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Larry Hryb @majornelson From New England. Seattle now

Trying not to waste your time w/ my tweets. Working on the Xbox team since 2003 & tweeting since 2006 - Married to @thehappygirl - Need help? Ask @XboxSupport

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Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day -if you are one THANK YOU. If you are not, then thank one :) #CMAD@RyanDay #mutitaskingWhile they last: Get a copy of Far Cry 4 for $39.99 (Save $20) http://t.co/CW0FOAf4TD @FarCrygame http://t.co/tND9PrvHj0Busy time at the office...even after the crazy week we had last week. I love it though.East Coasters: This interactive map will show you how much snow is forecasted for your area http://t.co/1v2b90xowa via @glenncoin@rza_razor_617 Be careful!@TJ_Aka_Iverson I don't have visabiltiy into that. You should ask @WB_GamesThanks for joining the "Dying LIght" stream. Archive will be up soon at http://t.co/WmNpBDJXpuI'll be streaming "Dying Light" in 15 minutes. Watch the stream and you could win a copy of the game http://t.co/7bxpynHzy8Today at 2p ET/11a PT/1900 GMT I’ll be streaming "Dying Light" - Watch it here: http://t.co/O9D3DOx1ofToday @BMWUSA released their i3 commercial for the upcoming #SuperBowl -nice call back to that funny clip from 1994 http://t.co/xntLp3rJOZEast Coast friends: Stay warm and be careful this week! http://t.co/ArcvkK5G3C
60 and Sunny in January? I’ll take it Seattle. http://t.co/EcNPZ5BLsk
@andrearene @jeffrubenstein I’ll see you at PAX East though. Right?@thesmf1210 Thanks. I think.@GasMaskGamerz Thanks for coming byI finished up the GTA V, now it’s side mission time. Come watch my stream here http://t.co/LWBvRUP99L@CrypticEternity @Microsoft If you watch this G+ Hangout we did a couple of days ago, you’ll hear first hand http://t.co/JCIHybm8S7Instagram broke that @Windows link …sorry about that. http://t.co/pcsVS9RUCFThis was a heck of a busy week. Hope you all enjoyed the news. @ Microsoft http://t.co/mFMUmttruB@RonnyRAGE6669 … going to be announced soon.Today only: You can get a year of @amazon Prime for $72 (normally $99) http://t.co/SjXK3iXQTG@johntdrake @WSJ Hey yooooo…@ChanningKing never did. Thumbed through it a lot, but never found anything that I needed. Plenty of stuff I wanted.[Video] Go Behind the Scenes with @ForzaMotorsport 6 into the @Ford GT design studios http://t.co/Uv56ZkSX1E"SkyMall Files for Bankruptcy” http://t.co/839vgy3xSe via @WSJ // The end of an era for air travelers@MickHappyReview NP. The quality is not as good as I’d like - but the content makes it worth it.@kidsmoove I will be there!#PAXSouth Day 2 is now underway- play State of Decay at the @undeadlabs booth (#1059) to earn this exclusive pin http://t.co/mGJywApvAXIf you missed our G+ Hangout, I pulled the audio track for the podcast. Listen here http://t.co/wMzEAQqniP watch here http://t.co/ZEs6Z7Bpum
ICYMI: Learn more about the Xbox App coming in the January build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview http://t.co/Ee2b9wAXx8@Oilyduck65 I have yesterdays :)@Oilyduck65 Sign up here http://t.co/AZjouH0L5BGet an early look at Dying Light when I stream it this Monday http://t.co/bqBmCd2Eb2 // Have great gaming weekend everyone@stopNgoh Yea…sorry :( Have fun! Both @thevowel and @jeffrubenstein are there.@XboxQwik Yea……this is a must!The audio quality it not the best since we were all in different places, but the #HoloLens stories are worth it.Enjoy http://t.co/wMzEAQqniPIf you missed the G+ hangout last night, I pulled the audio track and uploaded it as a podcast. Listen here: http://t.co/wMzEAQqniPUpgraded my @Surface Pro 3 to the January build of the #Windows10 TP - Hello Xbox App http://t.co/f8MuUxgEx7 http://t.co/2ngHmRv526Congrats to @TheShaunCooper, @Kooberz, @HellspawnRei, @XblJorel452 and @noteandcolor – they each won a copy of Riptide GP2!#FreeCodeFriday is now over. Randomly choosing winners now#FreeCodeFriday ends in 30 mins - good luck http://t.co/huT4mqNILX#freecodefriday time. Good luck http://t.co/NVaXJgCjlMRead this if you are new to #freecodefriday http://t.co/D1IvhfrVLLIt's not just Friday. It's #freecodefriday - stand by to win.Learn more about the Xbox App coming in the Windows 10 Technical Preview 2 (TP2) http://t.co/XPD7r9iIsXOH YES - I AM IN: A (temporary) 1,000 foot slip and slide is coming to Seattle in July http://t.co/OXGoeTRbuJ @slidethecity#PAXSouth about to open doors for the 1st time. Drop by @UndeadLabs (#1059) to play State of Decay on Xbox One http://t.co/POOGvS2Eh4
Retweeted by Larry Hryb@t_makka 100% false.Hey #PAXSouth people: Have fun this weekend!
Did you miss our G+ Hangout earlier today? The archive stream is up http://t.co/RA5HAwavPd // If you joined us…thanks for taking the timeIt’s go time: Watch me, @thevowel @jeffrubenstein and @lauralollipop discuss the Xbox and tech news of the week http://t.co/ysfyqO8mAkWe kick off our G+ Hangout in 30-minutes. You can watch and participate right here http://t.co/pwsu6vtCPyDeal from @MicrosoftStore Get Xbox One & a copy of the award winning @Titanfallgame for $349 http://t.co/PFgSlfrWxG http://t.co/wLvCBiCJkQGreat news for coastal @BMWUSA and @VW EV owners http://t.co/fsYq9cEidZ (no good for me in Seattle though..)@LudwigK @jeffrubenstein c <WIN>@Ragnar02 I'll give some away tonight on our G+ Hangout http://t.co/r4kz1cJ0JY@jeffrubenstein That's the Major Nelson class of travel :|Thanks to @vectorunit you can play Riptide GP2 on the Xbox One tomorrow. Watch the trailer http://t.co/OkZIBSC69a http://t.co/xJ2OO4jn9oPlay State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition at #PAXSouth @undeadlabs Booth #1059 and maybe see @jeffrubenstein http://t.co/gEjUz3Wrq9Staying ahead with DirectX 12 http://t.co/nixfMGTGQc
Retweeted by Larry HrybIf you are heading to #PAXSouth this weekend, keep an eye out for @thevowel and @jeffrubensteinICYMI: This blog post by @tmyerson has details on yesterday’s #Windows10 news http://t.co/qkbPcA78ZVAssuming @thevowel and @jeffrubenstein have no flight issues, we’ll be doing a hangout tonight at 9p ET/6p PT http://t.co/ZEs6Z7Bpum@jeffrubenstein @will_tuttle http://t.co/EKTkoopHos
@WeirdStealth @XboxP3 Right here http://t.co/jMV4iaJDyj@Arasoi @lauralollipop That will probably happen.If you missed @XboxP3 ’s Xbox on #Windows10 presentation today, you can watch it here http://t.co/nVywbUJcFLMark your calendars. The podcast gang will be doing a G+ hangout tomorrow to talk about the news of the week http://t.co/HmHGdUncGzICYMI: Saints Row IV: Re-Elected & Gat out of Hell Bundle now Available on Xbox http://t.co/ioyCllYfH0@will_tuttle @GI_AndyMc …among other things…. ;)@geoffkeighley Missed you todayBusy day with the #Windows10 event, but don't forget to check this week’s deals for Xbox Live members http://t.co/NNwlllkC1y@GI_AndyMc Great to finally meet you today! Thanks for coming to campus.ICYM The #Windows10 event this morning, here is the on demand stream http://t.co/jMV4iaJDyjWe developed #OnSight with @hololens so @MarsCuriosity's team could "meet" on Mars http://t.co/ZnNANrp9i2 http://t.co/191nPkgU1D
Retweeted by Larry HrybWith free #Windows10 upgrade, we'll keep your device up-to-date during its supported lifetime at no additional charge http://t.co/jN8KXMoMKx
Retweeted by Larry HrybSay hello to Microsoft #HoloLens http://t.co/4lSHklFO5J https://t.co/egdNBjj4X7All the details of today's #Windows10 news via this blog post from @tmyerson http://t.co/qkbPcA78ZVPhil Spencer Unveils New Experiences for Xbox One and Windows 10 Gamers http://t.co/eOrAVrw1ji
Retweeted by Larry HrybThanks for watching the #Windows10 eventJoin @thevowel @jeffrubenstein @lauralollipop and me tomorrow night to discuss #Windows10 #Xbox & #HoloLens news http://t.co/r4kz1cJ0JY@OwenCLatham Yes you did! @lauralollipopKeep an eye on this next #HoloLens video - more familer faces@pyr0lyZer Exactly. :)If you are watching this Hologram video on the stream right now - you may see some familer faces..look sharpIntroducing Microsoft @HoloLens. Transform your world with holograms. Watch the webcast live: http://t.co/wNo7aeNB6c http://t.co/TEPxFWw5yH
Retweeted by Larry HrybMicrosoft HoloLens is pretty cool - I've use it and I can't wait until you see it for yourself.Our exclusive hands-on with Microsoft’s unbelievable new holographic goggles http://t.co/R0IPotOczT http://t.co/VufKcTcSfE
Retweeted by Larry HrybLoooking forwad to seeing what @akipman is about to show. @XboxP3 just announced that you’ll be able to stream your Xbox One games to #Windows10. @XboxP3 is about to go on stage at the @Microsoft10 event. Watch here http://t.co/Z1eeQrbQs4 or @verge live blog http://t.co/clYA7bNRHUFree #Windows10 upgrade to everyone running Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, and Windows 7
Retweeted by Larry HrybThe #Windows10 Media Briefing with @SatyaNadella @tmyerson @joebelfiore & @XboxP3 starts in 30-minutes http://t.co/UYNBlgcW9MGreat to have Xbox/Gaming in a Windows event today. Make sure you stay watching until the end of show, cool stuff there. #Windows10
Retweeted by Larry HrybBig day on campus today http://t.co/rtPbfoPM5F http://t.co/hc4QTAiOPW
The #Windows10 media briefing event is in 12-hours. Here is how you can watch the live stream http://t.co/HJsCxkbTYgICYMI: Release dates & prices for Ori and the Blind Forest, State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition and ScreamRide http://t.co/V6InJBvm9bPresident Obama's State of the Union address as prepared for delivery: http://t.co/6SeDx1lqez #SOTU http://t.co/TMmVXUp8V9
Retweeted by Larry HrybHave you seen the “Exploding Kittens” @kickstarter It’s a card game from @Oatmeal - so it should be good. Right? http://t.co/6IJZifFYwt
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