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adams madams @adamsmadams Vegas & Southern California

Concert fanatic • Living the Vegas life. It's all about Adam Lambert

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Back to the grind at work :(@BUSYBEE8 Thanks, Ha ha
Congrats @HilaryDuff #Sparks debuted on #MMR tonight @AdamLambert still #1 Check out the top 5 and vote! http://t.co/FpmeYmSVoW
Retweeted by adams madams@MRSLAMBERTLUST Thanks, I'm having fun :)Hard day at the office today :) http://t.co/fli874WM2xOff to my autograph session, thanks to @CrisJanLim No dolphins were hurt at the shoot, ha ha http://t.co/wCqyoVnL3O
@Cali2KC Me too, 1st time seeing these pix 0_o @RabbitholeGirl @glitzyglambert@embracethecray I don't know but took some Benadryl & it went away :)@Mix941 @JadeOnAir Congrats :)Bartendar accidentally sprayed me with Bloody mix & apparently my skin didn't like it, total allergic reaction whole chest, arms & face :(.@adamlambert was #1 on #MMR tonight w/ @JadeOnAir! @HilaryDuff was a close call!!!! Check out the results & vote! http://t.co/LgWWGFGciu
Retweeted by adams madamsI swear, one of these days I'm gonna forget my booty shorts for my "work costume" #awkwardmomentToday is my Friday at one job & than a fun gig tomorrow, so ready for a night outWake up, turn on @VH1Music & there's @adamlambert :)
Love when I get foreign objects in my food @tacobell • luckily I didn't swallow it http://t.co/6S0hZG8L9E
Had tix to Billboard Awards but I have to work, Damn this job@Morgan_Dancer Plus I could order same thing at restaurant & prob only b $50, makes no senseHate when my friends plan events that r so overpriced, $130 for a dinner & drinks, Please!!!@316pisces Oh darn, would've been cool if here
@LIBlondMom Is he, don't know, but cool if it's here in Vegas 1st :) @316pisces@316pisces a casino off the strip@316pisces Oh yeah, I bet it's here, I will bring my stalking clothes to work tomorrow, ha ha@Cali2KC Awesome pix, isn't Omnia amazing, that chandelier is crazy@Cali2KC Really, what were u doing hereWonder if Adam is coming to Vegas for Billboard
@tinydolly Nice! U guys should come visit me, so bored at work, ha ha @shadylady1031.@adamlambert returned to #1 on #MMR tonight w/ @JadeOnAir + @edsheeran debuted at #5 Check out the results & vote http://t.co/32ELkgCIvc
Retweeted by adams madamsMy roomie keeps leaving house & not closing garage, pissing me off & not funny@Morgan_Dancer Not fun at all, ha haDarn, I'm way behind on my union dues, Errr
@bridgettehenne1 I found it :)@outlawbooster OK, I will try again, thanxI can't seem to access the song on my iPhone, or am I doing something wrong@LoriAndJava Just looked up, it's not til Jan :( Not sure my next trip@LoriAndJava She'd be good in concert for sureTokio Hotel is gonna be in Vegas in Aug, think I'm gonna have to check them outOne day off & our cable & internet are out, Errr
@tinydolly They didn't play it all, just beginning@adamsmadams: Listening to cool @adamlambert #GhostTown Remix on @1043NOW
@tinydolly Yay!@HannaBec Yeah, still coughing a little but way better :)So bored and restless, can't wait for a night out :)Lets get @adamlambert #GhostTown to #1 tonite @Mix941 #MMR Stream it live at @Radiodotcom at 8pm • Vote: http://t.co/a945uSW9CjVote for @adamlambert #GhostTown tonight on @Mix941 #MMR last night he missed #1 by 5 votes 👻 http://t.co/vAW5KbMNtB
Retweeted by adams madams
Yay, @adamlambert #Ghosttown starts at #2 this week on @Mix941 #MMRWho will start the week at #1 on #MMR tonight w/ @JadeOnAir ?! @AdamLambert or @BritneySpears GO VOTE! http://t.co/TpzXW4tmnE
Retweeted by adams madams
@AlliCrain Yeah I guess, this job has gotten me sick too many timesGod I hate my job, they just told me I now have to work on Wednesday & I was planning on going to Journey concert@AlliCrain a little but still so exhaustedAnother 8 hour shift, then no alarms just pure sleep :)
@316pisces No my regular gig :(@Rebecca0313 That's a pretty sweet gift :)@BUSYBEE8 Think I'm allergic to this place, started having a coughing attack once I walked in, ha h@BUSYBEE8 Yeah a lot better but still out of it but had to workOff to work, let's see how I do@AlliCrain Right, be awesome if they gift it to me after but not holding breath@Morgan_Dancer Water tank is slim & in the back, pretty sweet :)@Morgan_Dancer that's for milk, but I didn't have anyThis awesome Nespresso machine got sent to my house yesterday, get to use for awhile :) http://t.co/FQQyBKexhi
Close race tonight for #MMR but it was @AdamLambert #GhostTown who grabbed the #1 spot! Check out the top 5 & vote! http://t.co/TpzXW4tmnE
Retweeted by adams madamsYESSSS!!!! @adamlambert #GhostTown is #1 tonight on @Mix941 #MMR 👻👻👻
Retweeted by adams madamsVote for @adamlambert #GhostTown on @Mix941 #MMR Last night he lost the #1 spot by TWO votes!!! http://t.co/uLGy4vde73
Retweeted by adams madamsThink I'm feeling a bit better :)Alright, gonna try & venture out of the house & run an errandTrying to move around today, still tough, hard time getting up and down stairs, WTH@BUSYBEE8 I don't know, now feel like major cold symptoms, body hurts from coughing so much :(
@OneTwoDoseyDoe Me neither & it beat out Adam. So gotta vote to keep him #1That was a close race! It came down to TWO votes for #MMR but.... @BritneySpears @IGGYAZALEA #PrettyGirls was #1 http://t.co/VFQNlJLTKC
Retweeted by adams madamsYour Top 5 songs #MMR is coming up at 8! Will @AdamLambert #GhostTown make it two nights in a row at #1? Go Vote! http://t.co/lIsdvdUyv5
Retweeted by adams madams@susansporran Yeah, that's all I have been eating last 3 days. Me too but I don't feel like I'm getting better :(Yay, my roomie brought me soup from @CafeZupas Yummm@adamlambert Are you gonna be at the Billboard awards?@HannaBec Oh no, me too, I think I had as a child@BUSYBEE8 They didn't give def answer, possibly Strept. But I can barely move, so fatigued & so not likeCan't believe how sick I am, I swear I'm never getting better & my work is not gonna be happy@Isolde_13 I did, went to urgent care & Z-pak
Took some sleepy pills, really hope I can sleep tonite, my body is just so sore & burning up, ughh@adamlambert #GhostTown made it to #1 on Vegas' @Mix941 #MMR, Whoop! Playing now@Isolde_13 I think Strept@Rebecca0313 Thanx, u know ur bad when u actually gotta go to Dr :(@timesmasher Thanx, Yeah, totally & over exerted myself at work last nite.@OriginalMomDuck Yep, been trying, OJ & waterGot sent home from gig cause they don't want me to get peeps sick, now gonna go to walk-in clinicGreat interview @Adamlambert Vegas luvs USux I will be a little delayed but Yay AdamGotta walk into gig, gonna stream @adamlambert live interview on @Radiodotcom @Mix941I should really be at a doctor, not going to a work gig, Dying!Would've been awesome if Adam was actually here in Vegas :)In less than an hour, @AdamLambert will be calling in to tell us about his new single #Ghosttown!
Retweeted by adams madamsRemember, today at 7:30 @AdamLambert will be coming on the show to talk about his new single #Ghosttown!
Retweeted by adams madamsJust took my temperature & I hit the 100 degree mark :(Dont know how I got through my shift, totally sick, pretty busy, modeling new uniforms for owner, ughh! Shoot meEating soup while taking a bath, that's normal, right?
@AlliCrain Thanks, can barely move but gonna try & go into work for a bit today so I don't get in trouble :(@Mix941 Assuming @adamlambert will be a phone interview cause if he's in studio, I need to call in sick, ha ha @MercedesInTheAMTomorrow morning at 7:30, @AdamLambert will be on @MercedesInTheAM to talk about his new single #Ghosttown!
Retweeted by adams madamsReally want to call in sick today but sux we are so short staffed :(It's official my flowers have left the building... My piece of Presley has died http://t.co/jeLtBPimPy
Ghost Town fell 2 #4, keep voting 2 keep on @Mix941 Vegas. They play top 5 at 8pm each nite & U can steam it • http://t.co/ycXnDvN18n@timesmasher Thank U, hoping it's not too serious
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