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michael lazerow @lazerow NEW YORK CITY

Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce. CEO/Founder: Buddy Media, http://t.co/VpzQ2Rav4v, U-Wire/Student Advantage, Lazerow Consulting.

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@LazerAl thx. will check it out. watching with John right now.Marketers total forgot that 77% are watching with a phone in our hand. Very few mobile activations. http://t.co/kjlHaFwXKq #superbowladsWhy do I now feel like watching a movie w/ candy and a beer -- and then drive home to see my dogs?Budweiser doing its best to ruin a great song. #SB49 #superbowl #superbowladsFundamental disconnect in ad industry btw the Super Bowl ad and digital/mobile/social mktg. #superbowlads #SB49Just like Brady's last pass ... Didn't quite hit the mark.The Super Bowl ad is not an end in itself. It should kick off a journey. None of the ads have hit the mark yet. #SB49@lazerow see the pin? http://t.co/hp3y8g2dnQ
Retweeted by michael lazerowBMW Katie Couric/Gumbel ad used a clip I've been using in my talks for years ... http://t.co/i1dYRHmH4mIs Edelman jewish?Only retweet this tweet if you are actually at the #superbowl #sb49.In other football news, I captained Holland's national team to a victory against Cole's Brazilian club… http://t.co/AiMFtL2Zd5#XVII. 4th & 1. Redskins are trailing 13-17. #44 riggo44 breaks a 43-yd TD run and takes the Redskins… http://t.co/WHeespORh4The true heroes of today's move to the new @UCSFChildrens are emerging! http://t.co/sRJ2HaPIJU
Retweeted by michael lazerowTiny Tragedy=Pats @ Super Bowl (We're Jets fans). Big Tragedy=a DWI crash. No stopping the 1st, but Xtra enforcement today to combat the 2nd
Retweeted by michael lazerow
Buzzfeed more than doubled its staff last year to over 700. It now generates $143,000 in revenue per employee. http://t.co/xXcsSZ74Q3
Retweeted by michael lazerowRough night for @totinos feed, set Super Bowl auto tweets for wrong day, 17 tweets so far (via @jerseymike7) http://t.co/n8KoD5vegy
Retweeted by michael lazerowAll anyone in Arizona is talking about are tonight's NFL Honors hosted by me. NBC 9ET #TheRealSuperBowl
Retweeted by michael lazerow@nikbonaddio @kevinjonas really???
It's good to be a man these days ... Thx @ElleKingMusic for rocking out tonite https://t.co/d1bur0bFf8Do you live in Brooklyn and need kick ass food for the Super Bowl? @hillcountrybk has you covered. http://t.co/5RsKAzQnHFGet your Chili Rubbed Wings, Brisket and More Game Day 'Cue Specials #superbowl http://t.co/onsNP7CxAI WE DELIVER! http://t.co/yzaOhlTTpR
Retweeted by michael lazerowA great way to start the day •••••> Take Everything Greg Laswell #Spotify #laztunes http://t.co/QkH9UdGkDy
.@ElleKingMusic's show tomorrow night at @boweryballroom will be awesome. Trust me. http://t.co/9MH3hvhThuNYC did you guys get your tickets for @boweryballroom Friday 1/30?!?!? Going to be a crazy fun show! Come, I'll kiss you with tongue!!!
Retweeted by michael lazerowWow! - Chart: Amazon tops 154,000 employees, a whopping 31 percent increase in 2014 (GeekWire) http://t.co/Fig5MHFmHK
Retweeted by michael lazerowHere is why @salesforce is the most valued and innovative cloud company in the world: http://t.co/FwG26N8bEr @benioff
Retweeted by michael lazerowI got home today and found this amazing gift from one of my favorite artists (@cadeloan) waiting for… http://t.co/4nUnXWLTspExcited to see @mashable raise $17M. Congrats @petecashmore @mkriak and team! http://t.co/zpbpTT18lm #lazventures
Salesforce: Innovate around customers, not companies http://t.co/wAxCfXfuIq #cxotalk @lazerow @benioff @ValaAfshar #IoT #CX
Retweeted by michael lazerowLatest $FB DAILY #s -890M users -1B searches -2B photo shares -3B vid views -7B likes -30B WhatsApp msgs http://t.co/8bg4UmQveu
Breakfast idea: cover Greek yogurt with pomegranate seeds, a bag of Nourish Coco'nola crispies, and… http://t.co/KNXyjkkvo2
Retweeted by michael lazerow@gabrielsherman dude, u crushed it. the only thing that would have made that & everything you do better is if you went to @MedillSchool :)Well done @gabrielsherman! Amazing piece. Inside Goodell's Ruthless Football Machine http://t.co/WsWkEUyYNV http://t.co/aQvqCzZKzGThere is basically no snow. And the entire city is shut down. Absurd.
Retweeted by michael lazerowWho else loves waking up to #TheShaneShow? 😂 Tune in now on #OddFutureRadio with @Theshanepowers! http://t.co/YxUf8GifKw
Retweeted by michael lazerowAt what point does The Weather Channel throw the National Weather Service under the Blizzard Mobile for #snowfail2015?
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All Salesforce New York offices will be closed tomorrow. Please keep your families safe. Run your business from your phone on Salesforce1.
Retweeted by michael lazerowNWS: #blizzardof2015 may produce the largest single-storm snowfall in NYC history http://t.co/bk0rv6pdv8 http://t.co/F5ZNHX6zDn
Retweeted by michael lazerowAnnouncing @Mashable’s new Travel section: http://t.co/4gT3LOOiJE
Retweeted by michael lazerowJust saw this on the Today Show. http://t.co/9wCbLPdzDV @SavvyAuntieYou have 3 jobs as an entrepreneur: 1 don't run out of money 2 don't run out of money 3 don't run out of money - @lazerow #cxotalk
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Upon waking and hearing from my wife and kids that I won a @sagawards for #TheNormalHeart Love wins… http://t.co/0jQHWB8DI5
Retweeted by michael lazerowHa ha ha! Sunny and my kids just woke me up to tell me I won a SAG award. Have to be at work in 4 hours. Thank you! @SAGawards
Retweeted by michael lazerowSaavn, ‘India’s Spotify’, Reveals It Has 11M Monthly Users & Hires Ex-Google Exec http://t.co/4Ki6tNvH2V #lazventures rocket ship!!!
#NP @DASH_radio: 'Shermania' by Shermanology - http://t.co/RQsgR3gzdc (get the free app!) http://t.co/I4ICCYkpNEWise beyond her years, @ElleKingMusic lives her life like it's the last damn night. #noregrets http://t.co/2mLByedHXY
"Ad exchanges rely on cookies to retarget users ... But cookies don’t work on mobile devices" http://t.co/Fm6rdZKI62Check out @SebastianComedy's great set from last night https://t.co/JO4p3n0IVI
Retweeted by michael lazerowOne wish for everyone this weekend: spend it with those you love doing things you love. Life is too short to do otherwise. #PeaceOut@ValaAfshar very liberal use of the word brilliant but appreciate the kind words.@mishbatt no real story other than a friend gave them to me and I like them.@mishbatt thx so much.A rule is a rule. If you break the rule, there should be a consequence regardless of whether you were ignorant or deliberate.NFL's failure to act sends the message that it doesn't matter if you cheat provided that there was no "deliberate action" - really?!?!Capitalism left unchecked is a race to the bottom. We need a new compassionate capitalism balancing shareholders with stakeholders. #wef15
Retweeted by michael lazerowEvery 90 hours @PencilsOfPromis starts to build a new school, with the help of @Salesforce http://t.co/Bxm9MKjXdK http://t.co/hMleqtgKRQ
Retweeted by michael lazerowPls join me & @kasslazerow in bldg a school in honor of @MattyB's aging process w/ @PencilsOfPromis https://t.co/paZdXlUpkLAssist, not push ;) “@ValaAfshar: Dear marketer, do you have the ability to push a customer forward in their journey? - @lazerow #cxotalk
Retweeted by michael lazerowThank you @mkrigsman & @ValaAfshar for welcoming me on #cxotalk today. What a great way to end the week. And great twitter action!10 mins until i'm live on #cxotalk [video or follow on Twitter] http://t.co/hRPI5M9awH #cxotalk
Bob Dylan in AARP interview: The Government's Not Going to Create Jobs. Billionaires Can http://t.co/ROhSqggexY
Retweeted by michael lazerowIt's gonna be good MT @mkrigsman: My next #cxotalk guest is @lazerow Fri 1/23 3ET. @salesforce http://t.co/3SKTO9VLYd http://t.co/FpScKE7EHh
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Fun seeing fellow #DLD15 panelists @mendenhallma @wesnichols here at #wef15 -We missed you @erichippeau
Retweeted by michael lazerow@MarylouBPL Thx. Dreary day called for colorful outfit.A Marketing Cloud panel of competitors w/ a CLEAR fashion leader @lazerow #ip2015 #loveit http://t.co/MZUgH3bV3a
Retweeted by michael lazerowSpeaking @adexchanger Industry Preview today on @marketingcloud strategy. My @adage column is a good primer: http://t.co/obOfekUvuG #ip2015
Catching up on some work and listening to @ElleKingMusic http://t.co/e1QFzjx1lO#2Square is back w/@petergrosz & @ShutupLutz tomorrow night! Wed 9:30p https://t.co/mLlamGVCgT http://t.co/EIBMC0UfJd
Retweeted by michael lazerowMy next #cxotalk guest is @lazerow. Join us Friday 1/23 at 3ET. @salesforce #entrepreneur http://t.co/0rzBhXFAoc http://t.co/iX7IZj2QUS
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The CMO has to feel responsible for all customer touch points that the company has... @lvojvodich at CMO panel at #dld15
Retweeted by michael lazerow
Solid, gripping, important read: The Cruel Waste of America’s Tech Talent http://t.co/V767QRMfj2
Retweeted by michael lazerowWord is @DangeRussWilson throws this shirt on every fourth quarter http://t.co/PTF6fqof4A
Retweeted by michael lazerow"Don't give up, don't ever give up." Jim Valvano
Retweeted by michael lazerowCatch @salesforce CMO @lvojvodich at #dld15 tomorrow: "Is the CMO the new CTO" http://t.co/M4tQNDFIBd [streaming online as well!]
Retweeted by michael lazerowFascinating to watch @SRuhle pierce the inner workings of Haiti! Great job @BloombergTV! So much to learn! http://t.co/lTL4QG8TWp
Retweeted by michael lazerow@MusaTariq yes. Pls just let me know when you are there and I'll send out. Not a problem.hey #dld15, look out for @salesforce CMO @lvojvodich ... she's one of the best ... http://t.co/FuKzTedHO8Excited about moderating tomorrow's #DLD15 panel on changing role of CMO with @lvojvodich @wesnichols @mendenhallMA controversy garanteed
Retweeted by michael lazerow
Trey Anastasio To Perform At “Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of Grateful Dead”: http://t.co/LNShm1PyTZ
Retweeted by michael lazerow
The Daily Northwestern : Hayes: How lineups epitomize the cultures of Bonnaroo and Coachella http://t.co/MXQYEfwDTW
Retweeted by michael lazerow'The nominations send a brutal message: Academy voters do not appear to care about diversity.' http://t.co/alNXnTUL1m http://t.co/cXNvAFHIvN
Retweeted by michael lazerow
Tonight: @billclinton, @Carrie_Rachel and @MaliMusic! #LNSM
Retweeted by michael lazerowBonnaroo lineup is sick. June 11-14. Join me. http://t.co/l0QHZWViZN http://t.co/kWGvwFxsKo
Jeff Tweedy to lead the #bonnaroo #SuperJam. That is going to be two hours of amazing music.
Retweeted by michael lazerowBeyoncé and Jay Z are not performing at Bonnaroo lol “@lazerow: The #bonnaroo2015 lineup is sick. http://t.co/sumOk5y5xf
Retweeted by michael lazerowmy favorite show of all time was steel train at bonnaroo in '05. ten years later gonna beat it with bleachers. see you on the farm in june
Retweeted by michael lazerow@kaelyn_sanders then go! Only live once.@LLewin yes.There's little evidence the $6 billion employee wellness program industry does much to improve health or save money. http://t.co/kLY9innEPa
Retweeted by michael lazerow@LLewin on the board. Love the guys.I just called and @deadmau5 is confirmed for @Bonnaroo! #BLAM #bonnaroo
Retweeted by michael lazerowYes!!!! Guster!!!! #bonnaroo2015 #blam
Retweeted by michael lazerowI called #bonnaroo and got #benfolds #blam #bonnaroo2015 http://t.co/JAcnLuKw3p
Retweeted by michael lazerowI called #BLAM @Bonnaroo and was told the ONE and ONLY Billy Joel is playing #bonnaroo #2015 http://t.co/sFOOLNwUtQ
Retweeted by michael lazerowCheck this footage from #Bonnaroo 2011 - still one of the most classic festival scenes I've ever witnessed https://t.co/mYUCZQrfi8
Retweeted by michael lazerow#BONNAROO!!!!! We are returning to the farm this year, ready to smash it up properly!
Retweeted by michael lazerowFantastic first day of the @RebelMouse 2015 sales kick-off with @teamreboot, @lazerow, and @erichippeau! #OneTeamOneDream
Retweeted by michael lazerow@kenziefessler24 @lazerow @jadieloulou don't believe the hype on that pic of a fake lineup.
Retweeted by michael lazerowIf nothing else, this #bonnaroo lineup chaos has people talking. Trending at No. 3 on Twitter right now.
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