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FWIW, Android 5.0 is an exponential improvement upon previous versions. It’s my favorite mobile OS, ever.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyApparently all the talk about a shortage of tech workers was just employers wanting cheaper, exploitable workers. http://t.co/7hAcDen5ZD
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly“A big chunk of the world's only superpower is a superstitious cultural backwater. How did that happen?” https://t.co/sALrMSjIik
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyCongress shouldn't ban @SEC_News from collecting #opendata from most public companies, says @DataCoalitionhttp://t.co/kX6q97OMTK Agree++@codinghorror Depends who asked! What did you have in mind? We usually don't ask unless we are looking for something specific.#Bitcoin for the Befuddled: @lisperati & Chris Wilmer discuss decentralized transactions, digital sigs + more Dec 3 http://t.co/G2YGmXQ6PhThe holiday is a good time to check out some of the new video training from @OReillyMedia http://t.co/OgFKfR49rJ@Chaos2Night @FeministPics I tend to think that it is the male brains that are perhaps deficient...
Speaking of @acroll, what a fabulous list of shortbits talks from bitnorth! http://t.co/12OLBSljcQJoin @timoreilly @acroll @ericries for the #LeanStartup conference Dec. 8-12 in San Francisco http://t.co/wUUf1kIpWJ
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyOrrin Hatch: We NEED that phone metadata on all Americans. Here's his explanaton. https://t.co/a1iYHBCrBx
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyWhich of course is a staggering number. RT @slashdot Complex Life May Be Possible In Only 10% of All Galaxies http://t.co/1KiT7UkgvV
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyIndustrial and interaction designers are working together to create the best services for the #InternetofThings. http://t.co/TcwH7qSESj #IoT
If the speech has to be this long THERE SHOULD BE A TRIAL
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly"A system cannot fail those it was never meant to protect" - W.E.B. Du Bois.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyBody cams on every cop. Demand them in your area. Turn your anger and grief into something useful.
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@thedowse Thanks. So glad you rediscovered that talk!I finally got around to reading @TimOReilly's famous essay "Government as a Platform" http://t.co/pFPXSRTJQC #MustRead #opengov #opendata
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyThis 2009 presentation by @timoreilly is still one of the best statements on generosity and social media #NDF2014 http://t.co/IZRjLkKMI5
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@thedowse Wow. Had totally forgotten that presentation! I'll have to update it and give it again!Completely floored by Ursula K. Le Guin’s spectacular National Book Award acceptance speech http://t.co/L4CpETl0sK
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly“There is no female mind. The brain is not an organ of sex. As well speak of a female liver” Charlotte Perkins Gilman http://t.co/eyYtdxvDNH
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyFuture of #Bitcoin: A Data-Driven Perspective -- Free @OReillyMedia Webcast Dec 3 w/ Kieren James-Lubin http://t.co/o0hS3GNaJ2
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyI love the availability barometer on the Spark Photon home page http://t.co/ye15zwHMob They are flying through their first mfg run!"It has to be fixed by men." https://t.co/RN2pX32zoE this. a thousand times, this.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyFascinating profile of John @edge Brockman and his role in bringing science into the cultural mainstream http://t.co/zUsKkFmNeHSan Diego's new Chief Data Officer is @MrMaksimize! Huge, congrats, Maksim! And congrats, SD! http://t.co/wb7m8HCJ7f
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyLast Call: #StrataHadoop World London 2015 CFPs are due at 11:59pm GMT tonight http://t.co/aTSsivFc1r
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyRT @SeanWritesCode: .@safari the new Queue app is boss. Good job guys! Offline reading, excellent design, fair price. #unlimitedknowledgeiPad: The Missing Manual, 7th ed. by one of the world's bestselling how-to authors, David Pogue @pogue http://t.co/LQsjgJbtKs
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyPeople say "this is a correction for the ages" and chortle a lot, but this one really was. A correction for the ages. http://t.co/DXv3r8chd6
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@jayrosen_nyu That is hilarious!!The fundamental building blocks of an commerce site, by Michael Anderson @safari https://t.co/Cq3Ym2siJF
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@mp3michael @triketora Yes, but illogical to assume that is the major determinant, in the face of overwhelming evidence it’s cultural@mp3michael @triketora Of course they are different. I just don’t believe those differences are germane to this discussion.
We talk a lot about the cost of a site being down. But not about the cost of a site being slow. Here it is... http://t.co/idNuSimeuS
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@Transformative That was my first Mac. So long ago, eh? How are you? What do you do now?My goodness, great to hear from you, @Transformative. Remember when you traded me a used mac for some work on Light Machines documentation?
@dontusethiscode I totally agree that @ProjectJupyter is empowering and wonderful!Why small scale CNC is a transformative technology http://t.co/uslAzfijAQ @dapplestone explains @othermill to the @TheEconomist@dontusethiscode You could, but I don't think it would be very useful.those folks @thepeerj are terrific. yesterday I mentioned I'm awaiting a decision on a paper; within hours I had an email update. fabulous.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyGood article about adaptive automation to keep our skills sharp http://t.co/P9nDYuCNpF Bad title though: "de-skilling" ≠ dumber. via @ahier@ahier @jamesoreilly We all got de-skilled at horseback riding when we started driving cars.@ahier @jamesoreilly I thought the article was good, but the title is bad. "De-skilling ≠ dumber."@mp3michael @triketora The fact that there is gender bias in many professions does not make it unnecessary to try to correct it in one's ownWhether you're a front-end engineer or not, front-end dev chops can come in handy. Learn more w/ our new video series http://t.co/AP6c91oBIKGood to learn about @triketora's quest to quantify the Silicon Valley gender gap http://t.co/1BqS8QGHLDGrace Hopper Celebration: Bridging the gap between women and engineering http://t.co/KZmxoGH0oo
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyA Book Is a Heart That Only Beats in the Chest of Another: Solnit on the Solitary Intimacy of Reading and Writing http://t.co/l8P5ZtsKC4
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly
Obama’s SEC waives sanctions against Bank of America in mortgage fraud case: http://t.co/O3D0qyxG1s
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyNew video: Garry @Kasparov63 with a powerful talk on why the West needs to use banks, not tanks, to confront Putin https://t.co/QTSt0z2KpU
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@pmnjk @val_green Realized Val's tweet wasn't clear. K-12 students, not university.#StrataHadoop session slides are available at http://t.co/nwuAJAM72m from speakers who have chosen to share them
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyEveryone tweeting about the map of SF human poop: not funny or gross, it's SAD. That's every time a PERSON didn't have access to a restroom.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyPennsylvania could save $600 million a year of taxpayer cash using this one simple trick that Wall Street hates http://t.co/hq0zFa2oQx
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@pmnjk @val_green All.RT @val_green: Every U.S. student can sign up for *unlimited free* access to O'Reilly Media books and videos http://t.co/qyAkIyip3UGlobal warming isn't real because I was cold today! Also great news: World hunger is over because I just ate.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyAntarctica from space. You don't see it a lot because you have to be in a specific polar orbit to get this view. http://t.co/lP6l0z9xil
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyKeynotes & interviews from #StrataHadoop Barcelona is up on YouTube http://t.co/lB3E8ZvZrV watch @timoreilly @skamille @aliciaasin + more
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyThe dirty secret #StrataHadoop http://t.co/5jIXJXXRpq
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillySo @strataconf London happens May 5-7. Got a talk to propose? You have until Monday to get it in here: http://t.co/9LYqRQMrFp
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly“We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings.” - Ursula LeGuin
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly
Every U.S. student can sign up for *unlimited free* access to O'Reilly Media books and videos via @timoreilly https://t.co/eDn3vOoYcv
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyMust watch #IoTH: The Internet of Things and Humans http://t.co/6FepugqfdQ @timoreilly #iot #InternetOfThings #internetofeverything
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@domainawareness You clearly have no knowledge of what @pahlkadot actually does or stands for.THE INTERCEPT: How Wall St Is Taking Over America's $3 Trillion Pension System & Nobody Seems to Be Noticing http://t.co/9ACRjfmvKe
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyKnow anybody looking for a free Thanksgiving meal in the US? Find it here: http://t.co/9CQWYq2yYJ. http://t.co/iUnq5K12XG
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyWas the explosion of biodiversity on Earth triggered by a global flood? Maybe the legend of Noah has it backwards. http://t.co/ETPdUN1jZI
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly.@mikeloukides knows I love @uber as a model for how to rethink services but makes the case that Uber is breaking bad http://t.co/K75NH8FmM7Free O'Reilly content for US K-12 students via @safari? Done: http://t.co/S6za65uj6k Proud to partner w/ConnectED & @OfficeofEdTech.#StrataHadoop Barcelona Attendee Reception Tonight 18:25 at Sponsor Pavilion http://t.co/IF5qUDEJFQ Mingle, grab a bite + see cool companies
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@euanwarobertson Yes. Will put slides up soon.Good design principles to follow according to @timoreilly http://t.co/BffNgqHLc7 #StrataHadoop #UK
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyTechnologies only really make a difference if we put them to work serving people. @timoreilly at #StrataHadoop http://t.co/oP5hUYhQOV
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@awadallah That quote (and that slide) is borrowed from @pahlkadot, which is why there's her picture beside it!@JonathanGarvey @strataconf @Version1Tweets Glad you enjoyed it.Yay! Great news! RT @ezraklein: Senate Republicans are getting ready to declare war on patent trolls: http://t.co/gPiVjsNi8p@JSpav So glad to hear that.Check out live streaming #StrataHadoop keynotes now, with @mikeolson @skamille @timoreilly Rod Smith/IBM et al http://t.co/WmlkqkfnU6
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly#StrataConf videos are being streamed live http://t.co/fvQrGgXWQu
“A Field Guide to the Distributed Development Stack” by @odewahn Rocks! http://t.co/AMLOYAqaIcWho paid more to CEOs than they did in federal taxes? Ford. Apple. Boeing. http://t.co/JDQemYCDIP
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyValues and Culture http://t.co/O77S2zrMLi
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyImpressed by ratio of female speakers at Data-Driven Business Day #stratahadoop Yes females do Big Data :-)
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyClever hack--put wireless routers on school buses, park them in neighborhoods to provide Internet access at night: http://t.co/uQUh3M6T3z
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyLearn from @timoreilly at the virtual hack.summit() supporting coding nonprofits.Visit http://t.co/O6rRGCUOyZ! http://t.co/549nZayeSK
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyRT @pahlkadot: Job Listings That Don't Alienate curated by @kissane. Well done. http://t.co/PIiydy3pzR@courtneynash @allspaw So cute!Missing #StrataHadoop Barcelona? Sign up at http://t.co/KK6Jbc8q6a & be notified when Complete Video Compilation is available @OReillyMedia
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly80% of time --> cleaning the data ... 20% of time --> complainng about this 80% ... humour at #StrataHadoop
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly'LittleBits' new smart home kit lets you hack together your own solutions http://t.co/4DhawqAmrM' THIS vs 'Content is king'. Miles apart.
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@timoreilly "For me, the flam de cafe." The owner of el Trull explains the dessert menu! We prefer Flam de Formatge http://t.co/HxAku34lJQAre you ready for #StrataHadoop Barcelona 2014? Here's a sneak peek of the view from the Sponsor Pavilion. http://t.co/Rz5NqvBMgF
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly@timoreilly And indeed Mongetes seques amb botifarra a la brassa was brilliant!Passionate chef/owner speaking broken English, Catalan pride promises great food! (@ El Trull d'en Baserba) https://t.co/zZ0GaUuAOP
A worm's mind in a lego body http://t.co/wHnK6eM4v0 DNA the path to AI?Big data: 8 ideas to watch http://t.co/KnIKGLBSjv Part of a series explaining the tech issues we're covering @OReillyMedia @radar @safariThe saddest thing is that so many Americans don't seem to see this as wrong http://t.co/2yTRCbGobt Texas teens need permission to read
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