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Listen Live: @dalepd on @LiveRadioWCL today at 10amPST http://t.co/uHtZOOmHC1 Livestream via @kalw http://t.co/MT3UakHL2oRT @Makershed #DealoftheDay: Marble Machine http://t.co/g8t2AmVDIq Solar-powered desk distraction
RT @Makershed Catch some air or touch the atmosphere's edge w/ 'Make: Rockets' http://t.co/xSImD2BmEC New book!Making gingerbread houses can be really fun, especially when you have patterns to work from. http://t.co/IK4Q3VC4zuThe time has come to announce the winner of the @dremel Idea Builder 3D printer! http://t.co/xmywAbCFd0 http://t.co/AWCxWJ32zoRT @Makershed 5-Star Reviews! @beagleboardorg v2 kit http://t.co/mqQ7CxIhx6 Linux + Arduino = #DealoftheDay you'll loveAnouk's New Spider Dress 2.0 uses Intel's Edison for some incredible effects! http://t.co/OS4pwhNabG#IoT for Tots: #Cubelets spin, light + sense. http://t.co/ui1uLDyMGc @modrobotics in our 'Ultimate Makers' #Gift Guide.'Small but Mighty: Meet @Adafruit Trinket http://t.co/9QlNnvC58s Excerpt from new book!RT @Makershed #DealoftheDay: @beagleboardorg v2 kit ~ Linux programability + Arduino connectivity http://t.co/mqQ7CxIhx6
MT @Makershed Give the gift of reading + learning this season. http://t.co/pyVNkjgEYi #books + #magazines for all!RT @Makershed Wild Blue Yonder: Micro #Drone Max Pack http://t.co/tYkGuMysHp Self-learning + great for pix #DealofthedayLet There Be Noise! @littleBits Korg Synth Kit says "keytar" w/ a smile. http://t.co/WAuGMfOV9r Ultimate Makers' #Gift Guide“I wanted kids to realize the potential for new creations + how 3D printing might change our world”- @CarlaDiana_ http://t.co/LiGbQ0kY1SBuild your own electronic safe to keep your goodies secure. Learn about comparators and AND gates along the way: http://t.co/uJTn2eYKgLMT @Makershed So, #Christmas? Week from today. Yup. http://t.co/d0sUzva0tr Free US shipping most orders $50 + above; 18 #gift guides.This organically styled apparel is "grown" then 3D printed. These videos of the "growth" are fascinating and creepy! http://t.co/Iy2JIhpg8pCheck out these projects utilizing the Raspberry Pi Compute module. You'll probably recognize a few. http://t.co/1OCcfaeqJZEnjoy the musical celebration of tools from @bekathwia at @adafruit : Becky Stern's Favorite Tools http://t.co/Ww5fjothXjRegular old bookshelves just won't do. How about musically synchronized RGB led lit bookshelves? http://t.co/ijMkRBCEw4RT @Makershed #DealoftheDay: Micro #Drone Max Pack http://t.co/tYkGuMysHp Self-learning + now less expensive.RT @Makershed Micro #Drone Max Pack http://t.co/tYkGuMysHp Cute, self-learning + today only - less expensive. #DealoftheDay
RT @Makershed #DealoftheDay: @chibitronics Circuit Stickers Starter Kit http://t.co/j8oEIpp249Here's a nice take on building your own sous vide machine http://t.co/RA6E6dADrbThere's still time to enter to win a FREE Make:it Robotics Starter Kit — go here for details: http://t.co/Rh1K5zI2n1 http://t.co/SyqDy6yQhz.@flukecorp's 115 digital #multimeter - great balance of features + price. 'Ultimate Makers' #Gift Guide' http://t.co/QxWhRDgd5HCreate your own music with @littleBits, @arduino, and @KorgUSA. Find out how on our blog: http://t.co/vQLAmu7AKc http://t.co/uFXgJbUU6K
Retweeted by MAKE@lscapeisaverb the app appears as though you can experiment like crazy! Literally millions of combos, let alone ratios!That's a lot of bottles on the ceili—wait are those robotic bartenders?! Watch them in action: http://t.co/JFqmEyLUi7 http://t.co/jXHWJmcCAPPainting on bugs and pianos. Amazing work by amazing artists. http://t.co/t4wH5aN2NEMaking your own wearable activity tracker. http://t.co/Q4uzfgHzZjRT @Makershed #DealoftheDay: Circuit Stickers Starter Kit http://t.co/j8oEIpp249
RT @Makershed Beginners Paradise: Electronics Components Pack 1 http://t.co/E1pISo65pj #DealoftheDay for #electronicsRT @MakerShed Free US shipping on most items $50+ Order by noonPST Dec 19 and it'll be there for Xmas http://t.co/d0sUzva0trPerfect for aerial photos, @djiglobal's Phantom 2 #drone featured in our 'Ultimate Makers' #Gift Guide' http://t.co/TXrT4IJJNRWhat a fantastic collection of 3D printed educational items! http://t.co/jeFtKtoNkX3D printed prosthetics allow a dog to run. For never having had full legs, he looks surprisingly comfortable! http://t.co/FlXmUnoAJt'21st Century Robot' - the Manifesto http://t.co/kXvyZ3YgJe Excerpt of @IntelFuturist's new book with @21CRobotWhy give your kid a bunk bed when you could give them a castle? http://t.co/OpXL8Klg6fHacking your home this Christmas with the Royal Institution http://t.co/SOpleYRsG4RT @Makershed #DealoftheDay: Make: Electronics Components Pack 1 http://t.co/E1pISo65pj Get started experimenting!Home made table top has over 5,000 pennies embedded in it! http://t.co/EiqjOQF7hk
Double Buddy: Build two-bots-in-one kit via @radioshack http://t.co/9dDCNuMFpg Featured in Ultimate Makers' #Gift Guide.MT @Makershed FRESH: Dozens of new arrivals http://t.co/W51WGh20OY PLUS: Free US shipping thru Wed of most items $50+RT @Makershed Shiny + Bright: Make-your-own holiday cards w/ LEDs http://t.co/PmIWkJpRXe #dealoftheday via @chibitronicsThe passion this man shows for his craft is quite admirable. It doesn't hurt that his work looks excellent too. http://t.co/3umk11KrB8Hacking the @ri_science at Christmas, http://t.co/R78wbb2znC. #maker #science #ri #christmaslectures http://t.co/JjJMlnPBCl
Retweeted by MAKEWin a Make: it #Robotics Starter Kit - leave a comment telling us how YOU would HACK it: http://t.co/Rh1K5zI2n1 http://t.co/7IWOkIsI0gDid you see we're giving away a @dremel 3D printer? Come enter the contest before its over! http://t.co/2zvAWiwfcmForging a sword is hard work, even if you're making a tiny one out of a single nail. http://t.co/IVezf71u7O10 Perfect Pet Projects: projects for people who love their pets! http://t.co/Bz6eUm3KnWHave your washing machine send you a text message that your laundry is done with this project using Arduino Yun. http://t.co/XX0gdp6TP8RT @Makershed Into the Light: @chibitronics holiday cards w/ LEDs shine bright this holiday http://t.co/PmIWkJpRXe #dealoftheday
RT @Makershed From lockpick kits to Leatherman, we've got stuffers for those holiday stockings http://t.co/VnvbecRXehMT @Makershed Turn it on, it turns itself off. Again + again. Useless Machine Kit http://t.co/WifPGi5z7D #DealoftheDay
RT @Makershed Don't Miss: Deluxe Electronics Tool Kit #dealoftheday http://t.co/2vYscDTWYh Ends midnight PSTRT @Makershed Make:It Deluxe #Electronics Tool Kit http://t.co/2vYscDTWYh #DealoftheDay plus free US shippingMake a free @littleBits ornament today at @RadioShack Times Square NYC http://t.co/QKiXqpTN26 (I'll be here for a few hours; come say hi!)
Retweeted by MAKERT @Makershed #DealoftheDay: Make:It Deluxe Electronics Tool Kit http://t.co/2vYscDTWYh Best starter kit ever.
Build a better . . . Rokenbok http://t.co/UDIprF2v9K @rokenboktoys set featured in "Ultimate Makers' #Gift Guide"Cool Crowdfunding: Cutting your own records, tiny drones that fit in your pocket, and robotic actuators. http://t.co/U8AvGritajConverting an old slide projector to a movie projector using a hacked LCD panel http://t.co/oG6zsbrNzpThese bizarre paper sculptures are a form of escape for Charles: http://t.co/HIIyBelvfoOff to New York for tomorrow's @radioshack and @littlebits Makeathon:... (@ New Haven Union Station) https://t.co/VtGwqMukE6
Retweeted by MAKE"Encyclopedia of Electronic Components, V2," out + excerpted on our blog. http://t.co/zNC0EXgxYu Ambitious, exhaustive, essential.Reminder: Our HUGE #HackYourHoliday #MakeAThon at @RadioShack in Times Square! Come, Learn, Hack & Make! #MakerEd http://t.co/2Y2k559KuJ
Retweeted by MAKETurning a spoon on a lathe, the latest video by @JimmyDiResta. Simple elegance. http://t.co/YF3ky5Ykgv http://t.co/swpTfPDV4kGeeks on bikes! http://t.co/W0Qdv4EeQY
Retweeted by MAKEWhat I like about robot kits... is doing not what the instructions say. http://t.co/wB2Bj88uNz @RadioShack @make
Retweeted by MAKETurn a basic line-following #robot into a competitive jousting knight-bot! We'll show you how: https://t.co/kQMBCDuN1T #WeekendProjectsRT @Makershed Draw your 3D prints w/ 3D Doodler http://t.co/JIZeZ85vAB #DealoftheDay @3DoodlerRT @Makershed #DealoftheDay: @3Doodler's 3D Doodler http://t.co/JIZeZ85vAB Draw in 3rd dimension!
RT @Makershed Free Shipping! Spend $50+ on most items and your US shipping is on us. http://t.co/d0sUzva0trRT @Makershed #DealoftheDay - Ultimate #Arduino Microcontroller Pack http://t.co/WzEup95JVK Truly "ultimate" parts assortmentMT @Makershed Featured in "Guide to 3D Printing" + "Makers' #Gift Guide" @afinia3Dprint H480 is also on sale http://t.co/8flq3Vz8efProgramming arduinos in bulk can be taxing. Building a bulk programmer might just be worth your time! http://t.co/9QQW86iNCDHow to 3D print your CT scan: Great writeup in the latest @Make by @luisibanez. (That's MY skull in the photo!) http://t.co/Tvhqogrs4P
Retweeted by MAKEWho out there is planning to compete in the Cube Quest Challenge? Could you build an itty bitty spaceship? http://t.co/ID22LRjEhlMT @Makershed Great #DealoftheDay - Ultimate #Arduino Microcontroller Pack http://t.co/W0A0SvjBIj 100+ components to get startedRT @Makershed #DealoftheDay: Ultimate #Arduino Microcontroller Pack http://t.co/WzEup95JVK Save $30, today only
RT @Makershed Happy Birthday, Miss Ada Lovelace! Honor her + @ladyada today w/ 10% off all @Adafruit items http://t.co/L4zU9jqtnlLook what just hit the top spot on Reddit: "Art Student Hand-Illuminates, Binds a Copy of Tolkien's Silmarillion" http://t.co/G576nRx5E6
Retweeted by MAKENewest Brick on the Block: @LEGO #Mindstorms EV3 http://t.co/0uIDFD9tNi Open source + featured in Ultimate Makers' #Gift GuideCome share your ideas in our comments for a chance to win a @dremel 3D printer! http://t.co/0UkxQeti3R http://t.co/Ycj5NdAjJDMT @carladiana_ My interview on #Maker Movement w/ @intelfuturist podcast is now online. http://t.co/Mo7nHblIBb … @leomakerprince@PeppesDental We completely agree! Which is why we built one homemade: http://t.co/gl5VYhvCN4A do-it-yourself universal translator project, for $35 in parts. http://t.co/NeiIobbUxf via @Make Magazine.
Retweeted by MAKEProject animations onto the ground when you ride at night with this project from @Make. http://t.co/CFZPyyLOEY http://t.co/uzfsgIe1iE
Retweeted by MAKEEnjoy this great video with Milk and Honey Soap. Such great messages here. http://t.co/HUmmE2oRbr
What an incredible build! The rocketeer jet pack faithfully recreated in prop form. http://t.co/4z6sqG1TyCAn interview with the creator of Octoprint: http://t.co/fSacuasA4vRT @Makershed Omni Wheel #Robot Kit goes every way — including sideways. http://t.co/Sd7u3MmR66 Ultimate Makers' #Gift GuideOn the passing of Ralph Baer, inventor of the "first video game console" & maker icon: http://t.co/9YiHFLQI2l http://t.co/YuTvn4Tr5V
RT @Makershed From PLA to 3D printers to robots to magnets to more, our New Arrivals collection rocks http://t.co/W51WGh20OYRT @Makershed Save on Sparki! http://t.co/wohC5IjUTJ Adorable Arduino bot is perfect for your middle schooler. #DealoftheDayIs it a PC, a 3D concept station, or a design console? YES. Sprout by @HP http://t.co/kp3EgEl6Ky Ultimate Makers' #Gift Guide.Getting started with custom engraving can be very easy. Check out this tutorial on engraving a ukulele http://t.co/L7ZRDSw3q6 with @dremelYou can build a really nice light table for under $80. This one has full RGB color control too! http://t.co/ojeGx4dBfSThis incredible Xenomorph (Alien) inspired costume is mostly 3D printed. He documents it all so well! http://t.co/DnzNijJpi4If you had to set up a display f16 to have its lights on display all the time, you would probably use an arduino! http://t.co/prKM0X0sYy
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