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Now: editor, The Upshot, for NYT. Then: DC bureau chief, Here's the Deal e-book, Pulitzer for commentary, math major. Still: Jim Rice, ma la, Art Blakey

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Cuba should be so lucky as to have a planned economy working as well as Cancun’s, @jbarro: http://t.co/4kS5EVGKTeHere's what Gary Becker and Richard Posner thought of the Cuban embargo (hint: not much) http://t.co/DYaMICN1FV
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@swinshi Thanks. Email Kaiser. The "intro to the series" has an email address. http://t.co/13kupIigTxThe Cuban paradox: It's poor and inefficient but strangely healthy. @sangerkatz: http://t.co/f0XxnRHuI4 http://t.co/MG5LmRWoOjThe North Korea movie that should be made is The Orphan Master's Son. We treat the place like it's a joke. Read the book. You won't laugh
Retweeted by David Leonhardt"The Bill Carter Show" is ending its run on NYT but the legend of @wjcarter lives on. http://t.co/LZQbPLBvVM
Retweeted by David LeonhardtObama's America: A female Asian-American rabbi lit the White House menorah for an African-American president tonight (to paraphrase her).
Question: @CassSunstein publishes a book more often than what percentage of journalists publish an article?That's Sen. Rubio, in this @AshleyRParker/@jmartNYT production: http://t.co/skupfGyIH9Unexpected words to hear from a GOPer: "the illusion that more commerce and access to money and goods will translate to political freedom."I have the same thought when listening to Yellen talk as when Colin Powell does: We don't have enough New York accents in public life.US Jun 7 '61: Some say the US should refuse to buy or sell products to Cuba if Castro is in power. Do you agree? http://t.co/l6StdPNs86
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@jameswester Yes.@KennethBaer Thanks.@KennethBaer Source?@jameswester Not sure nominee is problem. Romney generally outperformed other GOPers on ballot.But those nominees have also benefitted from weak opponents. @Nate_Cohn: http://t.co/VVM67IYR5ADespite the skepticism of conservatives, the last few GOP nominees have looked a lot like Jeb Bush. @Nate_Cohn: http://t.co/VVM67IYR5AAt this salary, the people who own baseball teams will be making a lot of money off of @Bharper3407. http://t.co/j2hlYwV272
Perry Rings in Hanukkah With (Boston) Tea Party Salute http://t.co/SPWiNTUVWw via @NYTPolitics http://t.co/dA0qPV3Ohk
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThe 2 things behind volatility in global markets can both help U.S. consumers: cheaper oil, lower interest rates. http://t.co/jSGTl2JY28@jeffmanuel Thanks.Fascinating: Weiss's supporters thought a letter from Wall Street bigwigs would help nomination. @morningmoneyben: http://t.co/xQksvWUPn7@neeratanden Econ stats tend to be snapshots, which makes before and after's hard, I think. Also, many factors often at play.V small number of econ books survived the office clearout but @Neil_Irwin made the cut and will go to Japan. http://t.co/NNT5lBXBxt
Retweeted by David Leonhardt"This isn’t some hypothetical future possibility,” Larry Summers, on robots taking away jobs: http://t.co/w25wJYxwx1
The Luddites were wrong. But robots are still playing an important role in the rise of non-work. @clairecm: http://t.co/dw5kDop82NI'm lucky to work with incredible colleagues at @UpshotNYT. Thanks to @gabrielsherman and @NewYorkMag for their very kind piece on it.@swheaton Partly! About 2/3 of staff is indeed in NY. But mainly thank you.An autopsy of the 2014 Senate race in N.C., with its 2016 implications, as only @Nate_Cohn can: http://t.co/IUekW77nwZThe loser of tonight's Cowboys-Eagles game is in serious danger. Updated @UpshotNYT scenarios: http://t.co/mMH6fLFiZM http://t.co/GXDUdBIBCe
The @UpshotNYT guide to the NFL playoff scenarios: http://t.co/LxMYHQwkr1 http://t.co/N0NXt9mKciAmerican exceptionalism: declining female employment. http://t.co/bstTKOit4q http://t.co/NkWuu6uMGkObama's approval rating has surged among Latinos. Why that matters: http://t.co/IzDeunOAJk, by @Nate_Cohn.
We already told you about the vanishing male worker. Women drop out for different reasons http://t.co/jsyBgOsMaP http://t.co/D34mf3Rarb
Retweeted by David Leonhardt15 years ago, American women had one of the highest employment rates in the world. No longer. @clairecm: http://t.co/lZF4BAplZC
@NeeravKingsland You're far too kind. Thank you, though.@drjohnthompson Thanks very much.As the 113th Congress draws to a close, a reminder that the last WWII vets are departing. My story from May: http://t.co/mkEGk0P2Bh
Retweeted by David LeonhardtWhoa http://t.co/zSYumO7KNN @RyanLizza http://t.co/R5is3GMBgb
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThe 2016 candidates will tell us they plan to bridge the partisan gap. Then they'll fail to do so. @BrendanNyhan: http://t.co/HJtSthofigFood for thought --> CIA Torture Report, Rolling Stone & False Dilemmas, by @StepCarter http://t.co/nSuKUFEDNg
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThere are places where nearly all prime-age men have a job -- and places where most do not. http://t.co/GOg4JTvthM http://t.co/1wHFtf1P3uWhere nonworking men live – by census tract. Map from @driven_by_data + @jshkatz + @DLeonhardt http://t.co/gZESc7l5Xt http://t.co/CpwL3QVqTW
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@ericcsiegel Me too.“I’m 49 with two kids — $10 just isn’t going to cut it." http://t.co/GtXGjkTjc8"Our Series on the Decline of Work: An Introduction" @DLeonhardt via @UpshotNYT http://t.co/Hm80YhdlSH < #TChat
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@gkhanna_ca Thanks a lot.What the men who aren't working are doing instead. @amandacox: http://t.co/YOwerfYYnq http://t.co/iAc2kNV8uiThe rise of men who don't work. An @UpshotNYT extravaganza: Story, poll, map and graphics. http://t.co/UwohiupyhS http://t.co/fNaodqsXeu
Retweeted by David LeonhardtWorking, in America, is in decline. An @UpshotNYT report, by @BCAppelbaum: http://t.co/J6S8AaqVtr
The magazine business shows why most Obamacare customers won't switch plans -- even though many should. @sangerkatz: http://t.co/2L2fL9HnrkMemo to fellow journalists: We really should pay less attention to Black Friday sales "data." @Neil_Irwin: http://t.co/RhWXJCWCgp
@ingest_ Definitely. Do you think the piece implied otherwise? If anything, it was trying to make a similar point. (And thanks!)(And, yes, that's friendly jealousy you hear.)What was @KaminskiMK known for as a college journalist? Being the best writer in his class - even though English wasn't his native language.Warm congrats to the great @KaminskiMK -- and to @politico. http://t.co/VegblXWyWc@ingest_ Who graduated with debt.Robert Caro remembers "The Power Broker" 40 Years Later, in the NYTBR: http://t.co/bANsPoZ07Q
Retweeted by David LeonhardtMany college students have taken on more debt than they realize. http://t.co/Cpr25zHxu0The head of Portland’s Bureau of Transportation actually said this to a reporter. http://t.co/6YOtRzS5Az http://t.co/qW9JsD3eRa
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This is the 1989 New Republic article http://t.co/vmsJR0bUVL that @DLeonhardt cites in the New York Times this morning....
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@TimFernholz Thank you, sir.Why is the common level of statistical significance 5%? Because Fisher had this personal preference in 1926. http://t.co/SVX4DLAmSM
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThe Congressional Budget Office has overestimated health costs. Its critics are accusing it of the opposite. http://t.co/9hzV26rBUg@donaldhtaylorjr Thanks much.The battle over CBO's Elmendorf highlights our resistance to hearing good economic news. http://t.co/9hzV26rBUg
To cover President Obama's trip to Asia, the @nytimes had to spend $92,111. http://t.co/UVop2UY6cv(For example, @DLeonhardt plays street hockey. Who knew?) http://t.co/zUe413OKqH
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@RandyMcDow Not anymore.15 years ago, Democrats had most Senators/guvs/legislatures in 9-state Deep South. Now: none. http://t.co/dlJStrhY4b http://t.co/Zl6tzA8R0eGreat college-football season. Pretty miserable weekend of conference championships.@RandyMcDow With a miracle finish. Otherwise, 3 losses and a below-average major conference probably doom it.The craziest CFP ranking is actually Michigan State, anyway. Lost their only two real games, ten empty wins. Yay, Nebraska by five at home.
Retweeted by David LeonhardtIf the playoff had 8 teams: Bama, Oregon, Ohio St, TCU, Fla St, Miss St, Mich St and Baylor/KState?Wow RT @LaurenLaCapra: Chase now charges $5 to take cash out of a non-Chase ATM.
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@jstuart902 Thanks a lot.
Ideas for a better Sunday. It's all in good fun until @SamDolnick gets a little creepy... http://t.co/HkVvLUEqPz
Retweeted by David LeonhardtThe Jets & Giants are so painful to watch that @nytimes has written an entire article on other ways to spend Sunday: http://t.co/wURnYnI9s6Esp viewed in chart form, the generation-long collapse of Southern Dems is staggering H/T @Graniteprof @DLeonhardt http://t.co/Ps1LAoKqYE
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@ezraklein Excellent. How about a Pataki-Nunn third-party run? http://t.co/UdNsdo1SxQAh, Twitter. http://t.co/YedF64PJvIA relatively rare @jonathanchait/@ezraklein schism -- and both worth reading, as usual: http://t.co/HZT3WItr8i http://t.co/mvfNTaOtYsI am perpetually indebted to @FranklinFoer, who hired me even though I had never held a job in journalism. A brilliant, generous editor.
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@exposeliberals @MattMackowiak I used shorthand in Twitter. Article discusses FL and VA, which are part of Deep South by some definitions.And the death of the Deep South Democrats in chart form, http://t.co/aJGbfNjIR9 http://t.co/dlJStrhY4bDeep South Senate seats, governors & legislatures held by Democrats: 1960, 100% 2002, 60% 2015 if Landrieu loses, 0% http://t.co/wAOMALmZE9
You know who's a great editor? @FranklinFoer. Congrats to him on his TNR tenure. The 100th anniversary issue captured why he's so good.What seems to be behind the sharp slowdown in health costs? A changing medical system. @sangerkatz: http://t.co/yZW3FyGAoM
@davidfrum I'd distinguish btw/ "useful" and "the only useful." There are real increases in marriage stability, albeit not population-wide.If you're confused by the claims that divorce isn't really falling - and the official stats are bunk - I recommend: http://t.co/DmcJQ0jqqK
If Warren doesn't run for prez, we'll never get to read the columns by anguished liberals about how Pres. Warren failed to change DC.
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@DouthatNYT @WilcoxNMP @clairecm Good q. I could see both arguments, theoretically. @JustinWolfersIndia is more polluted than China, and Europe is more polluted than the U.S. http://t.co/TVinlKCIhh http://t.co/aqxMNvI1bj@WilcoxNMP @clairecm Real q: You don't think growing acceptance of premarital sex and cohabitation + SPF (for better and worse) play roles?There is reason to think India may follow China and change course on climate. Michael Greenstone in @UpshotNYT: http://t.co/Ika2wy0RInThe divorce boom is over. The stereotype lives on. @clairecm: http://t.co/wtzKagw93H http://t.co/7uwg10gHze
Bill Cosby has resigned from Temple University's board of trustees, according to a university statement, via @PhillyInquirer.
Retweeted by David Leonhardt@kairyssdal Blue Raspberry are the Yankees of Jolly Ranchers.@faulsename A nation in decline.
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