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Created backstage at the world's top fashion shows. We believe in Rock & Roll. Great Britain. And Fashion. LONG LIVE COLOUR!

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Unleash your inner Bohemian spirit with @butterLONDON WINK Eye Pencil in Twigged http://t.co/SjH9oARliC http://t.co/OoPnbRAhGT
Retweeted by butter LONDONThe great black/blue white/gold debate almost broke up our office. http://t.co/P0L4OrjrirFab Friday calls for classic Mademoiselle Red Lips. @butterLONDON Lippy Come To Bed Red is enough said. #redlips http://t.co/o0Z2Z0m8xM
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Someone is happier with the bubble wrap than with the prize 😘 #mrdracy @butterLONDON @FransChocolates @Friskies http://t.co/F5NwRdO9gd
Retweeted by butter LONDONbutter LONDON celebrates High Tea - A Beauty Feature http://t.co/5FB0zzckT6 @abeautyfeature @butterLONDON #HighTea
Retweeted by butter LONDONMy favorite manicure of all is dark, dark blue (@butterlondon's Royal Navy) w/silver holographic topcoat. Night-sky nails are the best nails
Retweeted by butter LONDONugh i want all the @butterLONDON cosmetics
Retweeted by butter LONDON@butterlondon Ruby Murray from their Spring High Tea Collection...would you wear this color in the springtime?!... http://t.co/CfFxTaCWsS
Retweeted by butter LONDON#tbt One of my favorite #nailart designs featuring @butterlondon #nailpolish collection 😁. Check out… https://t.co/RDBvVX2vlo
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Lacquers. $10. Today Only. Use code BESPOKE15 @ checkout. And.....GO! http://t.co/L0ZupRAejFPurple Squares Tipped Nails @butterLONDON #notd #bbloggers http://t.co/LU4qoZ9Xpf
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Have you seen my @butterLONDON review yet? Its a good'un! #bbloggers http://t.co/mkvTVEyNRu http://t.co/6EFpCGloIn
Retweeted by butter LONDONOh yeah.... That's what's in the box 😊 @butterLONDON fab colors! http://t.co/YV3IeP0qLd
Retweeted by butter LONDON@AlikatAlice unfortunately, the colours aren't interchangeable. But you could always gift them! Xx.@MrsBlah cutest little bezzie ever! XxOther uses for @butterLONDON polishes. I think we have a potential fan in our midst. #nails #girlythings http://t.co/rufUdwooXI
Retweeted by butter LONDON25% off butter London TODAY ONLY http://t.co/D42ZzkSQJy @butterLONDON @ULTA_Beauty #makeup #beauty #bbloggers http://t.co/osKa8yvMZI
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Thanks @FransChocolates & @butterLONDON for my amazing prizes! Can't wait to paint my nails & eat these chocolates! http://t.co/HyxKGmr36q
Retweeted by butter LONDONThanks @lizearle @Moroccanoil @butterLONDON @TheValGarland @AntonioCCalero for the beautiful looks of our #AW15 show http://t.co/yNp36lC5qp
Retweeted by butter LONDONI should never be allowed in the seattle airport. Addicted to @butterLONDON 💅
Retweeted by butter LONDONSunshine wishes and pastel dreams make up this uber-cute #ManiMonday! #nailart #nailspiration #manihttps://t.co/k7iMh5Mx8r“No Makeup” look tutorial with Makeup Artist Kendra Richards http://t.co/7f9R7jQsYG @butterLONDON @beautyblender #HeirAtelier @bglowing
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@butterLONDON Chrissy Teigen slaying in Zuhair Murad with that dark lip (and her arm candy isn't bad either!) :) #ERedCarpet #Oscars2015
Retweeted by butter LONDON@purpleprbeauty @katiejanehughes @DDTemple @GlamourMagUK @WEARESIBLING Looking good Katie!.@jusbruers @AnnaKendrick47 Anna always looks gorgeous. And there is NEVER a bad time for a dark lip!!!@butterLONDON for me @AnnaKendrick47 is killing it! Love everything about it. Also loving Naomi Watts in the dark lip
Retweeted by butter LONDONRecreate Sibling's disco punk nails with two coats @butterlondon Union Jack Black followed by a heavy… http://t.co/0Zc6wEQdwH
Retweeted by butter LONDONSome colourful and glittery nails were happening backstage at the @WEARESIBLING show courtesy of @butterLONDON http://t.co/n6fO4W4u23
Retweeted by butter LONDON@marieclaireuk @WEARESIBLING great sparkle - thanks for sharing!@butterLONDON @Lupita_Nyongo ALL THE WAY for taking the risk and looking fab!!!
Retweeted by butter LONDON.@stblissout loving the red! Even the guys are getting in on the action!Whoop its #LFW Glitter Glitter and more Glitter for the #siblin show team @butterlondonhttp://t.co/GaPzeFSxwr
Retweeted by butter LONDON.@adarst213 @kerrywashington we do love us some Kerry! She always turns it out!Furry Mohawks @sydhayeshair fine glitter nails @butterlondon and contoured skin and boyish brows by… http://t.co/67CD0iORgS
Retweeted by butter LONDON@Lozzo_MS @SydHayesHair great pix and love those glitter nails!@butterLONDON so far red is IT for me ala Rosamund Pike and Dakota Johnson #OscarRedCarpet
Retweeted by butter LONDON@butterLONDON OMG! @kerrywashington is stunning in her simplicity! #oscarredcarpet
Retweeted by butter LONDONThe work appropriate manicure...@butterLONDON in Yummy Mummy. http://t.co/xXil7O9Mo9 http://t.co/24K5jdSYPC
Retweeted by butter LONDON@wildorganicblog the perfect nude - thanks for sharing!@marieclaireuk @WEARESIBLING @butterLONDON so good! Sparkly! Glittery!
Retweeted by butter LONDONMy #FashionWeek looks! http://t.co/5B01CihDFu #FashionNexus #nails #nailsandbeauty @butterLONDON #yummymummy http://t.co/G5m51YDHns
Retweeted by butter LONDON@Fashion_Nexus Nude nails are perfect with any look - thanks for sharing!Do you like these frosty pink nails for a winter wedding? (@butterLONDON Teddy Girl & @essie Shine of the Times) http://t.co/xZQFLot21k
Retweeted by butter LONDON@prettyinpolish4 @essie We do! Thanks for sharing!The #OscarRedCarpet is in full swing-and we want to hear your favourite looks! Who would you vote best dressed?Ketching-up on the latest in makeup trends with the amazing @katiejanehughes ! @butterLONDON #KetchupLips http://t.co/nbx6DCju4g
Retweeted by butter LONDON@TinuBelloNails @katiejanehughes #Amber Rose #yumWe love a nail by @katiejanehughes using @butterlondon she dragged a nearly dry brush over the nail… http://t.co/HkyLlXwsKF
Retweeted by butter LONDONBy @butterlondon love this look by @katiejanehughes for alicetemperley #butterlondon #katiejane #LFWhttp://t.co/Bd5ODIJeos
Retweeted by butter LONDON@TinuBelloNails @katiejanehughes we think it is brill too - thanks for sharing!Design #Washington CEO @sasha_muir from @butterLONDON and @BEVEE_BAGS on a panel with @Giuliani_David @RevInnovator http://t.co/m6jX5w8pdO
Retweeted by butter LONDONgot $95 worth of nail polish for $55 thanks to the Pop-In Shop sale at @butterLONDON
Retweeted by butter LONDONOh, how I do love some golden shimmer. @butterLONDON http://t.co/HYPflSHlFZ
Retweeted by butter LONDON@DiyaMarketing yay! And perfect for #Oscars2015 evening - thanks for sharing!Atlanta doesn't have a @butterLONDON or spa near my gate so this Sunday isn't Funday at all. Excuse me while I tantrum over my chipped mani.
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Did you hear?! 50% off the Pop-In Shop!! Get to work, bezzies! #flashsale #popupshop #nails #makeuphttp://t.co/dUML2NWdaK@ReallyRee thrilled you enjoyed it and thank you for sharing your experience!Just for #LFW15 I have the @butterLONDON Backstage Basics kit reviewed. It is GOOD! http://t.co/JZR7alywSV #bbloggers #nails #backstage
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#ICYMI: #NYFW Beauty: Dark, Jewel Toned Nails At Nicole Miller Fall 2015 @butterLONDON http://t.co/O8dmnT5nFN
Retweeted by butter LONDONNew nail polish color from @butterLONDON #sprog #loveit http://t.co/DvWvTRUe4A
Retweeted by butter LONDONOur fave stories from this week:FRI-YAY! http://t.co/RqJo845wkH@butterlondon tea with the queen http://t.co/0SLpQeF1jJ
Retweeted by butter LONDONMarketing fodder or the best thing to happen to your nails? @butterLONDON Nail Foundation: http://t.co/tZPdD9BUpd http://t.co/lhUiLEDuF2
Retweeted by butter LONDON@LBQblog thanks for sharing your experience!New lippy post ft. @butterLONDON moisture matte lipstick: http://t.co/6i3QbhZIy3 #beauty
Retweeted by butter LONDON@viaCHARY thrilled to hear you tried our moisture matte lipstick and liked it - thanks for sharing your experience!Latest beauty obsession: @butterlondon's lippy tinted balm in Strawberry Field. The perfect pop of… http://t.co/tDqPQsWUyX
Retweeted by butter LONDONThis @butterLONDON top and base coat combo is the BEST I've ever used! #ChipFreeForDays 💅
Retweeted by butter LONDONOur #LFW Pop-In Shop is live. Use code LONDONCALLING15 for 50% off Pop-In Shop items! http://t.co/k0Nk550smC http://t.co/VIW58vK3LE
@MaryIrene thanks for sharing your new goods! If you haven't used them before, HorsePower & HandbagHoliday will be your new faves!Just arrived from sephora - excited to try out the Apothecary set from @butterlondon http://t.co/HvyR7MEmBQ
Retweeted by butter LONDONPisces pals, we've got you covered for your best face forward this year: http://t.co/lEcm5a8SiAStyling with luckymagazine inspiration!💕☀️ @shopclarev @kennethjaylane1 @gilt @butterlondonhttp://t.co/iMRdMESV6C
Retweeted by butter LONDON. @melanie_bunn @essie we know your pain! xxDear @converse thanks for creating the perfect canvas to splat nail lacquer on to. @butterlondon Royal… http://t.co/jtr67SMfd7
Retweeted by butter LONDONThis look is all sugar, with just a hint of spice. Check out Katie's latest bLU video featuring Tiddly here : http://t.co/mftLj1FG4zDid you catch yesterday's post on my favourite pamper products to use including @butterLONDON http://t.co/3570reE9RZ http://t.co/JzbXUBhdQt
Retweeted by butter LONDONClean juice and fresh nails. Cheers @ @butterlondon http://t.co/mNn8yx7N89
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Awwwe...Our @butterLONDON love! our sweet pics of butter polish. http://t.co/Twz25mEheu
Retweeted by butter LONDONBlowing Raspberries from @butterLONDON​! Such a classic color! http://t.co/QKvvHeeUNZ
Retweeted by butter LONDONThe shades in this @butterLONDON set are stunning! http://t.co/n3MUVvx1fs #bbloggers #nails @lookfantastic @BBlogRT http://t.co/ogc4lYmiUp
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get the look, nails, makeup for Tasdashi Shoji Fall/Winter 2015 @TadashiShoji, @butterLONDON ... http://t.co/GZd8DKj8aL
Retweeted by butter LONDON@AGirlaHerPolish they look great! Thanks for sharing!@TheFrugality @butterLONDON I agree, no more endless scrubbing to remove glitter polish!
Retweeted by butter LONDON@Elizabeth5713 thank you! More to come! 😊Today on my nails #OPI Serious Sparkle and @butterlondon #butterlondon Toff http://t.co/bD9KDEDFz9
Retweeted by butter LONDON@ashley_white @butterLONDON PRAISE 🙌😍
Retweeted by butter LONDON@NYRKelsMads have you tried the @butterLONDON brand?I'm tough on nails and it wears amazing.Lord knows I'm old enough to have tried them all
Retweeted by butter LONDON@Ltalkfunny2u glad you enjoy and thanks for the shout out!#ICYMI: #NYFW Beauty: Dark, Jewel Toned Nails At Nicole Miller Fall 2015 @butterLONDON http://t.co/O8dmnT5nFN
Retweeted by butter LONDON@glamazonsblog dark nails are dreamy - thanks for sharing!The #perfection of this #nail just cant be show in pictures. This is @butterlondon #theblackknighthttp://t.co/z2g9lBKp8V
Retweeted by butter LONDON@nattycakes looks great - thanks for sharing!Surprise! You have until midnight PST to get your hands on the Pop-In Shop! Don't forget to use code… http://t.co/eZ2p3ATdjdThis is brilliant, @butterLONDON. Get that glitter polish off, toute suite: http://t.co/mp9UeTsMYW.
Retweeted by butter LONDONIt's as if these @butterLONDON glitter nail polish scrubbers were made for me! http://t.co/MWtXJAFxH4
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Beauty @zhenyakatava #backstage at @nicolemillernyc for @butterlondon http://t.co/1oLMNExIps
Retweeted by butter LONDONOur #NYFW Pop-In Shop ends tonight. Use code NYMinute15 for 25% off. http://t.co/k0Nk550smC http://t.co/lY9f2NFvAs#ManiMonday is feeling fresh with @butterLONDON coming soon to @WeAreBeautyKind! #ComingSoon
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Drumroll please...the final winner in our #FransChocolate #giveaway is...@cardamomcookie from… http://t.co/nobKIfnTLm
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