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Creative Director, Writer, Maker, Professor of Advertising, Advisor to Brands, Ad Agencies and The Next Generation. Boston University, Mullen and Beyond.

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@ianfitzpatrick Ian, like your chart on legacy/agency OS. Hope to use in my classes. Or better yet, have you show up to talk. Happy Holidays@Malbonnington There next week.Among the most important ad posts you will read in preparation for 2015. Thanks Ben Malbon. http://t.co/BCGcGSe2lT
. @WHRBJazz Amazing playlist today on the Jazz Spectrum. Thanks for the sounds. http://t.co/FWlhxUcY0i
Could not agree more. Ad people are brave and courageous. And save lives. http://t.co/XZx3WtCaS1@brennahanly you are back on
Good news for cigar smokers. I quit years ago, but I know people who are celebrating now. http://t.co/mVxS0Km5j3
This is weird. Mal died in October and the Gobe has his obit today? Two months later? http://t.co/LVmlZW1PvITragic loss. Just heard of Mike Toth's passing. He was a great talent. This piece from last February. He was onl... http://t.co/IbZuBUGOci
@jbakum My point. At least if they opened the back of the truck when done and the servers weren't damaged it would make little sense.This may be the most idiotic, meaningless, irrelevant brand stunt I have ever seen. No idea, no connection to th... http://t.co/8nPItmhr9T
Trying to Swim in a Sea of Social Media Invective. But a Great Source of Data for Research. http://t.co/8vN1cPNlv9Cheney Defends C.I.A. Tactics in Counterattack on Senate Report on Torture. He is the Devil. http://t.co/E2BLZxr7BvWondering what was in that time capsule buried in the State House. Now you know. Some things never change. (Nice... http://t.co/S7xacnEuqg
@GlobeKayLazar you won't regret. Lots of insight re your last story..@globekaylazar Have you read Atul Gawande's Being Mortal. If you plan to cover elderly affairs or health related it is a must read.
In UK a donkey raises more $ per year than the 3 most prominent charities fighting violence against women combined. http://t.co/gcVYBHgxnJ
@garyvee looks good on mobile. Useful content.Beware. Speedos coming. Avert the eyes. http://t.co/d5fdQ2TacI“It would be nice if he could apologize": teacher whose class was harassed by group including Mark Wahlberg in 1986 http://t.co/2SZduGq3lb
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@madgeni @lionelbarber There is a huge amount of money to be made out of taking women seriously. #changetheratio
Retweeted by edwardbochesDon't wait. Take @CindyGallop's advice and make change happen NOW: #changetheratio #takethemic http://t.co/CzcM7Z5bVz
Retweeted by edwardbochesTeaching kids about their transgender uncle. Another great story from @cedwardswrites http://t.co/LOlVu4VXGV.
@SarahGFisher12 I may have to become a vegan.John Lester to earn well over $100,000 per inning. http://t.co/1Cpqrrd8kZNow you can get @NickKristof via email. If @nytimes apps had better custom filtering we wouldn't need another email. http://t.co/wSOmTVVGBf.@NickKristof if @nytimes did digital better you wouldn't need to add to our inbox w yet another email. Apps would allow better filtering.Brains missing at U Texas. (A lead for late night if there ever was one.) http://t.co/9e9Z3PCIGc
@iJabber another great initiative from the Lab. Good stuff.Stuart Elliott Takes Buyout as New York Times Continues to Lose Top Media and Advertising Reporters http://t.co/u08ghZxKWe@AskTarget May have started w bad link. Thanks.@iJabber thanksI got all excited to see @target 's new mobile site after all the PR coverage, but.. http://t.co/HsABE4W81NTop 10 ads? @adweek does pretty good job. But missing Cadillac Poolside from @hillholliday http://t.co/MvQtTUAasUHow messaging apps are changing media distribution. #COMcreative http://t.co/tpRH18NjcMOnly two types of US companies: those that have been hacked and those that don't yet know they've been hacked. http://t.co/JUvV2auvnhThe Gobe's obit on Stavros. Not as personal ir witty as some of the Facebook posts. http://t.co/J9vGhkAFqc
Bobby Keys, Who Played Saxophone For The Rolling Stones, Dies at 70 http://t.co/2NuQG7IrPY.@rebrivved @comugrad. Rebecca, a huge thanks for your time and support. Means a lot to all of us.
A CD said this to an intern. So @maddiefrancois and @dannijeanm made it into a poster. #truth. COMcreative. http://t.co/uSoEOApBGC@erinmharris @comugrad Upgrade. http://t.co/lGlpBapDPw@edwardboches: Young creatives need honest feedback. Creative Cafe. #COMcreative. Cc @comugrad. http://t.co/0IcR87Zj25@erinmharris @comugrad very fancy. Big event.@apierno @comugrad send us your email. Eboches. Bu. Will add you to next invite list.Paying it forward. @chrisdunn4 back at Creative Cafe on the other side of the table. Cc @comugrad #COMcreative. http://t.co/1PmmPHLMgsThank you @thefantastical for supporting Creative Cafe. Cc @comugrad #COMcreative http://t.co/HuhvhZn1RRHuge thanks to all the creatives who showed up for Creative Cafe. cc @comugrad #COMcreative http://t.co/CEK6lLfBCzI'll try again next year @edwardboches http://t.co/useCY57JBv
Retweeted by edwardboches@DaveGian @Adweek David: Stavros Cosmopulos passed away yesterday. You should do a piece.@jordanpories Check you emails.Holy cow, I can't believe that @BarackObama gave @jordanpories a shoutout on Twitter! The Barack knows talent when he sees it.@JoselinMane @GinaRPrez Hoping that Joselin may know some candidates for Gina's community manager job. Gina, get J the job description. Thx.Make a wish for someone actually happen. http://t.co/rcipUlLVhW. #WishForOthers@GinaRPrez say hi to @JoselinMane Joseline, Gina had a good SoMe gig for someone. Perhaps you can network.Hill Holliday is looking for: Senior Copywriter http://t.co/ywnUpfTSpo #job
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@carr2n NY Times great, but took too long to think digitally. Should lose physical paper entirely. Improve reader filtering. Better apps.Why is there even still a physical printed newspaper? @carr2n on disruption. http://t.co/dSCVmWvIMT@effies Deal@effies All good here. Retired from Mullen. Full time prof at BU. Having fun.David: Stavros Cosmopulos passed away today. You should do a piece.@adland Anyway, it's a post about Stavros Cosmopulos passing.@scottRcrawford That was brilliant. Can't sleep on one. Did he do the tennis balls, too?@adland Ooops, we already are. You should be able to see my regular links.@adland Friend me on FB, than you can see my timeline.@adland Sorry, I figured it out. If the link is another FB share, you have to be friends with that person whose content I shared.Make the layouts rough and the ideas fancy. Stavros was Boston advertising's first genuine creative icon. https://t.co/Ye4zorFq1Q@effies Long time. Hope all is well.And if innovation and tech are the answer to all why can't countries with drones win the war against enemies with machetes. @tobetv@tobetv cave paintings are making s comeback.110 individuals control 35% of Russia’s wealth. The .000000001% http://t.co/BIftHgSMdtAmusing. First advertising is dead. Now advertising apparently lives by killing journalism. http://t.co/RLvQgaLZgA @Digiday via @tobetv
Better cocktails through science. http://t.co/T7re9H4piy52% of Black Friday online sales come from mobile. #leavesnodoubt http://t.co/7J67rQGLT6Tech's Gender Gap Wasn't Always So Bad. Here's How It Got Worse – via @NYTNow http://t.co/4BQAXOJrrFClifford Odets' Awake and Sing at the Huntington. Lights go down in 10 min. http://t.co/H3YK7bxmJaExcited for @faris's new book Paid Attention, due out in April. Flattered to read an advance copy and write something for the jacket.A new kind of entrepreneurialism fostered by the sharing economy. Become an AirLord. http://t.co/2NEpU2ugJqGood column. @danteramos weighs in on @dunwello. And even engages in comments. http://t.co/erMZc3BT2R@danteramos @GlobeScotLehigh @fstockman I must have missed. Good to know. Most journalists still in SoMe stone ages. I still give you a 10.Malaysia Airlines asks if you want to go somewhere, but don't know where. (Like MH370, for example.) http://t.co/Xb9P8RvF4Z
Retweeted by edwardboches@JoannaWeiss @mattlauzon @danteramos I give Dante a 10. First Globe reporter I have ever seen interact with readers in the comment section.@mattlauzon is this a pivot from the initial plan to be an internal performance review system. Or doing both? Cc @dweingrod
@spunstephanie A cartoon caricature.Our Savior, The Supervillain. In this case. Elon Musk. Good read. http://t.co/FQ1LiRT0Cs via @PopSciMickey Rourke, at Age 62, Wins Boxing Match in Russia. http://t.co/hd1gNBcOh1Goodall should go. He should already be gone. http://t.co/2tH3yJ3yLR@mattlauzon You need a quick fix to allow edits to reviews so users can fix mistakes, typos, etc.Check out Edward Boches's profile @dunwello - https://t.co/dccfnk2bm5Four tips for scoring the best online deals this holiday season. Not everyone gets the same price. http://t.co/GvCxFmgZ3V@faris Seems a cop out. A way of saying problem too big and overwhelming.Don't buy new. Trade for old. Nice initiative from @patagonia http://t.co/c0CU6vOkAkMost people do not attribute climate change to human behavior. Yikes. http://t.co/d9cYBSVBWP via @faris4 never-heard Miles Davis tracks out tmrw on 10" vinyl exclusively for @recordstoreday http://t.co/pOyQsyfC63 #Enigma http://t.co/PmrJmnKSO6
Retweeted by edwardbochesRetailers adjust as lines between in-store and digital shopping blur http://t.co/Z4qVKOahvy
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Can not recommend this movie highly enough. Courageous story telling on the threats to Virunga Park and its wildlife. http://t.co/1BUAuHTqMZWatch @virungamovie, a great documentary on the evils of foreign oil and mining interests that threaten the Congo and the mountain gorillas. @virungamovie Compelling and courageous story. Thanks for telling it.@Melaniegouby Just watched Virunga the movie. I applaud your commitment and courage. Thank you.Calories on Menus: Nationwide Experiment Into Human Behavior http://t.co/X0R3StyIl1 via #COMCreative #behaviorchange
@SUPPERnyc Looking forward to dinner there in late December. My NY friends rave about the place.
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