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@DrGMLaTulippe Hemsworth in that 5 mins is the only time I can remember recognizing a star being born, unknown to a-list, in front of me.I can't decide what's more distracting in a movie: a real news reporter reading fake news or some actor playing a news reporter.@DrGMLaTulippe that's some horseshit, right?@Draven_AICN @BrianWCollins @Simon_Barrett @ShoutFactory there's a scene with crazy Jack Palance in an '80s punk club. And it's amazing.@Draven_AICN @BrianWCollins @Simon_Barrett @ShoutFactory It'd be prime material for Scream Factory, that's for sure.@Draven_AICN @BrianWCollins @Simon_Barrett early New Line flick. Super great. Was on DVD a while back. Might be OOP now.@bdgrabinski @Simon_Barrett @Draven_AICN @BrianWCollins @mrbeaks I'd let it pass if it didn't involve Dr. Boll.@BrianWCollins @Draven_AICN @Simon_Barrett @mrbeaks Can not see eye to eye with you on this one, my friend.@Simon_Barrett @Draven_AICN @BrianWCollins @mrbeaks shame on you! Shame on you both!@BrianWCollins @Draven_AICN @Simon_Barrett @mrbeaks I hear Blanks is a nice guy. That movie is dogshit.@BrianWCollins @Draven_AICN @Simon_Barrett @mrbeaks Even more insidious lifting so directly when people don't know.@Draven_AICN @Simon_Barrett @mrbeaks @BrianWCollins That movie makes me angry. Anything decent is lifted directly from Alone in the Dark.@Draven_AICN @Simon_Barrett @mrbeaks we're not suddenly supposed to like that piece of shit now, are we?
@bdgrabinski @popmortem only way to watch is immediately after NY. It's almost a beat by beat remake and fascinating when watched that way.@ryanlambert111 that'll make it easier!@mrmarkmillar I'm pretty sure it's spelled Dooblin.@ryanlambert111 sounds bad! Next time we hang you will spill all@vicdeleon @telltalegames two already pre-sold!Can I petition @telltalegames for a Thin Man whodunit series where you alternately play as Nick and Nora? In black and white, of course.Continuing my Telltale catchup with The Wolf Among Us. The Telltale formula is a good fit for a noir-y detective story.
Seeing Colbert interview Frank Underwood in S3 Ep1 of House of Cards made me strangely emotional. I miss that doofus.Jimmy Kimmel Speaks To The Anti-Vaxxers http://t.co/Ce2Jxy9hAv
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Retweeted by Eric Vespe@bdgrabinski You been to Mo Better Burgers yet? Favorite burger in LA.@BrianDorn @todd_farmer could be. Person I heard this from was in the room for both meetings.@ryanlambert111 Do you mean "no you don't know him" or "no, you don't want to know him"? 'Cause if he's a terrible person I'd be heartbrokenI share some thoughts and memories about the late, great Leonard Nimoy: http://t.co/NE4FDNQ2Ew http://t.co/ITDywlS6W5Dug Season 2 of Telltale's Walking Dead game, but it missed a little bit of the effortless gut punch feeling of S.1I wish, Facebook. I wish. http://t.co/BAHMXZh4h3
@jennyleighx33 I'll show you around the country one of these days. You'll love it!I feel really bad for the NSA guy that has to sift through the disgusting pictures @ajbowen and I text back and forth.@jennyleighx33 it's an amazing country! You have to go someday.@CaseyCCarroll work and pleasure, naturally.Day after SXSW I'm headed to NZ for a month. I'm ready (and also feel like that spy that has his 'gotta run' stash): http://t.co/ct5BmE9GLb@ManMadeMoon @rodeneronquillo @FREEBIRDS_WB You guys got the Super Monster? I've only ever stared in awe from afar.@DrGMLaTulippe I had the same thing happen to me. Let me know if we're tumor brothersThe dress looks black to me. idk.
Retweeted by Eric VespeI'm just glad net neutrality passed today so that the Internet can stay this fucking stupid, because I don't want to have it any other way.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@jenyamato don't you know net neutrality is just a way for the government to regulate our lives, man.@RandyOfAFTimes he had good news and bad news for me.Here's a good #tbt. Me and the legendary Tom Atkins. #thrillme http://t.co/peMxBZsQKS@BehindThrills don't know much, but I pay attention when it's Haunted Mansion related. :)@BehindThrills Yep. You can tell where he's going, too. There's a place they're working on between the attic and the graveyard.@devincf report back!@garywhitta a lot. I'm a good value!@VogtRoberts dude, I'm on a diet. Gotta look good for the cameras when you let me get killed by Kong.@liambrazier Live Free or Alien Hard.@VogtRoberts Very close. Also, I'm hiding in your bedroom closet. Don't come look for me. I'm happy and safe and warm.@sakura_59 it is the internet. :)All I know is Alien3 fans called me butthurt for hating the credits sequence undoing of Aliens. Shoe's on the other foot now, suckas!@NickdeSemlyen @mrbeaks @outlawvern Nimoy/Spock was the bridge. Not the star, but allowed the reboot to also be a sequel.@mrbeaks You ever read the William Gibson draft of Alien 3 that was pretty much that, but in a space station?@iamchoppah considering he's "had an idea" for a sequel it should speak volumes to his unwillingness to be involved that it hasn't happened@iamchoppah think that falls into the same category. They're unwilling to make a direct sequel without his approval.@iamchoppah Redo: Universal has wanted to for a while, but Spielberg stood in the way.@augustesomers in my brief discussions with him, I'm confident Guillermo won't make the movie until it's great.@augustesomers "more like the movie," rather@augustesomers me, too. I told him I don't want him to make it so good they change the ride to be more like, Pirates style, though.@headgeek666 She HAS to know!@jimbopoohs so, so sexyMaybe a ghost WILL follow you home if you ride the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland! http://t.co/z7ayFZR0uH http://t.co/V48Yg4NRb5@Paul_Gandersman @Aaron_Morgan I'm the dude that loves Temple of Doom, afterall.@Paul_Gandersman @Aaron_Morgan I don't share your love of Alien3, but far be it from me to use Fincher's own dislike against you.@Paul_Gandersman @Aaron_Morgan It's a little rambling, but here it is: http://t.co/u33QsvbF25@Paul_Gandersman @Aaron_Morgan he talked pretty freely about it with me... Still not a fan, but he does talk about it.@ASamanthaRae Hey Bob-a-ree-Bob!@ASamanthaRae I know how to pick 'em!@ASamanthaRae Is that the book I got you?
@ajbowen @frontiermovie Sold! But only if you wait until the lights go down before you let your hands wander.@mikeryan ahhhhhhh@mikeryan I have no idea who that is, but I assume it's another Brian Wilson?I was obsessed with the Beach Boys growing up. In My Room was the first track that got me thinking deeper about music.This year's SXSW also gives me the slim chance of sitting down with Brian Wilson, which will be a bucket list event for me if it happens.@NordlingAICN Yeah, but I can't make the premiere showing. Catching the second show the next day.Also there are 18 features I was desperate to fit into that schedule that I couldn't make work. Strong, strong year for SXSW.Initial SXSW schedule has me seeing 32 films. Interviews and sell-outs will chip away at that number, surely, but it's a strong start.Finally catching up with Telltale's Walking Dead games. Finished S1 ep4 and all I can say is daaaaammmmn, @garywhitta.
@aaronsagers http://t.co/mXYYcKTLRnA very happy TFH Guru Guillermo del Toro and Ryan Gosling at Disneyland. via @deltorofilms http://t.co/bayJPW9xJj
Retweeted by Eric VespeRandy Quaid and his wife are proof that soul mates exist.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@mrmarkmillar but you're right on the dollar figure. Thought it was a flop until you made me look it up just now.@mrmarkmillar My guess is the downward trend coupled with the relatively poor domestic take/reviews/perception helped kill Am Spidey seriesI may forever be a manchild, but that means I can have Snake Plissken guard my house. So be it. http://t.co/BZXtDoDYas
@jettek @EricDSnider oh, it's going to be clusterfuck in that garage. No two ways about it.@rianjohnson and then you drink both and exclaim "I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that there's alcohol being served in this establishment!" and leave.@jettek @EricDSnider Hoping S. Lamar being a venue this year gives me some other options.@jettek @EricDSnider I skipped out of a lot of movies because it would have cost me $40-$50 a day to park when Music started.@EricDSnider I might need to start one of those just to cover the outrageous parking fees for locals at SXSW.@nathwatson Thanks! Did you see all of them? Did a whole week's worth of stuff. Links here: http://t.co/dd1hlqrnqE@HisHiddleness will do when the embargo lifts@Michael_Calia better than Guillermo Del Taco, I guess.@MikeRabattino 100%. Innaritu has spoken about how intentional that was@MikeRabattino yeah, not crapping on Redmayne's win as much as I am Keaton's loss.@MikeRabattino and nobody could have made Birdman better than Keaton. Don't think I could say the same for ToE@MikeRabattino he turned in his career best performance, I'll agree there. Still think Keaton was more integral to his film's success.@mattkward @scottEweinberg forgot which Oscars it was, but a costume drama won, not the movie that had 12 leads in invisible prostheticsOh cool. My two month old plasma already has a small burn in. Come on, scrolling function! Don't fail me now! http://t.co/rpoeWBP7Qu@scottEweinberg 100% agree. For whatever reason they almost always vote for the hair part of the Makeup and Hairstyling category.@VogtRoberts Hiddleston's the best. Had a wonderful conversation with him on Crimson Peak. Smart as a whip, that guy.I mean come on. http://t.co/tyKbak75Ql
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