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Jane McGonigal @avantgame San Francisco

I make and play games. My New York Times bestselling book is Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World http://t.co/uGdztwUw

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Unreal Engine 4 Is Now Free for All Budding Game Developers!! http://t.co/XiZUsOb1ryI interviewed literary agent Chris Parris-Lamb for the new issue of @GuernicaMag https://t.co/iV7VwRJUvk
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@syntactics @syrrann sold!!! πŸ˜„@laurenhardgrove @kellymcgonigal aww thanks!!! πŸ‘―β˜ΊοΈHow Video Games Can Help You In A Job Hunt http://t.co/AzdzcNVaaU via @aoljobsWant a http://t.co/X5mtQE7ncz poster? Here's the *correct* promo link for free shipping: http://t.co/IAb7qXtQwI Yay! http://t.co/NoaL9jawO9
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalI'm giving lecture #3 this Thursday to MIT Media Lab: "Change Your Environment, Change Your Life" http://t.co/yA2cwdOunr
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@garethk oh no! feel better soon.@ana_may @littledeath303 :)baby goats taking over the world http://t.co/gZsxFdnWdd
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalDid anyone out there know that peppermint tea makes you sweat??? I did not but now that explains a lot!!! 😳😰😰😰😰
Just released 40 more tabletop game icons to Creative Commons, thanks to my Patreon patrons! https://t.co/otmqUo2vcg http://t.co/QpKR9njeC4
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@Ipiuoiodutevi where???!@SusannahJ808 interesting idea!. @LKwilos the art direction I proposed for the cover was that it should look like an in-game power-up, radiating secret powers + benefits!@gamemarketing thank you!! :) hope you find lots of power-ups today :)@amyjokim 9/15/15! :)reading this article, nodding along, "I totally agree!" then I got to this part, what?!LOL/yay http://t.co/8KQgThxIhx http://t.co/j4huEyNhZNFollow @penguinpress & one of the next 500 followers will win! Thanks to @avantgame for the game design tweak http://t.co/4N2NuH7bEv
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@mbanzon 😊😊😊😊@NollaigMul aww thanks!!@DebbieBBurns thank you!!! πŸ˜„@playtocinama that's pretty badass :)@amyjokim thank you!!! That's definitely what I'm hoping for... :)@gp2k hee hee!!This is my new book cover! Is it #whiteandgold or #blackandblue? :) http://t.co/hTthFpWeDO
@penguinpress game design tweak: one of the next 500 followers will win... Otherwise no incentive to follow until it's at 59,999 e.g. :)@thebethlee @avantgame Hey Beth: This is an awesome description of resiliance. Could I use this and acknowledge your son?
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@thebethlee I love it!!@avantgame Jane, my son is learning about metaphors and he wrote this. I thiught you would enjoy it ;) http://t.co/WYcXzy3ApI
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalAttn #ir16 RT @BuzzFeed: There is active llama chase in Arizona Livestream: http://t.co/Z07FaG4dsa http://t.co/8mDhi8tpGn
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalWant to Change the World? Start Your Day by Making Your Bed (this is a very #SuperBetter philosophy!) http://t.co/9GX1dYiB42 via @99u
@meilufay you look amazing and that looks liek@a fun trip!@MetaGrrrl love a tweet like that!
@moids should we avoid that that then?!?!? 😳The #SuperBetter Penn study for depression study has been peer reviewed and the paper is out! http://t.co/JV8PBO8fRM@steveschueller @SuperBetterLabs @SuperBetter our paper is out!!! :)@JessicaChobot @Shazam I discovered this song 2 days ago and hated it the first time i heard it and ADORED it the second time lol :)Patients often don't do the right thing. Playful Design increases engagement, adherence: http://t.co/psVTgNQdiQ http://t.co/73dTtKqq6K
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@Snozell YES? :)@ShadowQuill YAY! :)Did you know you can pre-order my new book SUPERBETTER now?! YOU TOTALLY CAN!!! It's powered by the science of games. http://t.co/W4anyAroLP@dine_and_dash once they come home I think I will be limited to push-ups and jogging in place by the cribs :)@dine_and_dash I borrowed your mantra today while I was trying to "push it" up a hill :) trying to get some exercise while babies in NICU!@batuwarrior It will be on air next month I think?? :) it hasn't aired yet. hope to be home and see you guys soon xoxo@PreFrontalBlog awesome!
Great post! RT @AptitudeAbility "Gamer Teens - The Good, The Bad, and Keeping Balance" http://t.co/zceamxTVYO cc @avantgame #TEDx
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@PreFrontalBlog that looks awesome!! Congratulations@avantgame I think the #SuperBetter crowd will like my new book on the neuroscience of depression http://t.co/3x8aDd5kOE #TheUpwardSpiral
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@dine_and_dash what was your mantra?@dine_and_dash well done!!!!!!@drulinna @kiyash twin girls born 3 weeks ago :)I'm hoping I don't have too bad a case of baby brain that I can't remember any interesting facts or stories :) http://t.co/1hLfR8I0sKIn the studio today for an NPR / TED hour interview! Hope to share some news from #SuperBetter research :) http://t.co/QtudKybWjJ
Kanye West is working on a video game inspired by 'Only One' http://t.co/ZkvTO7AFpo via @EW
@THEmikenunez http://t.co/W8acRwQk5K!Down and dirty fairy tales: How this rediscovered stash of darker-than-Grimm stories destroys Prince Charming myths http://t.co/auaus31guC@MovieGuyMike thank you!! πŸͺI've probably watched this 400 times now https://t.co/OMZEtPqbtn
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal"I told you both of us could fit." "I fucking hate you right now." http://t.co/99sJkRhpy2
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalThe puzzling rise of the real-world escape room games... http://t.co/jQQw3Ltjmrboard game fans: Settlers of Catan Is Going to Be a Movie or TV Show! http://t.co/8nsilxQ8sy via @vulture
Any designers looking for a job in SF? Like video games, too? Talk to me.
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalfriendly seal cuddles with dog http://t.co/0yb4iUTITU
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalWe can't stop watching this magnetic silly putty eating a magnet http://t.co/UMczvQCp6c http://t.co/RHOy2naIcZ
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@davehogg wow!!!!@DavidAntognoli @ItsJustGinaRose @TEDTalks it is free on http://t.co/gJ0zFlRnME! 😊TONIGHT DIES THE MOON IS LIVE NOW, PLAY IT AND 14 OTHER GREAT GOLDEN AGE SCI-FI GAMES HERE: http://t.co/bWZ2Hf3tSw http://t.co/KTmvDq5Knp
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalDon’t Try to Break a Bad Habit β€” Start a New, Better One Instead http://t.co/7ZHitnL5Im via @thescienceofusI need March playtesters for #ALaKart, the madcap tactical kart driving card game! Details: http://t.co/QBPd0LSIiQ http://t.co/nmwBXcScTc
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@flantz clearly a chapter in the same disseration. :)I really hope someone in performances studies is doing their PhD on this: http://t.co/QPcsVfSlQQyay! "A photorealistic AR gaming experience that transforms YOUR home into a terrifying, unfamiliar hellscape" https://t.co/gLWprCMz6BTo be clearer, I'm looking for places you can talk to other people tackling the same challenge you are. Peer conversation, discussion etcI'm collecting resources! Do you have a favorite community online (forums, Facebook group, etc) related to health, illness, wellness?@makeupregistry they'll have an 8 week NICU stay in the hospital but they are getting bigger and stronger every day!@finnarne @Harkaway that's SUCH a fever dream!! I've had similar.@MylesNye will be in NICU another month possibly@MylesNye both over four lbs as of today!!!@MylesNye loooooove that show.@GIRLEMPOWER thank you!!!!!! We are thrilled and terrified :)I signed up to write the article before the twins were 9 weeks premature, so I'm feeling \o/ awesome \o/ that I managed to write it anyway!Very happy! just finished an article on the future of games for the Wall Street Journal :)@SarahFWilliams @jaltucher @jack @tferriss @tonyhsieh @JillianMichaels @ThisIsSethsBlog @PatFlynn @AliBrown @garyvee what great company! :)Classic Talk : 'How I Got My Mom to Play Through Plants vs. Zombies' by George Fan http://t.co/70EhuHSZT7 #gamedev #gamedesign
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Think you can outrun a tiger? Give it a shot: http://t.co/5MFGVyfPdQ http://t.co/7wF0IwvvM7
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalthey grow up so fast http://t.co/7kmTFdEvh1
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalArtifact from the Future: EZ LIFT personalization of #health #design http://t.co/Ev1L3MvJlc http://t.co/b0WNGeCkjl
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Just finished an advance copy of The Flicker Men by @tkosmatka. You are all going to want to read it. http://t.co/61TyFQpoaSProzac doesn't work the way you think it does: http://t.co/MfESNgYDTL (new report, but I've heard this argument for 10+ years)
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@anildash they did last year...@GIRLEMPOWER it's such a fabulous idea πŸ˜‹Thunder Bay now holds title to the world's biggest snow maze. Full story here: http://t.co/iwB7sEMFty http://t.co/TGZEZcJiNn
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalHas anyone made french toast with melted ice cream batter? It's basically a custard, right? I'm looking at YOU @cheapblueguitar!
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@avantgame have a look under the bed if he left some shoes for you!
Retweeted by Jane McGonigal@JessikaWeber omg I wish :) :) :)I cannot explain further but I am sleeping in a bed that Christian Louboutin slept in a few weeks ago. This makes us #SolematesAt the NYPL looking at the book I helped write with 499 others during Find the Future by @avantgame http://t.co/q1DOz3qjus
Retweeted by Jane McGonigalEpic win faces!! Love it! #gamification http://t.co/J6MuES5RQW @avantgame
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@houseofcoates @tomcoates on tough says somehow I find your house temperature tweets very calming and reassuring :)
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