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Project Soli looks promising: https://t.co/opZbNtUHT6Nur bis morgen: Early-Bird-Preis für Font-Seminar TYPO DAY Zürich (26. Juni), mit @espiekermann, @kupfers, @iA, … http://t.co/SJMGdL01rI
Retweeted by iA Inc.“Facebook is an insanely rich company…$192 billion as of September 2014, more than both Disney and Toyota” http://t.co/Bj8yx54B6Q
Man Feeding Swans from a Snowy River Bank in Krakow Marcin Ryczek #photography http://t.co/lKP0AvxCmK
Retweeted by iA Inc.Another great short documentary by @fotografritz on one of the last colotype shops: https://t.co/T9HqKblDXe“The most advanced voice recognition system of its kind. Period.” https://t.co/nMzN5rxE0h@nubero People.The IBM Selectric Typewriter and its digital to analogue converter: https://t.co/1jFbGOGPxl@akatombo @vafarmboy How do we contact you?
Holy shit! Who knew? “Internet Arcade: Street Fighter 2 : Capcom : Free Streaming” https://t.co/Gu4nTc9y0f@Durf @japchap Thank you!@Durf Basically the texts on our Website.✎ What is the Web for? http://t.co/mXvpYYMis7
Retweeted by iA Inc.Do you know any good translators E → 日本語 for Tech/Design texts?46 generations. Second oldest hotel, oldest family business. A fascinating short documentary. “Houshi” https://t.co/Gm6ngJLRElGoogle Now like “Proactive will become a new layer within…iOS…, and will replace the pulldown Spotlight menu” http://t.co/w87xLjOc2T
@bruno_maag @boldmonday @Fontblog And soon we’ll all be like… http://t.co/tYzWERWTL7@bruno_maag @boldmonday @Fontblog http://t.co/Dn7iTYitaS“VW Utopia [is] being replaced by Volkswagen Text” http://t.co/bM6zBZJTIi http://t.co/0a9adCBGR0“Kraft…confirmed [it] has stopped spending ad $ on publishers who won’t allow third-party viewability verification.” http://t.co/WX3caGXnF5Maybe if articles didn’t require ~1MB of CSS to load “the web” wouldn’t be “so slow”. http://t.co/jz70qT3YVJ http://t.co/U1RZFu2sRO
Retweeted by iA Inc.@reneritchie @BenedictEvans Pragmatists: Something has changed.@f_ranft @ikirker The separation between wish and will is more helpful. And it applies to everyone. We do not necessarily want what we wish.
@iA and there's another difference: what netflix wants the people to want.
Retweeted by iA Inc.Netflix's VP Product Innovation: “It's the difference between what people say they want, and what they actually want” http://t.co/MGYjSi1UW0“…the Twittering classes may not be a big deal for the economy as a whole.” http://t.co/WKnjI7dzU0
@zhuoqun Do you think this experience is intelligible to someone that hasn’t had it personally? If not, that would explain a lot.
@iA I know that feeling very well. When I came to Germany, I knew nothing of German, so everything is new and fresh.
Retweeted by iA Inc.Computer Aided Design at Rolex in the 1990s http://t.co/m6d9WgauYO
Retweeted by iA Inc.Mr @abstractsunday on good work vs bad work. #typo15 http://t.co/U72Qp4MmxTOH “I have to go through Neintineinpointneineinein bad ideas.” #typo15
@BaldCondensed @ffranchi Yep.@robertkirsch Nope, sorry. Only for attendees currently.Like a 45 Minute neck massage. @ffranchi presenting a waterfall of his great work at #typo15 http://t.co/cXw241X8GY@muiz Just learned in a presentation on the Japanese writing system, that, actually, no, it doesn’t really depend. http://t.co/77BQrOW0OtThe interface? „It’s not a ‘what’, it’s a ‘how’”. @iA Oliver Reichenstein http://t.co/V7nXvb4TYp #review #typo15 http://t.co/AnnKkJyCtN
Retweeted by iA Inc.Beautiful lecture from Mariko Takagi on Japanese typography at #Typo15. http://t.co/FsUg8ZfxO6“Letters are things, they are not pictures of things.” –Eric Gill #typo15At Mariko Takagi’s talk at #typo15 http://t.co/ZEE15KnabL“If you draw the letters in the same order, the letters get used to each other. So move this stuff around.” #typecooker #typo15“In every typeface there will be combinations that are awkward. You have to make compromises somewhere… some letters are friends, some not.”“A messy drawing that works is better than a clean drawing that’s wrong.” #typecooker (is a reason in itself to come to #typo15)Erik: “Spacing in a sketch is difficult, but…” Paul: “That’s what scissors are for.” #typecooker #typo15“The best thing that any sketch can do is being wrong.” #typecooker #typo15@tinybigstudio Not yet. Only if you’re an attendee.The interface is… how you link text and context: http://t.co/JU1lwghGWS #typo15@oricie Teuer.Don't ever apologize for passion or honesty, and fuck anyone who thinks that you need to.
Retweeted by iA Inc.
Checking out office space on Berlin… Any hints? http://t.co/W4blDRSA2k“The most used character on the Internet is: ‘ ’ [space].” #typo15An OS X app that allows you to try fonts for free or rent them by the month for just a fraction of the regular price https://t.co/kiBHtZEJnIThe interface is not a what, it's a HOW, it's a "way" – Oliver Reichenstein #typo15 http://t.co/mQGpP47tYh
Retweeted by iA Inc.“Les Baugh lost his arms as a teenager …[He] is testing a robotic prosthetic that he can control with his mind.” http://t.co/L8mPuc5A5hI'll speak in 6 Minutes. #Typo15
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Navigating in between +60 talks and 1500 #typo15 visitors? MyTYPO – Personal Scheduler: icl-en http://t.co/5ELEioo1Ch http://t.co/S0HKFEH1fU
Retweeted by iA Inc.@markboulton Apparently, if you put a tea bag in your shoes it kills the bad odor. Never tried it though.Why “everyone hates Facebook is the same reason we use it: it’s just a simplified, exaggerated account of who we are” http://t.co/dH42vdtOYH@craigmod The article feeds on the jealousy of the not-haves and the irony of the business with privacy. Privacy has become a luxury good.@craigmod He started with 5000 square feet. By adding 4 properties he reached about the size that was expected for his social status.“if there’s one thing that tech billionaires apparently love doing, it’s planting flags in all the land around them.” http://t.co/K0GReH5hFE“…should supply not applications, but command sets, interoperable with all other command sets that you purchase” http://t.co/bjDZRTLgDeOn my way to TYPO Berlin. http://t.co/uca64Vz7lY
Retweeted by iA Inc.“…the pseudoscientific use of supposed ‘generations’ would irk less if it weren’t so often used to demean the young.” http://t.co/IyyogMlfYB
@csswizardry A lot of code can be avoided with the right reggae.
“…in the end your programming language is basically a user-interface design.” –Alan Kay http://t.co/8FJJ7sbcnL
“electronic media we have is so much better suited for transmitting pop-culture…than it is for high-culture content.” http://t.co/cWPEUsqOk0Artist Jesse England's backup of George Orwell's literary classic Nineteen Eighty-Four http://t.co/VyoNNF1WSS http://t.co/bidtU22tpA“Simple things should be simple, complex things should be possible.” –Alan Kay“User-interface design is still an art, not a science” 1982. More insightful than most contemporary articles on UID http://t.co/40LZBeaN27
Berg, Smart Design, Adaptive Path, Fjord, Sapient, T+L… And another one bites the dust: McKinsey buys Lunar http://t.co/mCiQAskFM6If this is a legitimate message and I am not being hacked, I think Google could do with rethinking this notification. http://t.co/2JUVjFrWIj
Retweeted by iA Inc.This is awesome: http://t.co/IkCtfTG1Ee
The Product Death Cycle. By @davidjbland http://t.co/tT7PnHstGo
Retweeted by iA Inc.@zachinglis You mean fit the rebranding into a tumbler style post? :)Compare Facebooks approach (http://t.co/DHcD6TadT8) to Yahoo’s “Geeking out on the Logo”. What is different? http://t.co/4KyCm2NNf3“Tools, not rules.” Great insight into the refinement of the Facebook brand identity. http://t.co/DHcD6TadT8 http://t.co/HBtm08PWQO@AisleOne @cameronmoll @migreyes @jbrewer @benjkowalski iA’s days of mad blogging are counted. Think more, write more, publish less.@AisleOne @cameronmoll @migreyes @jbrewer @benjkowalski To choose your words well, imagine you’re talking to a good friend (not a stranger).@AisleOne @cameronmoll @migreyes @jbrewer @benjkowalski We sort of expect an anonymous person on the other side of the browser window.@AisleOne @cameronmoll @migreyes @jbrewer @benjkowalski Writibg in the browser is like writing in the Café or on a plane. Can be done, but…@AisleOne @cameronmoll @migreyes @jbrewer @benjkowalski It will still be in the browser. An app you use in a general, not a specific, way.@AisleOne @cameronmoll @migreyes @jbrewer @benjkowalski As for publishing on Medium. Tried it. Not even closely as much traffic as our site.@AisleOne @cameronmoll @migreyes @jbrewer @benjkowalski There are tons of Web writers. Some are excellent. None outdo the native setup.@AisleOne @cameronmoll @migreyes @jbrewer @benjkowalski The browser is not exactly the perfect environment for writing. Editing, maybe.Looks like the days of intranets might be counted: http://t.co/mTMnVw77kc
iA Writer for Android 1.1 has been released! New features: - Google Drive support - File and folder management - Hardware Keyboard shortcuts
Retweeted by iA Inc.Fancy faucet design, dude! Imagine how cool this looked without the explaining sticker. http://t.co/TmzbYsAuH3“Facebook's new search functionality” https://t.co/l5QSFQrW8c
Social media buttons suck, part 23: http://t.co/hCThpj9ezYRevolutions need words: “In the first year of the French revolution, 194 new papers appeared in Paris…” http://t.co/6VhrlXqh1G
Ha! “Europe’s top houses will stream performances free to make opera more accessible.” http://t.co/0xBYPq4bbZ http://t.co/xSVLmnz4hD“…colour vision during the day is enhanced, while night-time vision suffers very little” https://t.co/HHl1iEvzLy http://t.co/JtvI1nfAmjWindows 10 introduces new icon with a—for most of us—pretty clear meaning: http://t.co/Q8RUhO8znj http://t.co/5MBD6def1MIt's 1999 all over again http://t.co/QRGtJ4Ms89
Retweeted by iA Inc.@ssilvius That's not iA Writer, but OSX. And, no you don't need to change OS: Access it via right click. :) http://t.co/ohmdJqb86JSaaS survey treasure trove: Part 1: http://t.co/661z18Tqca Part 2: http://t.co/3GKHN7rNkb http://t.co/1A6YkvjIB2The new Google Play Books typeface comes with an (almost) upright italic. http://t.co/2w1YevJeo0 http://t.co/3ntZ9rrm1rElaine May's "Mikey and Nicky," the great nineteen-seventies gangster movie, is now playing at @MuseumModernArt: http://t.co/n2yh7U3q1q
Retweeted by iA Inc.“Tesla Powerwall, Powerpack sales estimate: $800 million already” http://t.co/OPP8ntZlui“Facebook…tricks them into thinking that supporting [http://t.co/gX6UfKcn49] means they stand behind net neutrality.” http://t.co/y78ICgZAcz
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