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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Slamming evil since MCMLXXX. Co-host of Not Playing (@notplayingcast), Clockwise (@clockwisepod), and The Rebound (@reboundcast).

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@dangerdave Generally I feel like quoting is quoting and if it’s out there you’re free to quote. Maybe @BodyofBreen has an idea who to ask.@MykeCole I knew you would. Happy birthday!@dangerdave Well, I’m no longer there, so I’m not sure I really have any say in it. ;)Just dropping this Terminator Genisys promo pic here for @MykeCole, and then getting the hell out of the way. http://t.co/3xTpRvubBf@SamSykesSwears That’s basically why I stopped doing it several years ago. I no longer needed the excuse.@jessiechar @majah @danieltiger @lonelysandwich I can be grumpy and I already have the baseball cap.@caseyliss @erinliss Well done. Hugs and Lisses!On the latest episode of @reboundcast, we discuss Apple Pay, Siri’s sports predictions, and pumping your own gas. http://t.co/4gohItVY5DI used to love going to Meijer when I visited my aunt in Michigan. Glad to see they’re breaking ranks with CurrentC. http://t.co/oHaPYVrRC5@Genevieve It’s okay. Let’s go to Bailey’s for a sundae. (Did you ever go to Bailey’s?).@jabbermaster It’s working great! Unrelated: I feel ill.@Genevieve You know, I always wondered about that. But apparently it goes back way further than that! http://t.co/Eq4FbqGL3xI have a surefire plan to stop eating cookies. It’s called “keep eating cookies until I don’t want any more cookies."@Moltz Intensive Minecraft?@Moltz Can you get me started with Minecraft please?@_brianhamilton At least I wasn’t at Government Center waiting.New! Ebooks, the Apple SIM, CurrentC, and the (resolved?) PCalc controversy. With guests @film_girl and @settern! http://t.co/fwrvGpIUpm
Retweeted by Dan Moren@MykeCole @PVBrett @jabbermaster You guys are all adorable.@jamesthomson Delighted to be of service. And eat lunch!@tedlandau I don’t think it needs to, though. In the same way iCloud doesn’t need to corner cloud storage or services.So far the three outbound Green Line trains that have arrived at North Station have all been taken out of service. Lechmere is a myth.@mrgan Ooooh. Le Carré too!Came back from lunch to find Apple reversed the PCalc decision. The moral of this story is that I should go to lunch more often.@tedlandau How would Apple control that? Its security is hardware-linked.@film_girl @jsnell @settern Authentic! No Raggedy Andy to match?RIP Tom Menino. http://t.co/XbOPStiYWl (via @RoboTony)Welcome to episode 7 of “Dan’s friend locks himself out of his apartment.” Episodes air weekly!Just when I feel like I couldn’t be any more impressed by Tim Cook. http://t.co/wo06Wx1bC2@reneritchie Or Multiplex! One suggestion I got was disabling Wake for network access. We’ll see how it goes.@porchdragon You’ve got a plus one, right?
@slutz Hey, we’ve won a few this century.@slutz I’m rooting for you now. That’ll make the difference.@slutz Next year in San Diego, amirite?Ah, well. I was rooting for the dramatic ending. Congrats, SF. You’ve always been my NL team.@jsnell Yeah, yeah.Wow. Stand up triple.@lexfri Whew!@jsnell I’ve been where you are. Enjoy it!There’s something relaxing about tuning in for the last inning of the last game of a World Series where one has no stake.@westwardview Nom.@Eric_Romberg @reboundcast Stay tuned for the bonus track.Cutting several minutes of @reboundcast where we discuss what color people’s walls are.@twenty3 I’ve been enjoying it on Xbox, but it sucks that I’m paying the same price and getting less.Yep, Bungie’s PlayStation exclusives for Destiny DLC does kind of screw over Xbox players. http://t.co/wJYAxZgck1Odd thing about PCalc. Apple has its own calculator widget in OS X's Notification Center: http://t.co/gw8srONQxx http://t.co/6O7K58ge5L
Retweeted by Dan MorenOh yes, @reboundcast in living color. With terrifying @Moltz. http://t.co/yEUUrIC5xF@jsnell I think I mentioned this in a talk just a couple weeks ago. ;)
@MykeCole @jabbermaster Right?@jabbermaster @MykeCole Just desserts? *sees self out*@Genevieve I have a Snow Leopard DVD for you! Somewhere! (May have given it to my dad.)@smykes Haven’t yet. I tried it with older, uh, acquired versions. Problem was always input device drivers.Thought I’d fixed the duplicate hostname thing in OS X. But alas, it has reared its ugly head again. http://t.co/e7TeKnslwXEnter character name in Yosemite. Click ‘x’/hit Esc when it offers to autocorrect. Press spacebar. Autocorrects anyway. Repeat ad insanity.@mmalcangio I think they were having some fun at the expense of the crowd.Marvel’s also doing both Black Panther and Captain Marvel. Good on ‘em.Well, I guess that’s official. http://t.co/v2VFrGrZM8@sarahglidden Unless you particularly need any of the new features, I might wait until 10.10.1 irons out some bugs. :|This “Wi-Fi repeatedly drops” bug in Yosemite is a pain in the *CONNECTION DROPS*@meghann I really hate thinking where you’ll end up at the end of that advancement tree.@zandperl @thejessbeast @tinyasterisms That…is impressive.@samroebuck Your password must contain: • one animal emoji • one smiley emoji • one cat-face emoji • the thumbs up emoji@zandperl @Genevieve Right. It’s highly subjective. I almost never go in not knowing an actor.@DanJosef @JasonT @esritt @heymermaid @RoboTony I totally thought of Running Man too. Flash? Puzzlemaster? Cartographer?@Genevieve @zandperl I get where you’re coming from, but it’s a tough proposition. Kind of a luxury you only get once with actors, at most.
@zandperl Not yet official, but it’s Deadline’s story and they’re pretty reliable.Live! Fall TV! Soon! http://t.co/t2czhTmaR4
Retweeted by Dan Moren@monty_ashley @lschmeiser Also, the writing out of Lucy Griffiths’s character was clumsy, though necessary I guess.@monty_ashley @lschmeiser Agreed. Pacing was off and there was some weakness in directing/writing but production was good.@mkroess Boot Camp and/or Fusion?@mkroess Don’t know for sure, but probably not. :|ALL HANDS ON DECK: TIE FIGHTER/X-WING DIGITAL RE-RELEASES. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. http://t.co/rvqEBvBbGf@mcelhearn @adamengst I’d argue it’s the perfect size for what it does. :)@command_tab It’s not supposed to come out until next year.@sarahglidden This dude has clearly spent way too much time thinking about Starburst.@blankbaby @DanFrakes Oh good, this can replace the Chromecast I left in a hotel room the other week.@adamspelbring Yep.
Played eight games of ultimate this weekend and am somehow not dead.
@lexfri But..but…When @jsnell @dmoren etc. were let go by Macworld (however it went) it brought some great new podcasts with it! @reboundcast @_upgradefm
Retweeted by Dan Moren@nbeethe @jsnell @reboundcast @_upgradefm Thank you, sir!Working on my GamerGate costume for Halloween. It's just me egging houses while I tell people it's about ethics in game journalism.
Retweeted by Dan Moren@hey_AW How does it determine “active”, though? Messages was in the background on my Mac.@samroebuck @jabbermaster I assume you just put on a live performance?@rgriff I am fascinated.@TylerLoch @macworld @lexfri @DanFrakes @jsnell Good times.@rgriff I don’t know. It has a display and it keeps beeping and he’s picking it up. So it clearly does something…Homemade hipster-tech phone? http://t.co/8Wgge3EWFiThe message was ON my iPhone, but the notification didn’t appear. If that’s intentional, it’s cool, but I’m not sure how they figure it out.Not sure if it’s a bug or a feature, but logged into Twitter and the push notification for the SMS verification came only to my MacBook.The Daleks are behind this, for sure. http://t.co/f1Z3KsK9fIiOS App developers...a plea. Don't make young students tap in passwords on tiny screens. Build scanner into app; let kids login w/ QR code
Retweeted by Dan Moren@lexfri I nominate @TheTechShark.
If like 72 more people could listen to episode 2 of the @reboundcast in the next few hours we’d really appreciate it. http://t.co/ZOEqDpRv8M@jcenters @jsnell @GlennF @schollem For SMS? I turned it and Bluetooth off on my phone and it seemed to still work.@jsnell @GlennF JINX!@GlennF @jsnell I think they’re confused between that and the phone thing.Hey, look, @jessiechar and @PBones on the latest @clockwisepod with me & @jsnell! Talking iPads, Apple Stores, more: http://t.co/FFhBTgaLZ5@GlennF @jsnell Yeah, there’s an iMessage bridge in there somewhere. I was testing this the other day. Don’t need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.@will_wagner And then you tweeted it about it, Will. Death squads have been dispatched to your location.@reneritchie @twelvesouth I’ve got one of those! It’s almost tall enough to get it to my eye level. ;)
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