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@HeyRatty @amydeveau I've done this and found out they were engaged and ruined the surprise ending :(Honestly I don't see color.
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniThe color of #TheDress is wwwwwwwwwhhh-- http://t.co/BmkBKvJYliIf your brand hasnt awkwardly shoehorned the dress thing into a tweet by now in a desperate attempt at relevancy then just pack it up
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniOnce you go blue/black you never go back @saraherib@d_ciccolini Tumblr/BuzzfeedOnce and for all what color is this dress @neiltyson http://t.co/T9PYndZuOF@saraherib Can I get this dress at Best Buy?The dress was dead the whole time.Ok this has gone too far MT @7News People are weighing in w/ #blueandblack & #whiteandgold. http://t.co/M1t7UbSNqg http://t.co/mCs8Hm3PyyOR IS THE DRESS BROWN AND PURPLEMy favorite neighbor (at @ElPelonTaqueria in Boston, MA) https://t.co/AGHIG0SZAuThanks ObLlama
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniHow miserable has this winter been that the happiest part of February was watching llamas across the country run down the streetSerious llama drama on CNN right now. People chasing them with a lasso and the llamas are having none of it. Turn it on, this is great TV.I'm at The Merchant Kitchen & Drinks - @merchantboston in Boston, MA https://t.co/SZqCkqJJsD@DHLUSHelp Thank you!@DHLUSHelp Tracking says "Undeliverable - Incorrect Address" ...not true if they left a notice.@DHLUSHelp Is it possible to get them to come back today? Wasn't able to answer door then, also wasn't aware my package required signature@DHLUSHelp Attempted delivery 30 mins ago, left note saying final delivery, we left your package at "not listed." No one is answering phone.Starting Monday, No more space savers per order of the Mayor http://t.co/3QKv9hdH15 #Boston
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini6 Reasons Professional Partnerships Are Powerful for Women http://t.co/zC52sH5EXyMore from The Viridian in Fenway on Monday @BostonDwells @CurbedBoston @metrorealtycorp http://t.co/NuvPkIB5js
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@HeyRatty Yo I heard u like backups http://t.co/fKBNQyJPq0
Want a FREE makeover? How about the chance to be featured in a magazine? Send in your photo for a #HairResQ! #boston http://t.co/Qin2RxWxSa
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniJust saw someone use "FoHo" for Forest Hills. I'm still lobbying for FenKen.@MBTA @MBTATransitPD Thank you!@MBTA I'm not sure, but yes just in case.FYI for anyone in #CentralSquare and 47 bus riders. Be safe. #mbta http://t.co/sjNOAzaD46I'm at Ester in Dorchester, MA https://t.co/L1om4ATQ3j@megansarahj Same sort of, they just post photos of themselves doing yoga in the forest and on tree branches.👍👍👍 RT @ladygaga: Make your reservation now. #GagaAHSHotel https://t.co/GkEkaxCM12Unlike natural gas customers in Mass., electricity customers are stuck with high rates for the rest of winter. http://t.co/hrNzyQVPWQ
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini
'Something I said did cross the line': Giuliana Rancic apologizes for dreadlocks comments http://t.co/eJS1QM97pL"Time’s up on the meter? Just ignore it." I like this idea. | Park-anywhere permits issued for 150 Zipcars http://t.co/PeEO2m5gEHIs there anywhere in Boston I can get something engraved on relatively short notice? @universalhubNew York has raised the minimum wage for tipped workers to $7.50: http://t.co/E2vqX1WvDI http://t.co/CWRz7LkJKf
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniBREAKING: @forum_boston is shutting down March 1 due to rent dispute with landlord, as per @kcbaskin.
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniI'm at Salon Eva Michelle - @salonem_boston in Boston, MA https://t.co/8SfjQb3WGULove this thread: What's the best dish from your culture and where's the best place to get it in Boston? http://t.co/NpHRfeM9uR@XkaytaytayX What neighborhood are you looking for?
Why it's not sexist to ask about clothes on the red carpet: http://t.co/QDqhRsHSS0 http://t.co/DK2SAA7hrP
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniAcademy has bullshit reason for not including Joan Rivers in tribute. http://t.co/RsCl2hYa4T http://t.co/xM2nbNjoYF
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@cohalls @BPLBoston Late on this but for next time, try Sonsie!.@VentureCafe is hosting a FREE female-focused entrepreneurial event. All the details and sign up: http://t.co/M4Yjx6XaAy
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniThe “golden years” are gone: Why retirement is hell for American women http://t.co/brFmO6JEX7 via @SalonMayor Walsh launches Boston Bingo - a game to encourage Bostonians to visiting local biz & win #BosBINGO. Game Cards: http://t.co/eNrIz0erEB
Retweeted by kristen ciccolininsync looking old yikes http://t.co/SKHI0SeOB3
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniLet's get this party started (@ #MMHQ - @mettermedia in Cambridge, MA) https://t.co/tnhQD8TRlGMama's tired (@ Starbucks in Cambridge, MA) https://t.co/WsxKFKjBmw
I'm at Citizen Public House & Oyster Bar - @citizenpub in Boston, MA https://t.co/ab395S1vNVDreams do come true (@ House of Blues - @hobboston for Sleater-Kinney in Boston, MA) https://t.co/UvfGFlLXapFenway is a giant puddle. Boston is a giant puddle. We're all going to drown in the spring. #happythoughts.@Sleater_Kinney is at 8:30 and I will officially be off the grid for 2 hours IT'S GOING TO FEEL SO GOOD.CAUGHT AGAIN!! Taking a break from the weather to see a movie.. @OnlyInBOS @BostonTweet @JoeDunn8 @steveannear @NECN http://t.co/Ay27juyPh0
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniThis wet thing coming from the sky that's not white, but clear. What is it called? I remember it from my youth. #BOSnow
@saraherib Well not now but it's modeled after old Irish pubs like thatI'm at Five Horses Tavern in Somerville, MA https://t.co/DwEMxVvHwO@saraherib Did you know the other side of the wall is where they used to sit women while their men drank at the bar? I still like that placeLady date (at @OsushiBoston in Cambridge, MA) https://t.co/1m55M7GU8RThe new @BPLBoston is so pretty http://t.co/mvb9zrJSLi
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini@dancehallhiips Insane! I mean I know heat goes up in the winter but damn.Anyone else have an INSANE increase in their Nstar/Eversource bill? I know rates went up 29% but my bill is 3x+ as much as last Feb! #bosnow"We are being devastated by a slow-motion natural disaster of historic proportions." http://t.co/pBZsMSf9wK (h/t @saraherib) #BOSnowTrying to kick this winter rut! (@ Southwest Day Spa - @bclaudia325 in Brookline, MA) https://t.co/sCyA3wTSV2@saraherib Extra cream extra sugar. What other definition is there??If you don't hear from me after this tweet, it's because I took a spin class and died. (@ Handle Bar Cycling) https://t.co/yh86fGFVRQ
"+1" -all of boston MT @lizzzrosaaa @billyeichner: Just a gentle reminder that it's too fucking cold and I hate everything. #bosnow
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniPretty scene on the way home. #BOSnow #CambMa http://t.co/NKYgbhhe7rIf South Boston gets to be SoBo can Fenway be FenKen?This is my favorite gif in the world right now. http://t.co/MQ7Sw8ItLL
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniLOL RT @FiveSpoons: It's not everyday you see someone walking around with a head in their handbag. #downtowncrossing http://t.co/EF7j85oB2hRude. http://t.co/b4HFlXU8yxNext Thursday - FREE @kickitbyeliza class at @Equinox followed by @sweetgreen treats! Save your spot --> http://t.co/2l3VJwz1hH
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniSo in luv ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @lordanjindley @mettermedia mettermedia http://t.co/jSbQ5PVffn
Retweeted by kristen ciccolini3 weeks later. RT @universalhub: Baker to make surprise visits to T stops to get a sense of what's really going on..@Postmates has been too busy to delivery @TacoBell to #MMHQ for a whole week :(Just entered to win a trip to #bigtechfestival in Austin c/o @GA https://t.co/irqIEUmAPl"do u rly need to keep taking my pic Kristen" (@ #MMHQ - @mettermedia in Cambridge, MA) https://t.co/hE4AU8kLfm http://t.co/CRMIAI8Ku6The Social Lifecycle of Snow Storms http://t.co/ghjCF6ntiL via @BostInno@BostonMo @Uber_BOS Ohh I just looked it up, no fee if you cancel within 5 minutes. $20 is pretty damn steep though.@BostonMo @Uber_BOS They charge you to cancel now??🙏 http://t.co/BVt5R8Ql35
@dancehallhiips I prefer Uber's app over Lyft and Uber does have nicer cars, but I've had all positive experiences with Lyft so far@dancehallhiips No not totally. You get 10 free rides (up to $20) when you first sign up for Lyft, I'm going to take a free ride if I can!¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #BOSnow http://t.co/CkNJNHp02S2 short 2 see http://t.co/wdncJSyD0WI'm at @Brighton_Music Hall for HELMET "Betty" 20th Anniversary Show in Allston, MA https://t.co/0obnTkzLiOShe may have blown through two red lights but she's part of a gang so it's okay.Guys my Lyft driver rules. She's an elderly woman who's an ex school bus driver and member of a motorcycle club.Jack White releases 3-in-1 music video http://t.co/Cff7e7Ialm #blackbatlicorice"Of course everybody knows that the best source of Iron is human blood, but today? We're using MEAT!" http://t.co/vDFAxdb8VzWill This App Help Us Waste Less Food? | via @CivilEats http://t.co/bkM3EldfjnSounds like a BLAST RT @BriteBoston: If you don't have anything nice to say, there's a party for you: http://t.co/LOihhFziQXThe best thing Google ever did was add an alert to Gmail for when you forget to attach a file. #lifesaverHey Boston. Pick up your #MBTA "Optimism Ticket" at Park St. http://t.co/tXUgEoJNJQ H/T @Mollasaurus_ #BOSnow http://t.co/YBRCET7tFV
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniSpace saver revenge is an embarrassment to Boston. STOP. MT @MsChristinaCF Someone moved marker before friend parked http://t.co/uOpJ2Q5ISgA sneak peek at some print pages from the @nytmag relaunch issue. Headed your way in this weekend's paper! http://t.co/iXylo0sjUH
Retweeted by kristen ciccoliniBehind the Relaunch of the New York Times Magazine http://t.co/HiXEnmbK9n@DigOutDineOut NP, just want to make sure the good word gets out!
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