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Introducing MashFlix: Mashable's own digital film club http://t.co/D8jcq6kODd
Heidi Klum shows off her Halloween costume transformation in new timelapse video http://t.co/UZoR6BuBCp http://t.co/gKJiQ675XXTrent Reznor working with Apple on secret music project http://t.co/UaLoA9HEvLCanceled 'Magic City' being made into movie with original cast, Bill Murray and Bruce Willis. http://t.co/579sCG0aBK http://t.co/tVMtTAAinc'Costume Quest 2' is a wild goose chase to save Halloween http://t.co/ASonc14u3K http://t.co/CCuIxlODyWYour Michael Jackson costume will never be as cute as Blue Ivy's http://t.co/pzkZoKbq1A http://t.co/7v6Mb6vQXNDavid Guetta debuts racing-themed music video during Google Hangout. http://t.co/paS1WTOUYk http://t.co/XPzCz0TKFCJ.K. Rowling explains her inspiration for Delores Umbridge http://t.co/zwfhnSwOdl http://t.co/JlrrAhuv3qWatch the entire Lord of The Rings trilogy in just 90 seconds http://t.co/PmRIWberkJ http://t.co/BKHXL24MioScandal recap: Y'all, "there's hope." http://t.co/xNGDAhExue http://t.co/plHTh0MSpM10 insanely realistic Sims and Sim City creations http://t.co/XkNPaTMP5Y http://t.co/ivBFsGxnoJ'The Colbert Report' set to air its final episode before the holiday season http://t.co/0rraWI2WTH http://t.co/hezo1A2bOo
'Gotham' sneak peek shows Victor Zsasz's epic arrival http://t.co/Skk9nRCzIf http://t.co/tVcW5qB1IaScenes from a city losing its mind over a #WorldSeries win http://t.co/QePjpcVGc1 #SFGiants http://t.co/727MqFvvfnJason Reitman brother-sister comedy coming to Hulu http://t.co/R1ZchQsBlHBrace yourself: Sam Smith and @edsheeran sang 'Stay With Me' in a surprise duet http://t.co/KJgVcC1zOq http://t.co/ahP6Bm9Wml.@Sethrogen reportedly nabs Steve Wozniak role in Steve Jobs film: http://t.co/wmKWIRKMvm http://t.co/pY3kwpSdo2All hail MadBum, the World Series legend from Bumtown (yes, really). http://t.co/WYJSiV4INs http://t.co/qDvhVcSbGtRaises are coming for the cast of 'Game of Thrones.' http://t.co/Fet2LYHlay http://t.co/aRcepRNg4HThe day after: how San Francisco completely lost its mind after last night's World Series win http://t.co/CVJwwaBcuoThe trailer for Iran's first-ever vampire movie, just in time for Halloween http://t.co/5PWTpBpBFQ via @cinemablendNBC thought 'Friends' was too racy when it first aired http://t.co/vV8G6ZJItoThe 'Colbert Report' takes on Gamergate with Anita Sarkeesian: http://t.co/ioaBuWcLu4Moby mourns the loss of the 'old' New York http://t.co/zWE8U69uPX'The Evil Within' is more frustrating than terrifying http://t.co/jOEJFNqU8SWhy isn't Taylor Swift's '1989' on Spotify? We found the answer, @MsRebeccaBlack! http://t.co/jx0axt8pUy6 hilariously bromantic moments from Discovery's 'Rival Survival' http://t.co/xg2ucKrzGw
#SFGiants win #WorldSeries behind demigod Madison Bumgarner http://t.co/Nff1m6ns7c http://t.co/Ps6O8oW2eNE-40 and Marlins Man are together at the World Series: http://t.co/OmwQuMmZ9cBasically, Michael Che is sorry he's not sorry about his street harassment posts http://t.co/0FjAm5zOyNHocus Pocus was originally titled 'Disney's Haunted House.' VETO. http://t.co/P8FQWWnibR #halloweenYoung Fathers win the 2014 Mercury Prize in London http://t.co/DE14Ip6k0eTony Hawk is 46 and still a freak of nature http://t.co/mAbeYggLMO'Terminator: Genisys' is getting viciously scorched on Twitter again http://t.co/hWMG4i8qhkGeorge R.R. Martin doesn't really know his 'Game of Thrones' trivia http://t.co/M45Fy6aUpm"Richie Rich" live-action reboot coming to Netflix, break out the $1,000 sparkling cider: http://t.co/Tbjqq7pQZ3 http://t.co/F34FBPoE1xAnthony Davis is an athletic freak of nature and the next NBA overlord http://t.co/j39YUCRnPcJames Cameron on Oculus Rift: 'Just a yawn' http://t.co/J0rd2BJfADNeil Patrick Harris is suiting up for a role on 'American Horror Story: Freak Show' http://t.co/StG5sBM9HP #AHSFX http://t.co/Pe3Ddb7k10This super-short "Agent Carter" promo has us more excited than it should: http://t.co/mKeAQLBwr6 @AgentCarterTVWorld Series Game 7: A historic showdown everybody wins http://t.co/oyOOy1GMVN #WorldSeries #SFGiants #Royals http://t.co/OqAIUmTyaMMax Weinberg returned as Conan O'Brien's bandleader for one night only: http://t.co/M7MtZFgWFPThe fiery final trailer for Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part One is here http://t.co/mOY5f7T2yqLittle known fact: Jillian Bell (@jilliandeltoro) was the funniest part of '22 Jump Street.' http://t.co/qJL4tAN8qfThe ramblin' is over, man: The Allman Brothers Band's final show http://t.co/uzFbuiqXZo http://t.co/Rp9PNtCvOrEven Mike Tyson is scared to fight Mike Tyson in Nintendo's "Punch-Out!!" http://t.co/5v803Kqp3pHocus Pocus is still as spellbinding as it was 21 years ago. Here's why: http://t.co/R8zGoFzldc http://t.co/FeGK2FjV2hNew trailer shows us what the Avengers do to pass the time http://t.co/CBfjIFnUiWIn the '60s, #DoctorWho costume design relied on suspension of disbelief-and lots of cardboard http://t.co/P6sYErFSIf http://t.co/I1pGlcnq5m'The Voice' knockouts begin, and these first cuts were the deepest http://t.co/hLIdUVRh7y
Carol Danvers, Marvel's first female superhero, is also the most powerful http://t.co/6KEA5Fkt3L http://t.co/FLVzu48O6UFIFA unveils 2018 World Cup emblem from the International Space Station http://t.co/EGGSFKCGz7 http://t.co/doaGPZieysHope you didn't make plans for the next six years, because Marvel and DC have your schedule all planned out. http://t.co/JpsLYdkVdgNBA fanatics: Here's why you're excited about the 2014-15 season http://t.co/gfTYXuxKuo'Scream' is officially a TV show at MTV http://t.co/65LqqoBHMiJudge tosses ex-dictator's lawsuit against 'Call of Duty' creators http://t.co/ixXZ3v1PwYChelsea Peretti calls herself a "vessel of God" in a new trailer for her Netflix special http://t.co/yRByb46wBV http://t.co/bsNQo6J3IeRoyals fan buys World Series Game 6 tickets for woman he barely knows http://t.co/xEdm1ojtqbYou can download @TaylorSwift13's '1989' album for just $0.99: http://t.co/dWXoikbmEb http://t.co/uYExdoL2OrHungry hungry Hunahpu: In this "Survivor" sneak peek, Jeff Probst helps the rice-less tribe... at a price. http://t.co/rZ7WCcVJDAWentworth Miller puts a 'fresh spin' on Captain Cold on 'Flash' http://t.co/GCk7HHXAZXMichael Jordan is the Michael Jordan of Twitter http://t.co/7ktlX4qbBw http://t.co/77gNMeSCHq7 things we learned from Daniel Radcliffe's Reddit AMA: http://t.co/kNIRszdP8Y http://t.co/S8Ll5gyWJNBlack Panther, Captain Marvel & Inhumans get standalone films, Phase 3 culminates w 2-part "Avengers: Infinity Wars": http://t.co/BcAu1H30ohChadwick Bozeman is BLACK PANTHER!!! #MarvelEvent
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentAVENGERS: INFINITY WAR PART II set for May 3, 2019 #MarvelEvent
Retweeted by Mash Entertainment"I want to make it clear that this Captain Marvel's name is Carol Danvers." -Kevin Feige #MarvelEvent CAPTAIN MARVEL
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentCAPTAIN MARVEL set for July 6, 2018 #MarvelEvent. Finally finally finally!!!
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentWe have our Earth-bound heroes, we have our space heroes, now we want to enter, through STRANGE, the supernatural. #MarvelEvent
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentKevin Feige gives a shout-out to Joss Whedon in the 2nd row at #MarvelEvent https://t.co/EuiLrvlVib
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentThis is Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" that fans are watching now at the #MarvelEvent https://t.co/xNTYQFzoXKKevin Feige to the stage; they'll start by showing the AGE OF ULTRON trailer. #MarvelEvent
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentHere we go! #MarvelEvent starts now ...
Retweeted by Mash Entertainment5 MINUTES WHO IS EXCITE #MarvelEvent
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentIt's #WorldSeries crunch time: Of legends, tragedy and all hands on deck http://t.co/ewe9lCF6Uz #SFGiants #Royals http://t.co/kguvBXkzvkDoctor Who's scariest costumes were made of plywood and glue: http://t.co/lhw3eokjh3 http://t.co/KKSYizyf6bT-minus 2 hours until Marvel Studios' mystery reveal at the El Capitan. Official hashtag, per Disney: #marvelevent
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentMay the Allman Brothers Band retire in peace. http://t.co/kTfex3Kdm0 http://t.co/dEsIk086EjThe only proper reaction to all the 'Frozen' Halloween costumes you'll see this year: http://t.co/c3btmne3azClassic 90s 'Star Wars' games are getting re-released for the modern PC http://t.co/UibZIvNWexWonderful Westeros: images from instant bestseller 'A World of Ice and Fire' http://t.co/wNjPVMmAHK"Dancing With the Stars" Episode 6 recap: It's Halloween team time: http://t.co/C85rEh5aLg
31 scary good songs to celebrate Halloween: http://t.co/qivevuqOmO #MusicMonday http://t.co/A0RlPwEBx111 creepy TV episodes to prepare for Halloween: http://t.co/oVyFKe7xNE http://t.co/4HzpCrMYOtListen to 12 star-spangled fails that will ruin your patriotism: http://t.co/6ujkk67MKW http://t.co/VxHsiIg0iJKim Kardashian buys lots of old BlackBerry Bolds -- just for email. Here's what else we just learned about her. http://t.co/rr1ID9QGii.@robinlordtaylor: "I would like to take full credit for the casting of Carol Kane!" :) http://t.co/QDKPpwIOPB #GothamIf he wasn't playing Oswald Cobblepot on #Gotham, @robinlordtaylor says he'd want to play "the badass" Alfred. http://t.co/QDKPpwIOPBQ. What's the best part of shooting #Gotham in NYC? A. @robinlordtaylor: "The energy of the city." http://t.co/QDKPpwIOPB.@robinlordtaylor on being Oswald Cobblepot: "Being a bad guy with humanity is so much fun." http://t.co/QDKPpwIOPB #Gotham"There's a new theory that the Penguin is the Joker." -- @robinlordtaylor http://t.co/QDKPpwIOPB #GothamLIVE: We're recapping tonight's episode of @Gotham with @robinlordtaylor! Join us: http://t.co/XlwMqhRz3A http://t.co/g5NkEXPR5x #Gotham
Retweeted by Mash EntertainmentLovely hanging with you all! #Gotham - @robinlordtaylorI gotta stick up for my Jim. @ben_mckenzie #Gotham - @robinlordtaylorNFL star slams rookie quarterback for selfie habit: 'This is not high school' http://t.co/uiEJqfCGHaJoin us at 9pm ET for a LIVE Hangout with @robinlordtaylor, AKA #Gotham's Oswald Cobblepot: http://t.co/w7K6TjjfLz http://t.co/kMs2iIyuKiIn an alternate world, Oswald and Mom open up a motel in Phoenix. He discovers taxidermy. #Psycho #Gotham - @robinlordtaylorBathtime with Mommy! #Gotham - @robinlordtaylor. @kaykat11 "This may set the internet on fire due to recent speculation but the Joker. By a long shot." -- @robinlordtaylor #Gotham@mashentertain @robinlordtaylor Favorite villain? :) #Gotham
Retweeted by Mash Entertainment
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