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Jen Joyce @knitpurl Capitol Hill, Seattle

Captain of Makin It Happen. @Uber Sr Marketing Mgr! Knit when I have time to sit. Always needs more tattoos. Music. Cats. Fun. Burritos. Also, @Uber_SEA.

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http://t.co/xxQtyaSXd7These allergies got me feelin' like http://t.co/BCU30YJRP0Birch, don't kill my vibe. #AllergyRapSongs
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@alexpriest 🎉🎉🎉🙌@alexpriest Where ya goin?@alexpriest YAY! Enjoy it!
@jonhumbert the single onion is the key.About to go to the upper Queen Anne safeway in jammy jams, my boyfriend's shoes and a grandpa sweater & show those fancy people what's up!Every time I come to @The5PointCafe I remember the NFC championship that took us to SB48 with the Broncos. // @christengreene @andy_hurstcats VS bananas > gold and white VS black and blue https://t.co/r8WnOz1iyhA ride fit for the Underwoods: UberBLACK http://t.co/mDTT9CQ6mw
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@ShaunCallahan I appreciate this GIF.SOMETIMES YOU HAVE NO FRIDAY NIGHT PLANS AND NEITHER DOES @traviswals AND YOU ORDER @ChipotleTweets, WATCH @HouseofCards AND WORK. #FRIDAY@ShaunCallahan I favorited this AT THE SAME TIME you liked my post on Facebook. #thatshitcray@MarshallOsborne @MaxJCrowley no.@canwe3step Next time you MUST tell us so we can hug.THIS DRESS IS RUINING THE INTERNET
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@MaxJCrowley LOL@davidhoang No because @asana.@canwe3step UM ARE YOU HERE?!@smithbrittanya Exactly.➡️ RT @fortheglow: Pre-order the book and this year's Bikini Boot Camp is free! http://t.co/FpovZ7XUfA #booklaunch #bonus@fortheglow So stoked!My thoughts exactly: https://t.co/UWrZjMURoyA life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@fortheglow DONE. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉What I learned about love from @parksandrecnbc on the #Dating blog. Miss you already, Pawnee. // @lindseyblue https://t.co/5pvfsV0DkZ
Retweeted by Jen JoyceLlamas > gold and white dress
Dude at the gym yelling at the TV all the time - nah.Award for the weirdest shit you’ll see on the internet today goes to https://t.co/JVeVyFUw2n @lukeburbank - @TBTL needs to talk about this.@FunkCaptMax waves back! Everyone I have a call with is like WHERE ARE YOU?! ARE YOU OK!?Ok, people! WAY too many sirens downtown/Pioneer Square today. Stop doing whatever you are doing that is dumb!OMG RT @YrBFF: I DONT CARE IF WE ON THE RUN http://t.co/gXs0S08WKb
Retweeted by Jen JoyceHey @uber_AZ! Might want to reach out to the llama community and let them know there is an easier way to get around your city. #llamachase
Retweeted by Jen Joyce♫ "This is the part when I say I don't want ya – I'm stronger than I've been before – This is the part when I break free" ♫
Retweeted by Jen JoyceI think there was a small piece of 🐔 in my lunch. Add that to the 7-11 Taquito for the list of accidental meat eating in the last 15 years.
@omsandhoney @girlsHBO About to watch the newest episode!@paulbalcerak @davidhoang @BearsActHuman I love this and I had to paws to think of response.Agreed. All the best, Jennifer Kristen Joyce RT @mshannabrooks: Having three names confuses the shit out of people.These @gmail email auto fill shenanigans will be the death of me. #TheLittleThings
I just can't http://t.co/bfW76ofudw@jseattle what. hahaha@jseattle annnnd boom. There it is.Anyone else go straight to @jseattle’s feed when something like...oh say...a helicopter is hovering over Capitol Hill?HAPPY BIRTHDAY @RyanandHobbes! http://t.co/Anxr5WShI5Starting to think I jumped the gun packing my gym bag this morning. #notdownwiththissickness #badsongjokes #coldmedsmakeeverythingfunny?@Birdiee Write in at http://t.co/7SmKsSkqAF 😘 Email response is pretty quick! // @Uber
To the person who tried to use my card in the DR: http://t.co/QV3fOqmJZ0My head feels like a balloon and my sinuses feel like they are trying to escape from my head. http://t.co/5WteJUuQO7#UberIMPACT - We’ve teamed up with @AtWorkWA! Looking for help around the office? Look no further: http://t.co/cicms0r2ql #Seattle
Retweeted by Jen Joyce
Happy @veraproject Gala day!@Nordstrom 😘Sometimes all you need is a trip to @Sephora, @Nordstrom tights, & the @NordstromSEA women's lounge and BOOM you're @veraproject gala ready.@ianimhof oooooh Will I be finding out this secret maybe tonight...maybe?
@shanevans #dirttown@traviswals BEWARE http://t.co/eAUyuvPjODOn a scale of 1 to boozy smoothie, how excited am I that it is Friday? Boozy smoothie.HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the beautiful and lovely @keridwyn. So good to see your face last night. 💗@codebutler WHAT.@charleskoh That would be awesome, wouldn’t it? Let’s see what I can do… ;)We’re excited to announce our Uber Partner Driver Scholarship w/ @college_success! Learn more: http://t.co/RzGip1yrTG http://t.co/sY8p2PxBh9
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@jseattle I walked by that this AM and was like http://t.co/qod7NiTwuVAND THE AWARD FOR THE BEST THING YOU WILL SEE ON THE INTERNET TODAY GOES TO: https://t.co/AwT3fk4RcB 🙋This 5 min work break was brought to you by cat videos.People: Your hair looks good today! Me: Thanks. I washed it.@mshannabrooks Yes. Welcome.When your office manager finds the “strong” button on the Keurig for the first time and the office rejoices http://t.co/aKx14nTQmU#NoTime2Sleep
Retweeted by Jen JoyceALL RISE. Wake up. It's time. RT or tweet #FelixHernandez #FaceOfMLB to help King Felix advance to the next round. http://t.co/dHtMyY3l5k
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My pants vibrate every time you retweet this. Thanx!
Retweeted by Jen Joyce.@DangeRussWilson is hustlin’ all around NYC today because #NoTime2SleepBoston is still under snow, and Seattle has had sun and consecutive record high days. This February, I learned god is a @Seahawks fan.
Retweeted by Jen JoyceClimbed a mountain. Old ankle injury flare up. 😳 Teaching my cats to make coffee & bring to the couch. #Tuesday@fortheglow omg I am so excited for that!!!
Hello from the top! (@ Mount Si Summit in North Bend, WA) https://t.co/P4jjX96ADc http://t.co/M6W5xLUicZ
@cassbg @krows54 👯💃 http://t.co/LWBizmjU0N
I DIE. http://t.co/Rs6J5EeWII💁 RT @jordankwheeler: s/o to the ladies that could care less about Valentines Day. You the real MVP.@keridwyn hahahahahaha50 Shades of No
Swear I'm not drunk. I just have noodle legs from cycle circuit class. 😳@JessEstrada @memelaroo @SarahLovrien Hi. Please see my last tweet. #GOHAWKS FOREVER!On Super Bowl Sunday, I lost a bet. So, @Marra this is for you but #GOHAWKS FOREVER: https://t.co/axwqGIBWlF'@Uber the most downloaded app in all of Hong Kong! http://t.co/OWLbFsKAvS
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@rebowers YESSSSSSKanye West compares Marshawn Lynch to Beyoncé http://t.co/k7e0evp8VK via @SInow #Beyonce #BeastMode #GoHawks @knitpurl
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.@BMaxx41 & @Kam_Chancellor & @Earl_Thomas & @RSherman_25. // @FreshBrewedTees // 👯 @JessEstrada http://t.co/pgzdZpyJIoTell Mayor Piercy and City Council that #EugeneNeedsUber — sign the petition today! https://t.co/f7bFmcGxr6
THE TINY HAMSTERS ARE EVERYTHING https://t.co/HWK5LsbB8WThursday. Must be 21+ to kick it. http://t.co/Imij5t2ckO
Retweeted by Jen Joyce@seattleshe haha It’s not until April but thank you for following up! You’re sweet :)
@sallybakes Yay! I wonder how many people at Uber knit….@lisadang3r This is where I thank the baby jesus for Netflix. Good luck. :)@lisadang3r For real! I think I saw a total of 2 min and was like I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE.Get home. Turn on TV. Realize it’s #TheBachelor. These bitches be crazy, you guys!Im good at watering dead flowers. Glad current BF is amaze RT @thereaIbanksy "When it's over, leave. Don't continue to water a dead flower."@seattleshe Thanks Heather! I will be out during it. I think that will help. haha@ghod WHAT DO YOU THINK? THIS IS LIKE U4B AND THERE IS NO DISCOUNT@ghod YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME. LET’S DO THIS. LET’S GET WEIRD.@ghod APRIL 17TH. WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER! ARE YOU WITH ME?!
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