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Uninvited Interlocutor: I am the QUANTUMINSERT, you are the FOXACID. Philosophy is practicing for death.

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#FearPimping for the security state. @BBCBreaking
How to remove a dent from wood, using water and an iron. http://t.co/whvrgaeRyC http://t.co/DIozY9cBBJ
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorGlobal warming isn't real because I was cold today! Also great news: World hunger is over because I just ate.
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Safe to say Canada has the most simultaneously evil and buffoonish government on the planet. Its like a parody of the Bush administration.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorGreat essay by @rezaaslan on the ideological roots of New Atheism: http://t.co/ufkZjQWAOr
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Hilarious! Ex-GCHQ chief abruptly & angrily cuts off adversarial interview, claiming he has to "run for a train" https://t.co/Ib4NJcOQqD
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@headhntr Holmes and YOYO: http://t.co/I68Kzni2cH@bendepear @paulmasonnews What, no haystack metaphor?"You're making a huge mountain out of a molehill" says Sir David Omand of #c4news GCHQ claims before walking off air http://t.co/4t0xqZAIwN
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorGreat piece by @paulmasonnews on #c4news right now about GCHQ mass surveillance. #HiGCHQ #HiNSASpy cable revealed: how telecoms firm worked with GCHQ http://t.co/qNVmFRmxeh #c4news EXCLUSIVE
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorSpy cable revealed: how telecoms firm worked with GCHQ. http://t.co/lGqYJzfRFx
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@BillBailey Andy Murray there in solidarity.@GlobalDrugSurvy @Release_drugs @Talkingdrugs Yes, the crux of the matter, I think. Article written before the research, so lacks focus.@GlobalDrugSurvy @Release_drugs @Talkingdrugs Fair enough, but the additional content lacks focus. Not definitive. Just vague "maybes."@GlobalDrugSurvy @Release_drugs @Talkingdrugs No, it can't be serious. I'll answer: you get more non-psychoactive food -- order pizza, etc.@GlobalDrugSurvy @Release_drugs @Talkingdrugs Sure, but don't need 1000 words to say so.@GlobalDrugSurvy @Release_drugs @Talkingdrugs Not unconvinced so much as unclear. Article can be summed up as "be careful w/ concentrates."@GlobalDrugSurvy @Release_drugs @Talkingdrugs Sorry, it didn't strike me as an intentional attempt at humour--comes across as serious point.@GlobalDrugSurvy @Release_drugs @Talkingdrugs And the bit about edibles is risible. "What if your only munchies are more edibles?"@GlobalDrugSurvy @Release_drugs @Talkingdrugs Sorry, that's as meandering and unfocused as the article.@Release_drugs @Talkingdrugs @GlobalDrugSurvy Hard to find the thesis there -- and, "Really who ever has only one piece of chocolate?" Huh?Everyone who aspired to write the greatest headline ever can give up now. http://t.co/LNsIQorxHH
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor.@BoingBoing @Glinner "I didn't know you could use all your hands."Our most-watched video today: Grandmas smoking weed for the first time. http://t.co/aJr70ldYH6 #420 http://t.co/JIrwrvjpTv
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@StephenMangan @sturdyAlex The horror... the horror...
@Glinner @alcook82 @danthat And don't forget security state/mass surveillance -- "snooper's charter" was first floated by labour.Headline of the fucking decade http://t.co/mJgJt2Y2xz
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorWow!! Completely snowed in! This from @GregPollak! Guess you go out the 2nd story? http://t.co/bEav7U5Dr7
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The #Philae lander just found organic molecules on the comet http://t.co/lvrklKEhmq http://t.co/4FViUsrSoc
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorHow does the obvious stupidity of this not embarrass people? RT @RepHartzler Global warming strikes America! Brrrr!
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorWatched my first Transformers film on the flight home. Visual equivalent of an enema of partially dissolved Gummi Bears.
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@theharryshearer "First you get the syrup..." Canada has a maple syrup cartel -- got that shit locked down: http://t.co/1LpOny33r1searching for people who think cologne is spelled colon is my favorite thing to do http://t.co/hp9j3eLP23
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@Glinner @DazedMagazine I'm sensing a new Kevin Bacon/John Lithgow movie in this.Tax fraud is 15 times greater than benefit fraud yet the media give benefit fraud 600% more coverage via @simonjduffy http://t.co/YHz9IewCfv
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorThe remarkable Singapore 'Supertrees' http://t.co/FSb6ghQWes
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This is why Edward Snowden risked life and liberty. http://t.co/FNhj7mIi8a https://t.co/c7f4hynSZm via @RecentApp http://t.co/PED4veBpWw
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorWhich reminds me of this! Arsenal of poison hidden inside a book c.1600. Beware of arsenic. http://t.co/hkRo6k7agt
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor.@ggreenwald Holy hell, the gummy bears have become radicalized!All thanks to Snowden. He achieved in a year of sacrifice what our entire crypto community could not do in 2 decades: change attitudes!
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorTectonic Shift: IAB announces all Internet protocols SHOULD be encrypted https://t.co/xts4CV8z9I
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#WeCanLandOnACometButWeCant land on a comet without bouncing 3 times, falling over and coming to rest cloaked in the shadow of a cliff.
Brilliant visual of how much public space we cede to cars http://t.co/2fE0GNWlwK ht @mikefarrell
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@JohnnyVegasReal Ah, the Homer Simpson treatment. Did you get one of these, too?: http://t.co/uDvEjh05Ad@jayrosen_nyu @dealbook A North American equivalent might be "doofus."@KevinSabet @niamhrelease @Release_drugs But what of the gummy bears? Oh, won't someone think of the gummy bears?!
Awesome. RT @dcas1978: A bit of scale, for all of us nerds and geeks following the #CometLanding http://t.co/pydmLBFiVD
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorThis Is What Happens When No One Proofreads an Academic Paper http://t.co/jvnxjEDfYF http://t.co/iSF5Fq9S43
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@Glinner ...and GCHQ has got it all, anyway. #HiGCHQ #HiNSA
@illegal_nature @NORMLCanada And also illustrates why it (mostly) isn't -- that would be a 50% cut in a lot of agency budgets.@JamesRisen War weariness is now a thing of the past -- distracting glowing rectangles + censorship + propaganda = Forever War.Legendary Talk Show Host Phil Donahue on the Silencing of Antiwar Voices in the U.S. Media http://t.co/TP6IdK0Fcp http://t.co/8aANqb8qS7
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorWhat Happened to the Humanitarians Who Wanted to Save Libyans With Bombs and Drones? http://t.co/eR2PGJata7 by @ggreenwald and @MazMHussain
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@the_intercept @ggreenwald @MazMHussain Needs an edit: "...both government and the commentariat seemed to completely forgot that..." *forget@LukeWhiston @StephenMangan @blackfishmovie That's a whale. And the movie is not really "Free Willy" or "Flipper," either.One awkward thing about endless war is you have to keep putting off that parade you promised. http://t.co/dr03gpCtwI
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Sweden has provided one of the most epic burns in diplomatic history. It first formally recognised Palestine. Then: http://t.co/CxCgsy656Z
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@theharryshearer The Forever War™@Glinner @PhilFlanagan And there's this, too: http://t.co/uHmm2D5LAQ
@frankieboyle @JJ_Bola It's explained here: http://t.co/wm7268GbAc@martinbeckford @Glinner I'd bet money there's a bad pun somewhere in the text.Veteran Tory MP calls for cannabis to be legalised - so local paper Photoshops a rasta hat on him http://t.co/AOePtQO1WF
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorI can't be bothered reading stuff I've consciously not bothered to follow. I think that's Twitter over then, to be honest.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@frankieboyle The whole point of @twitter was that you curate your own feed -- you are the filter. They are destroying its essence.@frankieboyle Not me yet, but @twitter has said they are moving to "algorithmic feeds" -- they give you content they "think" you would like.
"It’s now clear the spy agencies have been eavesdropping on lawyer-client conversations for years" http://t.co/hxg7HMytJ2
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@mrmarksteel Warwick University is there -- oddly strong Philosophy department in Continental Philosophy for a British University.The military–industrial complex is a profoundly cynical enterprise: https://t.co/cTce3HqatV http://t.co/82nRUl00W3
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorMotherfuckers. GCHQ finally admit they are spying on privileged lawyer-client conversations. http://t.co/IPP3RpDzGS
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@ricky_red_manc @Glinner About to be a twat: "don't want to be a twat, but..."@Release_drugs But the government says that the current system of prohibition is working. Wonder why new #NPS keep popping up...Canada's politicians are abusing drug policy. Make sure they get help http://t.co/IJUj0PcKXB … support @CANdrugpolicy campaign. Share widely
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorHAHAHAHAHA! Media culture is now officially insane --> EATEN ALIVE TEASE: http://t.co/7RQ8oJNEIB.@KayBurley @inductivestep And what does it say about someone who uses (spins) that same alleged assault in order to smear an entire group?@KayBurley @relativelybrief Are you really supposed to be a journalist? Is that what you think you are? You argue like a child.
So, the dude who wrote this book is the next head of the Senate's environmental committee. http://t.co/Rnz9LptWAt http://t.co/99zpi1XL4v
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorBLOG: New #GCHQ Director's audacity is astonishing, but it's his underlying demands that are truly chilling https://t.co/e3q2YUNsBp #privacy
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@SiHawkins @markthomasinfo Think that should be "RIPA" (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act) -- not "ripper."#FearPimping Boo! RT @CP24 Terror threat or attack 'likely' within next 12 months, Norway authorities say http://t.co/7BG8kDGqWGRT @RTTV_UK: UN to investigate #GCHQ, MI5 spying on foreign delegates at climate summit talks http://t.co/6MDC5Bstup http://t.co/Wo81C1u3c2
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@TomCLloyd @KevinSabet Not sure how he managed to be thought credible on the subject in the first place -- he just spouts rhetoric.ALASAKA joins Oregon and DC in legalising and regulating cannabis!! CLEAN SWEEP OF VICTORIES FOR REGULATION BALLOTS!
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorPost-apocalyptic Toronto is a beautiful place (at least, as imagined by these three artists) http://t.co/L0T0SiG3vi http://t.co/gvEknOfJX6
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@TransformDrugs @KevinSabet Haha, he can't admit the argument is better or it's the true will of the people, so it has to be "bought."
The Dirty Fucking Hippies Were Right (original version): http://t.co/47uo2WdQmV@GreatDismal It's hermetically sealed tubes all the way down.He told the Barista that his name was Marc with a "c"... http://t.co/W63d3xmL46
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@Glinner Have you seen the @theculturehigh yet? Another great documentary from the makers of The Union: https://t.co/VWoNJHfvq8
Meet the new fear pimp -- same as the old fear pimp. http://t.co/VLcepKZ7yQ@Glinner Great graphic illustrating online snooping: https://t.co/hiZnfmb4pZBrilliant http://t.co/WnBcPEANpL
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor@frankieboyle Ah, the bliss of being The Omega Man: http://t.co/DCoIOOAFWP@IndyVoices @Glinner ARRRRGH! Didn't get beyond the title--> "Politicians’ actions speak louder then words on a 'feminist' T-shirt" *thanBRING ME SCHRÖDINGER’S HEAD http://t.co/agpPXb3lvt
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I've come to realize that the thing about those Harvey Keitel insurance ads is that I feel sorry for Winston Wolf -- not Harvey.@frankieboyle Working in the service industry for a couple of months teaches that same lesson.
@Glinner No, no, no, no... http://t.co/t9uGKXNSwnSony has a terrifying patent on making viewers yell product names out loud to end TV ads http://t.co/abgiAFxb69 http://t.co/uO8Umlz6dx
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorWhat a cyber criminal looks like http://t.co/H4klGZJq2S http://t.co/T7jvSl1vVa
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