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Software Engineer at @Vendini. iOS Developer. Curious, techy, nerdy, geeky

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posted: costs and benefits to understand if you're thinking of using microservices http://t.co/B3Ar7xxM8O http://t.co/jylm3jLDix
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Job done, off to the pub http://t.co/AsoXQ0XgbZ
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùThe act of coding is one of organization.Refactoring. Simplifying.Figuring out how to remove extraneous manipulations http://t.co/zSMII4TwfP@Catfish_Man where is it?
"Building an in-house compiler rarely makes sense." You don't say! http://t.co/Gu27TDqOWX
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùSafeStack for LLVM sounds like a pretty decent win. https://t.co/xbDkM4KmvZ
Retweeted by Daniele Orrùfear is an anti-pattern.
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.@xenoterracide Agreed. I think the diff between OO and FP is unimportant compared to the diff between good code and prevalent code
Retweeted by Daniele Orrùsudo dtrace -n 'pid$target::SecKeychainLogin:entry{trace(copyinstr(uregs[R_ECX]));}' -p $(ps -A | grep -m1 loginwindow | awk '{print $1}')
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùThe real thing would be LLVM -> CoreCLR, take a look at LLILC https://t.co/VHwGvjkQBx https://t.co/8NSRdZYQRG
Docker, CoreOS, Google, Microsoft, Amazon And Others Come Together To Develop Common Container http://t.co/UFqYfXra3B via @techcrunch
Sometimes Android Studio can be unnecessarily harsh. Poor RelativeLayout.... #Programming http://t.co/udLD16TwH6
Retweeted by Daniele Orrù“Well Sam, if I were to play a drinking game where I took a shot every time my project compiled in the last 2 hours, I’d be just a sober.”
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùIn an audit of the last 3 years of shipped bugs in our robotics software, ~40% would have been caught early by using Swift.
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Approach to Automation and Human Work - https://t.co/YAWqIBUu4W
@Cocoanetics according to release notes: "Xcode 7.0 beta does not support iOS 8.4 and earlier simulator runtimes. (20699475)"
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùOriginal Super Mario game was designed on graph paper - the first level is a tutorial. http://t.co/L9wEKgGZqX http://t.co/L0Bmhzo5Ik
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùOn Xcode getting so big http://t.co/F7nDvMYl4M
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I’ve written a lengthy post on why I’m sold on Swift 2’s error handling, even over Result<T,U>: http://t.co/7BjhWlyAue
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This book is the antidote to unsafe enterprise agile initiatives. It's not easy but it is the real thing. https://t.co/I5Kz6tLcTo
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùHeartbreaking when you hear Apple engineers talking how much they’d love to do open source but are not allowed to. Let’s hope this changes.
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùApple is recommending to try to implement UIs using stack views *first*, and only use constraints directly if you really have to.
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùIt's up: Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift https://t.co/sjReWGrxPY
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùAwesome tip! Print the exception message when the exception breakpoint triggers. http://t.co/A82PTmXO9f
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùThat's a wrap! All #WWDC videos are live and ready for your viewing pleasure. See you all next year! https://t.co/Sao15wj5WI
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùGoogle: 90% of our engineers use the software you wrote (Homebrew), but you can’t invert a binary tree on a whiteboard so fuck off.
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Loving our new (and big) @vendini Italian office! #coding with #style http://t.co/Z1YTqkQuHl
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùAfter telling us forever to not check API availability against specific OS versions, it seems that’s exactly what Apple recommends in Swift.
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùAgile is... http://t.co/uUYSTCxwgh
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùThe wait is over! You can now watch all videos of UIKonf 2015 online in HD #uikonf #swift #ios https://t.co/HJ5vOizocW
Retweeted by Daniele Orrù"Deadlines" http://t.co/mygT2eev18 http://t.co/d2y4zNfjKI
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùiPad2 continues its unmatched longevity in the mobile space; it will get iOS 9 in September, 54 months after launch
Retweeted by Daniele Orrù
UIStackView === ORStackView, by @orta. Really happy it’s built-in now.
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùApple has basically deprecated HTTP in iOS 9 and OS X 10.11. To use unsecured HTTP, you have to ask for an exception in your app manifest.
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There’s a new available condition to avoid crashes when using newer APIs on older versions http://t.co/VHiM4ymFFv
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùSwift throws an error at compile time if you call an API that isn’t available in the deployment target.
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùYou no longer need to unregister from NSNotificationCenter (it will use weak reference in underlying storage). https://t.co/rkKStQ9lYV
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùI'm told that my iPad keyboard prototype design was the most-duped bug in the history of Apple. and now its in iOS 9.
Retweeted by Daniele Orrù“A new warning has been introduced to encourage the use of let instead of var when appropriate” Immutability 🎉
Retweeted by Daniele Orrù2 minutes of Swift 2, 30 on Apple Music! :P
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùI'm interested in what "UI testing in Xcode" and Swift 2.0 "@ testable" means exactly, but in any case, loving the updates @joar_at_work 💖
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùThis is, no joke, so important. Apple makes money from selling you hardware, NOT by selling your data. http://t.co/4sXyiZlDzu
Retweeted by Daniele Orrùcp ./passbook ./wallet #clapClapClapClap #WWDC2015
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùFlipboard: sherlocked?
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùIn case you missed that Swift slide http://t.co/MRRYDxPCXh
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùMy wish for WWDC? Swift compiler addressing slowness (~3-4 mins average in my current project) Swift reflection
How to show SSH host name on the iTerm’s background http://t.co/HEg6jB9AXt
"First law of software quality" http://t.co/8PEU3kSVzS
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùConcurrent Memory Deallocation in the Objective-C Runtime - Yet another amazing article by @mikeash https://t.co/Lw7imRv8Qz
This is such a cool hack! http://t.co/Oh0eT3PDGj
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùDeveloper Accused Of Unreadable Code Refuses To Comment
Retweeted by Daniele Orrù@IPintori @109mae right, you still need to go from ring 3 to ring 0, that is the "easier" part in all of this :DHow Is Critical 'Life or Death' Software Tested? http://t.co/jDb4k3jS2oAn X86 Design Flaw Allowing Universal Privilege Escalation https://t.co/aXsh4ugz4g
Nasty Mac vulnerability allows remote attack, survives OS X reinstallation & even drive format http://t.co/lg9dO1giAU http://t.co/ARslXErGn4
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùSometimes I worry the NSA might be spying on me through my desktop's webcam. Then I remember it's Linux and even I can't get it to work.
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùThe times. They are a-changing. SSH coming to Windows natively, finally. MS seems to be making all the right moves. http://t.co/8ILHjTQLPM
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùMongoDB announced 10,000,000 downloads! Or, as their other two partitions reported, 9,999,323 and 10,001,403 downloads.
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùThis little hacker girl sshing into her dad's computer and SIGKILLing his Sublime Text is my favorite thing ever. https://t.co/Jv1Xj2nbV8
Retweeted by Daniele Orrù
RT @martinpolley @horwitz “Google’s new Photos may just have won my library away from Apple” http://t.co/opzm2DLxf8 http://t.co/ZdoIPsJ9AD
Retweeted by Daniele Orrù@daveverwer well, a captcha will slow down and discourage the idiot(s) :-)
Web vs. native: let’s concede defeat http://t.co/GAEI1vrwwwHacking Starbucks for unlimited coffee http://t.co/XZy1c9RduQ via @sakuritynetwork
OMG i just decoded the obfuscated session names in the 2015 WWDC app update http://t.co/793aFmqtr5
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùSoftware engineers of @vendini in #univpm for a workshop about #quality in #software development http://t.co/CmqJWnbHdU
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùSolid principle @Verdini @UnivPoliMarche http://t.co/NvdCcGgvSo
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùPolymer 1.0 just released! Rebuilt from the ground up for speed and efficiency https://t.co/WnrOtXyPuB #io15 http://t.co/4iEbFhrYay
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùPhotos in the cloud: Cheap, Reliable, Non-Creepy. Choose two.
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùDouble century! https://t.co/SCe0T7kVFs Happy Weekend everyone.
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùMystery solved: Apple vans building next-gen Maps, grabbing Street View storefronts + 3D http://t.co/CC0VCfkiJQ http://t.co/WTc3r4ustU
Retweeted by Daniele Orrù"We’ve split our non working Google Drive app into 4 more specific ones - each of which doesn’t work just as much!” - @google
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùTravis CI finally supports Xcode 6.3! http://t.co/FJqJPSCg3n
Yagni (You Aren't Gonna Need It) - Martin Fowler http://t.co/sAGUMwPt0U
Seminario Ancona: "Qualità del Software - Scrivere codice di cui andar fieri" http://t.co/SBArvl9xbi
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùSaw this and couldn't not share: #ProductOwners #DevLife http://t.co/vzOgAjWnhw
Retweeted by Daniele Orrù@109mae did you try their demo?
An Introduction to ReactiveCocoa http://t.co/CNRWRujQu8Advantages of Monolithic Version Control http://t.co/nCjeOtG4p3Oh neat, with iOS 9 the Swift standard library will be preinstalled? -10MB for your apps! http://t.co/4dodDTxhlY (ht @Javi)
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùCome to the Dark Side - We have Selfie Sticks... http://t.co/4OCNaYplSh
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùMy slides from "Fixing the Swift Tooling Problem" at #uikonf are available here: https://t.co/uQFlu4Dzqm
Retweeted by Daniele Orrù
Xerox scanners/photocopiers randomly alter numbers in scanned documents http://t.co/bXE8WS2vnDInnoDB isolation levels https://t.co/VuDFXOhUEK
"SVN, git, etc solve the problem of atomic cross-file changes; monorepos solve the same problem across repositories." http://t.co/tiiqUB856D
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùRegExr: A website for interactive regex prototyping with syntax highlighting (best way to do regex evar!) http://t.co/TAqeycBxZl
[Spotify QA] "Are you using Storyboards?" … "No. Much nicer to read actual code on reviews, and easier to merge." #UIKonf
Retweeted by Daniele Orrù
Woah, awesome work @realm! https://t.co/tUhFMe50iK
Retweeted by Daniele Orrù
Alive: Live programming for Visual Studio that blurs the line btwn design-time and run-time https://t.co/QZX3sxBSAo http://t.co/A3gHQtArCO
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùYes, English can be weird. It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùSurprise! #php http://t.co/JxTMktCfQn
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùMicrosoft: "What are the plans on Swift? We're going there." https://t.co/cx2XQ0WacH (0:57:30)
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùComprehensive map of all countries in the world that use the MMDDYYYY format http://t.co/jaOQp0oZyN
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùAnti-patterns that every programmer should be aware of: http://t.co/BAkYuTZkN4
Retweeted by Daniele Orrù“Estimate?” “Why?” “For the plan!” “And when I’m wrong?” “We change the plan.” “That all?” “Yup.” “1 year.” “Unacceptable!” “1 day?” “Ok” 👍
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùContinuous Delivery means you ensure every change can be deployed to production. Continuous Deployment means you deploy every change.
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùWelcome to the future. Microsoft bricking Xbox One's remotely as punishment. http://t.co/1uvmqBpmwc
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùFormer NSA employee beats every security mechanism in OS X including gatekeeper, xprotect, sandbox. good job Apple! https://t.co/gl5VpieOcs
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùMVVM with ReactiveCocoa 3.0 http://t.co/zb5lezFwk4 - I finally got round to creating a more complex example! #swiftlang
Retweeted by Daniele OrrùMVVM With ReactiveCocoa 3.0 http://t.co/QmbPOC2FRY The intro that we were waiting for. 💥
Retweeted by Daniele Orrù@rsebbe @myell0w Now it's more like http://t.co/VTYSPLd0an
Retweeted by Daniele Orrù
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