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Peter Cohen @flargh Massachusetts

Mac Managing editor, http://t.co/gmrsJZbuak. NSFW and profane SJW. Married to @fletchen. I write for the users.

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BREAKING NEWS: @jdalrymple promoted at Apple to Chief Beard OfficerMicrosoft says Windows 10 is the last version of Windows. What will be the last version of OS X? https://t.co/GfIMVKNoEa@t_pags80 Wi-Fi is built in.Iron Man S6? This is stupider than the U2 edition iPod. http://t.co/F2etBe197s
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. https://t.co/MlsbWcIIG8@dianeoforegon Star Wars 2: The Wrath of ClonesWhen did “optics” become synonymous with “how things are perceived politically,” and how do we make it stop?@jginfla @sethclifford Your wife is giving safe harbor to, aiding and abetting history’s worst criminalvia @PoingFerret http://t.co/UJQKb1I4IsDEATH TO ALL GLURGE@ronindotca We should breed giant wombats and ride them into battle@johnfbraun sweet.@mallelis I’m pretty ready for a real life purgeI’m convinced all those images of vile poisonous Australian creatures are all bullshit. Aussies are trying to keep the place to themselves.Soylent, Schmoylent, Schmilk. You silly startup assholes and your food trends. Excuse me while I make a protein shake. #waitwut@sethclifford Do it near her and throw yourself on her, please.@JackWellborn Oh, sorry. My bad.@JackWellborn ?@carrchr @iMore Trivial to add a PCI card.@davidcaolo @dfravel I get very frustrated with @TMobile’s coverage and poor indoor reception, but it’s such a better value than Verizon.@mistacabbage We don’t sell any at the store. Not really a good fit for our clientele. (80 year olds have a limited need for TB2 docks)@ddt Love that site soo much.@chrisphin Indeed. @HengeDocks’ new horizontal dock certainly neatens up the desktop nicely.@fraserspeirs This means nothing to me, oh Vienna. https://t.co/RVWXqDQf5mLooking for a Thunderbolt 2 dock for your Mac (or Thunderbolt-equipped PC)? Here are my picks. https://t.co/usQJSNjaCO@sabine_grundy Nope, never heard of it before. Just pinged the dev.
Now that you’ve had a chance to get to know Photos for OS X, what would you change? Let us know! https://t.co/M8TtuqQzVnFinally got around to resetting the iPad 3 today (blanked content and settings). It runs so much better with iOS 8.3 than it did before.@davidcaolo Marketing!Social media is exhausting. This whole Internet fad is exhausting.@ladywhimsy How’s he look in a gold gown? http://t.co/af2DCWRXuR@BlindSarcasm Block assholes. Don’t engage. Don’t engage me secondarily, either.@teenirl “At least I know who will have the weed"@hodapp http://t.co/r3yDkYw5UT@ejacqui why do u hate america@reneritchie steenless stalePro parenting tip: Give your child a name that is easy for Starbucks baristas to spell.The trick is to watch Sunday Morning on CBS then turn off the TV before the news programs come on and you lose your will to live.
@reneritchie @MattJohnsonMBA @settern On your own? I don’t think so. If a company is sponsoring, sure!@suppertime THAT explains it. Thanks for clarifying.@lymond When, I *am* Generation X…AND I’M SICK OF YOUR BULLSHIT. @mat@atlauren I malign custardy people. I love custard. Just not as a personality trait. :)@lvdjgarcia Hah!Presenting my brand http://t.co/I6PmPlanj1It says right in my bio “NSFW.” If what I say offends you, get a fucking backbone, you mewling bowl of custard.Was just told that I was rude and I should pay better attention to my brand and I could not hit the fucking block button fast enough.If loving chicharrones is wrong, I don’t want to be right.@robspodcastmug @reneritchie @Georgia_Dow @settern @iMuggle Woot! Congrats.@jaytennier yeah, tattoos of them would be neat too.Sometimes I regret not getting tats then I see men my age with ridiculous douchebro tribal sleeves and I feel like I dodged a bulletI can’t think of a better reason for massive wealth redistribution than watching shoppers at Mashpee Commons on Memorial Day weekend.Just saw a grown ass man licking an ice cream cone like a toddler with a stroke and now I want to punch him in his stupid face@teenirl dude there’s your phd thesis right thereI don’t understand how anyone can vote until they’ve heard the singers from Dorne and the Kingdom of the North. #Eurovision2015@leggomatt_ @lucyhattersley pretty much. Minus the pants. #fuckpants“$80 for a power supply? Are you kidding?” Yeah. Things cost money. I know. It’s criminal. #retaillife@allpointsnorth http://t.co/HqJ32OPT8neurovision sounds like the worst superpower to have evercheeky nandovisionwtf does eurovision have to do with cheeky nandos im so confusedso ireland voted for gay marriage and now they’re doing eurovision to celebrate? this is confusing@Spacekatgal most videogames suck tooso whoever wins eurovision becomes prime minister or some shit right@andreausmc you’re as bad as saddamEnough with Eurovision. Bring back the Gong Show.@jeffcarlson “It’s not really about what it means and more about how it makes you feel, man."When I’m at the Commons and I see someone who looks like @andreausmc but isn’t http://t.co/Ask1jxckhu@Ricker666 does being a penal colony count still?Just watched a guy who looked homeless hop into a brand new Aston Martin Vantage.@macmania87 @reneritchie The original iPad mini is more like an iPad 2, and yeah, that’s an iOS 8 edge case. No problem on minis made since.@JonyIveParody @reneritchie @jdalrymple #notaeuphemismI don’t get sufjan stevens there i said itNow I know what to do with my 08 Mac Pro when it finally shits the bed. https://t.co/Ifabvr2LZi@Jon_Alper Plus the Greys meet the occasional partisan like @siegel or @DaveHamilton.“Do you have an Apple Watch I can try on?” “No one has them except for Apple.” “Do you think the strap will fit my wrist?” “…” #retaillife@robspodcastmug No, because the Internet exists.My theory is that we’ll be knocked off the evolutionary apex and made extinct as soon as African Grey parrots team up with polydactyl cats.This happens to me all the time. (via @fletchen) http://t.co/uOLLmfQoF6Tommy Lee had a Starbucks installed in his home studio. If I were that rich, I’d have a @CarvelIceCream installed in mine.@robspodcastmug Restore from backup unless there are problems.@robspodcastmug @Georgia_Dow @settern @reneritchie @iMuggle 64 no question.Let’s focus on what Apple’s doing and what could be doing better instead of insane, stupid shit like cars. https://t.co/kJ49fPuQhj@IssaRae @somesillywowzer “Hell is God’s Sewer of Fire” sounds like a single from these guys. https://t.co/hQwk8RarBOTHIS https://t.co/lru6kDxZXRFury Road was amazing, one of the best action films I’ve seen in years. But I’d be lying if I said I didn't miss Mel Gibson a bit.Today @rstevens reminds us that kitties like warm things. https://t.co/dhhPe5j4wD@shuffler “What else should I look at?” Something nice for your wife for being so awesome!
Why get this in your pre-2013 Mac Pro? Because this can transfer up to twice as fast as an SSD in a drive bay. https://t.co/gqunI9MkBD@hobbesoh I insisted on rare Mars metals because every damn hipster uses the rare Earth ones.@chrisdomico I responded. :)https://t.co/UQ26fhVM03How to create a new user account on your Mac http://t.co/jOHAgMnHBN via @iMoreOne month later, I’M STILL WAITING FOR MY DAMN APPLE WATCH TO SHIP https://t.co/ByKFlJRavDGot a pre-2013 Mac Pro you’d like to eke some more storage speed from? The Accelsior S card can help! https://t.co/gqunI9MkBDHappy Friday! Let’s watch how Funyuns are made. https://t.co/IHQ9ZGnV2xMemorial Day Weekend: In additional to thanking a veteran, advocate for improved veteran’s benefits and support to your local congressbeing.Hell is other people’s content management systems.What a fucking scumbag: 17yo pleads guilty to swatting League of Legends playing women who rejected him. http://t.co/VRUKxL1s8J@alexcornellier Good idea!Pac-Man is an existential nightmare. Trapped in a labyrinth. Chased by murderous phantoms. Trying to satisfy an insatiable hunger.
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