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"For Alex Breuer of The Guardian, mobile means challenging editorial conventions" http://t.co/GXkP8DwJiw"Creativity in technology, in product planning, and in marketing. To have any one of these without the others is self defeating…" –A. MoritaGiant truck jumps over Formula One car – video http://t.co/v5TB83MJRj
Retweeted by iA Inc.@oliverpayne More dicks! http://t.co/jL7LjwuiXj http://t.co/joZGRfbA4XA persuasive chart showing how persuasive charts are http://t.co/5HFgF1RQMW http://t.co/kTA8zW6p33
Retweeted by iA Inc.“It's imagination that counts. Not skill.” –Lego http://t.co/Z6TlkidfrA http://t.co/ThxreuhfYP“The designer…not…as a means of accomplishing a purpose, but…a…mediator between the maker and the user”–Dieter Rams https://t.co/L0c5U1muE0@iA well that's reassuring https://t.co/BOElLVkwXh
Retweeted by iA Inc.“Writing-first Design” https://t.co/CrW9yZ2E2a
Differences between Japanese and Wester design, nicely explained with the help of the Walkman: http://t.co/jmyhBJ7U3z http://t.co/958qmJB4cp@apolaine That would explain it.@grillitype How about this: https://t.co/6xZghmzEUpIn Russia, luck is up all night to get *you* https://t.co/u7tgxHDxfw- "Japanese design is no different from Western design." - "What about this:" http://t.co/FRREcYOkVe
What exactly is it about the controversy-baiting, aggressive, indispensable taxi app that pisses so many people off? https://t.co/xLRVNL4mhmMetaphor. http://t.co/zDhJBLWMzy
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I'm loving making a terrible-mini-golf-simulator using the original macpaint pattern set. Today's work: http://t.co/ALeghxZ6QE @SusanKare
Retweeted by iA Inc.Silicon Valley should be better than Wall Street? Where do you think Venture Capital money came from? Sesame Street? https://t.co/0aa9oBbebtA yet another color picker, simple and quite... colorful. http://t.co/hzYDAFVYdx
Retweeted by iA Inc.i(BM)Watch: https://t.co/I1VJTymwdFApple on Hamburger menus: “Look, drawers of any kind have a nasty tendency to fill with junk.” http://t.co/GxUX36oYVs
"Content strategy is defining the who, what, when, where, why, and how of publishing information." http://t.co/MvvbUDo5nq #DTDTTwitter is adding DM features again. http://t.co/tD1AVkj85K
Retweeted by iA Inc.With Google Contributor, users can donate to sites they visit frequently and see no ads: https://t.co/D3H8LeJZA9 http://t.co/1RsiuRLJHr
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@paulkruczynski Microsoft has them all under exclusive license. http://t.co/fXn4CZDtkENew Apple online store: http://t.co/4Lxqx3hl5q
Advanced Twitter Search: https://t.co/nHF1T5c9k8@anttti @hendrikmorkel @Lightroom It should work flawlessly. Please report to http://t.co/hpToHpl8TP if you experience any trouble.@dvdngyn testing now…After testing this, it's time to give Nitti Grotesk a try as a system font.Time for a new OS X system font: https://t.co/VJAudAvVPT Thank you, @wr“By the way, what have you done that’s so great? Do you just criticize others’ work and belittle their motivations?” — Steve JobsThe original Apple watch + San Francisco font. Design 1983-1984 by @SusanKare. http://t.co/xZeFwKaZYu
Retweeted by iA Inc.@hawkun @anatole The Bizzarrogeorge!@ia @anatole http://t.co/LRc6PDGQwC
Retweeted by iA Inc.Thing is: Negativity claims or implies superiority. Reacting to negativity acknowledges at least that this implied superiority is debatable…@anatole One of the many.Not every asshole is a genius—but being mean, nasty and evil makes you look smarter than you probably are: http://t.co/c6Lgp8V6S5Best of worst of PR Jargon: http://t.co/IVSZg2UT3z@markhurrell Yeah, hope so too.@jbrewer San Francisco is cool, but I wish they'd just licensed Akkurat instead—would have been more… accurate. The i's, l's a's…Since you enjoy comparing Apple's San Francisco to similar typefaces—meet Lineto's Akkurat: http://t.co/8vnuL1BcIi http://t.co/NPY1PwDJKPFrom Chicago to San Francisco… Apple’s new font: http://t.co/m2VRi2Cdit http://t.co/ejav9nrb4g"Making your design and layout “zig-zag compatible” is very simple." http://t.co/OXTBOxDcl8 http://t.co/O5jRPQT64g
fun detail: on the new Guardian site, you can deep-link directly to each container on any front page. Example: http://t.co/zMmosccq0k
Retweeted by iA Inc.@duncan_schoen @upperdog (+add 10 features and play the innocent.)@upperdog "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."Seriously, Nokia? http://t.co/Jbyc3gSebr http://t.co/vtS44pDJrn
Retweeted by iA Inc.@linuz90 @iMaffo @lucadegasperi What's still missing is the additional grade for Retina. It's coming. Currently the font is too thin.@linuz90 @iMaffo @lucadegasperi Note: Avg session time of 1 Minute with the kind of traffic we have is tough to beat. Fingers crossed.@iMaffo @lucadegasperi @linuz90 Definitely too early to evaluate pages per session. But what matters is conversion. For that we need 1month+@iMaffo @linuz90 @lucadegasperi It's still too early to tell. Can be an aberration. But it definitely didn't go down.@linuz90 @iMaffo @lucadegasperi As far as the blog goes. We purposely took it off the home page. The article site is even more brutal.@iMaffo @linuz90 @lucadegasperi I'd rather trust Google Analytics over an expert opinion. Average session duration went up 30%.“The salaryman-shacho is one of the biggest reasons why the Japanese economy went down.” Tadashi Yanai http://t.co/oXJfgvnRU0@KilianMuster Luusbuebezüüg.We made a custom version of Nitti for @iA which is used on http://t.co/naxhl6ovav More examples to follow in the next few days!
Retweeted by iA Inc.@KilianMuster I hate to break it to you: It's not monospaced.@rdettogni Thank you. Can you post a screenshot for us?"Originality is Impossible" http://t.co/ssrwzZl1UK@RobSterlini SVG images are coming too. What I was referring to is that the type is too light on Retina iOS.@RobSterlini Additional grade for Retina is coming soon.@dawuss Old design? Can you paste a screenshot?@martinthiemann Haben wir und auch gefragt. Noch unsicher.@ninastoessinger :)Check out the new http://t.co/wqDayYvyCO with the brand new Nitti iA. Still fixing bugs. Feedback welcome.@Ed_Dale Oh, yes.@BearandBeagle Thing is: You never know what the right price is for software unless you try out different ones. No one knows.@BearandBeagle Yes. A few cheapos will get angry though if they realize they paid 10 bucks more than if they bought it some other day.@BearandBeagle Went well. Made us understand +/- how much people are willing to pay.Finally! iOS 8.1.1 is here, full of bug fixes, stability and performance enhancements. http://t.co/Lq6tFKX7byA programming language that is based on Arabic instead of ASCII.  قلب is a programming ... http://t.co/jiy7a7YrCq http://t.co/2WCs5MBxYA
Retweeted by iA Inc.@fighen Should be left aligned like all other bold text. CSS bug.@alienlebarge Thank you.@egarbugli That shouldn't happen. Please report to http://t.co/hpToHpl8TP@meewosh Should be left-aligned. Thanks!@abnormcore We had it. Will have it again, soon.@FrancescoK Thank you. Fixed.@thebent Thank you. Fixed.Yes, the new iA font is based on Nitti. But it's not Nitti.@StfBauer Thank you.@sirmarcel There is a lot of room for improvement. :)New site with the new iA font by @boldmonday is live http://t.co/SQALHSz0Em Check it out. We'll be fixing bugs now. Feedback is welcome.
This is the video we play before we release something new. Hehe.Opening the gates to hell… http://t.co/u5TPb7G65A“The true speed demon…was Japanese…thanks to its low density of .49.” http://t.co/spHCPOApjU http://t.co/20yUtAlgIEWhy Japanese and Spanish speak so fast: “Cognition—not language—appears to control the rate at which we communicate.” http://t.co/spHCPOApjUWhich reads faster, Chinese or English? http://t.co/FqkUDbVa9VIn the end, it’s just a book (cartoon by @tomgauld) http://t.co/XsgPyKF4lN
Retweeted by iA Inc.@mariosakata Have some comments about it. Would love to discuss it next time I'm in town. :)From 2011 “Type design contract saves beggar from the street” http://t.co/SwdcYpjOLD Result: http://t.co/GwdCTOMCie http://t.co/INpUp2OC9B“…this is an example of great, user-centric Japanese Web Design…” https://t.co/hA2zugoZ8W http://t.co/cBqn18giUi
This is why Edward Snowden risked life and liberty. http://t.co/FNhj7mIi8a https://t.co/c7f4hynSZm via @RecentApp http://t.co/PED4veBpWw
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@amahnke @iA I got a 1 star review because someone was stung by a bee while using my app. http://t.co/3CRHzx2Hng
Retweeted by iA Inc."The companies that have had the biggest impact and created the most value have had excellent board members" http://t.co/tapTVBPLfGThis makes me so very sad. We live in the Age of Entitlement. http://t.co/nlWuSWox1H
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@joabble We're not talking about future plans, sorry. :)Some hate it, most love it. The new @iawriter Focus Mode: https://t.co/OpQRS4ZSLp“YouTube Music Key…will include higher-quality audio and…the option of paying $7.99 a month for…removing…ads.” http://t.co/fiUEbT0iZ2@michaelseidel Follow quickly so I can send you a dm with contact details?
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