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My phone was haunted. Best at internet. Russian David Bowie.

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Good morning and happy 4th!@franku4thevenom really amazing stuff
http://t.co/2cdnOjY1uN@comix_rock is that what they're called?@theresiaanglca the world is a wild placehttp://t.co/BgXnVzRjLjAnyone out there have lawn orbs outside their house?@GeoffRickly what a weird commercialI think they just had a lot of lawn furniture and reflective orbs...good morning!Anyone know that commercial? I think you have to be from jerseyA most... unusual store
@Cactus_Matt ah! It's so hard to pick 4 but Lynch should have been on thereRevised Favorite Movies ala @chantalclaret's challenge. (Labyrinth beat out Seven Samurai which is my… https://t.co/zGisv6UpmE@DeannaLorena shit I missed labyrinthHere are my favorite movies @chantalclaret @jimmyurine @JessickaAddams http://t.co/VCA41o1maf@cheerios fair enough CheeriosGood morning!@chantalclaret @jimmyurine @JessickaAddams how do I make one of those cool pictures though?
http://t.co/F5r6diXozm http://t.co/5YICpR8OK9@tweetmesohard mummy dustHi! Curious: What would you all like to see more of in terms of merch?
Retweeted by goth claudiaHow can you claim these grains are ancient?? @cheeriosAncient grains!!@ohkayewhatever @YrBFF I'd love to@kyletwebster @NC_Comicon @tommyleeedwards let's make sure to meet up!Ancient grains #whataworldwelivein http://t.co/PXA42aaiLr@ohkayewhatever how does it know?!Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends
Retweeted by goth claudiaYou know...er...the morning where God wakes up and makes coffee...I guessGod morning!
Umbrella Academy 3 photo reference http://t.co/qi2pPRO18j@ianwfowles Please! You would be a big help@tonymoore I love this poster- so smart@jamesjammcmahon yeah totally would explain!@kellysue great! I will check both of them out@kellysue ok I'm going to check it out!@kellysue is this good stuff?Good morning!
✨✨fa ir y d u st✨✨@mistersoule love your work!Seance is up to some sketchy stuff in series 3. Dark.@gerardway I meant UA 3 issue 2@kimizuru love it!Five pages into Umbrella Academy series 3 and loving it- back to writing Seance!"Different is cool", our panel at @Comic_Con, Sunday July 12, 11:15am #SDCC http://t.co/qEiBlBsgLn #WonderTwinsWorldTour #differentiscool
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I need them for research but I don't want to have gateways to demons in our homeThere are some scary looking books on black magichttp://t.co/0b5ddlPHUxhttp://t.co/JBWS374kck@EdPiskor yay!@deezoid cool! Love seeing artists color stuff I've done@Oeming thank you!@McKelvie thanks! I use a combo of "Linear and Natural" and the "dry brush pen" @FRENDEN brushesKara Grell, ace pilot for the Hutts. Black and White version of the star wars rpg character http://t.co/1QhVMjfCWw@TelefantasyTV @daniel_rehn this is wonderfulHappy Sunday http://t.co/igOOf5WpQk
@AndyRichter http://t.co/e8yk8yHONfhttp://t.co/w2X1ECqQuZMay your day be filled with glamour- good morning!
.@MattGorney http://t.co/PwvdIzd00z@joe_hill Ah yes...stoney jam!I'm making a playlist of the most doom-rock Smashing Pumpkins songsThere is and Unwinnable Weekly anthology (intro by @gerardway) in the new @storybundle: https://t.co/wLvNlqhqum http://t.co/R1KpTDARcz
Retweeted by goth claudiaWhat an inspiring day#LoveWins
http://t.co/F1cR968jko@TiniHoward @HopeLNicholson You got it@HopeLNicholson yes, I am very excited about the things coming@HopeLNicholson No worries. And unfortunately no San Diego for me this year- too many books to write!Interview: @HopeLNicholson Kickstarts THE SECRET LOVES OF GEEK GIRLS http://t.co/PkQP0t2DJQ http://t.co/UYFSebkWsC
Retweeted by goth claudia@DarickR @JMDeMatteis @DCComics very cool... Love the character designs tooTwo day recording session went great- so many ideas on where to go next. It got very funky. Back to writing comics today!@someofmybest @sundownmotel amazing...and I've seen some of the hats you make- so cool looking@someofmybest @sundownmotel I definitely would...just relaxing as fGood morning!@sundownmotel @someofmybest this is so hypnotic
cr aft shttp://t.co/cfdBVkOG0Whttp://t.co/Hotdeo8k5zhttp://t.co/GiQIcLrwvRhttp://t.co/JjHFzOPWQBcrafts@hopefuljaz we did one of those for a charity I work with, it's out there but probably rare@blambot @ScottAllie @Gabriel_Ba @Dragonmnky that's my favorite kind of merch@blambot @ScottAllie @Gabriel_Ba @Dragonmnky well, we have just begun to launch the new UA line of merch and we can take care of your needsThe team is back. @gerardway @Gabriel_Ba @blambot @Dragonmnky http://t.co/ofLzTVRNel
Retweeted by goth claudiaIn the beginning of Hotel Oblivion, there are new tricks, stuff I think even Gerard is unsure of, but it's gonna work like a house on fire.
Retweeted by goth claudiaEvery time reading a first issue of this series, I have to rewire my head to think in Umbrella mode, a very special part of my comics world.
Retweeted by goth claudiaI've spent the last few days reading and rereading the first script of the new Umbrella Academy series, Hotel Oblivion.
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See ya later hot dog http://t.co/5HBDrkOzVs@beckycloonan happy birthday!!!
I mean you could really spook someone and they might have a heart attackThis is a horrible idea@gerardway and no stalking! Haunt, and move onI'm going to be on my ghost account, just haunting the dickens out of peopleI'd rather be ghostingLike be really scary, but not threatening or any bs like that, just haunting someone's online existenceLike why don't people just haunt each other on the internet, just become a ghost and go haunt! Much cooler than trolling!@ActualDoctor I cannot deny them thatimagine if the only hate you got on the internet was "ghost hate", just people mad at you for believing in ghosts
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