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jfolkmann @jfolkmann Calgary, Canada

Group Strategy Director @criticalmass - strategist,traveller,foody and lover of social media, marketing, digital & advertising. http://t.co/r4iUnmFIVV

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Pinterest is 2 things. Recipes to make me fat and tips to lose the weight that I gained making said recipes. It's the pinfinite diet.@chitte_ that kind of week.WATCH: One Nation. One Team. 23 Stories, presented by @Clorox: https://t.co/aWBQuX8OdN #USWNT23 http://t.co/8Asktw6VQZ
Retweeted by jfolkmann5 eye-opening ways to use iBeacons for social good: https://t.co/c5E1hxi2AZ #iBeacon #BLE #IoT http://t.co/F66CItNetq
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Proud to share that CM cleaned up at the @commawards this week with a total of six wins! http://t.co/oDJCSQQm7S http://t.co/tjAwTqlgyF
Retweeted by jfolkmannIKEA'S Future Table of 2025 - A Table for Living #future #tech (VIDEO) http://t.co/fVZ4kFXYdP http://t.co/40mOtQsmRO
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Sunglass Hut team. Congrats on the shortlist. Marketing Awards 2015: OOH, Digital and Self-Promotion shortlists http://t.co/jG6WtGW5SUThe @NYRangers Twitter isn't using any capital letters as they prepare to play the Washington Capitals. Brilliant! http://t.co/oW1RP4qXmp
Retweeted by jfolkmannThere is entirely not enough pie today. Not enough. There should be much more pie.EXHIBIT: @criticalmass & @CB_Advertising invited Instagram users to hike @travelalberta. http://t.co/DX5T8wHawe
Retweeted by jfolkmannInstaHikes is featured on Comm Arts http://t.co/wkS5IdDR00
Concept Kitchen 2025 http://t.co/eBhKmaUfnq
OH: "No man bun is created in a day."
This about sums it up. /@MISTERHIPP http://t.co/d9wGs9MzOu
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New York! @cbrady of @criticalmass is joining us on May 6 for Now / Next / Why to showcase this amazing experience: http://t.co/nvrd0QIdeU
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"Life's too short for chipped nail polish" -mom. #beautytips
It's so shinyyyyyy 💎💎. #explorealberta #explorecanada https://t.co/fw2DrCE0ea
Playing in the middle of the road...🚑. 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲 #explorealberta #explorecanada https://t.co/pLIWnndb9q
@DJIGlobal - drop us a new 3 :) - we'd like to make more of https://t.co/37prHS6IQAa flight over alberta's BadLands is pretty BadAss https://t.co/0wPglk1nDV #aerial #GoPro #DJI
Retweeted by jfolkmannOh nature...you can be so moody sometimes. #explorealberta #explorecanada https://t.co/PssCwEO63o
Nothing says romance like tax night!Did you do anything fun this weekend? #explorealberta #explorecanada https://t.co/XHmhzI8b67Those apple watch emojis look like something out of PPT 1995
It's a good Friday for lots of things. #explorealberta #explorecanada https://t.co/o8vJU86GFk@Heartofantigone envious!Remember, Jesus died so that you could be afraid of gay people.
Retweeted by jfolkmannThanks for the holiday religion. It's a #goodfriday to do lots of things https://t.co/i3SVmUVG4g #atheism #Easter http://t.co/qRsuwKb92Q
CM and @UNMAS presented Sweeper and Living Portraits at the #morethanmines installation: http://t.co/8pglfdQO2Y http://t.co/QcqeKNd0Ps
Retweeted by jfolkmannSpectacular night tonight at the @UNMAS exhibit opening at the General Assembly. Secretary-General tried our virtual mine field!
Retweeted by jfolkmann@nataliediscala @TravelAlberta @JohnnyJet Welcome to our province!
Knitting cocoons for monarchs (and other Canadian April Fools' jokes) http://t.co/8irEX40SVSI don't like it when you lick my face. #kidsWhile the painting of the lake may not be real, the colour from @PANTONE definitely is - #AprilFools @TravelAlberta http://t.co/3W8vQcAaht
Retweeted by jfolkmann'Lake Louise Turquoise Blue', now available from @pantone, no foolin! #mybanff http://t.co/DkapWMMHrs
Retweeted by jfolkmann.@TravelAlberta partnered with us to create the perfect turquoise blue, for the centennial painting of Lake Louise. http://t.co/050zBTvWd0
Retweeted by jfolkmannEver wondered how Lake Louise got its beautiful blue color? Paint it PANTONE Lake Louise Turquoise Blue that’s how! http://t.co/qR2WOGtyiS
Retweeted by jfolkmann@tjeffrey @kevinolearytv "I'm in, but only for 75% of your business"Crazy!! I had no idea that's how Lake Louise got its amazing blue colour. http://t.co/yVtW9gzf5b
Retweeted by jfolkmannIKEA's LURA Selfie Stick Holder. You’ll never miss a point and pout opportunity again: http://t.co/szmGsPYm1Z http://t.co/TydIUErHow
Retweeted by jfolkmannHad my @GiantCAN bike stolen today. 😡
🌂 #capturecalgary #explorealberta https://t.co/SnaN4pYazY@xoxo weird. i tried my personal addy. that worked. Thanks & looking forward to getting info.
We climbed up prairie mountain, and we included my 5 year old daughter. Talk about a proud papa… https://t.co/MwAC9JEHHh@xoxo was I supposed to get a link to click and verify the email addy? I didn't get?@xoxo Hi XOXO. I tried the notification thingy. I didn't get a follow up email. Help?@offmessage :)6 Things the Most Organized People Do Every Day http://t.co/Rcn5URv3bBAtheist good Friday pins/tweets. Thanks for the holiday religion. https://t.co/i3SVmUVG4g #atheism #Easter http://t.co/77qnySODDY
“I’m bored’ is a useless thing to say. I mean, you live in a great, big, vast world that you’ve seen… https://t.co/8TRSaEGAxC
.@owenblacker I've also put them up on tumblr http://t.co/jvpGXoXCi9@owenblacker you might appreciate my atheist good Friday pins/posts https://t.co/i3SVmUVG4g 😀With great power, comes great irresponsibility. #deadpool #officialsuit @deadpoolmovie http://t.co/MPM89bYz1B
Retweeted by jfolkmannFor the rest of us Good Friday is a day to do good things. Share these ... https://t.co/i3SVmUVG4g http://t.co/GJDP3fgXl8Not religious? Celebrate good friday next week in other ways.Thanks for the holiday religion! https://t.co/i3SVmUVG4g http://t.co/ZBGBvp8abFNot religious? Celebrate good friday next week in other ways.Thanks for the holiday religion! https://t.co/i3SVmUVG4g http://t.co/fMiHRB3oN9Not religious? Celebrate good friday next week in other ways.Thanks for the holiday religion! https://t.co/i3SVmUVG4g http://t.co/iSoMC6ZdHj
@sara_mc @venterchris keep fighting the good fight@venterchris bunch of idiots.Just in case you didn't think Indiana was backwards enough......How to REALLY Eat Sushi - @munchies presents the dos and don’ts of eating #sushi (VIDEO) http://t.co/mAcVU432Qc http://t.co/sDN7muoLq1
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Check out my story on #steller https://t.co/E0dyqWnQrFIt's a wonderful day for pie!Tasty tasty bourbonHODOR vs GROOT RAP BATTLE http://t.co/BjsTmI73ahIt's on Outside magazine today as well. http://t.co/LsRGPVJT4N - yay @PhotoJBartlett @TravelAlberta @chris_welzelYes....they call themselves vimians. #VimeoThose parody iphone6 ads are genius.@PhotoJBartlett @chris_welzel and I might have had a hand in that....if you ever want to play with the drone...meet in Kananaskis?
Take leftovers. Feel great. Eat leftovers at 10:30am. Feel wonderful. Buy second lunch at 2pm because hungry again. Feel guilty and terribleIt looks B&W but it's not. It was just that kind of day. Little bit gloomy, every bit glorious.… https://t.co/xEDgCUqcswMAGIC HOUR SHOPS http://t.co/I0Z3BjEs4xTravel Alberta Experiments With New Digital Trails on Instagram http://t.co/3O4pCjUHSb
We can't wait to see more of Canada via @TravelAlberta Instahikes #tourism #Canada #tech http://t.co/wLX3jRUZvK http://t.co/4YEa88XGD0
Retweeted by jfolkmann#shutdownthefuckbarrel
|LIVE NOW| Shiki menya - busy as usual #meerkat http://t.co/tMnntstDXqInto the great beyond! Have a great weekend everyone. #explorealberta #explorecanada https://t.co/rFOexw9HVvA cool new way to discover awesome Alberta hikes: @instahikes http://t.co/es3XI46eFc http://t.co/JXeSSOYJUR
Retweeted by jfolkmannhere it is, folks! “@TEDTalks: Watch @MonicaLewinsky's #TED2015 talk on the price of shame: http://t.co/HmTCDLcaWU http://t.co/2ty6zxj6pP
Retweeted by jfolkmannAwesome museum visitor experience @cooperhewitt http://t.co/yE43auDkys via @undermanager #museums
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.@BoJackHorseman with you for sure. I made websites just like that....once upon a time@jfolkmann haaay are you laughing at me or with me?
Retweeted by jfolkmannCheck out my story on #steller https://t.co/B2oNlhEaALDNA-based prediction of Nietzsche’s voice http://t.co/DmOAoQmnLl - Imagine what grave yards will be like. Ads will pay for gravestones.National Corndog Day http://t.co/2UUq8qYgI3@criticalmass @chris_welzel Thanks for the shoutThe Coolest Way To Explore Alberta's Best Hikes http://t.co/ZDfPZo15Br'Earth Porn Vol. 2' is the drone-powered sequel nature deserves: http://t.co/Yq3AxCXRo1 http://t.co/x3HepzZYwF
Retweeted by jfolkmannWe made this...'Earth Porn Vol. 2' Is the Drone-Powered Sequel Nature Deserves | The Creators Project http://t.co/AMQrFDJAFPBojack Horseman Actor Website! I find you guilty of being hilarious.... http://t.co/xDd1Qwz4ZLAs you can tell by my feed I have a bit of a love affair with my home province of Alberta.… https://t.co/KPPmgYvYEnIf you Meerkat at the office at 7am and no one follows the stream - did it actually meerkat? #DeepThoughtsTesco creative chief: focus on 'acts' not ads http://t.co/rcypxpwakK - Love this. Thinking about the entire experience. marketing long game
Join Pharrell Williams and the UN Foundation at the HAPPY PARTY. Make and share a GIF at http://t.co/BF7WdVbBGG http://t.co/xveaIadyWi23 people using Meerkat to scream into the void #buzzfeedarticles13 facinating ways to Meerkat your lunch. #ConferenceTopicsP&G marketing boss hits out at lack of female creatives by @nickykc #mumstock http://t.co/dV4E6EvXQn
Retweeted by jfolkmann@timoreilly @zeynep be evil (ish)AWESOME —> RT @josephjames: @LenKendall Pretty solid work from our graphics and design teams. http://t.co/DtzafbuhuD
Retweeted by jfolkmann.@cbrady Only $7900 a pair. http://t.co/TEgpTwvLRJ
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