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Professor of Advertising, Creative Director, Writer, Maker, Advisor to Brands, Ad Agencies and The Next Generation. Boston University, Mullen and Beyond.

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@DotDraper @martindave @AnthonyWEHM @nycjim @donaldberube Back at you.Nice to see you all this morning, @edwardboches, @martindave, @AnthonyWEHM, @nycjim, @donaldberube. If only we could bottle what you have.
Retweeted by edwardbochesThe making of the penguin. http://t.co/1kyPAkxWzU #COMCreativeMobile a mere 4 percent of ad spend when it accounts for 20 percent of consumer screen time. (Even that sounds low.) via @digiday
@TheRealKPM done24 hours a day for 7 days straight. What it takes to do effective creative work. #pufferfish. Via @debkmorrison http://t.co/obElkjBm5EArt in a Whisky Glass, Neatly Explained – via @NYTNow cc @schneidermike http://t.co/eHfey3IIXHNow that it's politically correct to support women all the guilty journalists admit to shielding Bill Cosby. http://t.co/NXzxP9dy6a
@zachbraiker @TheHPAlliance No. Thx for sending.@edwardboches have you see the #myhungergames campaign? http://t.co/skxSEu2HKj Leveraging pop culture for the good. cc: @TheHPAlliance
Retweeted by edwardbochesUser Experience Pros...here's 9 principles of responsive web design http://t.co/gwrf1h3ufm
Retweeted by edwardboches#COMCreative. With ‘Hunger Games’ Campaigns, Lionsgate Punches Above Its Weight #BUSCD http://t.co/pWNeB75gfWThe day I accidentally heard the first episode I sat in the parking lot at the hospital for 30 min to finish it.... http://t.co/fRgiL3bmxJ@boathouseinc well done. Know your market.@tobetv @UMass advertises on #AMAs Good media buy.Then there's this. http://t.co/YI3hbCnppc That's what I like about you.The music was good in the late 60's and early '70's.Slaves to a fourth rate news magazine @usnews. Colleges woo applicants just so they can reject them and up rankings. http://t.co/14aLDZDFlLA brilliant lesson in timing, pregnant pauses and the reveal. Not to mention faulty advertising. Mike Nichols a... http://t.co/pM5Mk2w6Wx@Digschulman Alan, so great to meet you at CreateTech. Don't have your email and contact info, but will send mine.The Secret Life of Passwords: Love trumps hate. Passwords as keepsakes. What our approach to digital security sa... http://t.co/eAPVv79zXA
Alex Pearlman. Great read. http://t.co/cxwXtpkXEF@jonathanfields I intro you to @cedwardswrites. Here is his story. http://t.co/AC09lTf68G An inspiration. Perhaps you are interested?@kmatthews Must be me. What browser are you using.@kmatthews Why thank you. Is the resolution bad for you? Looks good when you download, but looks weird on my Slideshare.The difference between PR and advertising. Helping students decide. http://t.co/W6DkQ2vrZZ cc @comugrad @amyshanler @trvphd@fishmanaj @Katie_Schik You have to invite me.@fishmanaj @Katie_Schik I am in the house.Finally my first visit to @hillholliday Cool space. http://t.co/UZGjjg4XPw
This is such a great story. Can't wait to read the funny version. Balls. By Chris Chris Edwards http://t.co/AC09lTf68G@cedwardswrites rebranding angle and change lessons are another great stump topic for you.@cedwardswrites Awesome. Great stuff.The Ultimate Rebranding: How a Veteran Creative Shifted Genders Mid-Career | Adweek http://t.co/EG8BUbkW7f@edwardboches I got some great press on Adweek! http://t.co/W8AbeCH8z9
Retweeted by edwardboches.@aquarry A few of us get the reference. It was a good decade. #windwasinfromafricaso sad. he was one of the all time greats. - Mike Nichols, Acclaimed Director of ‘The Graduate,’ Dies at 83 http://t.co/E6FrIkiQk6
Retweeted by edwardbochesTurns out there was a Mermaid Cafe and Joni did have beach tar on her feet. Reasons to live in Crete and dig out... http://t.co/NqzjXIBfcH
Do not read "How to Build a Girl" while consuming a beverage. It will be come out your nose from laughing so hard. http://t.co/zJbwbIo5NjCreative Cafe at BU COM. Look forward to Boston's creative community coming to share feedback and encouragement. http://t.co/4KfUK1CqXx@JeffCutler Wall Street Above You. New slogan. @jetblue
Retweeted by edwardbochesJetBlue, Logan's top carrier, announces bag fees & cutback in legroom: http://t.co/mzg05IaQQr
Retweeted by edwardboches
@tobetv We can all justify things we like if the image is right.@tobetv Harry's was perfect example of great branding that sucked me in, but product didn't deliver. But yes, good branding and service.@tobetv Was actually disappointed w the razors. Wanted to like them but not very good blades.@tobetv yes, except they are all done by same agency, along w new whole foods and all looks exactly the same. #tiredformula@tobetv @kheller thx. Smart branding.Tokyo nail art. Very cool. http://t.co/wB9wcp4x8oThe fine art of bookmaking still alive at Godine. http://t.co/hwZskbsS7g http://t.co/yHk44ug1XH
Curious how many of you watch Spike TV? Favorite spike programming?.@griner David, any idea if there was an ad or PR agency behind Plan International's Thea campaign in Norway? Thanks.
Once a Pulitzer Prize winner. Now living on the border of poverty. http://t.co/suRsAJM49V@tobetv do you teach that here/now? Or in London.@tobetv Cool. Share more of your stuff. Thanks.Good read for students taking my CM 527 next semesrer. A Brief History of Failure - http://t.co/jC31AE4s0A #BUSCD http://t.co/SGz4ZDwWc3Economic disparity. Wrist watches that start at $75,000. http://t.co/YPKVYaWABf@thelidman And the personal joy of helping people reach their potential. Lots of studies show that happiness derives from that.@thelidman Almost anything and everything. Art, theater, literature, social media, digital technology, human behavior, psychology.Some jerk has my Amex # and trying to rack up charges in UK. Kudos to @AmericanExpress for quickly catching it and sending me new card.Just put finishing touches on presentation for #COMmajormixer https://t.co/pQEnDqep0D w @amyshanler this Wed. Cc @comugrad Will be good.Mishandling rape. Great read for students working on Callisto. #COMCreative via @nytimes http://t.co/bdSTIZt5IU
Timesheets and procurement systems are technology that overly impact how agencies operate. http://t.co/lh7GpxeMrW via @digiday@DalyShow @EFulwiler The surge pricing is bullshit. Agree with that.I'd take the Innolympics over the Olympics any day. http://t.co/paOGGdEejL via @scottkirsner@DalyShow @EFulwiler Debatable, all of the companies using the new model. Hotels, laundry, food, alcohol, delivery, workers, goes on and on.Need a baby sitter? get a robot. http://t.co/Uc39fM80dT http://t.co/r3DbfYxBOZ.@winstonbinch The middleman business is very lucrative if you find the right space to be in the middle.Uber's gross revenue is expected to hit a run rate of already at $10 billion by the end of next year. Internet speed. via @efulwiler@Edouble @HarvardHBS You should be neither humble nor proud. They should be grateful to get you.The pocket kick speaker: Huge sound in a tiny package http://t.co/GWFFGkjnbx http://t.co/By2cPFhsdo
Retweeted by edwardboches@BostonTweet but you may not live as long as if you resisted.
Interviews with women CEOs. Lots of good advice. CC @3percent @katgordon http://t.co/QwGOvNpIH8Too true: "The privileged young have been raised to be approval-seeking machines. Their lives are directed by other people’s expectations."Every student trying to figure out what they want to do and be should read this. http://t.co/2ENE0NvOvX
RT @nhhill: @edwardboches draws great conclusion about @MapMyFitness data's application to urban planning #CreateTech
Retweeted by edwardboches@LCapnor @garethk @ianfitzpatrick working on it.@tobetv Jon Ruby here now in 111. Say hello if you are here. Here til 3 ish..@mullenunbound 's Jon Ruby presenting great stuff at COMcreative. http://t.co/GhyyvRgeL0
Oof, kinda beautiful. This is what the web looks like without ads. cc @faris @edwardboches http://t.co/TZnQJSYSnd
Retweeted by edwardboches@edwardboches @dweingrod @Nissan followed the formula.. #BreakTheInternet http://t.co/i3ngVrhd4L
Retweeted by edwardbochesData driven storytelling from @Malbonnington and @drewyou at #createtech Great case of study on Giferator. Data: informs, powers, proves.@EveryAdAgency I will have to unfollow someone else. So we shall see.Wonder how long we are from day that the phrase 'the Internet of things' becomes redundant, pointless, a relic? #CreateTech
Retweeted by edwardboches@juliehallboston what happened to them?I was waiting for someone to bring up #zeo Thanks @edwardboches #CreateTech
Retweeted by edwardbochesDon Draper would be so lost at @4As #CreateTech conference.Thanks to @4As and @chickfoxgrover for #CreateTech Great conference so far. A 4as conference with nothing that resembles "advertising."My CM 423 students. You are all invited to CREATE TECH today at Nerd Center. Check your email ASAP. Cc@comugrad
Who else is going? Any non Mullen friends of startups and incubators? http://t.co/I6c5c0Xhnx@comugrad @amyshanler double major.Who'll be at #CreateTech tomorrow? @Malbonnington @tim_leake @chickfoxgrover Looking forward to it. http://t.co/zTf1ht52Ix4A's #CreateTech 2014 is Just a Week Away http://t.co/EoVH6g3FSH via 4A's @SmartBrief
Retweeted by edwardboches
@tomlinson_lisa @panhaung https://t.co/vfLpQzKF3V“Having a door and a window is starting to feel like having a car and driver.” Tim Duggan,Crown Publishing http://t.co/gBPnjxvgNyToday I acquired some nice insights for advertising. Thanks to an inspiring guest lecture by Edward Boches @edwardboches @HultBoston
Retweeted by edwardbochesBehind the Vapor | Research. Most objective piece I have seen re e-cigarettes. Good reporting. http://t.co/WwSQ6qKgWE
Just downloaded the MacX video recorder. http://t.co/ghJKL3j5oG Awesome. Works great with Yosemite. cc . @MacXDVDMeasure what matters. https://t.co/HXmDCJewAfSo great to see ex students @AyyAbby @fishmanaj @kaleidosoph @ChrisDunn4 at #Hatch54. All happily and successfully creating good shit.Another great journalism project from @CMSennott The Ground Truth Project. http://t.co/C8kM7M1VVt. Check it out.Good opp for @comugrad grad. “@HHCCcareers: Hill Holliday is looking for: Presentation & Support Specialist http://t.co/ucKscdq1BU #job
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