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lvdjgarcia @lvdjgarcia Henderson, NV

Las Vegas area resident for 23 yrs.. #TexanInExile #P2

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They've rebranded the 'Magic Bullet' blender as the 'NutriBullet'... #IdiocracyFOR THE RECORD: ANYONE who post that pic, will be <BLOCKED> & reported, you heartless wankers! https://t.co/RFOhCuvZE7Super classy Photos of Bobbi Kristina Brown in hospice care selling for $100,000 http://t.co/C9DPSc0vSx
Retweeted by lvdjgarciaSure tribal tattoo guy, that ink set you apart from the posers...No, not you, the other tribal tattoo guy..No, not you, the other, other guyTerminator:Genysis- meh & too long@jkfecke I loath the song@Shoq http://t.co/RrU1TF150G@jkfecke cloying jingoistic tripeAMERICA! https://t.co/AFeU7EymPJ #AnimalHouseGLENN!!…. RT @lexfri: Shout out to all the unaffiliated necklace companies out there: This is YOUR indie pendants day.Manfred Mann’s Earth Band- Blined by the Light https://t.co/pmfHWVyTvxBilly Preston- Round in Circles https://t.co/n5FkaruzdBI see pouty Laker fans in my TL calling a player *they wanted* soft & selfish just b/c he signed w/another team
@kungfupussy True? RT @courteneyh: accurate map of australia is accurate. http://t.co/cKBNpGzlOISela Ward will always be Sela Ward gorgeous‘Gone Girl’ reminds me of ‘Fatal Attraction’: good films, but the genders need to be reversed@Lib_Librarian http://t.co/ths0dpTZp4@flargh managed one in Missouri for a year..haven’t eaten in one since💯x💯 👍🏻RT @Green_Footballs: .@nytimes Peas bad. Bacon good.Few things scream “DOUCHEBAG RACIST!” louder than ‘breitbart' in your Twitterbio@txvoodoo @Karoli :) RT @CuteEmergency: I can't stop laughing 😂😂 https://t.co/kcSELGVyvH@Keethers don’t have an issue w/Bernie or Hillary, their fans & surrogates on the other hand….@LibertyBelleJ working in a warehouse means I never scrimp on my work shoes..sturdy, comfortable & safety conscience@LibertyBelleJ as long as we’re talking shoes; new work shoes..Timberland Pro Steel Toe http://t.co/LmdaZJiyeTHates politics, loves a camera RT @Keethers: Jim Webb hates politics. No business running for president.Watching ‘Gone Girl’ for the 1st time…1st 30 min is an indictment of how bad cops are at trusting their gut instinct’💯👍🏻 RT @Keethers: I'll keep saying it until I'm blue in the face, @gwenifill should be the host of @meetthepress. #MTPHoped for transfer to Massachusetts delayed a year, but everything’s good@Lib_Librarian @rolling_2 @sherifffruitfly but you’d have to find away out of LA traffic, so I have plenty of time..years, in fact@Lib_Librarian @rolling_2 @sherifffruitfly <golf clap> 😎@rolling_2 @sherifffruitfly we’re still waiting for @Lib_Librarian to have an adult sized drink ;)@SandaBlue I resembled that remark..<note past tense>@rolling_2 (see MY earlier TL w/@sherifffruitfly & @Lib_Librarian)@LibertyBelleJ I’m taking our corp ‘professional development’ course…realizing I’m not as smart as I thought I was, but still pretty smartWe’re not that smart or organized RT @TheRickWilson: Prove me wrong: @realDonaldTrump is a Democratic Party mole.Steve Winwood will always have a special place in my musical heart & intellect…the gods blessed him http://t.co/fx4katBmiISteve Winwood: The Finer Things http://t.co/e8t5ApVyXxVoted FOR Marriage Equality: *Kennedy: 78 *Ginsburg: 82 *Breyer: 76 *Sotomayor: 61 *Kagan: 55 SCOTUS Matters!@LegallyErin toddler David at Easter http://t.co/BO267au5ES#2000Redux RT @EricBoehlert Funny. This is exactly what Naderites claimed in 2000 re: Bush/Gore the result? $3T war. http://t.co/WZ92IWFvQYYounger classmate worried about leaving boss short handed, my response: you’re early in your career in a male dominated industry, GO FOR IT’@LibertyBelleJ looks great… :)@Lib_Librarian bottle rocket fights was the safest thing I did@sherifffruitfly once had a shirt w/ #DAMM Drunks Against Mad Mothers@sherifffruitfly few things greater than finding out a VERY cute girl can back it up w/intellect & personality...@sherifffruitfly .....AND!!!@jesserker ...and Lincoln was a Van Helsingborg heir..@sfsooz top 3 memories@ShawnKing @JennS79 99.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999%@sfsooz Met the band in 1986 while managing a race track/arcade in San Antonio...great guys #glenning@alanajoy depends: how many of your schedules activities are 'artisanal'?@ejacqui @CLINT just refer to yourself as his 'caretaker'@sherifffruitfly Boys sweat, girls 'glisten'...they also don't fart@ReignOfApril http://t.co/1J13QWaLcv@Lib_Librarian @sherifffruitfly Swype: when you're to drunk to dictate & WAY too drunk to type@sherifffruitfly @Lib_Librarian miscreants & hooligans!!!Dear marriage equality foes: http://t.co/4tOx5TIqRf@lexfri Apple: always pleasing to aim@ShawnKing @JennS79 'worthy' = less likely to call him a worthless attention seeking PR whore?@sherifffruitfly http://t.co/Ht8S2xJVc8@jillwklausen http://t.co/CYZV2rXtXrTennessee: We protect the sanctity of marrying our cousin! https://t.co/Y1RvvMv49J@Lib_Librarian @sherifffruitfly http://t.co/NKwM0EhUIv@Lib_Librarian @sherifffruitfly when's the adult size get served?@QueenofSpain ;) RT @BoingBoing: Mother raccoon teaches her baby how to climb a tree http://t.co/Q7yOWZtuOg http://t.co/jWn2WVxUKL@Lib_Librarian @sherifffruitfly my view most days is 30ft up http://t.co/kSadLKc4dg@Lib_Librarian @sherifffruitfly waiting for your clear artisanal reverse osmosis ice to be ready?@Lib_Librarian @sherifffruitfly spent a few hours driving this today http://t.co/89gZJ8ujWc👍😎 RT @sherifffruitfly: @lvdjgarcia @Lib_Librarian \o/ http://t.co/anFwtJhs3E@yayayarndiva somewhere there's a conference for conference organizers w/a festival attached@Lib_Librarian @sherifffruitfly http://t.co/PgbbNx2ywl@Lib_Librarian @sherifffruitfly http://t.co/xqdcfAEBlh@sherifffruitfly @Lib_Librarian FRIDAY! http://t.co/oXLXnj9vtZ@PoliticalGroove @Dirk2112 Too bad for Trump that “Truth is an absolute defense”…and in that analogy, Fox News & DC pundits are the GOP’s drug dealing enablerGOP is the addict who has to hit bottom before they have a chance of recovery…and they’re not there yet http://t.co/H59lwWH1kt@akmcquade Your mission, if you choose to accept it… http://t.co/BZ6yN2pPJsRick Perry says Trump remarks don’t ‘reflect the GOP http://t.co/J6a9t3Obuc Does this image? http://t.co/LsRK5JZbJW@inthefade coincidence? http://t.co/CAlqUUYvNG@karoli Thought you’d find this an interesting post on health care reporting and statistics http://t.co/y8IWmIwjJwNew Media dictionary: aggregate = plagerize curate = stealHuffington: Dead ended as repub/con pundit, used Dems/liberals to pivot her ‘brand’, made sure SHE got paid & screwed everyone elseThe press fascination w/Arianna Huffington’s self created mythos <<shakes head>>
.RT @hotdogsladies: Five pet peeves about eating out with Ayn Rand http://t.co/Xu3iyQ7jZA28 yr old Courtney Cox <swoon>Evil, soulless BASTARDS! RT @ArrogantDemon: Why do you hate freedom? https://t.co/YVpc0uAjCwToday Show, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Meet the Press, Face the Nation, ABC’s This Week, CNN, Fox News..willing Trump PR agents@RL_Miller @drvox @BoldProgressive their about page tells you what you need to know http://t.co/ve4ql6VrSB@Shoq in case or when?@sherifffruitfly w/soft shell you eat the entire thing, shell and all@txvoodoo I’m gonna a need few momentsTrump is the same racist now, that he was when Repubs were begging for his endorsement in 2014, 2012, etc…http://t.co/BosvOhfij0@joanwalsh Bernie fans remind me of the 2000 Naderites https://t.co/8VCE0tkIFvTrump will fit right in w/the Reelz programming https://t.co/TMZGbs48lqTwo WHITEST states defining a US presidential election is absurd. Population %: White US 77.7 IA 92.5 NH 94.2 http://t.co/efUTJtc8w2Polling to predict the winner of the Iowa caucus is even more worthless than the Iowa caucusPolling in a caucus state is worthless https://t.co/0BU4wgSPObLooks like press & public got played (again) by a certain pseudo-celebrity narcissist http://t.co/fdGSf60M3KU.S. press: Too many politicians are driven solely by polls & here's a poll that proves it. #NotJournalism2015 & we are still arguing about whether discrimination (race, religion, gender/sex identity etc) is acceptable? #BurnItAllDown
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