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Author: #WetheEaters Co-Founder: Food Tank, FEED. Founder: Apron Project, 30 Project. Foodie, Feeder, Fighter for a better food system. Proud Navy Wife.

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Outrageously good recipes for your cookout http://t.co/dGqFCREC8q #NYTSummerCooking http://t.co/yhjR5lmYHL
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonThis is fabulous news: food giant @Walmart adopts animal welfare rules including the Five Freedoms http://t.co/N8Pj66RhwK #humane
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonGood to know as summer kicks off! @ewg Hall of Shame | EWG's 2015 Guide to Sunscreens http://t.co/0yyoOFzKkR
Small food makers on fast path to U.S. store shelves, threatening big producers http://t.co/h0uHZb3w3U via @ReutersAg
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90% of seafood we eat is imported...trade is what's for dinner. #WetheEaters https://t.co/bEwY0JwJ6wLove this from @Ellie_Krieger! 5 words you should stop using when you talk about food http://t.co/497RFocm5F http://t.co/66jnz1nh0e
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson#wetheeaters strike again: Big Box Goes Organic as Target Pulls Canned Soups, Easy Mac http://t.co/nOwWY6Ad8X via @TakePartAgriculture IS cool, and here’s why: http://t.co/HlaJwl2sHU @bernardpollack @Food_Tank #FoodTank http://t.co/imszXpZTcO
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonSo proud of this book, 1 year after its pub date! Get one: #WetheEaters: If We Change Dinner, We Can Change the World http://t.co/m7ktiX2FAu#wetheeaters are forcing change, keep it up! McDonald’s Chicken May Start to Actually Taste Like Chicken http://t.co/aoqK2FLXF2 @TakePart
Fishing & shell fish harvesting in Santa Barbara County closed 1 mile in each direction from Refugio State Beach. http://t.co/Szy6yl8DIJ
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonRed kale chips #easy #healthy #eatyourveggies https://t.co/z5ehmuvaqJMy 84 yr old Grandpap: RTing, tagging, editing, posting & sending the way we all used to do it. ❤️… https://t.co/a3XSLQgxobFood is an incredible recruiting tool! No other movement is as delicious and joyful! @_RajPatel #futureofood
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If you haven't seen a magicgiant show, what are you waiting for??? Got my dance on with these guys in… https://t.co/bjM9A18NRgFind #volunteer opportunties with us and other great charities w/ @HandsOnSD: http://t.co/fphIVcoDIS
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonIt can if it comes from Bun Lai @MiyasSushi. http://t.co/swzuZawnHq
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonReport shows #obesity is leading medical reason why 75% of young people in Alabama can't join the military http://t.co/Lbo1JTFd7K
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonSad outcome of crappy food system: Kids eating junk food before they reach their 2nd birthday, says USDA researcher http://t.co/IRpnSTC3a7Cxn of food + gender- maybe Paleo diet should include equal housework? Early men and women were equal, say scientists http://t.co/CLYV4H9Rik"Food systems are not rewarding the actors in food systems very well" @DeSchutterUNSR #FutureofFood http://t.co/tGikpvup0D
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonMany people feel overworked. Is it because they are constantly asked to do “unseen” jobs? http://t.co/9D227Baejn http://t.co/JqyheTRIAb
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Great job today @sd_chip, Brew Rendezvous was so much fun! #chipbrew2015 Local Farm-restaurant-beer pairing rocks! https://t.co/aFci3te1oYBeautiful day for farm-restaurant-beer pairing at the 3rd annual Brew Rendezvous! Great job everyone… https://t.co/aFci3te1oY#California https://t.co/t5TmN17Owe
Tonight's crepuscle after a day of glorious rain!! https://t.co/W5BscmDYzoGreat article about how #WetheEaters need #wethefarmers & how not to get fooled by some organic green-washing. https://t.co/DmnVDf2gCeSorry #FDA fats from nuts are NUT unhealthy! Nuts May Extend Your Lifespan By About 2 years http://t.co/VsgeWRP20w @nutrition_facts
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonIt's #FoodRevolutionDay!!!! I support @jamieoliver fighting for food education for EVERY child. Sign it & share it! http://t.co/4NZIfF5YUD
RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Loving this gray May sky tonight! http://t.co/AXqcuJf5gkFalling price of processed foods fuelling obesity crisis, says study http://t.co/8ZLn3qJiNg @ODIdev #RicherDiets
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonYES. Japanese healthy diet at risk. Via @nprnews: No One's Talking About What The Pacific Trade Deal Means For Diets http://t.co/28xcSe0TwEBreakfast, plain and simple...healthy food doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. https://t.co/EI7yslyqmmNo Justice, No ... Anything http://t.co/YOhGOR2cuk.@USDA creates first government-backed label for GMO-free foods http://t.co/pIL9VeFP09
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.@CSPI slams babyfood makers @PlumOrganics & @Nestle for "cheating parents financially & robbing kids nutritionally" http://t.co/oKpbyoFVf2
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson$30M? I can think of 30 million other ideas of how that $ could have been spent to reduce youth jailing rates. https://t.co/6mYb8DFneV
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonIf China adopts an American-style diet, our planet is in big trouble - http://t.co/AvmkYJMQeo
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonCA spends $63K/yr to keep 1 inmate in prison & $9,100 to keep a student in public school. #DoTheMath #ManifestJustice http://t.co/HEUDEQg7Kv
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonFun time on San Diego Living this morning talking about the awesome Brew Rendezvous event this week and the $15... http://t.co/8d9JHZzvmYCheck out the menu & today only get $15.00 off w/ Promo Code: CHIP2015 Brew Rendezvous - Eventbrite https://t.co/9aWHOlgbexNOW on @sdliving tune in to watch me & @urbnstbrewingco Chef Alex talk abt @sd_chip #CHIPBrew2015 (also...Batman) http://t.co/XLuadpNRpPHealthy eating becomes a luxury in emerging markets - http://t.co/jgzUbZA772 http://t.co/HxSVwq8XBs via @FT
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YES!! The future food system-beyond grocery stores, 2-for-1 soda & end-caps-is here. Way to go @farmigo & @mrbenzi! https://t.co/dEMPdcwfg2A guide to eating RIGHT, even when you’re eating out: http://t.co/L0wzdROLQn®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news @jbarro http://t.co/1H2VLbPrvD
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson.@dabeard @frontlinepbs http://t.co/sFWbvTyAGs
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonWhen It Comes to Food Safety, How a Whole Chicken Differs From the Sum of Its Parts | Tonight on @frontlinepbs http://t.co/BfPKN8I74N
COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE!!!!! http://t.co/AWKuycbHel
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonYES!!! Local/Regional food system #ForTheWin means farmers & eaters #ForTheWin https://t.co/JNUG6qDO3f#nerdretweet https://t.co/c1lBZuV77AJoin us on Sunday, May 17, 2015, from 1 - 4 PM! Bring your appetite to SILO in Makers Quarter for an epic... http://t.co/Q9Urn9m13T
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonFarms, and Restaurants, and Breweries...OH MY! Urbn St. Brewing Co, Carnitas Snack Shack, Ironside of San Diego,... http://t.co/RkSqSUG0YC
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonHow Can You Get an Ethical Manicure? Support Worker Organizing http://t.co/OxH9P8GwYm
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonInteresting... https://t.co/Hsfyt8xKg1The cutting edge for producing food, might just be the old method for producing food https://t.co/S43CvMB9fn @VICE h/t @FERNnews
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Made Mom some homemade whole wheat crepes w blueberry compote for Mother's Day. #brunch #mothersday https://t.co/RXsjPGWeZ0
Is our food system too clean? http://t.co/JbUKVGHPa4 http://t.co/QRpK0hVF7u
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonM&Ms candy maker says: Don't eat too many http://t.co/nvq3HAYaKj http://t.co/nIFa0jmcmj
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson@THRIVEmkt offers healthy products from your favorite brands at wholesale prices. I love it & think you will too! http://t.co/mDEcrpspxg
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonGatorade is Now Also a Bar, Unfortunately http://t.co/Ar2EKXonDB
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In light of @monsantoco 's bid for pesticide giant Syngenta, this old post looking good. http://t.co/KODCz0oGNm via @motherjones
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonSugar isn't just added to sweet foods anymore. You'll be shocked by the percentage of foods with added sugar. http://t.co/PDnhcG1Mjv
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonHappy #MilitarySpouseAppreciationDay to all my fellow #milspouse's! https://t.co/bWxDRHwhQWThe woman who does your nails? She may be paid below minimum wage. She may not even be paid. http://t.co/QJu1XKtxHQ http://t.co/obDuMSZgdw
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There is something especially soothing about hearing the rain in SoCal as I go to sleep tonight!! #CaliforniaDrought #rainI'm ready to @stampouthunger, left a bag of organic canned veggies for my usps letter carrier!… https://t.co/ts6ANyr9oWMy @eqexcoop afternoon chocolate helps small farmers, uses biodegradable & renewable packaging &… https://t.co/MLjuKhOerJSales Of Organic Food Skyrocket - Modern Farmer @ModFarm http://t.co/ctOIBnyiTKBy-product of the eater-farmer chasm: People love chickens that are “vegetarian fed” but chickens are not vegetarians http://t.co/0OXnOLrcoL
Whole Foods to launch lower-priced grocery chain http://t.co/JT1qTf0QCy
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson@RodaleInstitute thanks for including #WetheEaters in your 2015 book club!! http://t.co/hzT1Ji10KAI love supporting American farmers, so it seems like a pretty good idea to #keepCOOL Country-of-origin labeling. https://t.co/bgWDnKlxxqReport shows #obesity is leading medical reason 74% of young South Carolinians cannot join the military http://t.co/KfhpZO4hmi
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonDang this is a well-researched look at how much water our food (and life) use. https://t.co/ezxBvaXU3N
Good points by my g-free friend @mansharamani. We're in a gluten-free bubble that is about to burst @FortuneMagazine http://t.co/ybziwrLvGDPanera Bread Plans to Drop a Long List of Ingredients http://t.co/kEfd9Mn72QHappy little cloud. #getoutside #lookup https://t.co/tZDM7juWl3Food System Recommendations Should Account for More Than Public Health: http://t.co/A080cpdVBh @eatsustainable http://t.co/LWqNmQOtUZ
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120-SECOND CURE Walking for just two minutes every hour may offset the hazards of sitting all day http://t.co/FPLh22Kc3A
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonMy thoughts exactly. #happymonday https://t.co/QweeoTjOeH
24 TED Talks That Will Help Save the Food System: http://t.co/I4KDJUwLCZ http://t.co/UkI5chiGTC
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonHealth Food Retailers Make Way for the Next Generation http://t.co/3keud4AyCg@manifestexhibit is a mind-opening, beautiful, sad, frustrating, enraging and even sometimes hopeful… https://t.co/NRkc7xbIXv
Dump the Junk: Is the Grocery Manufacturers Association a 20th Century Relic? http://t.co/S0UMASKIO0
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The end of California? http://t.co/Nr4DZ4BD3O via @NYTOpinion http://t.co/3bBdE2GP2Y
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson11 Stunning Images Highlight the Double Standard of Reactions to Riots Like Baltimore by @DerrickClifton http://t.co/YHoJyiZLhP via @MicNewsA true cost of cheap food, esp bc aid recipients spend benefits at low wage outlets Picking Up the Tab for Low Wages http://t.co/fa7pSY2XhPAntibiotic resistance is costing the heath care system $20 billion and leading to 23,000 deaths annually. http://t.co/PHC1dyFFOF
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson"More die in the USA of too much food than of too little." http://t.co/M5A5pM8ZZc
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Why "total calories" is the new "total fat"- a new distraction from food quality: http://t.co/pT2ZQYEehn
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson@Nespresso Yes, the recycling program is great (i've used it myself) but frustrating to have no organic/fair trade certified capsule options@Nespresso is way behind on this, shld be leading: Compostable pods will appeal to many consumers- Copper Moon Coffee http://t.co/BQoCeW17HKBrew Rendezvous is coming soon! Support @sd_chip + eat local farm food from local chefs w local beer! http://t.co/bEvKFcPtKz via @discoversd
Is the food movement winning? http://t.co/qbfosPDyGN
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonTo protect traditional marriage, shall we bring back the "Head and Master" rule?, asks Ruth Bader Ginsburg. My hero. http://t.co/JowlsiIvMt
Retweeted by Ellen Gustafson.@Starbucks Bottled Water Comes From Heart of the California Drought http://t.co/FofLCRR8ep @MotherJones #CAdrought http://t.co/GM6TxN6htM
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"Munchary - known for its chef-made meals - moves into Brooklyn" (a little too excited about this) http://t.co/4ViMWSW7xl
Retweeted by Ellen GustafsonYield shouldn't be the only metric in growing healthy diets for all eaters. Can organic feed the world? http://t.co/hF4aTTA7uGMcDonald’s Closes Hundreds of Stores as Worldwide Sales Continue to Plummet: http://t.co/jtPVdijKyy @CulinaryBroDown http://t.co/HPpoc3oAHv
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The pistachio: "pretty, nutritious, and way less thirsty" than Cali nuts like almond & walnut. http://t.co/S0QcNKjYQt via @WIRED
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