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.@JonathanHoenig tells me he thinks the Department of Justice should allow foreign airlines to compete in the U.S. Send me your thoughtsOmega Advisors CEO Leon Cooperman: I don't think we're headed for a recession #Cavuto.@marcorubio tells me in an exclusive interview: Polls mean nothing at this stage of campaign #Cavuto @FoxBusiness.@marcorubio tells me in an exclusive interview: We have a very serious border & immigration problem #Cavuto @FoxBusiness.@marcorubio tells me: We've struck a vein with Cuba #Cavuto @FoxBusinessMy exclusive with @marcorubio: My higher education initiative will not raise costs #CavutoTune into @FoxBusiness now for my exclusive interview with @marcorubio http://t.co/gLiVfn6iQ7
Don't miss my interview with @marcorubio tomorrow at 12pm et on @FoxBusiness #Cavuto http://t.co/l0CgClUct7Moments away from @BarackObama giving us an update on U.S. battle with #ISIS. We'll carry it LIVE on @FoxNews #CAVUTOShould the U.S. avoid Iran nuclear negotiations? Former CIA Covert Operations Officer Mike Baker reacts @MBCompanyMan http://t.co/BK9g0fmx2lSpirit Airlines CEO reacts to the DOJ price-fixing probe. Watch: http://t.co/rO6nFXzB4S #CavutoWill Greece ever climb out of financial abyss? @LizMacDonaldFOX @EllesEconomy & @MarketCamper discuss: http://t.co/kis7jMv129@TeamCavuto @connellmcshane Do I have to grow a beard to get this account to tweet about me?
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto.@tedcruz reportedly brings in $14M bucks, as more candidates bring money in.. are we closer to a brokered convention? Now on @TeamCavuto
Retweeted by Neil CavutoCheck out @connellmcshane 's new beard. Tell me what you think: beard or no beard http://t.co/hBMOEVKW43.@connellmcshane came back from vacation looking a little.. hairier. Tune into @FoxBusiness and send me your thoughts: beard or no beardSources to @CGasparino : Bankruptcy report says Jeb Bush asked Carlos Slim for money to save Lehman #CavutoSources to @CGasparino: Hillary Clinton fundraisers telling donors Clinton “would be good for Wall Street” #CavutoSources telling @CGasparino :@HillaryClinton fundraisers telling potential donors to ignore populist rhetoric #CavutoFBN NEWS: Hillary fundraisers tell potential donors to ignore populist rhetoric more now @TeamCavuto @FoxBusiness
Retweeted by Neil CavutoTune into @FoxBusiness for the latest on the #GreekCrisis plus, Harry Dent is in discussing the global debt crisis at 1:00pm @economymarketsWatch Harry on @TeamCavuto today,1pm ET. He will be discussing the massive debt crisis around the world. @FoxBusiness http://t.co/F56aYhvfJ3
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Are Greeks acting like millennials? Our #BitterBoomers panel weighs in: http://t.co/QV7QfJIiXG @CGasparino @LizMacDonaldFOX @dagenmcdowellDOJ looking into possible airline collusion to keep fares high.. So is it collusion or just good business? Watch: http://t.co/X6qW2R3gsL
.@CarlPaladino thinks @GovChristie has become "irrelevant". Retweet if you agree http://t.co/milETXj7UWShould debt become the GOP’s banner issue in 2016? @CGasparino weighs in: http://t.co/jDnLErHhFq #Cavuto
.@JrzyJoePiscopo thinks @ChrisChristie would make a good president come 2016. Retweet if you agree: http://t.co/sdMqTZ3IjACan Greece take down the global economy? @TimPawlenty weighs in: http://t.co/YWOym2BiJF
BITTER BOOMERS: Are Greeks acting like millennials & when was last time @NRO broke news? @TeamCavuto @FoxBusiness http://t.co/D97MPXf48G
Retweeted by Neil CavutoAre Greeks acting like millennials? Our #BitterBoomers panel weighs in: http://t.co/gY3iIT9mgs @CGasparino @LizMacDonaldFOX @dagenmcdowellIt's been one month since "Cavuto: Coast to Coast" debuted on @FoxBusiness and what a month it's been. Take a look: http://t.co/DZttix6XynWhole Foods' chief lawyer told me the company doesn't overcharge customers.. but the CEO's are now admitting it! http://t.co/XcQPIXszjKOur #BitterBoomers panel is fired up.. and they'll tell you why Greece is acting like a bunch of millennials! Tune in to @FoxBusiness nowhide the millennials! #bitterboomers are back w @dagenmcdowell so we will be meaner and nastier than ever 130pm @TeamCavuto @FoxBusiness
Retweeted by Neil CavutoWill President Obama's overtime pay hike help or hurt the U.S? Send me your thoughts #Cavuto @FoxBusinessAP: Official says no evidence of shooting, arrests or weapons after earlier reports of gunfire at a DC Navy yard.Coming up in 10 min on @TeamCavuto @FoxBusiness with @dagenmcdowell talking Obama's job-killing overtime rule #Cavuto
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto#Facebook to @CGasparino: Facebook will not confirm nor deny considering #twitter purchaseBREAKING: #Ford recall includes 2015 Ford Focus, C-Max & Ford Escape. Ford says no injuries or accidents have been associated with recallBreaking: #Ford recalling 433K vehicles due to software issues
Fmr. Central Bank Governor of Cyprus thinks Greek debt woes will get worse. Watch! http://t.co/y0ECJrj9Q9 #Cavuto.@reppittenger tells me why the Iran nuke deal will put the U.S. in danger. Watch: http://t.co/qrV8SSeOi9How bad is Puerto Rico’s debt problem? Former NY Lt. Governor Dick Ravitch weighs in: http://t.co/XXnWBRAqFTBreaking: The Justice Department investigating airlines potentially colluding to keep airfare high. Tune into @FoxBusiness for moreWith the Iranian nuke deadline extended, @JohnKerry says major issues remain.. so should the US make a deal with Iran? Send me your thoughtsWith Puerto Rico & Illinois drowning in debt... is another "Greece" coming down the pipeline? Tune into #Cavuto on @FoxBusiness for moreHow NJ's debt will impact @ChrisChristie's run http://t.co/5x0gGeOh7K @FoxNews #CAVUTO
.@SenSanders says #Obamacare doesn't go far enough. What do you say? #CAVUTO @FoxNewsThe #IranTalks deadline extended to July 7. Should we just walk away? RT for YES, REPLY for NO #CAVUTO @FoxNewsThe Admin forcing private companies to expand OT pay for workers. Do you think this will help or hurt the economy? @FoxNews #CAVUTOWill NJ's debt problem play a role in @ChrisChristie's #2016 campaign? RT for YES, REPLY for no @FoxNews #CAVUTO.@JrzyJoePiscopo thinks @ChrisChristie has what it takes to win in 2016. Retweet if you agree: http://t.co/FJVC77o4sW #CavutoWill Christie’s record in NJ hurt him in 2016? Our all-star panel weighs in. http://t.co/nGLqtMRKxM @CGasparino @dagenmcdowellFormer NY Gubernatorial Candidate @CarlPaladino tells me he thinks @ChrisChristie is irrelevant. Watch: http://t.co/vWPbAq6KsJ #CavutoBreaking: Pres Obama: Greek crisis "substantial concern" for EuropeBreaking: Puerto Rico has made its final payment on a $900 million short-term loan from a bank syndicateBreaking: Pres Obama: Greece needs to find a path toward growth and stay in the eurozone @FoxBusinessPres. Obama says #GreeceCrisis dates back to 2009, "it's something that I've been deeply involved with periodically." http://t.co/KV7ayED0d6
Retweeted by Neil CavutoPres Obama: Greece is an issue primarily to Europe @FoxBusinessPres Obama at joint press conference with Brazilian Pres Dilma Rousseff: I trust Pres Rousseff completelyObama said he hopes #Iran talks can achieve agreement. "I will walk away from negotiations if it's a bad deal." http://t.co/sbeEoHTdh4
Retweeted by Neil CavutoBreaking: Pres Obama on Iranian nuclear deal: There are deep-seated disagreements between the U.S. & IranPres. Obama speaking at a press conference with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff: I believe the U.S. and Brazil are natural partners.@GovChristie just entered the 2016 Presidential race. Would you vote for him? Send me your thoughts. #Cavuto @FoxBusiness.@GovChristie is the 14th Republican to enter 2016 race. Will he win the nomination? http://t.co/WKnRQ30GQz http://t.co/3Z1FBsUBPE
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Gene Cernan on Space Program: 'We Need to Get America Back in Space' http://t.co/bk2WQPKtBA @TeamCavuto http://t.co/ESatrwS42T
Retweeted by Neil CavutoCan Greece take down the global economy? http://t.co/2JIxnKeVq8 @FoxBusinessSupreme Court rules against the #EPA on power plant regulations. What's your reaction? http://t.co/2Fm7U0Neur @FoxBusinessSee the latest fallout from the Greece crisis. Watch here. http://t.co/CuyUW5OhCW @FoxBusinessMore on @jpmorgan saying no big deal on Greece now @CGasparino @TeamCavuto
Retweeted by Neil Cavutofrom a sr @jpmorgan exec: "cant say our exposure to Greece is zero but its pretty close this isnt that big of a deal" more 215 @FoxBusiness
Retweeted by Neil CavutoTune into @FoxBusiness now for more "Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast." http://t.co/RlLtF7wyuGBanks across Greece and the nation’s stock market are closed. What this means for the U.S.:http://t.co/LTKocRvMCA http://t.co/mrabQ8M39w
Retweeted by Neil Cavuto#NYPD gives "all clear". Streets are opening back up in midtown Manhattan. http://t.co/zLsHqRie6B
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My take on Obamacare & government overreach. Retweet if you agree http://t.co/wr2Mwvz3YK #CavutoRudy Giuliani: @realDonaldTrump is the epitome of American success. http://t.co/7ua06PWDIa @FoxBusinessSen. @SteveDaines: I was hacked and want OPM’s chief fired. http://t.co/4VPkl29ZJ5 @FoxBusiness
James Foley’s friend and POW tells me Obama's new ransom rules a step in right direction. Watch: http://t.co/BLcMNu0iiL #CavutoWatch "Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast" weekdays on @FoxBusiness from 12-2PM ET!Art Laffer on "Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast" on @FoxBusiness: @RandPaul's tax plan is ‘spectacular.’ Do you agree? http://t.co/TZDs38TSClPunished GOP lawmaker @RepMarkMeadows recalled to chairmanship because of my show on @FoxBusiness? Watch here. http://t.co/DI7joHJnxb
EXCLUSIVE: After Confederate Flag dust up, Apple backtracks on banning Civil War game app. http://t.co/Jn9Ltom2bYBREAKING: Apple reinstates GameLabs Civil War game. Statement to FBN: Apple has restored our game to ios and mac store with no changesBREAKING: GameLabs tells @TeamCavuto/@FoxBusiness: "Battle of Gettysburg" has returned to Appstore the way it was... in 1863.BREAKING: GameLabs just told @TeamCavuto/@FoxBusiness Apple has reversed course on banning its Civil War game amid Confederate Flag dust up.Former Gambino crime family mobster Louis Ferrante on the two escaped inmates from a New York prison. http://t.co/jcaAdw9eOf @FoxBusinessFormer CIA Director James Woolsey on whether we will see more global ‘lone’ wolf terror attacks. http://t.co/VTc8PJYMD1 @FoxBusinessThe EPA disregarding the economy when imposing new regulations? Watch here. http://t.co/8e9MI7h2kN @FoxBusinessA second NY prison worker was arrested.. A Fmr. Gambino crime family member who paid off dozens of workers while in prison reacts. #CavutoBreaking: White House calls France terror attack "heinous"#SCOTUS upholds same-sex marriage. We'll be covering this from all angles including a look at the economic impact of this decision #Cavuto
The government is everywhere and that’s the way it is. http://t.co/Bzy9xv1sge @FoxBusinessThe government is everywhere and that’s the way it is. http://t.co/Bzy9xv1sge @FoxBusiness.@drginaloudon sounds off on Rep. Chaffetz’ reversed decision on Rep. Mark Meadows as subcommittee chairman. http://t.co/Fo1MxNYWP5Breaking: Rep. Chaffetz backtracks and will reinstates Rep. Meadows as a subcommittee chairmanThe Supreme Court upholds Obamacare subsidies. Do you think they got it right? Send me your thoughts. #Cavuto @FoxBusinessThe Supreme Court sides with Obamacare. Tune into #Cavuto on @FoxBusiness for breaking news coveragePresident Obama on #ObamaCare ruling: "We move forward, so today is a victory for hard-working Americans." http://t.co/U1guKeQlz5
Retweeted by Neil CavutoBREAKING: Obama reacts to #SCOTUS health care decision: Health care is not a privilege, it’s a right.
.@KennedyNation is hosting a Twitter chat right now! Get those questions in - use #AskKennedy.
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