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The @smartcrew went HAM on their tribute to #JeffreyGamblero in Brooklyn. (photo: @aymanndotcom) #RIPKORN http://t.co/NVG5EcGoAm@freshpaintnyc Is this you commenting? You off your meds again? Why do you talk shit every few months like clockwork? http://t.co/PTDaCtPfwDCouple engaged in synchronized man-spreading on the M train. http://t.co/yLKHpTH50nfantastic @techreview story by @AdrianChen about a former Nazi-basher turned troll vigilante http://t.co/nX8H16o0rt
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIf @SonyPictures doesn't deliver me a bag of cash in the next hour, I'm threatening the planet with a theoretical black hole.Please read this (http://t.co/mporcgNT62) and then send @hamiltonnolan) gifts. 210 Elizabeth Street 4th Floor. NY, NY 10012
“@ANIMALNewYork: Nate Hill Got A Woman To Finger Herself With A Puppet That Looks Like Him http://t.co/noD8eWiryj” ...For "Art"Great, who's next? Iran? -Knuckle-draggers everywhere #CubaI talked to @pardonmyhindi about why calling Native Americans "Indians" is super racist http://t.co/tDWhak3Ci8
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoWatch #JeffreyGamblero (RIP) silence Barclays. Here's the video tribute the Nets played before the game: https://t.co/aMo5oEuS10. @marcorubio is going bald. #cuba@GersonBorrero Ahhh. Lo siento amigo.@GersonBorrero Understood, but that's not an excuse for why the U.S. shouldn't normalize relations with Cuba.@GersonBorrero Are you joking?Who's more pissed about Obama making friends with Cuba? Republicans or the Russians?Give it two months, and Bay of Pigs will be an ironic American bar smack dab in the middle of Havana."Liderando desde atrás." -Obama opponents on normalizing relations with Cuba.@dope_move Word or just s bunch of people trying to wriggle away.When the NYPD first said two officers were attacked on the Brooklyn Bridge, I assumed it was way worse then what I saw on that video.
The @SmartCrew is in the house, rolling several sections deep. #JeffreyKORNGamblero #Barclays #Nets http://t.co/EvruWF05VLGame delay. The roof is leaking. #sportsnutWow, all the Nets are warming up with neon #Gamblero tees on. Staff has them on too. #44 🏀 http://t.co/aDF69UQju3Look what #MERESone, #SEEtf, and #REMIKS made for #JeffreyGamblero. @ Barclays Center http://t.co/pz4JfdEa6O@AmyKNelson @NetsDaily @barclayscenter #sportsnut tonightI'm pretty sure my driver is on cocaine right now. Dude's flashing his high beams like he's on the German autobahn but we're on Nostrand Ave"Although there’s no question in my mind that Jeb is the best qualified person to run for president...I hope he won’t.." -His moms, Jan 2014BREAKING: In a marked departure from the norm, the @nypost issues a correction: http://t.co/fuNTC9dsx7
“@ANIMALNewYork: RIP Amazing Person, Graffiti Icon, and Nets Superfan Jeffrey KORN Gamblero http://t.co/Lnp92f00p0” #KORN 👑👑👑@TwittsMcGee So sorry for your loss. I saw how inspirational he was to his @smartcrew & Barclays family firsthand: http://t.co/7T0wPiZ7pbA Tale Of Two Santas: Watch One SantaCon Bro Yell At Protesters As Another Supports Them http://t.co/sEZCGdYRqq
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@CeeBee @ANIMALNewYork Yeah. Horrible.Meet Kyle Depew (@bkhipster) aka the asshole from Occupy who tried to hoax us today & failed. http://t.co/ZkC9wMbfHI http://t.co/4wd48UgSp3Fake Lady Gaga Holds A “Black Lives Matter” Sign In Times Square http://t.co/sIhy9Usk5q
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoDon't be fooled tourists. #LadyGaga is not in Times Square today. It's a bad hoax.This is supposedly @ladygaga holding a "Black Lives Matter" sign in Times Square from moments ago, but look... https://t.co/2COnMcXOMx
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThe latest KLOPS comic addresses CIA torture. http://t.co/71aBSs0GNK http://t.co/DC8RNQ9JNM
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@exposeliberals also the hammers weren't tossed at anyone. Can you not read or are you intentionally being misleading?@exposeliberals The guy who allegedly did this was as white as snow.WWJC (Who Would Jesus Choke) http://t.co/1pnHDs950gPlease take note @nytimesdowd. Please. RT @whaxyapp The Definitive Guide to #Cannabis Edibles [#Infographic] http://t.co/U9NHkFbBUT
Best (and most accurate) t-shirt from Saturday's #MillionsMarch protest. http://t.co/zKjmldx6Ij@DETECTIVE4LIFE @davidwebbshow Where did you read that the hammers were used?@gattotony How do you know?"I have no problem as long as we achieve our objective." -Dick Cheney on the 25% of innocent detainees who the CIA tortured. #MeetThePressDick Cheney says rectal feeding was used for "medical reasons." Won't admit it's torture. #MeetThePress
8: the amount of hours I spent on the street today. 0: the rivers of puke I saw that editors keep mentioning when writing about SantaCon.“@NYDailyNews: Magic mushrooms have been found in Queen Elizabeths garden http://t.co/oGheHo7EDc http://t.co/oaShNYf1gr” Explains everythingIn case you missed it earlier, here's my video of protesters placing barriers on 3rd Ave and NYPD removing them: http://t.co/c4yHxObOPQ@johankugelberg Basically. Having said that I think the universal hating of them in emblematic of a city with no tolerance@johankugelberg Def lot of bro types but to me it's no worse than other holidays involving public drunkenness. It's just cool to hate SC nowI get it dude, you're going for a unique shot of the protest, but really? http://t.co/fRajFZgYpS@johankugelberg Think of it as St. Patrick's Day crowd, but in red instead of green.#SantaCon: NYC's Y2KProtesters Erect Barriers on 3rd Avenue http://t.co/3A6ou7829o
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoPolice cruiser covered in protest signs on Reade Street. http://t.co/z2InnSGdNe
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoIt's sooooo terrible to see all these cute Santas, elves, and reindeer. #SantaCon sucks man. http://t.co/hHUB7RynFIIrony: the loudest guy yapping into his cell phone on the M is the person complaining about #SantaCon.I'm covering the #MillionsMarch today. Follow @animalnewyork on Twitter for updates. http://t.co/EEzeqA85CV@Flesheatter @KeeganNYC Because minorities are searched more. If whites were frisked as much as the latter, Soho would be a high crime area.Weekend Link-Up: Saturday http://t.co/yBNKzH0jCT (Yarn art by @london_kaye, photo by @aymanndotcom) http://t.co/NjtA5F0At3
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoOK, just read @weareyourfek maniacal #SantaCon rant & my takeaway is: Foster has never been to a Jugglaos gathering http://t.co/a5tu3U1mZP
@Pixxiemeat To be fair, they might not even know yet@Pixxiemeat Damn. I should know that.@Pixxiemeat Right and that makes sense. But I assumed the medical examiner sends a crew.@Pixxiemeat @thebrotherdoug Not surprised after what I saw tonight. Way too much material.I can't believe the City of New York treats the dead so callously. That's someone's relative.I can't believe all the human remains NYC left on a Soho sidewalk after a person reportedly committed suicide by jumping off a building.MF Doom x Clarks? Anything's possible nowadays. http://t.co/lp9WdKdwUNWow. Earth tends be so pretty when it's far away and you can't see the humans. RT @Astro_Soichi Breathtaking view from space."NYC is a burning bonfire of creativity. London is a flickering match flame." -#PaulInsect http://t.co/0GeBg2grRS http://t.co/1ovdxTNufG@99_ @brianvan @krucoff @weareyourfek Oh man, that sounds even worse than Blogebrity.@krucoff @weareyourfek @brianvan Says the bearded old guy who doesn't leave his rent stabilized apartment. Santa, please.@weareyourfek Ugh, you went that route. As long as you agree it's no different than St.Patty's you're not a hypocrite http://t.co/ZVwgq58kxF@brianvan There's lots of annoying things that happen in the city, like anytime the Rangers play, but I'm not about to try and ban hockey.@weareyourfek Man I hope not. Did you turn into a pussy overnight?The people who vehemently oppose SantaCon are the same bunch of negative Nancys who cover their ears when a siren or subway is too loud.I asked bars why they're supporting #SantaCon despite the whining NIMBYs (most of whom are likely transplants): http://t.co/xUaiS9DDqfEITs sounds like something you'd find at Roswell.I've yet to see a single Vine, YouTube, Instagram, or Flickr of some1 from SantaCon puking, yet I have no problem finding it for St. Paddy'sThis Is What’s Left of the Domino Sugar Factory http://t.co/EiNkxudaU4
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoCheck Out Pics Of UK’s Mass Face-Sitting #PornProtest http://t.co/AeVR9W1srm
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoWaterboarding: A Tortured History : NPR (first documented use: 14th century) http://t.co/yTL903IRw3"After World War II, we convicted several Japanese soldiers for waterboarding American and Allied prisoners of war." http://t.co/Vnifr2so7m
More graffiti on that abandoned White Castle in Williamsburg. http://t.co/d2buK0a1eUStuck on 56th floor of One World Trade Center —> RT @owlese: .@weeddude yeah, nothing else to do but take photos http://t.co/aCmwsguvnL
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@nycrevmedia @thereaIbanksy @ANIMALNewYork @LokeyGraffiti That doesn't look like Banksy.Neocons: banning torture is just another example of over-regulation by the federal government.“@ANIMALNewYork: Preview #SweetToof's "Dental Deviance” at #Pandemic Gallery http://t.co/XPwnoynhso http://t.co/gPGTnSWkgg” Solid show.During OccupyAllStreets tee fiasco a Global Grind employee covered for Jay: http://t.co/StLy3EWYNi Here he is again: http://t.co/wnFKKCBNSqWe painted the CIA's techniques in George Bush's signature style. http://t.co/Y2ubK89yN6 http://t.co/2hX2RnAVOB
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoI'd love to introduce 2014 @chuckschumer to 2004 @chuckschumer. http://t.co/VAGgZaxDLO #CIA #CIAReportOfficer Pantaleo says he didn't use a chokehold but a "takedown." That's also the term used for 1 of the tactics used in CIA torture report.
Can you imagine if criminals started using the defense?: we're not robbing banks, we're just using enhanced extraction tactics.@WILL_MOY @LeahMcSweeney The terrorists Will, and in this case over 20 innocent people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.@WILL_MOY @LeahMcSweeney Leah thinks it's okay to torture bad people Will and I don't. No matter how bad, charge them and put them in jail.“@LeahMcSweeney: Leave the CIA alone...” Dumbest tweet ever!!!Dear cyclists, please don't do your taxes (or take selfies) while riding a bike, you may just crash into a bus. http://t.co/OiWAWd6cdsI asked @transalt's @PSteely to weigh in on the @MTA's new PSAs. Spoiler alert: he's not a fan. http://t.co/2k4JYYGBq3@tiredoftea @BuzzFeedBen @BuzzFeedAndrew When is someone going to solidly report on his #IRA history?Out of all the awful defenses of CIA torture from the last few days, "but at least we don't behead people on camera" has to be worst.
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