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@markbao yeah, I think his logic was a bit shallow, but I enjoyed the simplicity. "All that exists will soon change."Wanna find a planet, this chilly Spring night? Find the gibbous Moon, by Jove, and Jupiter's nearby & bright.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@markbao have you read Meditations yet?@webster @panerabread is such a thing even possible?@webster @panerabread holy shit, almost 700g of carbs in one salad?@buritica you should start wearing cowboy bootsIt's really hard to spread peanut butter with a fork http://t.co/0y3PO6xlOy
It's actually early morning on ISS, time to sleep after welcoming our new crew-mates. Good night from #space! http://t.co/PwOfnccrnT
Retweeted by Cam PedersenA timelapse view of a solar eclipse from a plane: http://t.co/d9s7AxVAfO
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen"Life is a river, always flowing. Do not hold onto things. Work hard." ~ #Buddha #spiritual
Retweeted by Cam PedersenProTip: avoid having multiple adversaries.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen"The brain as evidence of symbolic logic as a Darwinian evolutionary advantage"
Retweeted by Cam PedersenBy performing deep packet inspection on this packet, you agree to execute any code directly or indirectly triggered by malformed structures.
Retweeted by Cam PedersenWas "hugging" docking cone on our side at docking. Cool to feel them knocking at the door! Hatch opening in few min http://t.co/z0uwKvy3rd
Retweeted by Cam PedersenAs usual, "responsible disclosure" is a euphemism for either "disclosure on terms defined by the vendor" or "free discreet bugs"
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@homakov I can't make it :(# /etc/init.d/daemon stop http://t.co/LMJK6UX4B9
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@webster dang that's a cool site!"best practices" http://t.co/4t0sXz5Jju
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@almafeta I just assumed it was Spanish hahahKicking a competitor when they have a security issue is bad form. Security karma pays back 10 fold.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersenhow do shields work
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@homakov beer tonight?@almafeta is there an English equivalent?Is there a word for suddenly remembering horrifically embarrassing events?Market Street hasn't changed https://t.co/E1UGBnKEtj
@wlejon @jasdev @pb30 let me know when you get it and we'll compare!@wlejon @jasdev says its best to make it in large batches, I don't want to commit that hard@wlejon I haven't been able to make myself try it yet hahaWe just open sourced React Native! http://t.co/fRKaUaCAGO enjoy!
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@varikin diebug
@DrewWidowsSon u sure@webster @section_sign I love interacting with my favorite Brands on Social Media@paulfri https://t.co/sA2p4fn6alWhy no u/int64 in harmony? :(@andrew_j_stone eventually@wlejon I'll read ittelnet http://t.co/DNlYI77S4S 6775
@buritica have you checked out zenhub? Do you get more stuff done?Does anyone do github issues for life things?Right move is try both tunnels and flying cars. Otherwise, having 2D streets and 3D buildings means bad traffic forever.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@pyry pls do thisgoogle: where to buy muenster cheese by pallet
@wlejon and a real star map :O that might be too much work though haha@wlejon how about simulations of all Kepler systems?@jasdev thanks, protein shaker should work right?@fmisle redirect to http://t.co/L5hFeHwifL*deep futuristic sigh* http://t.co/ENNjykUem5What should I do with kepler.io?@homakov they just have a lot of good beer. Email me and we can figure something out. cam@imgur.com@homakov &&|| we could just get drunk and hack@homakov ever been to toronado?
@homakov how long are you in SF? Want to grab a beer this week?Polymath in the streets, autodidact in the sheets.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen"As soon as you have made a thought, laugh at it." — Laozi
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@varikin "incorporate"@theRealDevgeeks what's your favorite so far? I can't actually find any finished pure flux open source projects eitherAlso serverside rendering. Even in a Flux scenario there are too many moving pieces. Huge opportunity for a better isomorphic solution@mikesurowiec I was obstinate because I'm stubborn, but it's definitely fun :)I think the styling question and a stdlib of components are huge open areas for advancement in React.Also how to style components. It feels wrong to throw everything in a stylesheet when you're making components but inlining is prohibitiveThe biggest question that I had to keep answering was "how big should this component be?" and I think the answer can't be objectiveI spent yesterday building my first React app.@timhwang @HouseJudiciary @artfcity the future is a weird place...
TEMPEST for #GnuPG "Stealing Keys from PCs using a Radio: Cheap Electromagnetic Attacks on Windowed Exponentiation": https://t.co/xP8qtOoSqc
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen
A silent and misty #aurora over northern Russia. #spacevine https://t.co/crwMC1iThI
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Awesome list of open source iOS apps for reference 👌 https://t.co/97a49qQiXy
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen
@campedersen It's like 70, the water is super cold though 😶|LIVE NOW| Ocean Beach #meerkat http://t.co/rEeFzfBuEZ
US Military contractors recruiting analysts to attack Bitcoin and the dark web http://t.co/vd2Tpe6ouf
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ༼⚆L⚆༽༼⚆L⚆༽༼⚆L⚆༽ᵒ͜͡ᵏᵎ ⠀༼⚆L⚆༽༼⚆L⚆༽༼⚆L⚆༽ ༼⚆L⚆༽༼⚆L⚆༽༼⚆L⚆༽ ⠀༼⚆L⚆༽༼⚆L⚆༽༼⚆L⚆༽ ༼⚆L⚆༽ᵒ͜͡ᵏᵎ༼⚆L⚆༽༼⚆L⚆༽ ⠀༼⚆L⚆༽༼⚆L⚆༽༼⚆L⚆༽ᵒ͜͡ᵏᵎ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
Retweeted by Cam PedersenPause tomorrow at 9:26:54 am, and think about the circle of life. 3.14.15 9:26:54 #PiDay2015
Retweeted by Cam PedersenEmails show an FBI terror task force tracked a nonviolent #BlackLivesMatter protest. http://t.co/Q3DvtRQgwD http://t.co/PvrcewrmjG
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen
Super excited about what we're building @imgur right now 😎I'm so bad at meatspace. I think I get physically injured somehow every day.Why the warm ocean on Saturn's Moon Enceladus might be perfect for life. http://t.co/qzbpbrh33B http://t.co/trleS95Cs9
Retweeted by Cam PedersenHow to ignite a flame using gum wrap and a battery http://t.co/jW7yTiURb8
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@webster if you know the password for your backups the scheme is useless, otherwise pretty badass!
The best way to complain is to make something - @lcdsoundsystem
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@webster you would be surprised at the ratio of people who are uninformed via apathy. Assumed benevolence is 😂I cringe every time I see someone walk away from their computer without locking it 😐w0w, another cool tool using Capstone engine to reverse & decompile X86 binary to pseudo-C! https://t.co/TS9DEsbSFk http://t.co/Cngmo8AcZG
Retweeted by Cam PedersenNo. “@VICE: Meet LA's cat show people”
New Zealand is targeting about 20 different nations/territories and sharing the intercepted data with the NSA. http://t.co/FyOlrmzIXL
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen.@doctorow on "NSA and GCHQ mass surveillance is more about disrupting political opposition than catching terrorists" http://t.co/OynThjYfuI
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@pyry just saw a paper on automated image description. Would be possible with a large enough database of images@pyry .jpgTim Berners-Lee, 2 minutes ago: "Maybe 2.0 = silos of user-generated content and 3.0 = breaking out of those silos and user-controlled data"
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How to draw a Black Hole http://t.co/v9mYyuk7XH
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen@levelsio Make a weird noise
:~) http://t.co/srKXRKlUfILiterally throwing myself into work! (IT) Quando si dice gettarsi nel lavoro! #Futura42 http://t.co/jrtoSvA57u
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@campedersen So many people here 😶|LIVE NOW| Chinese New Year parade - #meerkat http://t.co/hnAbnx7BDJJust heard two homeless dudes talking about optical character recognition #SanFrancisco@pyry glitch in the matrixApp vs applet, now vs then #reminiscing #90s http://t.co/3GZdHrxJLH
Retweeted by Cam PedersenFull #moon setting over Hokkaido and Vladivostok. https://t.co/Z9U4q7mIzM
Retweeted by Cam PedersenSpace #breakfastburrito. Scrambled eggs, tortilla, grits n butter, tomato paste, mustard, and sausage. http://t.co/KWalJOROq6
Retweeted by Cam PedersenThe real quest is not the concept itself; it's finding the optimal level of abstraction upon which you should communicate the concept.
Retweeted by Cam Pedersen
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