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Father, Creative Director @Underwired, graphic designer, gadget nut, petrol-head (Alfa Romeo owner), Brit and Xbox player.

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Interesting idea which places the #AppleWatch as an accessory although so pricey it's simply 'click-bait' right now.
David Carson. Check out his, and other great books on my graphic design gift guide > click thru link's gone blur shaped....david carson raygun
I'm SO impressed with @SparkMailApp for email on iPhone - intelligent sorting without me even touching the settings! the 'best Indian in London'! (at @Dishoom in Shoreditch, London)
Type for advertising/design - Spring 2015 on Behance My free Starbucks are no longer appearing in my Stuckbucks app - please help.@AdobeCare Hi! Do I need x2 seats in a CC license to install apps on my work and home machines at the same time?An amazing example of my personal mantra - "The Good God is in the Detail" By @meidenberg from 2012 on @dribbble
I was debugging my equilateral polygons database and found a polygon with 13 unequal sides and angles. This is highly irregular.
Retweeted by Jason HollandAs @FirstUtility continue to take my money but can't access/submit readings for months I'll move on - any energy supplier recommendations?@barclaysukhelp Loop: "This email address has not been registered, register here." followed by "This email address is already registered"@litmusapp Using your (fantastic) Scope feature, I very rarely see anything in the mobile view (appears blank or never finished loading)@BarclaysUK Where do I log into my Premier features to see what phones I have insured? Can't see it in my account pages.“@espiekermann: New typeface, FF Real is official:” Absolutely gorgeous in simplicity and subtle details/proportionsThe @Underwired auto-opening rubbish bin has gone rogue and started to bite the hands that feed it… I have the 'accident book' at hand ;)
1/Millennials are not watching traditional TV... in fact, this chart shows they are fleeing from it.
Retweeted by Jason HollandLiking the new @Logitech logo, especially as the visual brand is flowing through their physical products too - Smith-Corona Figurematic.
Retweeted by Jason Holland"From Bedrooms To Billions" is the inspiring true story of the UK games industry:
Retweeted by Jason HollandWhat's the point of the @bespokeoffers "Beat My Price" from @Barclaycard if they don't accept products/prices from cheaper online retailers?
Just me and the trees. #prunegame Beautifully simple and very 'zen' - Prune on iOS Game Characters Tweepstakes! RT, fill out survey, & follow us for a chance at 1 of 3 currency codes!
Retweeted by Jason Holland@nabeel13arif Indeed! Please share :)7 things I (also) absolutely need in a new creative hire random #iTunes permissions errors today - I'm only playing Radio playlists, so quite confused. Anyone else?“He didn’t give you design options. He gave you a single piece of work.” @ibmdesign on working with Paul Rand:
Retweeted by Jason Holland@independent @derrenbrown I'm sure that Obama image is CGI - or does he have a natural Uncanny Valley?!?
Earth’s bigger, older cousin! @NASAKepler discovers new distant planet that's near-Earth-size:
Retweeted by Jason HollandHoly Rennaissance, Bat Lord! 16th Century Superheros by Sacha Goldberger:
Retweeted by Jason Holland@Boris De haha-schaal kan dit niet aan!
Retweeted by Jason HollandMinimalist icon designs highlight the beauty of Amsterdam:
Retweeted by Jason HollandOK, this is most definitely the most random set of questions in a survey I have EVER filled in…
iPhone charge cable keyring! Kickstarter product I backed is giving 20% off! Please retweet! could spend hours browsing wide-eyed through the photographic portfolio of @RebeccaBathory - amazingly atmospheric a digital creative I still love print design, especially when the packaging is part of the experience. cc/@rapha
We announce the nominations for the 2015 #DADIAwards tomorrow. Make sure you're following to find if you're up for a gong.
Retweeted by Jason HollandStumbled across this Creative Review mag featuring a young designer who won the Creative Future Award in the mid 90s zx81 #3d monstermaze on #xperiaplay I remember this first time round
Retweeted by Jason Holland6 Geometric GIFs That Will Hypnotize You for Hours See here: .
Retweeted by Jason Holland
29 years ago today I attended the largest Hop Hop festival the UK has ever known: UK Fresh 86 - Incredible day!
1964 - Sony.
Retweeted by Jason HollandReally looking forward to debating and finalising the cream of the crop at the #DadiAwards judging day - good luck to all who have entered!
Been burned so many times with iOS beta software - is the public beta safe enough to use? #iOS9
Hey @BarclaysUK, the sooner you commit to Apple Pay, the sooner I stop looking at alternative current accounts. No way I’m buying into bPay.
Retweeted by Jason Holland@richardbranson Somehow your fire damaged blueprints have more charm, character and tell a story. I prefer them now.Fun facts about your body over 24 hours
Retweeted by Jason HollandBlade Runner was set in 2019, 4 years from now. This isn't an outtake from the movie — it's the real Beijing.
Retweeted by Jason Holland#CreativeBreakfast featured in @Design_Week ( now has a website showing how to set up your own love great ideas. Creative Breakfast Club is one of those ideas.
Retweeted by Jason Holland
Very proud to be judging some fantastic entries in this years @TheDrum's @DadiAwards - roll on Thursday to pick the cream of the crop!I helped set up a Creative Breakfast Club. Here's how to set up your own: #CreativeBreakfast@dadiawards Interesting piece on design? Yes! I started a Creative Breakfast Club and here's how to set up your own:
Hyper Japan Festival! (@ The O2 Arena in Greenwich, Greater London)
This behind the scenes Star Wars Force Awakens feature gets my juices flowing so bad!
Brilliant blog filled with mesmerizing calligraphy GIFs you can look at all day
Retweeted by Jason Holland
@netmag I've discovered 'gardening' as a hobby - i couldn't think of any activity more removed from pushing pixels! :)@bandq Thank you@bandq #AskTim With a lawn that has dry patches, damp moss and areas of great and poor growth, what weed/feed/seed product(s) do you advise?We've updated our list of the best parallax scrolling websites around:
Retweeted by Jason Holland
Artboards in Photoshop CC - great tool for the digital / screen designer! Here's a quick video demo: little gem I discovered today - visual puns illustrated on @instagram gorgeous animation following the development of #logo #design ideas for a new tech studio can recommend AppGratis for free apps, etc. and without red tape (or spam) - free to use & free stuff daily! Try it've been using AppGratis for years and enjoying loads of free app links - free to use & free stuff daily! Try it:
Great new venue for the @Underwired eCRM Seminar this morning - thanks to @theclubattheivy and for those who joined us in The Loft.
1953 - Kellogg's.
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Why women's world cup is better than mens
Retweeted by Jason HollandThe UK market set to exceed 50% of all e-commerce transactions from mobile sooner than the US... #Mobile #mcommerce
Retweeted by Jason HollandHelp make it happen for Greek Bailout Fund #indiegogo via @indiegogo You know what - this has a chance of working ;)
I think I want to live inside the @instagram offices Great job @geremiadesign
To unsubscribe from our mailing list, please catch a wild bear and bring it to our headquarters where you will have to wrestle it and win
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For a website which looks great, takes no time to create and is live instantly, @Wix is the tool #caterham #barbers@FirstUtility Getting "We're experiencing some problems and are working to resolve them as soon as possible." when logging in. Help!@First_Utility I'm getting "We're experiencing some problems and are working to resolve them as soon as possible." when trying to log in.
20 Examples of Simplistic but Effective Logo Design #logo #design #designthinking
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Lol x
Retweeted by Jason HollandClever use of the new web layout from @instagram -
<!--[if IE 5]>  <p>HI WHAT IS THE PAST LIKE?</p> <![endif]-->
Retweeted by Jason Holland'Star Wars' battleships crashing into iconic cityscapes Spooky, awe-inspiring and gorgeous! #starwarsMissed last nights news? We won eCRM Agency of the Year! Thanks to our lovely clients who rated us #RARDigitalAwards
Retweeted by Jason Holland
Winner! - ECRM, combined, goes to @underwired #RARDigitalAwards
Retweeted by Jason HollandWe've only gone and won Best eCRM Agency at the #RARDigitalAwards! Well done all @underwired :) at the #RARDigitalAwards - table 18... come and say hi to him and waiting to hear if we have won at the #RARDigitalAwards
Retweeted by Jason HollandReady for the #RARDigitalAwards - feeling hungry (at @RadissonBlu Portman Hotel in London, Greater London) stars in a more reasonably priced bar! On our way to the @AgencyRegister #RARDigitalAwards.
Retweeted by Jason HollandOh, and here’s your receipt for #Glastonbury.
Retweeted by Jason HollandWish us luck in the @AgencyRegister #RARDigitalAwards tonight - we are finalists in the 'Best eCRM Agency' category!
Retweeted by Jason Holland
Very well done to @gratterpalm for their #chipshopawards tonight!
Retweeted by Jason HollandBest of luck @gratterpalm - the @ChipShopAwards are about to start! forward to attending the @ChipShopAwards tonight with creative talent from @gratterpalm - up for 4 awards! Best of luck everyone!
New facial tracking software for instant realistic face movement would look the hypothetical iPhone from 1984: #apple #iphone
Retweeted by Jason HollandLove.
Retweeted by Jason Holland
@mNwork @McrSchArt What is the amazing font used in the "EVERY GENERATION..." degree show copy? I love it! :)
At a client film premier and @PythonJones is here (he's in it) - love him and really looking forward to Boom Bust Boom. #BoomBustClickPremier of Boom Bust Boom #BoomBustClick (at @BFI IMAX in Waterloo, Greater London w/ @johnthew)
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