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Married. #Conservative #Catholic μολὼν λαβέ. #PJNET #capitalist #Wichita #KansasCity #LasVegas

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Ray McDonald. Shame on the #NFL #Bears when will you get a handle on this?@BernardKerik @jjburdett This country has gone 2 pot. BHO has caused more divide than we've ever had in our hisory
Retweeted by Jay Burdett🇺🇸 #MemorialDay "We are forever indebted to those who have given their lives that we might be free." Ronald Reagan http://t.co/fHy0AYXh5I
Retweeted by Jay BurdettObama ran like a coward! Now he risks the blood of thousands again #Isis fight to destroy!
@jaketapper @MSymbolik @Flight2806 Keep doing what you are doing. Tributes to our great soldiers are a great service and thank you!@Flight2806 I don't care. I'm tweeting remembrances of heroes. Your politics are irrelevant and unwelcome.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettThis is why we have #MemorialDay , not for sales,parties,etc. It is for remembering those who gave their lives for us http://t.co/ew9guGzihl
Retweeted by Jay BurdettIf amnesty is enacted, each average adult 'alien' would receive $592K more in gov't benefits than they'd pay in lifetime of taxes; $592Kx20M
Retweeted by Jay BurdettNew Orleans Cop Shot, Killed While Driving His Squad Car http://t.co/P4XO2enZ4j
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@DRUDGE slams @johnboehner ➰Promising to pass #obamatrade clearly Treason🙀#WakeUpAmerica #tcot #pjnet http://t.co/Z9vTHjAY8I
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#ThugLife Suspect Wanted in Brutal Murder of White Family, Has Been Arrested [WATCH] http://t.co/Nut2hEmjTX #Tcot http://t.co/N1aYVZUrtA
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@AWright1971 and to you for the follow back!@jjburdett thanks for the follow sir
Retweeted by Jay BurdettMy brave husband SPC Christopher Horton Army sniper KIA Afghanistan 2011. Man of honor, valiant warrior, fearless. http://t.co/xjuBlShOkO
Retweeted by Jay BurdettBritish embassy in Baghdad planning to evacuate, destroy classified documents http://t.co/VK2FDUVbwh #ISIS #iraq
Retweeted by Jay BurdettView from my Dad's (COL,USA, RET) Gravesite, Biloxi National Cemetery. Thanks to the volunteers who placed the Flags. http://t.co/Msjx5TWM1n
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@marylene58 RED until they all come home and a blessed one for our #veterans http://t.co/57haSwnDml
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@Gub4Thrive wow! A matchbox car! Royal Blue is my favorite color!Now just another Clinton sycophant. The Marxist MSM implodes. Enlist in our Army at http://t.co/oSPeY3QMpH. http://t.co/yReUxjcaUJ
Retweeted by Jay Burdett100's of thousands of conservative oriented bikers converge on DC & not a single rape, robbery or looting reported. http://t.co/rfZj5K65kW
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@Gub4Thrive congratulations! Don't I win a car?
#Christian #militia counter-attacks #ISIS drives them out of their villages! 👊🏻💥 http://t.co/iOkPZOBwKW http://t.co/ep3Plo1YSg #StopIslam 🇺🇸
Retweeted by Jay BurdettIf we don't give them a voice, who will? They are no longer with us. #MemorialDay #honorthefallen http://t.co/P9oRVtkiCs
Retweeted by Jay BurdettUS NEWS Memorial Day Weekend 2015 http://t.co/5EKiwCQQwE follow warren today
Retweeted by Jay Burdett“@jaketapper: Respectfully, @TheDemocrats, this is not what Memorial Day Weekend is about. https://t.co/koGHEquEjW
Retweeted by Jay BurdettEverything you need to know about Memorial Day http://t.co/hCQMNc3TY5
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#MemorialDay This is ,sadly, what the day is all about. 😢 Remembering those who gave the most. http://t.co/4WqnM6ccU0
Retweeted by Jay BurdettRemember What this Holiday is about! https://t.co/6KJI6aIDxx
Retweeted by Jay Burdett
Make life simple! A lion doesn't concern himself with the opinions of a sheep. http://t.co/iWpvYCsVaHSo, does this mean there will be a #tsunami warning issued for the canals @VenetianVegas? #VegasEarthquake
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@cmoonreed yes!Wow. Small earthquake here in LV.Rick Santorum: President Obama created ISIS http://t.co/O0Ja2XIqrc #tcot
Retweeted by Jay BurdettAfter another BOOM with the media, I really love this guy. Only candidate with the courage to confront the media. @tedcruz #TedCruz2016
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@JaneMHorton God Bless him and your family! Thanks for his service from a grateful Nation!This one broke me down. In memory of my husband, SPC Christopher Horton, Army sniper KIA 09/09/2011 Afghanistan. http://t.co/mV8CEfZHQT
Retweeted by Jay BurdettLook how easy 3rd Wave Feminists have made it to ruin a young man's life. http://t.co/lBsEoT7kTh
Retweeted by Jay Burdett"We use metadata to kill people" Drops mic https://t.co/I67AC4Svgh http://t.co/UEBqyNtmcv
Retweeted by Jay BurdettPlease help me tweet about the real meaning of Memorial Day. Look at #MemorialDay hashtag and it'll sicken you. http://t.co/uP7Qf2FIRc
Retweeted by Jay Burdett“@Tombx7M: Liberal logic. #kellyfile #hannity http://t.co/FTv0waIJIZ
Retweeted by Jay BurdettISIS Fighters Seize Control of Palmyra, and Ancient Ruins - Obama/Clinton foreign policy comes home to roost... http://t.co/IvzeDtEY7p
Retweeted by Jay Burdett
B.B. King RIP. He lived four doors from me. A good neighbor. I am the Founder of the http://t.co/fVcMaNceK2. http://t.co/Temmw4trpW
Retweeted by Jay BurdettA Star Graduate from Obamanomics University! @steph93065 @AppSame @RWSurferGirl @Ash_Bell__ http://t.co/y5rLauFXhP http://t.co/VIZH1tF4Cc
Retweeted by Jay BurdettHe forgets to mention $75G, but has he been paid to down play stories? @steph93065 @RWSurferGirl @AppSame @AmyMek http://t.co/YPh0XYsUGF
Retweeted by Jay BurdettClimatologists Of the World Unite @POTUS #FlatEarthScience #ChickenLittleScience #WakeUpAmerica #PJNET http://t.co/NF2bMZ8q6X
Retweeted by Jay Burdett#WakeUpAmerica Let's gather strength & prayers #GodBlessAmerica #tcot #PJNET #RedNationRising http://t.co/uBhKXqChfq
Retweeted by Jay BurdettDear Potential GOP candidates for 2016.. if you are not going to uphold our constitution.. please step aside. #fedup http://t.co/WSu4VWlIaU
Retweeted by Jay Burdett
Any Air Force guys or fans of the A-10 that follow us? #USAF http://t.co/MG4Y24WpD6
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@greggutfeld: #Tsarnaev gave us the finger. We're giving him the needle. @CarmineZozzora @slaboe #TheFive #tcot http://t.co/qvX92FF6Yh
Retweeted by Jay Burdetthttp://t.co/Q22ZAlMsMO Main Stream Media won't tell the truth about ISIS holocaust #WakeUpAmerica #LNYHBT #tcot http://t.co/HbkCT7c4vo
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@Babbsgirl2 @jjburdett When a lawyer has nothing to say there is a problem. @HillaryClinton
Retweeted by Jay BurdettMSNBC Panel: If #Hillary Answered Questions, ‘Her Campaign Would Be Over In A Week’ (VIDEO) http://t.co/UoYzm2yXfu http://t.co/91lbzgb23S
Retweeted by Jay BurdettBest MLB Uniforms •Round of 32• RT- Kansas City Royals FAV- Milwaukee Brewers http://t.co/kziTcCxR3J
Retweeted by Jay BurdettI am all for Congress making $15 an hour... #tcot
Retweeted by Jay BurdettObama releases old Bin Laden documents, a pathetic effort to deflect attention from his spectacular failures in Libya, Egypt, Syria & Iraq
Retweeted by Jay BurdettSponsors of White Privilege dribble. Invesco Seaworld Mercedes Nationwide It's just lunch Rapid advance Don Lemon #CNN #Racialdividers
America what happened to our morals lets as a nation turn back to God! #Christians #Christianity #America #freedom #morals #tcot
Retweeted by Jay BurdettThe RIGHT, the Tea Party should consider acts of Civil Disobedience.... like the Civil Rights Movement..... but who would work?@LINDAHARRELSON2 Simply agree. Love the dog in your AVI!@jensan1332 Jen I live for the day we have a leader like Ted Cruz! One who can punish the left for these 6.5 years of misery, and treason.@jjburdett I know it's sickening. Especially the innocent ppl being slaughtered cuz their own soldiers tuck tail & run
Retweeted by Jay BurdettI just shake my head in disbelief and in disgust. What has become of this country? https://t.co/OTjwRzrAdz@Zoo9guy @jensan1332 our glorious narcissist #fecklessleader is really much more like #Bergdahl . A #traitor to his nation.@jjburdett @jensan1332 6 A-10 Warthogs would have been sufficient...but alas...This administration wants to retire them...#FecklessLeader
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@jensan1332 He has lost it all.... ALL the work, the blood....... all in vain. A small presence there would have kept these bastards out!@jjburdett I don't get how we're supposedly bombing them but yet they still feel safe enough to parade thru the streets
Retweeted by Jay BurdettOK Ive got Obama. You Hillary, You Pelosi. You REID. and somebody pick off Lindsay Graham for good measure! #Merica https://t.co/89zAwZG8QzWow! Isis rolls into Ramadi with hundreds if not thousands of Vehicles! Not a drone to be found! Tell me BHO is not a muslim! #FAILFeinstein's An Idiot✔️And A Hypocrite✔️...So Are ALL #GunGrabbers W/Armed Security. #UnitedWeStand 🇺🇸 #2A #NRA http://t.co/kOZHBj7agx
Retweeted by Jay BurdettWhat amazes me is not that Stephanopoulos is a partisan- of course he is- it's that anyone is surprised he isn't actually a "journalist"
Retweeted by Jay BurdettThe media is telling us to steer clear of another Bush admin. When we should really fear HRC lies and corruption! #benghazi #fail@ellievoices now she thinks she is Moses!@HillaryClinton says we need to change deep-seated religious beliefs to accommodate abortion. Better to tie on millstone & be cast in sea.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettGas was $2.45 in Kc. Gas is $3.35 in LV. Really! We are being robbed by the elitists in CA@TGWhitter @Jami_USA she can't handle her own lurking husband.If Hillary can't handle the media, she certainly can't handle the presidency.
Retweeted by Jay BurdettGreat news!! @SanDiegoPD Glad to hear she's doing well and on the road to recovery! #ThinBlueLine https://t.co/hZ2mSpThNl
Retweeted by Jay BurdettFrom #Baltimore to #Ramadi the blood running in the streets stands as a TESTAMENT to the FAILURE of #Liberalism #ObamaLacksVision #Loon
Retweeted by Jay Burdetthttp://t.co/HqoVeenYYc
Retweeted by Jay BurdettDemocrat success story: 15 Baltimore neighborhoods have life expectancy lower than...http://t.co/eBvFnmI3xJ http://t.co/eETYnEES8c
Retweeted by Jay BurdettGOP may subpoena Clinton aide Blumenthal on Benghazi http://t.co/7qNVAJN54C
Retweeted by Jay Burdett
@jjauthor @Dis_labeledVet @ericbolling @JonathanHoenig #Republicans need2 grow pair stop this #administration, cut off funds #IhaveHadEnough
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@AmyMek as a Democrat?Iraqi forces, civilians flee as ISIS gains control of Ramadi, US official says | http://t.co/zFY1LlRwgn
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@nobamanoway hopefully we can withstand this onslaught until I see that Chopper take off!Every Single Thing the TEA Party said would happen. Has happened. And this does not end well. https://t.co/AIklgZfINK
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@h60usn I never voted for him. I despise his positions. I never imagined he could be this bad! My point!Even though I never voted for BHO I had hoped hed be a source of hope for the young. He's failed miserably! Race relations are now terrible!@Hael381 what a glorious source of good she could have been without that enormous chip on her shoulder!Today in Politics: Hillary Clinton’s busy week presents more opportunities for no questions http://t.co/qjKa9Yabb0 http://t.co/e4SPmXI3fh
Retweeted by Jay Burdett
@jjburdett @JTS_1957 Oh Jay you are so wrong.He has accomplished all he set out to do Weaken the Military,Destroy the economy,create hate.
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@PhxKen I have never seen a President so full of himself. What has he done? What has he accomplished? Nothing, not a damn thing.Vice President Tweets #ArmedForcesDay Pic; Obama Marks International Day Against Homophobia http://t.co/NhLrFbDaJL
Retweeted by Jay Burdett11 STATES WITH MORE PEOPLE ON WELFARE THAN EMPLOYED!!!!!!!!!! http://t.co/ZuuCQq8AMo
Retweeted by Jay BurdettThey keep coming back! http://t.co/CuoZ6Dpags
@blondpolitics @ArmorCavSpin reason enough HRC should never be President!Devastating Timeline Reveals Transfer of Half of U.S. Uranium Output to Russia. http://t.co/63SPO6OBmf http://t.co/MYxjL8haL7
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@8NewsNow makes you proud of Las Vegas!WATCH: Child with Leukemia gets wish to play Bishop Gorman football http://t.co/f0L1WVDtML #8NN
Retweeted by Jay Burdett@6bird4 @ChristieC733 its painfully true!
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