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Fun fact: tesskoz and I have been going to the Carnegie Lake Rowing Association holiday party together… http://t.co/KinLQ5Kbk1@wesleyverhoeve @ScottBeale @wesleybarrow yeah I think the disguise is how he gets away with stuff without getting in trouble@ScottBeale Wait, so @wesleyverhoeve is @wesleybarrow's secret alter ego? Explains everything. ;)Animal lovers: A childhood friend's @indiegogo research campaign to help train and better understand therapy horses https://t.co/NFq3NVNKljNot every day a front page story includes the admission that the writer had been liquored up during the reporting! http://t.co/amDRai2Pqx
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyGreat @samfbiddle post about Justine Sacco, internet outrage & apologies. Compassionate public critique is hard. http://t.co/mIW620nXWl
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyHappy Caturday! (@ Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) in Newark, NJ) https://t.co/O2du9xYZHvOne of the most feared of all London's street gangs in the late 1880's was a group of female toughs Clockwork Oranges http://t.co/JQsl9kf78y
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyOh wow. This legendary Santa portrait with @kath at the @collegehumor Christmas party was 6 years ago. (via @time... http://t.co/XCYL57JKfySuccessfully got a seat on an earlier flight and will be home almost 90 minutes sooner. #winning (at @United Club) https://t.co/XVrSrcUUGBPlease just teleport me home now (@ Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) in Chicago, IL) https://t.co/wYt9KNirSAWhen Michael Collins took this picture he was the only human, living, dead or unborn, not contained in the frame. http://t.co/BeDaRv9UQJ
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyMan, Daniel Desario and Ken Miller are some serious freaks. Even the North Korean dictator hates them.The Black Keys' "Gotta Get Away" > The Offspring's "Gotta Get Away"darthyclaus is coming to town RT @darth: @AntDeRosa http://t.co/MRk6p8iqJF@Fresh_Pwill Two weeks post-surgery. That's when my doctor gave me the all-clear to do "light" workouts that don't involve my abs/core.
On our way to tomorrow morning. #frequentflyer #upintheair #sunset #sunsetporn http://t.co/kaFKAV3NLUGood thing Obama didn't mispronounce "Efron" or "Bieber" on live TV. Then Sasha and Malia would've been REALLY mortified.Welcome to the family, brother. @JamesFrancoTV
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI'm at Kahului Airport (OGG) in Kahului, HI https://t.co/DFmoYKnbHwNow departing unthinkable amounts of blue and flying OGG > ORD > EWR. Thanks andazmaui for an… http://t.co/zKIF69KFAETravel + innovation = the perfect match. See why @TravlandLeisure includes Andaz salon as a top travel trend for 2015 http://t.co/jF0QNATh2l
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyNow this is badass. RT justinjm1: Exclusive: Sony Emails Reveal Studio Head Wants Idris Elba For the Next James Bond http://t.co/ZBr7gw6o9R@HyattConcierge I wish I could too! @aubs and I can't wait to come back.Infinite infinity pools. Related: I don't want to go home. #maui #hawaii #sunsetporn #sunset #andazhttp://t.co/0IaFotSXvKDude, I crushed that hashtag. #SFin5Words
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
@hunterwalk @jacob @ChristieM @rsarver @tconrad @joemarchese Make sure Jacob keeps his #leatherpants on. He's not a whole man without them.Sent an email from Hawaii to Cape Town and attached a photo of the sunset. Over there it's already 6:30am tomorrow. Technology is cool.I hate to use Twitter for this but I'm really curious about @robinhoodapp and the invite I got turned out to be a dud. Anyone have one?@needcaffeine Haha, not at all.@needcaffeine It's a long haul for me but so worth it. And I'm loving @AndazMaui, which wasn't even open the last time I was here.And the #sunsetporn tonight was even more spectacular than last night. #maui #hawaii #sunset #beachhttp://t.co/zurRKoneLrSerial and the Colbert Report both ended today. Hug your nearest liberal-arts graduate.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyAfternoon beachfront stroll. Breezy with the perfect mix of sunshine and clouds. #maui #hawaii @… http://t.co/kfRN0P8Soi@jacob @ChristieM @rsarver @hunterwalk @tconrad @joemarchese Jacob, remember that horrible country song you karaoke'd once?@FiImmake I just reported the account. Hope it helps.@kevinmarks YUP. At the FOWA conference in early 2008.@FiImmake what's your username? I can report it for you, that would at least mean there are two people alerting them instead of one.@pkafka @kevinmarks @film_girl @Borthwick Wow, yeah, I remember interviewing both Kevin and @jsmarr about OpenSocial. MEMORIES.I wore a bikini two weeks after having abdominal surgery and I am #sorrynotsorry for documenting my… http://t.co/55llzCJgoN@caro And THOROUGHLY AMUSED. Also, perplexed that we have frozen drinks in hand & they have a selfie stick in hand. THEY’RE DOING IT WRONG!
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyRight now @aubs and I are sitting across the pool from a bachelor party that is equipped with a selfie stick. We are kind of appalled.@cyrusradfar @annekejong @Spencerante Hilarious.@jayzombie @wesleyverhoeve @mbaratz @rbranson Reported! Judging by who it follows I believe it was a pet-related account pre-hack.@jayzombie @wesleyverhoeve @mbaratz YIKES. Do you have any idea whose account it was?@mbaratz @instagram Really weird.Why was I automatically following a spam @Instagram account called "VerifyingFor2015?" http://t.co/zoQ1TybhcAAmazing yet totally unsurprising: "Cat breaks into market, gorges on $1,000 worth of fish" http://t.co/XcRx3r1qHv via @caro
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyMy first workout since the appendectomy was a 3-mile run along the beach. I'm exhausted and it's going… http://t.co/9Hur5HrtdLSerial’s Sarah Koenig On Santa’s Alleged Hit-and-Run Murder of Grandma: http://t.co/bJfjzyXESJ #Serial http://t.co/q6IaOql7HG
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@EvelynRusli It would be absolutely insane. I know of people who bought hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers.Lost about 400 Instagram followers in The Purge. Guessing they were all spambots. Heard of some fake-follower-buyers who lost over 100K.The @trueX story is amazing. I love it when great people win. Congrats to @joemarchese @christianborges @caro +team http://t.co/ERKHwQfdau
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI'm at Morimoto Maui in Kula, HI https://t.co/urVDJuKujZWow, @innonate and @ceonyc, check out what came up on Timehop... http://t.co/y8myrKonvW http://t.co/KcRfFhBcBq
Today was the birthday of Pope Francis and he gave us Cuba. Little rude not to give him a gift. Florida? Guam?
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@wdevoe no, I'm going to buy a British title like Countess or Dame. those are on eBay, right?And here's the legit #sunsetporn, free of our tacky photobombs. Gorgeous night. Thanks again for this,… http://t.co/egXf8S8HGk#TackySunsetSelfie #RuiningEverything #Photobomb cc @aubs @ Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort http://t.co/7VjN9WEYku@wdevoe HAHAHAHA!@wdevoe Actually, a very awkward coincidence. Totally unplanned. I wish I were celebrating with my co-workers!I don't always work on vacation, but when I do, there are tropical drinks and pork belly tacos… http://t.co/zs9rde5g0rHere's how I'm responding to certain friendly congratulations about my employer getting acquired. http://t.co/3HjNZ3kT3qoh. my. god. RT @kmaverick: Give this ad a damn award http://t.co/gRVCSLNFdeAlso, thanks to @Kantrowitz, @KellyLiyakasa, @digitalshields, @dgelles, @jmandese, for their fair and amazing coverage of @trueX today!
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySo this hasn't been an eventful December at all for me. The amazing company I work for got acquired… http://t.co/M2IlNeZPJeWow! Congrats to @joemarchese and the @trueX team on being acquired by 21st Century Fox! http://t.co/67eu0pzZDs
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyHow fantastic! Our #joyful totes are at some amazing #resorts! @caro @andazmaui #wewanttogo #welovekoalas... http://t.co/13tOA4cyZM
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthySun's out...it's beach time with my extremely-well-traveled quiltedkoala bag (no, this time it does… http://t.co/OlNviLX3rt@Brett I oddly enough never get it on Twitter, but I get it weekly on Instagram.Morning at andazmaui for a mini getaway with @aubs - big thanks to andaz #culturalinsider for making… http://t.co/3OSjPIngBBApparently Pope Francis was a major force in the US-Cuba talks. Somebody get that guy a mojito. http://t.co/HyVuI3uCSrLol RT @AntDeRosa: Are you kidding me, the White House press release on “Charting a New Course on Cuba” is EMBARGOED http://t.co/MUgfK0fOI2Good thing happen to good people. @JoeMarchese... 21st Century Fox to Acquire Ad Tech Firm TrueX for $200 Million http://t.co/bpsUKpCLI6
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyIt goes without saying that I am so proud to work with everyone on the @trueX team today: http://t.co/k0qKwmEO7KCongrats to @joemarchese and the whole @trueX team on today's big news: http://t.co/TrXF523XDI
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy21st Century Fox to Acquire NYC Ad Tech Firm @trueX for $200 Million. Big news for @joemarchese, @caro & the team! http://t.co/WjX1qyrD7b
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy21st Century Fox snatches up ad tech firm TrueX, with price approaching $200 mill http://t.co/9OcXsbnduU
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy
I'm at Kahului Airport (OGG) in Kahului, HI https://t.co/7ZJcdahqku@rachsyme @DanDotLewis @darth that might be the best name for anything with paws or things that look like paws, everTHAT'S HIS NAME? cc @darth MT @rachsyme: My mom texted me this picture of Jackson Pawlick... http://t.co/UCuc2v64IQI ate a cake I found.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@KateGardiner and we shouldn't be bashed for being aggressive or hostile if we DO talk "like dudes"@sarahdonner it was an OK whiskey, I have a terrible singing voice, and Caterpillar pouted, but they were REALLY nice sweatpants.@jason_pontin I'm just LOLing at @fmanjoo's calling out of the Valleyspeak term "iterate"@sarahdonner a couple of nights ago I had whiskey and sang Christmas songs to the cat while wearing sweatpantsFOX IN #HENHOUSE RT fmanjoo: Really weird that the new editor of VALLEYWAG is talking this way http://t.co/Gh1sqbItZ3 http://t.co/qDK30E0A4w@fmanjoo yeah, that does not seem accurate at all and is quite a headscratch. (disclosure: I have written for TC and consulted for Gawker)@caro you’re on a roll
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthy@etgalim you should ask @edzitron what Updog is first@seemakalia you should ask @edzitron what Updog isLAST CALL: Plz RT if you want an Updog invite! I have unlimited invite codes for the next 30 minutes.upcat doesn't have the same disruptive ring to it RT @AVonGauss: @caro What I want to know is why a cat person is now tweeting about dogsI don't know, what's up with you? cc @edzitron RT @gb1rdx: @JoseRMejia @caro what's updog?Updog is going to be big. Thanks to @caro for putting me on.
Retweeted by Caroline McCarthyI don't know, ask @edzitron RT @kmonson: @caro any left?I think I caught one @edzitron RT @Marvelle: @caro "Marvelle" pretty please?@edzitron I have champagne at 35,000 feet right now. Toasting to you.BWAHAHA cc @edzitron RT @JudsonCollier: @caro what's updo- WAIT NOI have 10 invites to Updog - who wants one? They will go fast, make sure you get your username. (I'm "caro.")
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