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June Thomas @junethomas Brooklyn, NY

Slate culture critic, Outward writer/editor, Double X Gabfester. http://t.co/MViXTzz1ZS

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OUTRAGE! A project of Serial-like proportions by long-gamers @dankois and @abenedikt, with @chrkirk magic: http://t.co/LzmbSjjB8l
@kathrynschulz Such wonderful news. I can't wait to read you there.I've been told more than once that the worlds biggest party will be in Miami when Fidel dies. Does today's Cuba news push up the date?Ask a Homo is back! This week @jbryanlowder answers a viewer's question about gay men and misogyny: http://t.co/GPz89MX3f2
@NCIS_CBS I love you, NCIS, but tonight's episode was a dog's breakfast. Worst clip show EVER!@dankois This is LITERALLY the best thing I have ever read.@dowdyism @imyke That was my gateway purchase. (I love it, though I never use it.)PODCAST: @katebornstein, @Afrofabulist, @sophiawallace, Gary Barker, & @junethomas on the future of gender: http://t.co/5FNGtISDvE
Retweeted by June Thomas@jtower42 @dowdyism @SherriLowrey I'm ALREADY a little bit giddy about that.@Coops_tv @TVMoJoe Whatever comes on I watch, though I esp like The Chase, Pointless, and classics like Mastermind and University Challenge.@dowdyism @imyke Also a big bag fan. Don't miss Rickshaw Bags' fabulous custom creations, all made in SF: http://t.co/0DE1BgoEA2 (I have 4.)@TVMoJoe @Coops_tv Wait till you see the quiz shows, Joe. (They're awesome.)
@adam807 BOOM BOOM!I guess this means I've been podcasting for 10 years, too. A nice package: http://t.co/YMLeZtdD7F
How "Jane The Virgin" became one of the most authentic shows on TV http://t.co/f0Y5pjzI7n
Retweeted by June ThomasNice to see @katefagan3 on The Sports Reporters this morning.First time I've ever wanted to know where a panelist got their shirt.
@mosquito_chaser Scared? Noooo. Alarmed to spot it in a subway station? Maaaaybe!Worse than the rats! RT @magiciansbook: Spotted on a subway platform. A tourist? http://t.co/wiSaYqdhhd
@HitFixDaniel #NOTKIDDING@HitFixDaniel True, but since I'm a fan--sincerely--"underappreciated" is an ego boost.@HitFixDaniel Hush. It is an underappreciated gem..@katebornstein, @Afrofabulist, @sophiawallace, Gary Barker, & @junethomas were superstars last night. Podcast soon! http://t.co/WQ3OkP1DQA
Retweeted by June Thomas@fred_dash Gotcha. Appreciate the feedback.
@Coops_tv Also, you never sleep.@Coops_tv SIX tubs of cocoa butter? (The odd thing isn't to HAVE 6 tubs, but to LOSE 6 tubs!)@fred_dash Just this week, or generally? This was an odd episode, without the usual topic changes to do a clean "toss" to sponsor reads.@RazManda I wish it were on every night, like a telenovela.43 million Americans are being chased by debt collectors over medical bills. Average size of debt: $579. http://t.co/0oOjrwW4Xw
Retweeted by June ThomasTonight I'm moderating a FREE panel on future of gender w/@katebornstein, @Afrofabulist, @sophiawallace, Gary Barker: http://t.co/u66P01KdlT@Memles Was it when SK discussed sexposition while a hockey game played in the background and bland chicken was served?Just one story on this week's Double X Gabfest: Campus sexual assault and continuing RS story fallout: http://t.co/qWJUlrrEeX
@ltg_jon With an "ozen."@FayebellineW I'm in love!@TVMoJoe How I miss the little chap.My picks in this year's (awesomely slick) HitFix TV Critics poll: http://t.co/Dw11L8yTYqMT @TaraAriano: Had some problems with this week's episode of The Newsroom; got a little all-capsy. http://t.co/sqJwvASMlY #TheNewsroom
MT @emilynussbaum: My post on The Newsroom's Crazy-Making Campus Rape episode: http://t.co/wDQh4NNDVZ@joel_fields I first heard about it from your office husband, you know.
@thesurfreport @LauInLA Stop talking about cheezy tots, you guys. You're making me hungry.@kraettig Indeed. There is at least a new Sutton Foster show starting in January.
@SebastianNebel TRUUUUUUDY!@SebastianNebel It really highlights my monklike hair, though.(Before you ask, I don't know what's up with my hair. Static electricity, not a 1995-era George Clooney haircut.)ON NY1's Book Reader I talked about Colin Jones' The Smile Revolution and Alexis Coe's Alice + Freda Forever: http://t.co/xZUOwcjk1sThis is one of the best things I've read all year: @jbryanlowder on the meaning of Truvada: http://t.co/lQZecVKttH.@willapaskin is right about the NBC musical. But I preferred 2013's bad with moments of soaring transcendance: http://t.co/zlD5hrUH0z
@klerner it could be Elijah from Girls, aka Andrew Rannels!Next year in Neverland. (Starring Tinkerbell as Elijah.)Needed more nuns. #pplThose Lucky Charm leprechauns can't sword-fight for shit. #ppl"What's that, Tink? You think you could get better if ... people stop fast-forwarding through commercials." That's what Uncle Bob says. #ppl"Maybe you'll feel better after you start packing." I guess they're doing Stone Butch Blues: The Musical THIS year. #ppl@willapaskin If only this had been Fox's big idea.I would really love if Daenerys's dragons looked like this croc
Retweeted by June ThomasChristian Borle's accent is an anti-Northern hate crime. #ppl@BrianJMoylan @GuardianUS Yes, the last scene was more Yorkshire, but I'm not ready to say it's a GOOD accent.@BrianJMoylan @GuardianUS It sounds more Liverpudlian to me.Did these Lost Boys just finish a color run? #pplThis looks like Grindr: The Musical. #PeterPanLive
Retweeted by June ThomasAre those Christian Borle's real arms? #pllI spy the Warblers. Where's Blaine? #pllWhy is Brian Williams' daughter wearing Ted Koppel's hair? #PeterPanLive
Retweeted by June ThomasWendy is serving Kelli O'Hara in The Light in the Piazza realness. #pllNext week, on SVU, we will follow up on that maid in the closet
Retweeted by June ThomasThis time next year: Peter Pan in Stone Butch Blues: The Musical. #pllWith those mad bow tie-tying skills, Kelli O'Hara is a quadruple threat. #ppl"2, one could say, is the beginning of the end." That was certainly true for Smash. #pplBrad from The Middle is the most TV-savvy person on television. #montageknowledgeRIP Bryan Burwell: http://t.co/28ceo4PFxH Seems like only weeks since he was last on The Sports Reporters.@Susannah2k As a(n admittedly weird) kid in England, I used to spend days planning out my holiday TV-watching schedule.@Susannah2k Oops, sorry, for some reason I thought you were in England asking a question. Apologies for stating the obvious!@Susannah2k @Coops_tv Nope--except the odd British show like Doctor Who. Downton Xmas special is usually final episode of season here.@Coops_tv At this time of the year in the US--tomorrow through January, basically--there is nothing BUT reruns. Almost literally.
@crsbecker Indeed.@crsbecker Such sadness.How the U.S. kind of looks to the rest of us these days: http://t.co/CWgnfGOTYC
Retweeted by June Thomas@innesbowen I loved the book. Thanks so much for writing it.Why cops are almost never indicted for shooting someone in the line of duty: http://t.co/lNlRMKmFni
Retweeted by June Thomas@Higgins_J It's a very unflashy, factual book, but absolutely fascinating. A template for a certain kind of reported nonfiction.My choice for underappreciated book would be Innes Bowen's Medina in Birmingham, Najaf in Brent: Inside British Islam http://t.co/eoLarWs9rF@thehighsign Go straight to 2015 books or you'll never catch up!Slate's Overlooked Books of the Year list results in even more purchases. (And my feeling ignorant.) http://t.co/wB2SrK1El7Really nice roundup of the fact and fiction in The Imitation Game, by @LV_Anderson: http://t.co/L3M5HZkbQhWhy is the British government censoring UK-made porn? @mjs_DC says they're terrified of female power and pleasure: http://t.co/sAzrGg8MwO
MT @NickBaumann: Respect to @HannaRosin + @abenedikt for this deeply reported followup on @RollingStone @UVA story: http://t.co/fRhJASVAWd@magger Freelance dog-walking often.@adam807 Hubris.What will gender mean in 2050? Join @katebornstein, @Afrofabulist, @sophiawallace, Gary Barker, & @junethomas 12/11: http://t.co/GFqYUtKaPc
Retweeted by June ThomasTomorrow at 6PM CT a mentally ill Texas inmate is set to be put to death. http://t.co/oXmT4fY44g
Retweeted by June Thomas@Coops_tv Sorry for your loss. (My worst nightmare.)
Tilda Swinton just gave what may be the first ever awards-podium shout-out to her dental technician. #gothamawards
Retweeted by June Thomas@dowdyism @NockCo Ta!@danieltwalters Quite possibly!So many TV shows doing a "couple must sign forms laying out the relationship" plot. (As always, Franklin & Bash was first.)@dowdyism Am I right in thinking the "clicky bit" of a retractable pen is the knock? Thanks in advance, o pen guru.Obsessed! http://t.co/gP86D38l6hIf I read all the fabulous-sounding books on Slate's Best of 2014 list, will I have time for anything else in 2015? http://t.co/vsoBlyLU4d
These testimonies from NYC women abt how they spend $ are horrifying, mostly for how totally understandable they are. http://t.co/ebMfQdbuFj
Retweeted by June Thomas@meghan_daum @hhoagie They're just superhealthy young women having active outdoor fun.A very fine compilation of lesbian subtext from the Sears Christmas Wish Book, by @hhoagie: http://t.co/WdFbpu9M1h
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