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@wesleyverhoeve #ThingsOrganizedNeatlyCelebrated #Thanksgiving by drinking a ridiculous amount of amazing gin at @COLDistillery, the first gin distillery in #London in 200 years.@sorenrags @HRLori We’re drinking amazing gin awaiting your arrival.Today I'm thankful for @peeweeherman's new blog. GET ON BOARD. http://t.co/eIgEwpmHrN
Retweeted by Scott BealeWorking on an exciting new case! (@ 221b Baker Street in Westminster, Greater London w/ @hrlori) https://t.co/HYQ6wHRrSQ'The Book of Hugs' by Attaboy Now Available for Purchase Through Last Gasp Publishing http://t.co/QUA1ck2X4Q via @LaughingSquid
Retweeted by Scott BealeWe’ve created a new way to share data, and now it’s open to you. “Introducing Charted” by @sall https://t.co/iAhxYK896q
Retweeted by Scott Beale@sethporges I get requests from people I don’t recognize with hundreds of mutual friends. I only accept friend requests from people I know.
@KimCattrall The new system is coming, but it looks like we have to wait until 2019. http://t.co/0nwCSsjHfF@KimCattrall Yes, but you still have to slide it through. I love that the Oyster card is a RFID smart card. So much faster.@ScottBeale Love London's underground transport! gets me there @ 1/2 the time...,, Love my #oystercard
Retweeted by Scott Beale@KimCattrall Agreed, it’s an amazing system and yeah, the Oyster card rocks. I can’t wait until we have something similar in #NYC.@mistersterling Great neighborhood.A list of beers brewed by @BrewDog above the urinals at @BrewDogCamden. #London #Camden http://t.co/Vqa0MqhKyf@blakeley @RickWebb That looks awesome, bummed we are missing the snow.Oh hey, don’t mind me, I’ll just be here happily sucking dirt off the carpet. http://t.co/Ggzwn3T2sz@clocklear @toadfuller Also I try to keep city lists in @foursquare, I have one for London I’ll be adding to.@clocklear @toadfuller It would be great to see you guys and especially @yoms who we have missed on previous trips here.@clocklear @toadfuller In general we’ve used @foursquare to find great beer in cities & it has done quite well for us.@clocklear @toadfuller Right on. We have a pretty good list to work through first. Craft beer is so much better in the UK theses days.Right after arriving in #London, we ended up sitting across from @KimCattrall on the Bakerloo line.
Apple's rumored to be working on a 12" ultra-thin MacBook. Here's everything we know in a new roundup: http://t.co/3Za0f1UV3e
Retweeted by Scott Beale@RPainless Earlier today when I was walking by. Love the name of your shop!Relatively Painless Tattoo @RPainless #Edinburgh http://t.co/zCIqROOp2qTardis Tea Company in Leith. The rumor is that it’s bigger on the inside. #Edinburgh http://t.co/Ah9d4yGSiG@sdenike Yeah, I had to check my smartphone to confirm I was still in 2014.When riding the bus always make sure to attach your radio’s antenna to the window for optimal reception. http://t.co/mnU0vCdVNM@deed_elvis @HRLori Thanks, it’s quite the lovely country.The massive Technip Apache II pipelayer ship in Leith. #Edinburgh http://t.co/YWtTsziXBaMy Wookieepedia visits are up about 9,000-percent since I began writing for @LaughingSquid
Retweeted by Scott BealeI'll be speaking about Cacophony, Evil Clowns, Santarchy, underground stuff and more in Paris on December 2nd: http://t.co/gb6MwVNpsa
Retweeted by Scott BealeSea serpent sculpture in Leith #Edinburgh http://t.co/PpAijZorWtStep 1: Go to space. RT @LaughingSquid: Russian Cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev Demonstrates How to Take a Selfie in Space http://t.co/uYYQbBKg0X
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Pomplamoose is sharing our 2014 tour financials. Profit, loss, expenses, income: https://t.co/7kNVJbusHD
Retweeted by Scott Beale@brianasmith @msquinn Make sure your phone is unlocked. The transaction at the @ThreeUK store is super quick. Card activates right away.THANKSGIVING http://t.co/46811BgWiF
Retweeted by Scott BealeFACT: #SmartPipe is funnier than #TooManyCooks. Watch it, you turkeys* http://t.co/w3CvGZeERg
Retweeted by Scott BealeSleeping “Lion of Scotland” sculpture by Ronald Rae in St. Andrew Square. #Edinburgh http://t.co/6mqzyyS3NFBushwick is hosting its first hackathon http://t.co/4hbE5LsEU1
Retweeted by Scott Beale@johnwlaw @HRLori Ha, just the opposite, we’ve been trying a different malt whisky at ever pub we visit.Take a few minutes and enjoy this version of "Across the Universe" made from the audio of comet 67P by @andrewismusic http://t.co/20IkxEQUio
Retweeted by Scott Beale@johnwlaw Very true, you could be one of the few who orders both. Now to see if they have veggie black pudding.@johnwlaw Yeah, we were surprised as well, but we are seeing it everywhere here. It’s actually really good.A large vegetarian full Scottish breakfast complete with veggie haggis at @TheCityCafe. #Edinburgh http://t.co/gE4mqh3mzBMausoleum of George Mackenzie (d. 1691), his poltergeist is rumored to violently haunt Greyfriars Kirkyard visitors. http://t.co/VQzyvaNQi6One of the highlights of #Edinburgh was visiting Greyfriars Kirkyard, a hauntingly beautiful 16th century cemetery. http://t.co/BW694LLOEXToday I learned the presidential limo has a few liters of the president's blood so an emergency transfusion can happen immediately
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Bagpipe Busker https://t.co/rT5nVXPCX3@rsarver @msquinn @mgsiegler You can count on me to recommend that Medium post.You can rent a kilt for 24 hours and be a Scotsman for a day! http://t.co/e5Ll77BB2d@mgsiegler @msquinn Ha, yeah @HRLori has no interest in going that one. It’s quit an interesting contrast to the gothic Scott Monument.Scott Monument & Carousel #Edinburgh http://t.co/WxNvpcrYEH@msquinn Yeah, it worked well my last few trips & before I left I asked @mgsiegler what you guys used, he confirmed that 3 was still best.Super impressed with @ThreeUK on this trip. £15 for a SIM with “all-you-can-eat data”. I’ve been getting 20+ Mbps on 3G/4G in Edinburgh.View of #Edinburgh at dusk from Arthur’s Seat. http://t.co/evdlOxtgElStopping in for some wonderful beer at @BrewDogEdin http://t.co/6yxA0o3gcu
Pretty amazing @Gizmodo story by @awalkerinLA on Google colluding to make it hard to get directions to Hollywood Sign http://t.co/zQpxz25T6M
Retweeted by Scott BealeThe Oral History of The Poop Emoji (Or, How Google Brought Poop To America) http://t.co/mVa99FdJDy by @laurschwar via @FastCompany
Retweeted by Scott BealeA lovely selection of Scottish ales at @GuildfordArms. http://t.co/xaevP4znPd@cygnoir Turns out a friend from NYC is also passing through town, so he might join us as well.@joesabia Yeah, Monday night is what I was suggesting.@joesabia Right on, do you want to grab a drink with us while you are here? We're meeting up with another friend Monday night.The beautiful ceiling at The @GuildfordArms #Edinburgh http://t.co/YCBowAbFjZScottish Parliament at night #Edinburgh http://t.co/gHaNhen4rv@cygnoir Sounds good to me.@cygnoir I had no idea you lived in Edinburgh. That would be great. Either tomorrow night or Monday night might work.@ScottBeale Took this knob&tube photo in an old house. Reminded me a bit of the Laughing Squid logo. :) http://t.co/IvFLBpE7rM
Retweeted by Scott Beale@Havertownies Oh wow, it does.@cfiesler @kaflurbaleen Sorry about that, we’ve updated the post.Next stop: Edinburgh! http://t.co/UNI6RdhSUn
This is great: Medium launched "for your eyes only" publishing, visible only to those who have the direct link https://t.co/vdgott1wIB
Retweeted by Scott BealeNow 435 billion pages in the Wayback Machine, but who is counting? :) go @internetarchive ! https://t.co/tr1vHE0jlm
Retweeted by Scott Beale@bryce They can be unlocked. I just unlocked mine for an upcoming trip to the UK."The Secret Life of Passwords" - a great piece on the stories and significance behind the passwords we use http://t.co/VFINmsI1kS
Retweeted by Scott BealeGEORGE WENDT joins me to discuss JOHNNY CARSON'S appearance on "Cheers"! Listen here: http://t.co/7oiS3e8HlJ #johnnycarson
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@osakasteve That would be awesome.@ColinJamesTiser @mathewi Ha, that's exactly the same for us as well.@ColinJamesTiser Maybe we can talk @mathewi into doing a post about!@ColinJamesTiser @mathewi Yeah, that would be enough to make it a fair amount of work to deal with.@anthonybrowne @ColinJamesTiser @mathewi Anthony, how many followers are on the Facebook page you personally manage?@ColinJamesTiser @mathewi We pay someone to manage our social media, majority of her time is spent dealing with bad Facebook comments.@ColinJamesTiser @mathewi Which sucks, that should never happen. I always tell our bloggers never to not post because of potential comments.@anthonybrowne We don’t, but that wouldn’t solve the issue. Moderation would be good, like YouTube offers.@anthonybrowne Just like here on Twitter, your comments are tied to your profile, you take ownership vs just crapping on a post.@anthonybrowne Disagree, to me it’s way better that people share to their own FB profile with a comment.Get ready for some fun. Dan Lyons, who channeled Steve Jobs so brilliantly and wickedly, is to helm Valleywag. http://t.co/1pu8c9Q995
Retweeted by Scott Beale@anthonybrowne The internet is evolving and will continue to do so. This is part of the process.@anthonybrowne Again, that’s not community, that’s not social media. That’s just pure garbage.@anthonybrowne Now you see my point.@anthonybrowne Racist & hateful, comments are not part of any conversation that I want to have, but if you do, have at it.@anthonybrowne I’ve just had a website since 1998, so I’m not sure what you are saying.@Steven_Paul @mathewi I just gave Facebook an idea for a new revenue stream. That should jump on it.@anthonybrowne We have very different definitions of “social”. Also what’s wrong with the website I already have?@Steven_Paul @mathewi Well for us turning off comments would improve the overall experience and value of posting to Facebook.@mmmPi I’m specifically referencing comments on posts, not direct comments on the page. That would be an even worse disaster. Those are off.@mmmPi Where are you seeing that setting?@mmmPi That must be new, I’ll take a look.I would actually pay Facebook to allow us to turn off comments on our Facebook page. I’m not kidding.@SamMaggs @rollinbishop @LaughingSquid @glentickle Congrats on the book, love the cover.Starting today, we're rolling out the ability for you to share Tweets via Direct Messages: https://t.co/zRFhYTfKDP
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