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Mentoring startups to the sounds of Crystal Castles. Now in London with Accel

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@dickc massive fan of John Gray's Straw Dogs. I read it like 10 years ago and it blew my mind! #Disturbing http://t.co/Su1dEKMnck
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Exactly. https://t.co/imGKHT2yl9@fdestin You forgot popcorns. The most common species of startup.
Retweeted by Fred Destin@BenedictEvans @pmarca for sure but at least they force you to think at least a bit about the future, op. lvrg, LTV, cash etc...@englishpaulm excellent :-) p@fredpullin very good :-).Kill Unicorns !! It's time for duocorns, leprechauns, bigfoots, Chimera's, Phoenix's and last minute Pivots that actually worked !@BenedictEvans @pmarca or the other way around it's stunning that markets have not yet moved to DCF (with Monte Carlo's :-))@Dewotak @Accel @qGetitApp I will feel right at home then ! Make it gluten free :-)@fredpullin ha :-)The terrific @peterpomeranzev on the London of the present -- and not so distant future. Great illu too. http://t.co/3yc5vx3ySp
Retweeted by Fred DestinFab from @pmarca on why investors swing from communal hysteria to communal despair and trash investment theory: https://t.co/gHiFiF8ZXzVery useful Demand Creation ideas from @randfish ... Esp. if your keyword pool is shallow and empty https://t.co/mgjhJZla6mOur fierce founders at @hassle combine with @helpling to build euro leader in home services (by @robinwauters) http://t.co/6UefYxUArBEntrepreneur Français ? Come meet team @accel at the @blablacar office July 8 - email openhours@accel.com ! #FrenchTechValuable insights from @JamesCurrier on the power of "market networks" (I.e. social marketplaces) : http://t.co/up0CJcZpkDOnly VC questions I get from the press these days relate to unicorns. I'd love to move on to a different theme now - suggestions :-) ?@nimshah123 that is certainly true !! There are no recipes for success
Find out how much you don't know about AI... https://t.co/MgN3vB448V"Fail your way forward" - @DeanJulie
@vcbonn @XsleepftLearner @rikutter @Mykalt45 I have a massive bias towards tech/product savvy founding teams so no disagreement@f_halley so I'm not disagreeing with you at all, but frankly the German government should stop taking be moral high ground constantly.@f_halley and the German economy, being the most competitive in the world, made huge and predictable economic gains inside the EUR zone@f_halley in other words, whoever convinced the Greeks to join the EUR was a misguided political idiot who did not understand currencyWhat a great way to go ! (Via @umairh) https://t.co/w8ltWdoSnz@f_halley yes. and germany's share of its neighbours GDP has exploded since the EURO.Awesome interactive mapping of marketing technologies by @accel's @kobiefuller: http://t.co/fPjd4kCUW8Biggest beneficiary of the Euro pushes disingenuousness to next level https://t.co/5QjG020qf1Exactly as expected, @uber exploding in France (by @danprimack : http://t.co/kjLsXuVc2a@XsleepftLearner @rikutter @vcbonn @Mykalt45 you're ignoring this massive skew - returns are 90+% derived from few top successes@rikutter @vcbonn imperfect conclusions 1) only back entrepreneurs that you think can go all the way 2) allow founders to scale.@kylemowery I am all for that :-)@ollieglass @vsubramanian what we measure = return on venture money against founder-ceo vs hired-ceo. Data very clear.@kylemowery stats are what they are - the latter is my deep seated and entirely subjective belief :-)@ollieglass @vsubramanian context is startups - founding to exit or IPO.@alliott @ollieglass @vsubramanian way more where that came from but data not public - significant sample sizes though@cliffelam damned stats :-)@vsubramanian @ollieglass atlas, Accel, Israel exit history. Large overall sample.Founder-CEOs usually do better than hired-CEOs because they embody the soul and mission of the company better than hired talent ever can.@rikutter @vcbonn not entirely. Founders need to be allowed to scale.Best returns historically come from founder-CEOs - not hired CEOs (multiple sources)
@designrichly haha !! Thanks rich !"The best CEOs embrace fear and make decisions under conditions of uncertainty" @fdestin #MCStartups15 http://t.co/XewosYcRT4
Retweeted by Fred Destin'Embrace chaos and let go of fear.' @fdestin #MCStartups15 http://t.co/TZ9NVthCOy
Retweeted by Fred Destin"Feeling a sense of purpose will get you through the hard times in the business." @fdestin #mcstartups15
Retweeted by Fred Destin"We're in a world of chaos. We can create an environment for success but you can't predict the future" @fdestin #MCStartups15
Retweeted by Fred Destin#MCStartups15 @fdestin growth is like a wave and when it comes it's really hard to adjust. http://t.co/I28uh8K8CP
Retweeted by Fred DestinSky News reporter "This is the first time a person has been decapitated in France" REALLY?!!
Retweeted by Fred DestinOutsider view : The French government's reaction to the #UberPop debacle sanctions strikes and violence as a means to get what you want@hunterwalk @Parthenon1 @PublicEnemyFTP ha ! Damn it !
@parthenon1 grrrrrl https://t.co/t8aS14fUIU@markkasdorf like it. The Innovation Gang.@Parthenon1 logo of NWA - look it up :-)@accomplices startup institute ?Suddenly it struck me : @FKAAtlas @accomplices = VC's Wit Attitudes, Straight Outta Cambridge http://t.co/1F5pRFyjIc@Accomplices I want a t-shirt ! :-)"Defined by the company you keep": #Boston #VC @FKAAtlas announces fresh new name : @Accomplices - https://t.co/Xe4dZGlE1PCreation of EUR itself was political act, not economic MT @pmarca: big learning from US 2008: In a crisis, all decisions are political.Unprecedented on all levels HT @JunckerEU: In the interest of transparency. http://t.co/wZ5cxnFRKFGreece heads the way of Argentina 2001 and the government's response is … a f@@@ing referendum !! - http://t.co/2jMSassc2B@felixsalmon @pmarca i actually thought for once this document was a practical and understandable set of measures ?
31% of all properties on the market have reduced their asking price with 25% of £1m+ pruning theirs says @Zoopla.
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@yweisselberger pas de Pb :-). Ceci dit Cfr @buffer@yweisselberger who, me ???This is awesome https://t.co/N9GgFhEVmt
Retweeted by Fred DestinVC for the Creative Class : @fcourt's lovely @FelixCapital manifesto https://t.co/1TGPxAMDvq@DamienLane1 @avc haha!! Looks like we live in the same markets :-)Genuinely not obvious in these crazy times whether to go big or go home or maintain capital efficiency first and foremost.Ad viewability and fraud remain massive issues —> @pubmatic launches Brand Shield powered by @Integralads : http://t.co/Jpw8kKN9d7@nero @coletteballou fan art@Nero @coletteballou http://t.co/DCr1eimiHj@JamesJWYork If I made you laugh the surely impact was positive :-)@JamesJWYork well ... I can't remember :-)Hilarant (in French) : #taxis versus #UberPop - http://t.co/fn8VuXBb4u"It doesn’t matter if your intent is honorable if your impact is not."Going native ? Expect most iPhone devs to move from hand-rolled web views to Safari View Controller: http://t.co/OQ5mF6q6JABerlin startups: come meet the @Accel team during our office hours at @FactoryBerlin on July 1st. Send your deck to berlin@accel.com
Retweeted by Fred DestinWow!! @RecordedFuture finds logins of 224 gov staffers from 12 fed agencies on ... Pastebin etc - http://t.co/CJIUAgomTz
FX as an API ? Really happy for my boys at @currency_cloud for raising $18M led by @weiskam : http://t.co/f1L7Dnfu3KAI, robotics, synthetic biology, additive manufacturing startup ? @su_labs 10wk expo program is for you — http://t.co/66akpazuYC
.@RudeBaguette profiles @accel's French partner @pbotteri - early backer of @Criteo and @BlaBlaCar - http://t.co/ScF1xgGGQi
@ahansjee @Cohen_Goes_HAM I think @Bershidsky makes very valid points. A few exceptions (e.g. Supercell, Spotify, blablacar, Skype).European Unicorns are tame beasts, says Bloomberg's @bershidsky : http://t.co/0lJb6KlLcw
Go team @Accel! feat @mkotting @mtreskow @slpierre (tx @martasjogren) http://t.co/HFjGCgRQDS@jackgavigan fitbit, 29% ownership preipoGiant bravo @bfeld and @foundrygroup. Just wow. 4X fund returner.
are you a #berlin #startup who wants to meet team @accel at @FactoryBerlin on July 1 ? ---->>> send pitch to berlin@accel.com"All unicorns combined are worth one facebook" (by @a16z and @BenedictEvans) http://t.co/GJH30FImfP
#Boom! The best #fashion #startup goes to @lyst! Lotsa cheering going on @emergingrecruit #TheEuropas http://t.co/RT96TnoXQK
Retweeted by Fred DestinNow now! Best #VC of the year at #TheEuropas ->> @Accel http://t.co/YIr5SX1uvP
Retweeted by Fred DestinI have no idea what this means except that I've been around a long time ?? Q @mikebutcher ?? https://t.co/oviTUrX1ydSee !!! VC's also support communes !! Cc @fcourt https://t.co/i3nvT2piRZ@property1 @techworldnews @tech_pearce that shark illustration deserves an award - who needs 3 property portals and what is in for users ?
We have a new Terence Malick to look forward to ... Feat Bale, Portman, Blanchett https://t.co/d7woK9yGJw
@howardlindzon @jobsworth hey sorry friends I'm committed to this : http://t.co/BqDTJuWa7fEVERY Western intel defector - 100% - to Moscow since 1917 has been deeply debriefed by KGB/FSB. #Snowden was never going to be different.
Retweeted by Fred DestinThanks !!! https://t.co/du3ESpRrL6Keep up your own letter https://t.co/tUw1Q6qPHS
@simonbayly don't think so. Europe VC's inaccessible and slow because of low competition levels. European entrepreneurs too shy :-)@AAinslie and quite a regional war it is :-)
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