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I work at @BrewPR, I love cheese & I am a supporter of @charitywater. For more: http://t.co/n3Sn7vx4w0

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@benparr @rbilton @rafat @pkafka my cat who ate the turkey video is something people will want to click on too. #media #toosoon@emilgh think about this.@emilgh December 2015.Hard to get a guy to talk about the future? Cover yourself w/ screens streaming new Star Wars trailer coming out in 13 months. #future
Just a normal Thanksgiving dinner @brooke @roystonlangdon 🐔 @ west 10th http://t.co/Zm7CBwk7m9
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Hey @Mariobatali thanks for answering #Thanksgiving questions but can u like just come & cook my meal? Kthanksbye. #HeyMBpilgrim
Best line -> "Netflix thinks “such benefits may have included, among other things, stock and/or gift cards." http://t.co/iHCKhA6CjBPass the word! 'These Apps Save Lives. 100% of proceeds go to @RED to fight AIDS. #AppsforRED only on @AppStorehttp://t.co/uA8VVPDePa'
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingSpotify is a Booming Billion Dollar business by @pkafka http://t.co/IXcw8l2LxfForget your keys? There's an app for that http://t.co/5yK3mV7zT2 via @verge cc @augustsmartlock
These rad (RED) Apps can Save Lives. 100% of proceeds go to @RED to fight AIDS. #AppsforRED only on @AppStore: http://t.co/GeUpF23pYB
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingKano's kit computer aims to get kids coding http://t.co/n8wa2YsKlY via @usatoday@nitashatiku @WillKane @ratterofficial woo boy.@brianshall I own a wrangler so I'm ok with this. :)@MikeIsaac YET non surprising. SAD.@alexia @ryan @ryanlawler he shld be by definition even before this dinner.@alexia thank you for that. I can never UNSEE that.The Sound of Sweden-> I mean think about it. It IS actually a phenomenon. http://t.co/FPVEbUqjot via @newyorkerThese are the top 10 gadgets of 2014 http://t.co/p0o7Ks8HpM via @Techland (guys, @smartthings is #2!)@tomlebree @carr2n Indeed.Calling Out Bill Cosby’s Media Enablers, Including Myself http://t.co/DLzHNebIrU --> Pretty powerful read by the extraordinary @carr2nWhat's better than the front page of @USATODAY to showcase @RED taking over @AppStore. Congratulations all. Amazing. http://t.co/1ctr7iwO0ZGO TO THE @APPSTORE NOW! INC(RED)IBLE: These Apps Save Lives. 100% of proceeds go to @RED to fight AIDS. #AppsforRED http://t.co/AG5jf8i3JlPerhaps the greatest compliment I have ever received came this morning from a client - "@BrewPR is a perfect orchestra" #humbled #bestteam@SCsupport @brookexcandy then please suggest to her that she does. As she's missing all her fan interaction!
@alexanderljung @weberaraujocf @SoundCloud @SCsupport appreciate it. I get hundreds of tweets for her all from you guys.@weberaraujocf totally a @SoundCloud issue I know. Happens all the time. Cc @alexanderljung@weberaraujocf wrong Brooke babe.The New York Times apologizes for quoting fake Daily Currant article about real @kimkardashian http://t.co/nUuVuxKPQb
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Just like @BoyGeorge, I too listen to @SPACEHOG before going out on the town. #ResidentAlien http://t.co/65ykDaxKenStart-up stories don't get better than having @ronlieber questioning why institutions WOULDN'T be using it. http://t.co/rmOxAd3FyBThis pretty much sums up what I think of politicians perfectly. The baby's face is incredible. #NewYorkTimes http://t.co/1tFLUNObmv
A warm drink on a cold night with @brooke http://t.co/ZsCTQaAQtH
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingPerfume Genius, The Lemonheds, Bee Gees, Bowie's latest as well as Henry Purcell, X-Ray Specs and many more. Happy … http://t.co/Je2C7QEK67
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10 successful women share how they've mastered the art of meaningful networking. http://t.co/89UzsJZOap -> Love this very much. #Spotify
@sethyny @BrewPR @NewYorkObserver thanks. Yeah we were too. Sent a note to their editors. No response. But they don't really get tech so....SO happy the ladies of Brew were at our party!! cc @brooke @DenaCook @OutCastAgency #outcastnyc http://t.co/LPDTPwz8nj
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@caro @trueX trying to get Potato to do this.This is literally an AFTER-SCHOOL SPECIAL. http://t.co/7iSVR4P0wc@mat HI JOEBROWN@beninato funny.@benlower @alex in the tech world many have held onto that as a definition whether it is right or now.@alex agree it is silly but that's how tech companies have traditionally defined it. I think it needs a change!@alex though technically a start-up until acquired or it IPOs. Antiquated definition I think!This interactive gift guide from the @WSJ tech team is on point (& featuring @AugustSmartLock :)) http://t.co/v1hS1lNOjj
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingI would basically do anything to come back as this little girl. She's incredible. http://t.co/83bI5OmFVM
I feel violated as an English major who can't do math. RT @MikeIsaac: impressive h8 mail from a loyal reader http://t.co/0kcwWBsO7S@MikeIsaac god bless his PR team.@dawallach @Sia I AM AN ACTIVE OBSERVER! Very cool.@dawallach @Sia a golf documentary?@PeterHimler @ajs issues are: nothing really is off the record. Also don't have booze at event like that. Also KNOW your audience.Microsoft AND Oracle Are Now More Valuable Than IBM #THISISBIG #enterpriseJunkie http://t.co/FtYlshgFOz via @bi_enterpriseA dramatic reading of the epic Jaden and Willow Smith interview, by @DLoesch and @KiraAynDavis, tonight 6pmET http://t.co/cQbvYOwlro.
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@BPLewis YOU ARE FIRED.@jatplay They have management missteps 4 sure but well beyond car service. Immensely complex technology and coordination.Is it mental illness or just good old fashioned doucehbagness? This @mahbodmoghadam makes you wonder. http://t.co/kDplZfCBb8Props to my man @Mariobatali for coming to the show tonight. You are a talented and fun human being. #batali
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@dgelles @TheEconomist @jadmouawad WOW.I am literally using bread with cheese on it as a delivery mechanism for potato chips. Fattening up for winter kids. IT IS COLD. #NYC@bryanmeehan omg @Roystonlangdon was telling me about this place and how amazing it is and their bacon. MUST GO.There is no one I love more than @HaleyHammerling. Congrats nugget on @RickRoswell's list! #techPR #star http://t.co/qkqQbYq4Sq
Smart counterpoint to @taylorswift13 from legendary producer Steve Albini (@electricalWSOP). http://t.co/wY4MeChPju (h/t @MattRosoff)
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@jimprosser @taylorswift13 @electricalWSOP @MattRosoff amazing and powerful. And too long for the kids to read. Make 140 characters. :)I think it was pretty tacky for Matt Lauer to do this on the @TODAYshow this AM. I mean kids are watching. Ridic. http://t.co/QTNcZFeIZ4@steijnpelle @fitmo_tweets I live in NYCTonight, a panel from financial bloggers @felixsalmon, @TheStalwart, @meganmurp, and @ReformedBroker. Watch on @PBS. http://t.co/Ee0FPwrXp9
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@CharlieRoseShow @ReformedBroker @felixsalmon @TheStalwart @meganmurp @PBS I LOVE EVERYTHING about this. And Joe's face. Felix in purple.After Uber, Spotify To Take Car Strategy Up Another Gear With BMW Deal http://t.co/nf2g57VnCN via @techcrunch --> I WANT a BMW now.Why @NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson Is Throwing Haymakers at the Competition http://t.co/yi7ZFgNtQs #cloud via @adage
Don't miss @PartsUnknownCNN 2nite. It is all about my favorite place in the world @GoldenEyeResort and Jamaica. http://t.co/6ntTPccy8Z
@brooke http://t.co/sCrkmaz4mB xoxo
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingOH - it is very 'vegetable forward' cuisine. Cc @Lock
@EvelynRusli @ashleymayer @qhardy I love this all very very much.Breaks my heart when someone so young has to even battle cancer but then ultimately lose her battle. #Fuckcancer http://t.co/fplpC1LeRr@film_girl yeah total basic bitch de rigeuer now.Breakfast of champions. Granola and yogurt. Liquid chlorophyll. Happy light for seasonal change. #NYCgirl http://t.co/0q7rz0bp3v
TONIGHT -- The Psychedelic Furs (@pfurs) w/ @TheLemonheads and @RoystonLangdon! Doors: 7P, Show: 8P, all ages. Tix: http://t.co/8NmQN34wSQ
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingLos Angeles' Upfront Ventures Adds Kara Nortman as Partner ->She's great. Congrats @msuster http://t.co/ieSbGyJh5p via @karaswisherHow much media attention has gone to Kim Kardashian's glazed donut butt or Taylor "I need a donut" Swift? IT IS SO BORING. I want a donut.Here we go... @NY1weather says first flakes of the season are comin tonight. Starts as rain after 8pm then mixes with snow after midnight.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingTake a look inside @Refinery29's video strategy via @Digiday #media #millennials http://t.co/K4LxdI6R9zPretty sure if everyone in NY closes their eyes really tight while visualizing palm trees we can collectively ward off the deep freeze.
RT @HaleyHammerling: Just a normal night with simba @brooke and @MssrPotato @ west village http://t.co/jeOmCJbmsU@brooke Eat your heart out Kim Kardashian
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingThe view from my desk is a beauty. #PotatoButt http://t.co/voO9xUz3F1
Why Taylor Swift Is Nuts for Leaving Spotify -- http://t.co/Qjgz8M0x0U
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingCome work w/amazing team & clients like @TeamKano @AugustSmartLock @wordpressdotcom & many amazing others. #resumes ->jobs at BrewPR .comSpotify's @eldsjal responds to Taylor Swift and the noise about her disappearance from Spotify... https://t.co/Ix34VdWFJo
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingTHIS. @eldsjal sets the record straight on @Spotify. The music service has paid out $2 BILLION AND growing. https://t.co/7qCyxhy30X@AmyKNelson @NYDailyNews so so good.
Everything this girl says and does irritates me to no end these days. Also really NY? Really. #TaylorSwift http://t.co/7PCfBAnECf
Also in #interstellar for no reason- Matt Damon, lady from the bottom of the well in Silence of the Lambs, that 70s show guy, Casey affleck@antonylangdon that's amazing.@brooke agree. my review: http://t.co/P5pRPhX45Y
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling#Interstellar was like a cross of that "masterpiece" Signs, Children of the Corn and Armageddon. And that's not being fair to those movies.Or even caring. #Interstellar #canihavemy3hoursback?Watching #Interstellar was itself like being sucked thru a black hole of endless time not knowing if you will still be alive when it ended.“You can tweet but you can’t call me back? This is why you’re single.” http://t.co/SX0cYvoKjq
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@TheSmarmyBum @AerLingus @Delta how do the larger airlines not have it?What does @AerLingus have that @delta doesn't? International wifi. #gotmyfix #AtlanticOcean
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