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@ganzeer @mollycrabapple It's still paining me. Despite my best intentions, I should've thought of something more straight up like yours.I wish I would have thought of this headline for my story on @ganzeer http://t.co/0bvhBA2I4HParting Shot http://t.co/hg4J3Mr92w #GOOG vs #André #GraffitivsStreetArt (photo: @aymanndotcom) #soho #graffiti http://t.co/NMr7SV5baG
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThis week, I kept seeing "Chait" in my timeline & assumed it was just some new, overhyped, vanilla-y bullshit-thing Stabucks is selling.Wish we had your security problems, Phoenix. http://t.co/OyVQjPJZTs
Retweeted by Bucky Turco#RatterLA is hiring. Must have proficient knowledge of the dabs. http://t.co/6cSMd8EOIW@anla500 @MattBinder @MWhipple4 Not sure. My hillbilly tracker has been disconnected for a while now.@beejoli Cool story.Long live #NEKST! (Greenpoint) http://t.co/0Ye60rnvuo"Where I come from it’s...frowned upon to go out into the street & write your name" -@ganzeer http://t.co/uh46j0YS7I http://t.co/hz2jbRmZU9
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIf you need something to hate today, this will suffice: http://t.co/1Lr2AvaaNt@scottpiro didn't see it yet. I'll let you knowNow That The NYPD’s Following the Law, Weed Arrests Plummet http://t.co/BlWj7BlWoW
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoNetanyahu Stunt Distracts From Congress’ Proper Foreign Policy Role: http://t.co/R7I3UOe8rm via @wpreview
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@Doobybrain #GOOGSuge Knight did the most Suge Knight thing: http://t.co/Tuc6WHZw1RDuck Hunt > American SniperAwful. rt @roqchams: Just some of the abuse @AymanM is recieving for his criticism of #AmericanSniper http://t.co/xcmDaGCaaP
Retweeted by Bucky Turco
@nnimrodd can I unfollow now?@DeniseFlores @MollyWhiteTX That's pretty genius. Shout out from NY!@AJDaulerio Egg nog“@AstroTerry: Moscow brightly lit up at night with St Petersburg and amazing aurora to the north http://t.co/YQzKGm9kJO” @djfenixofficialAlternative headline: Crazy politician from sister-fucker state acted terribly towards fellow Americans who happened to be Muslim.@lainnafader @ganzeer LOL. Us too. But people are too dumb and lazy and so went with something that would get the point across fast.Bike Cop Tickets Bicyclist For Biking On Bike Path And @BikeNYCLaw Is On It: http://t.co/915fgaIOkX #BikeNYC http://t.co/BB9uYDbDBm
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoWhen I saw this headline on Gawker, I thought they were talking about Loretta Lynch. http://t.co/niKDAP7vChCheck out @ANIMALNewYork's profile of @ganzeer and my apologies to him for going with such a clickbait-y headline. http://t.co/tE05krgteoThe office internet is down once again @twc_nynj and they even sent a technician yesterday to "fix" it. Wow you suck.Michelle Obama refusing to bow down to traditional religious customs of culture that subjugates women http://t.co/hRkam0bGPV
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@JohnFugelsang Or one that was so essential to early Americans.“@ANIMALNewYork: Follow @floodclub (artist) #animalnypicks http://t.co/DBnhrvoFgN http://t.co/JtlhBTPi1X” Bill Cosby as rapist street art.@azigra BTW. Usually discussions like this on Twitter devolve into terribleness so I appreciate this debate.@azigra Yes noted. But in Israel-where black people (Africans) & Muslims alike are discriminated against aggressively-they really ran w/ it.@azigra I also don't think Republicans here in the U.S. help by their overt racism and I think it encourages others abroad, like Putin.@azigra So, when you take a black U.S. president who's dad was a Muslim and a black man, he was deemed an enemy by Israelis early on.@azigra I'm talking Jews in Israel. One thing that no one likes to talk about is JUST how racist Israel is in general. Africans are shunned.@azigra I also think that Israel, like the U.S., is a very racist place & that plays into how Netanyahu behaves & panders to his base.@azigra I think Israel is like the NYC police unions on steroids & the minute you criticize them, even when justified, they lose their shit.@azigra No.What has Obama done to Israel that makes it feel so threatened? The U.S. has shown nothing but unilateral support. What more do they want?@815k1 @WHATYOUWRITE @ANIMALNewYork LOL. I got no handstyle or skills.
“@dodaistewart: this one is for you @buckyturco http://t.co/fNbwRxBain” White people wearing shorts in winter; they never disappoint.“@weareyourfek: Rochelle Boone is anchoring @NY1thecall tonight! cc @buckyturco @clairevlo” 👑 #Dudus@stansamman That's fair, but I'd say it's a pretty informed opinion nonetheless and starts a conversation no one's currently having.Civil rights lawyer Norman Siegel questions the legal protocols for shuttering a city during a snowstorm in this oped http://t.co/0ozrq1buszSo all that bitching about New York City by @sullydish was really just him having a midlife-blog-crisis?Introducing @bootycelli_ ! RT: MY FIRST EVER ARTICLE http://t.co/SXMsgq7wJH a million thank yous to the always amazing @whitneykimball
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoSince we're not afraid to be servicey, here's a how to guide for ladies looking to sell their panties on the Internet http://t.co/Fk8VmSAHu1MSNBC: can ISIS pull off another 9/11? Another?@KyleKoster Viral contenthttp://t.co/Td4f1DTye1 via @youtube
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoWhy would Michelle Obama wear a head covering in Saudi Arabia? Does that mean she needs to act like an insect too?So, meteorologists apologized for their analysis of the storm, but @donlemon didn't? #blizzardmobile #neverforget
Ha. When @aymanndotcom went out to shoot a graffiti mission, one of the writers put up ANIMAL. http://t.co/0O5ON0Ddft http://t.co/oOzJqxAr5r@mylestanzer I got 5 on it.If the terrorists ever get hold of snowmaking equipment, we're fucked. #snow #nyc@rupertmurdoch lol
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@oneworld365 Is that real? Did you take it? Where? So many more questions.Finally, some real news. RT @richardbranson How this injured baby turtle earned himself the name Spring Roll http://t.co/M35FHCBjVcIs President Obama going to Saudi Arabia to save the blogger?Late to the game @Valleywag and @mashable http://t.co/8hB92h992A@NYPD70Pct @FlatbushShomrim Also, have your own community police force that operates outside the law.At what point is it no longer cruel to use Seamless?@AntDeRosa Statement from the MTA for why trains were running without passengers: http://t.co/c4CdZssoYnNYC had never in 110 years closed subways due to snow, in fact it was partially built in response to an 1888 blizzard http://t.co/UhC0RsPufT
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@A_H_Goldstein MTA statement: http://t.co/zaVWX5zx6VStatement from the MTA about last night's subway trains running without passengers: http://t.co/zaVWX5zx6V@patcartelli Yeah. I want to know now too. I'm going to ask the MTA.@patcartelli Wikipedia can be kinda suspect. But history is history. The NYC subway system has never been shutdown cause of snow, ever.@samgustin Yes we can! Best Sam. Thanks for debating.@samgustin The facts are that the entire NYC subway system doesn't shutdown during a blizzard only some lines. Everything else is debatable.@samgustin Very well Sam. And well enough to know that in decades of snowstorms the MTA never shutdown the subway. You?@samgustin Thanks Sam. Best.@samgustin The majority of NYC's subway system is underground. That's why it never historically shuts down during a snowstorm.@samgustin I'm not saying it's a conspiracy. You said it was a "bad story," but never explained why.@neetzan @Mediaite They only thing they should be apologizing for is calling it "Juno."@samgustin The trains are usually stored underground on express tracks Sam. But according to BK paper MTA wasn't expecting a full shutdown.@samgustin That trains were running empty.@samgustin Hi Sam. Were you able to disprove this story?Oh man, you okay @brianstelter? That looked like it hurt. #CNN #snow@billspec @djsoulnyc The Rebel Alliance.Defiant yellow taxi heading south on the FDR. #hero http://t.co/VbSqdE6xAGMSNBC literally interviewing dogs right now this is a big news event
Retweeted by Bucky Turco
@ChristRobbins Empty or with humans?@pareene If Hillary would just announce she's running, it would deflate his presidential aspirations. He still thinks he's a contender.Anyone know what time Commissar de Blasio is turning the city back on?Basically if you're on the streets of NYC after 11pm the Purge rules apply
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoCNN's Blizzardmobile is quite possibly the most "non-essential vehicle" ever driven.Late-night cross-city skiing as One World Trade Center looks on... #blizzardof2015 [PHOTO/@maximusupinNYc] http://t.co/uXHaTkZETH
Retweeted by Bucky Turco“@standupkid: SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT I AM WATCHING http://t.co/2Zy08vjOPr” Don Le Mon is in that thing like he's hunting wooly mammoths."There's nothing really happening on the streets of Manhattan right now," CNN's Don Le Mon reporting from the Blizzardmobile.I can't believe CNN's "Blizzardmobile" is real. Thank you Twitter. Big up Don Le Mon. http://t.co/Y264wSbb0p@LeahMcSweeney On 25th and FDR it is, but it doesn't appear to be sticking.Great storm. #nycConvoy of snow-clearing trucks. FDR looking good in both directions. #deblasiosny http://t.co/V4v2oz1Ew8@Scoboco It's too bad @jakedobkin hasn't invested in broadcast tech, cause I'd love to see you suffering out there Scoboco.Best thing about snowstorms and broadcast media: The pecking order coldy reveals itself, out in the field, one poor sap after the other.According to the Ed Show on MSNBC drivers died in the 80s when they got stuck in their cars & snow blocked the exhaust. Thanks Ed. Great tip@richantoniello Close but no cigar Rich: http://t.co/fZfMH1FhCK@beejoli Wait. I'm the New Yorker with two apartments to stay in. You're the one from LA with limited means. I never got this joke.
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