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I work at @BrewPR, I love cheese & I am a supporter of @charitywater. For more:

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When you begin to lose faith in NYC your cabbie offers to share his McDonalds fries and all is right with the world again. #sharingiscaring
This week some Tops, Dylan, Tame Impala, Sleaford Mods and many more! Have a wondeful wonderful weekend. ♫
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingWe've got something special for your Thursday. Prince dropped a single just for Spotify fans!
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingAugust now lets you control your front door with an Apple Watch cc @AugustSmartLock #smarthome@pkafka Yeah this is bananas! Well now it is a must see when I was more of a meh.A photo editing start up just raised $41 million. They better edit my pics so I look like Gisele. #somuchmoney a hardware company is HARD. You have to rely on so may 3rd parties. This is sad as it had great promise!
When u have power. This is what you do with it. This is what you SHOULD do with it. #RED #U2 month later, Apple Music hasn't killed Spotify
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@alexrkonrad @Gogo @sapna that was my fave. I read to @BrewPR as a what not to do.It is amazing how many women can't stand other women who are successful. Writers write a "bitchy" novel just because. @JohnPaczkowski can u guys just tell me what day because my whole September is in flux til I know when their stupid event is. Xxx.@graemehein @Gogo Not all me...they saw a trend!Sometimes patience IS a virtue. Thank you @sapna & @BuzzFeed for shining light on shady @Gogo billing practices! you want to run away and sell beaded jewelry on an island in the Caribbean just to get by. That's today.Fuisz Media is changing the video ad landscape. Excited to be a part of the evolution. Congrats Justin + team
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling
This story is bananas. Will make the book even more juicy! 'Useless' Liberal Arts Degree Has Become Tech's Hottest Ticket #forbesmagazine via @forbes -- > Thank goodness!You are welcome. @carlquintanilla @nickbilton @pmarca @CNBC photo credit ahem...PHOTO CREDITOh hey @nickbilton. #TVstar #cnbc
Being a dentist from Minnesota is probably not as awesome today as it once was. It was awesome. #CecilLET THIS BE A LESSON. this will be a cool thing to watch. #eero "Amazon takes on Product Hunt with Launchpad" to understand what makes a guy say you know what will make me feel cool? Killing a lion for $55K. #loser can finally identify with a label. Been a long search. #AMBIVERT year old kid in Soho wearing a shirt saying "St. Barth's is my f***ing playground" is a sign of the end. I'm convinced.
Wake me up when they get some color diversity. #1999 #Twitter #uninspired @verge 18 MONTHS!!! Would be incredible.I love Twitter. I do not love the new desktop design. It looks like I am on something from 1999. Trends look like ads.New York’s LaGuardia Airport is so bad that it’s being completely replaced via @vergeThe Best Financing Options for Women Entrepreneurs @jaredhecht via @IncThe coolest man in town. #WheelsUp #Jamaica #OneLove #Blackwell someone please send me to sleep away camp?
Love that @U2 play People have the Power by Patti Smith as they walk on stage. Kind of awesome. #U2ieTourWhen NYC gave up. #bagelart
@JoshConstine but they like must have people on their team who are. No?NetSuite rises on Q2 sales, names McGeever as president via @ahess247 #NetSuite #cloud #earningsPR 101 kids. Don't litter. @nkulw THIS is a pretty good philosophy to love by. OBK. I like it. :p@mhbergen THAT IS SOME OH.@ShiraOvide Saying it like it is!Big news from @NetSuite. Also added 1000 employees in a year. REAL employees for you Valley people. #earnings #cloud you get incorrectly tagged on some crazy @onedirection fan tweet your replies light up. Hundreds more... you @stewart!!! signed up!@neilvogel @Shinola I love them and I LOVE my Shinola rose gold watch are your fave newsletters? Mine are @theskimm (amaze) and @MediaREDEF (my savior). Would love tips for others!That's a lot of coin! "Netmarble Takes Stake in SGN, Extending Asia’s Reach Into U.S. Mobile Games" Gains Access to Beatport Music and Videos's like the Democrats WANT to turn people into Republicans. Here's one way!
@i_robertyoung I'm really proud of my little belly. My belly filled with gelatin delicious little bears.@nathanr @CCdip #awkward@CCdip @nathanr yeah that's totally true Caitlyn. Totally true. Hahahahahahaha.Literally that kind of day. #giantbagofgummibears @WebSummitHQ I don't know but I hope so! Ask @paddycosgrave!I will listen to it on Spotify! Cc @Roystonlangdon @SPACEHOG
@unclegrambo ain't that the truth.@unclegrambo would be great for it to not have been about that and about her biz acumen which is actually great.So much talk about equality and then a biz publication does a photoshoot of tech start up founder in her yoga pants. of @NetSuite is keeping us on the edge of our seats at #NATIVE2015. And having fun doing it.
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@PPact yeah but was what they filmed made up in any way? As a supporter of yours this seems like a weak defense. I mean come on.@lydiaschiavello @sambulmer while that's a really cute dog I'm sadly not the one holding him! #wrongbrookeReading stories about this sort of greed and behavior makes me want to live in a tiny country cottage. So tacky.
This was incredible. Something needs to change immediately. is hot and sunny in San Francisco in July. I'm so confused. But I like it!Wisdom from our very own @Eunner on the past 20 years in tech: … via @CNET #CNET20
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@hamburger Get rid of the watch. But a Shinola. Get back to human connections. Problem solved!I just saw a hashtag on a friend's Hampton's pic on FB saying #skinnypeoplerule. Humans can be so ridiculous. I can unfriend right?@jakeschwartz Online shopping online shopping online shopping online shopping.I love technology. And the people behind it. I hope this company isn't a sign that it will all be a but a dream. connections, human interactions and the vanishing of technology by @Eunner #SamsungGIC in case there was any question #Trump #McCain thanks so much. It happened on website too. Will DM!billionaire investor Yuri Milner is investing $100m into new method to search for alien life. tip @Techmeme
Retweeted by Brooke Hammerling@JetBlue trying u again because everyone raves but online and in-app check in has been down. Drag.
@qhardy @deBlasioNYC it is heading into darkness though. U can tell difference on streets. It is really something.@pkafka @BuzzFeedBen I sure hope that's true for all of us. Just trying to find the good in him.@pkafka @BuzzFeedBen you love that guy!@Gartenberg @fxshaw @deBlasioNYC basically I don't believe anyone in Pacific Northwest can comment on current situation. Paradise vs 70s NYC@fxshaw @deBlasioNYC I mean I would take Dinkins back. Which is saying a lot.It is pretty incredible how terrible of a public official @deBlasioNYC is. Perhaps the worst NYC has ever seen. Can we fire him?
Learn what @EmersonCollege student @LiaBrouillard has to say about her fears on the #jobhunt
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingThe cofounder of @GA is helping people find places to live, as well as to work by @sarahfkessler via @FastCompanyCongrats @brookewall!! Power Woman extraordinaire! is just some fun silliness for the morning. I don't like it. I love it.
Like I need to start a fantasy sports biz. Clearly. are days where I just actually want to do nothing but bang my head against a wall repeatedly. Not like a brick wall. But still.@THErealDVORAK @heathermeeker MY MIDDLE NAME.@THErealDVORAK sir need a night out at an As game and some non-Millennial talk. SOON!@THErealDVORAK @Refinery29 I think a line or two missing to clarify. How Millennials have been defined perhaps is outdated. Gen STILL existsWhen one of the founders/CEOs of @Refinery29 says we should stop talking about the Millennial Gen I am listening. is interesting to me. And NOT just b/c it is an actual useful post on Medium vs a mean/petty/naval gazing post. @karaswisher @reckless He will follow @Roystonlangdon, his ball, Moose the cat, strangers on the street before me in that orderJust a heads up to @karaswisher @reckless & @LaurenGoode but um POTATO is totally available for product reviews.
@rjamesjones what can we do that is beyond money and awareness??That is high praise. Thank you.
Retweeted by Brooke HammerlingNot sure I've seen anything as powerful & moving as @frontlinepbs' #EscapingISIS. Makes u want to act in some way. obviously
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