrogations report: Feinstein offers aid & comfort to enemy, stabs heroes, allies in the back http://t.co/FrAVfhViQN @FoxNews
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@SenFeinstein you're a day late and a dollar short on your support!Brennan: it's "our considered view" that detainees subjected to EITs provided info “that was useful and was used” in op to get bin-Laden.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneySEBELIUS: Obamacare 'a very bad brand'... http://t.co/4Bi6c0cVT5 http://t.co/NlAvcYOueR
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyNPR's Tom Bowman asks CIA Dir Brennan about the plain contradiction in his claims today. Brennan dodges, in artfully.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@SenFeinstein STUDY? Oh so you did a study on the @CIA you didn't do interviews and get actual testimony? Hummm, that explains it.@librab103 OH PISS OFF! @PressSec@librab103 so would it have been Honorable to have done nothing Matthew? @PressSec@SenFeinstein HOW do you know that since you did NOT interview a single @CIA Official!!!Brennan says CIA detention and interrogation of terror suspects produced intelligence to thwart attacks and save American lives.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyCIA Dir says: No CIA personnel were interviewed in course of Senate investigation - "unusual"
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyCIA DIr Brennan says CIA conducted post 9/11 interrogations at direction of Pres GWBush and that DOJ said EITs were lawful.
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@SenFeinstein I'd like to see the testimony of all those THOUSANDS of @CIA employees that you interviewed. https://t.co/VErDjlsvM6@StevenTDennis Did you know that @SenFeinstein interviewed thousands of @CIA employees? Wow! https://t.co/VErDjlsvM6@michellemalkin So @SenFeinstein interviewed THOUSANDS of CIA employees??? https://t.co/VErDjlsvM6@SenFeinstein THOUSANDS? Really? So you have THEIR testimony but NOT the testimony of the actual @CIA Officials? http://t.co/AlDTCTP3ew@edhenry so in answering one question the POTUS has no opinion on @CIA and in another @presssec says he does? ie morial authorty?@SenFeinstein so is this! http://t.co/1RSDEzB9zs@edhenry WAY TO GO ED!!!! paraphrased "if the President thinks laws were broken, why isn't he willing to prosecute them"So if any Republican votes for this omnibus TODAY, they will be voting for $2.5 BILLION to go to ILLEGAL ALIENS FROM BORDER CRISIS....
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@mitchellreports Andrea, did you watch the news at all on 9/11/01? @RepPeteKingWhat's worse, America waterboarding or this?? http://t.co/jwB8h6gp2M
Retweeted by Susan Reaney.@RepPeteKing: If waterboarding could have saved the thousands who died during 9/11, 'I'd say go ahead & do it' http://t.co/dp0a9aBRnS #AMR
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@mitchellreports @PaulRRigney @RepPeteKing You're exactly right Peter! http://t.co/ffnBB6faQb@PressSec "moral authority" only goes so far when you have people jumping out of building b/c those without morals few 2 F-planes into it!Emails confirm 2010 #LoisLerner meeting with #DOJ elections prosecutor -Power Line http://t.co/JRYH0Ienjx via @powerlineus
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@PressSec says President will sign #CRomnibus if it reaches his desk -- yet many Dems still on fence over contentious provisions
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyFloor Drama: Boehner Embarrassment As House Nearly Kills Omnibus On Procedural Vote: The final vote on Speaker... http://t.co/SIHvrGcRXB
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@SpeakerBoehner HOW can you fight POTUS Executive Amnesty if you don't defund it? That makes no sense at all!Must read, some of the top problems with the Boehner-McConnell-Reid budget http://t.co/3p9dC0IOhS
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@Varneyco Nope but it's permissible at Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas...it's also allowed if you own a lake house.@MarkUdall there is no "dark chapter" of the @CIA they were ordered to do a job, and by heavens they did it! http://t.co/on5y3ZmMoU@SenFeinstein on 9/11/01 we watched; and frankly I DON'T CARE how they got the information...the @CIA did their job! http://t.co/xyzShOJoVPAn early look at 2016 Senate map suggests GOP would lose a few seats, but probably still retain control (@KKondik) http://t.co/mVEU0Zhy4p
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyState Dept. Stonewalling AP Over Hillary Records http://t.co/ew3zHXiJgA
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyPsychologist who devised CIA interrogation methods says Senate report makes false accusations: http://t.co/70Doym3yhO http://t.co/VGSUuKF3Rk
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyWhy the Left Absolutely Hates Dick Cheney, and Most of Us Cheer: Dem torture report is 'Full of crap' http://t.co/PIghdOMYyM via @POLITICO
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@HouseGOP @Senate_GOPs remember, we put you into office, we can take you OUT....do NOT pass that $1.1 Trillion dollar bill!@SenateDems sorry but @SenFeinstein "truth" is like a one-sided court of law with only a prosecuting attorney present and no witnesses.@markknoller those hubs are meant to pull rural folks into metropolitan areas to increase the voting blocks.@Varaldarade FUGood morning @bing nice photo this morning...made me say "hum, that's nice."
Rep Roskam makes passionate plea to State to change the way they do security "or we're right back where we were before" #Benghazi
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyBHO approves the release of thousands of CIA details from the Bush admin., but still can't remember where HE was the night of Benghazi.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyUS Marines On #High Alert Around The World Because Of #BenedictDianne Releasing CIA Report! #RedNationRising #tcot http://t.co/XrLxn6OL17
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyWATCH LIVE: White House Press Briefing - 12/10/14 http://t.co/MKF0cf14RF http://t.co/sB32QtcSqc
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyReporter: Obama went on profane tirade against journalists for covering White House scandals http://t.co/Tx60Yj7isM
Retweeted by Susan Reaney#Border non-security: Al-Qaida member entered, exited U.S. at border http://t.co/7YxI7sSque via @examinercom
Retweeted by Susan Reaney@cspan WHY was the LIVE White House Press Briefing AXED?Ques from @edhenry to @PressSec: how can you invoke moral authority when US drones kill civilians around the world?
Retweeted by Susan Reaney.@PressSec is being absolutely PUMMELED in the press room right now by SEVERAL reporters, not just Fox. This is BEAUTIFUL. As it SHOULD be.
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyEarly briefing today - was set to begin at 10:45 (perhaps they meant central time)
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyRT @ByronTau: Josh Earnest stops himself from saying "torture"
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyBombshell revelation blows lid off IRS scandal http://t.co/VwpiQzAR7N via @worldnetdaily$700 million per page! - http://t.co/EHxlTHkoI4
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyThe IRS just admitted to giving the White House over 2k docs of individual’s private tax data and we’re talking about waterboarding again?
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyI also pledge we are going to have a hearings in Jan, Feb, Mar & until there is a full understanding of what happened in #Benghazi
Retweeted by Susan ReaneyAnd why an Ambassador trusted to represent us in a dangerous country was not trusted when he asked for more security (2/2)
Retweeted by Susan Reaney
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